The Surrogate Ch. 06

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Chapter Six – The Sharing

Sarah insisted that Mila tell Peter about their tryst as soon as possible. She did not want Peter and Mila breaking the tenets on the first day that they had been accepted into the church of the Sons of Jehovah. But first she had some pressing religious instruction to provide.

Mila invited Sarah to dinner that evening so that she could furnish them both with the order of service for the Sunday observance. Sarah explained that most members of the church attended weekday masses conducted by a Patriarch minister or in some cases an Apostle who has been ordained by the Reverend Ronald Hayes. As is often the case, the higher in the Order one became, the less time was spent in church and more time was spent attending to the church’s business.

This was to be the case with Peter and Mila who would only be expected to attend the Sunday service.

“Unless you get a taste for it that is?” Sarah explained.

“Do you attend the Temple outside of the Sunday service?” Mila asked.

“You’ve read the order of service. Sunday devotion is an all-day event and don’t forget that I was raised in the church with daily sermons at school. Once a week is enough for me,” Sarah smiled.

“Keep the scripts I have given you and bring them on Sunday, I won’t be able to guide you because you will be sitting with the Apostles and I will be sitting with the other spinsters at the back of the church. I will join you both for lunch.”

“No ranch duty this weekend?” Mila couldn’t help the biting comment.

“No Mila. We are on roster of sorts. I go out there about one a month,” Sarah replied stoically.

“Now about tomorrow… I will come over early and help you prepare for your communal dinner and sharing. As the Reverend has suggested, it is best that you invite people that you are comfortable with or in your case Peter, couples whose wives you desire.”

Peter blushed.

“Peter. You are an Apostle of the Sons of Jehovah, there is no shame in desiring a woman who isn’t your wife so long as you do so within the tenets,” Sarah said.

“You may take any spinster who catches your eye unless she refuses, which is almost unheard of. Usually you will bring her into your bed or she may invite you into her home or you may use the Lodge, whatever is convenient.”

“When you desire another man’s wife you simply ask him ‘May I share in your bounty?’ and he will either say yes or no. It is accepted that you are offering your wife to him in return.”

Peter and Mila were extremely uncomfortable with the conversation.

“Being in the highest Order you may ask any man in any Order to share his wife, but the lower Orders may not approach you. Of course, if you mate with a lower Order wife you will offer your wife in return. The lower Orders consider it a privilege to share with Apostles,” Sarah explained.

“And I have no say in it?” Mila asked.

“No, you may not refuse once a sharing has been agreed to by your husband. He may however share another man’s wife but the other man may not wish to mate with you or the other man may take you and Peter might not wish to bed the other man’s wife.” Sarah replied.

“How often does that happen?” Mila asked.

“Rarely,” Sarah smiled.

“However given your, shall we say unique attributes, there will undoubtedly be men who do not wish to share with you,” Sarah said as delicately as she could.

“Of course there will also be those whose interest is piqued,” she added.

“Can I say no?” Peter asked.

“Not really Peter, you must realise that the Reverend and the Reverends before him handed us these tenets as a sanctity that bides together the Sons of Jehovah. We share our wealth and we share our pleasure and we share our responsibility to the church and the tenets. That’s why we live in Redhaven and exclude non-believers,” Sarah said with conviction.

“But some share more than others,” Mila said, trying to keep the bitterness out of her voice.

“Of course in any society there is a class structure. I would say that the Sons of Jehovah has the fairest hierarchical spectrum. Look around you; there is no poverty, everyone is cared for, all are wealthy to some degree, all are happy and most are free to leave should they so desire,” Sarah said with conviction.

“Except for those who know about what really happens at the ranch,” Mila said acidly.

“Peter this is where you would correct your wife using corporal punishment,” Sarah said gravely.

“Mila you have been accepted into our church, you must abide by our tenets. You will be forgiven some transgressions but only for a short time, it is expected that you will learn and obey the tenets and be obedient and steadfast to your husband,” Sarah said calmly but firmly.

Mila found it hard to believe that only a few hours ago she and Sarah had been making love and Sarah had told Mila how much she cherished her.

“Which is probably as good a segue as any for you to tell Peter about what we did this afternoon,” Sarah said.

Mila Betturkey blushed and looked away but she could feel Sarah glaring at her.

Peter was confused and looked at them both questioningly.

Mila couldn’t stand the tension, she could feel Sarah’s eyes boring into her and she could tell that Peter was baffled and uneasy.

“Sarah and I made love this afternoon,” Mila blurted out.

Peter was taken aback at first, then he began to imagine Mila and Sarah on the big bed upstairs going at it.

“Cool,” he grinned carnally.

“Cool! I just told you I have been unfaithful!” Mila couldn’t figure out why she was upset but she just was.

“What am I allowed to do here Sarah? What are the rules? The tenets?” Peter asked.

“You may punish your wife. You may forgive her. You may grant her permission to use me as a spinster, you may do pretty much whatever you want,” Sarah replied.

“Thanks Sarah… he may punish me! You didn’t tell me that while we were fucking!” Mila said angrily.

“We must abide by the tenets. He may punish me too should he see fit,” Sarah said frankly.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, there! There isn’t going to any punishing,” Peter interjected.

“What I think is going to happen is that I’m going to grant Mila permission to have sex with you Sarah.”

Mila and Sarah were silenced, their anger dissipated and they smiled furtively at each other.

“But I’m also going to exercise my privilege and ask you Sarah to share my bed,” Peter smirked.

“Of course Peter; I would be honoured,” Sarah replied demurely.

Mila actually felt a little jealous but she knew that she shouldn’t.

“Ok ladies enough tuition for one evening. Let’s all go to bed,” Peter grinned at them both and Sarah and Mila smiled at each other conspiratorially.

Mila could tell that Peter was warming very quickly to his new role as master of the house so to speak and it was obvious he was hot for Sarah. He had his hand under her skirt all the way up the stairs.

But Peter wasn’t selfish. He took turns kissing and caressing them both as they stripped to their nylons, heels and panties as he demanded they do. He took some tome time to fondle their breasts and had Sarah undress him while he teased Mila, making her hard in her panties.

Peter had Mila and Sarah perform for him, which they were delighted to do, kissing and fondling each other on the big bed while Peter watched. When he was excited to the point that he couldn’t keep his hands off the two beautiful women he joined in.

Peter lay on the bed and had Sarah straddle him, lowering her hot, wet, recently-licked cunt onto his turgid manhood. Peter held Sarah still while Mila positioned herself behind her and slid her lubricated cock deep into Sarah’s anus.

Mila fucked Sarah with long slow thrusts, building the tempo. Peter didn’t need to move, he could feel his wife’s cock through Sarah’s vaginal sheath and Sarah bucked and wriggled as Mila fucked her harder. Peter lay back and watched the women fuck as Sarah’s cunt clung to his raging erection, working herself up and down on it while Mila fucked her tight ass.

They orgasmed almost simultaneously and when they were done Sarah fetched drinks and they partied on the bed for a couple of hours until they were exhausted. They slept together in a tangle of arms, legs and hard cocks.

When Peter and Mila awoke the next morning Sarah was gone. They snuggled under the covers grinning like children.

“I think you have an affinity for this whole Apostle thing,” Mila teased him.

“It’s the life we have chosen to lead so why not enjoy it?” Peter kissed her playfully on the tip of her nose.

“Not that we had a choice,” Mila replied.

“I kinda like the sharing Sarah thing, we’ve had her in our house for so long now that she’s like part of the family but I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy being passed around by a bunch of strange men this evening,” Mila sighed.

“They’re hardly strangers, we are good friends with Brian and Dianne Hislop, Jim and Helen Benson and we know the others well enough,” Peter reassured Mila and held her close.

“The Reverend and Sarah have made no secret that some of the men are not being happy with me being transgender so maybe I won’t be in high demand?” Mila posed.

“You will be the most beautiful woman at the party, any man would be stupid not to desire you,” Peter responded.

“You say that like you are looking forward to it; I bet you can’t wait to stick your dick into Dianne Hislop, she’s had the hots for you since we arrived,” Mila punched him in the arm.

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, I suppose,” Peter grinned.

“Wanker,” Mila liked the Brit pejorative.

The insult led to a little bed wrestling but no sex. They were both satiated from the previous night and needed to conserve their energy to be able to perform again this evening.

When Peter and Mila had showered they proceeded downstairs to be greeted Betturkey Giriş by the smell of fresh coffee and to find Sarah busy in the kitchen dressed in her high-hemline, white-trimmed, black dress, and white half-apron, tan hosiery and black low-heels.

Mila greeted Sarah and kissed her cheek and Peter kissed her full on the lips.

“Thank you both for last night,” Sarah sat across the breakfast bar from the husband and wife.

“I see that you are both learning how to behave. Whilst we were very intimate together last night, it is good that we conduct ourselves with decorum when we are not sharing together.”

“The tenets command that we each be true to our Order in the church,” Sarah smiled at them both.

“That said Sarah, there is nothing preventing me from bending you over the breakfast bar and fucking you right now,” Peter grinned.

Mila groaned and punched him in the shoulder.

“That is your right, as it is your wife’s now that you have granted her permission, but practicing restraint when decorum dictates is also a much revered attribute for those of the higher Order,” Sarah said deftly.

“While you are at work today Peter, Mila and I will prepare your house for your communal dinner. You have been to many of these in the past, they are really just dinner parties until the evening draws late and the sharing begins. In the past, that was when you were invited to leave if you hadn’t done so already. I know that recently you both guessed what happened when you left but tonight you will partake of the sharing.”

When Peter left for work, Mila and Sarah busied themselves preparing for the dinner. Peter and Mila had hosted dinner parties before of course but none so important as this.

Mila had a thousand questions about the sharing most of which Sarah declined to answer.

“It is best that you discover for yourself the delights of the sharing. Remember that in Redhaven the wife about to experience her first sharing is usually newly married and has only recently been deflowered by her husband and experienced the delights of sexual congress.”

“You can imagine the trepidation and excitement she is feeling. You are very experienced sexually Mila so although you are feeling uneasy about this evening, just try to relax and let the course of events unfold,” Sarah reassured her.

Mila took extra care with her hair and makeup that evening and slipped into a pair of Wolford pantyhose that were super-sheer. She forwent panties so there would be no visible panty line when she slithered into her red satin evening gown. Her firm breasts did not require a bra to support them. The gown was backless and split on one side from hem to hip and tight as a sheath. Sarah fussed around Mila ensuring that the dress fitted perfectly and then helped Mila accessorise and put on her four-inch, red patent Jimmy Choo’s.

The Hislops had made their maid Angie available for the evening to assist Sarah.

“Make sure Jim Benson doesn’t accidentally fuck her before dinner,” Mila said sarcastically and Sarah laughed at the joke.

Peter and Mila greeted their guests as the two maids ushered them into the house. Mila was complemented on her dress by both husbands and wives and many of the men openly ogled her. The soft kiss on the cheek she usually received when saying good evening was replaced by a shamelessly passionate smooch in most cases, although some men still brushed her cheek with their lips formally. It was already obvious which of the men desired her which were not armored with her being transgender.

Peter too was experiencing unusually long, hot-blooded kisses from most of the wives. Prior to dinner the couples broke up into groups, drinking cocktails, eating canapés and chatting amiably. The Acolytes were far from strangers but there was an unfamiliar but exotic ambience to the evening.

As Peter and Mila had been recently paired and accepted as Apostles of the church there was no need for the reticence and secrecy that had shrouded similar events they had attended. The women glanced at each other both anxiously and expectantly, the men eyed the women appreciatively and with anticipation, the sense of portend in the room was palpable, there were covet yearning glances between some of the men and women.

As was the custom, after the meal the party split into two groups, the men and the women. Mila was asked repeatedly if she was excited about her first sharing. Tonight there was little talk of children, family and church matters; the main subject of conversation was sex. The women compared notes on performances of the men and Mila was sure that the men were doing the same about the women.

Sarah and Angie worked the room bringing drinks and clearing away used glassware and receptacles as they went. They were both wearing their maid’s uniforms and looked sexy, they had received their share of appreciative glances but as far as Mila could tell, neither had been asked to provide sexual services.

The maids Betturkey Güncel Giriş had prepared all three bedrooms in the house, providing them with fresh linen, lighting scented candles and ensuring there were tissues, towels and the requisites one needed for an evening of heavy sex. The dining room, the study upstairs and Peter’s office had the furniture rearranged so that fold-away beds could be bought in and Angie made up the convertible couch-bed in the living room.

Sharing was not one big orgy as Mila thought it might have been. Sarah explained that whilst group sex did occur in Redhaven, at communal dinners it was customary for husbands and wives to pair off to take their pleasure. She also explained that before the sharing began, those who did not wish to participate would be given the opportunity to leave. There was no stigma attached. A couple may just not be in the mood for whatever reason, may be trying to conceive, or the wife may be in her menses; there were any number of reasons.

As the sharing was considered a religious rite, spinsters could not participate as they had no spouse, Sarah and Angie would discreetly withdraw but be available to serve in any way necessary. Sarah had taken some time to instruct Peter on the rite of communal sharing and she made her way over to him and took him by the elbow and guided him to the centre of the room and smiled at him.

“Ok Peter, here you go. I’m sure you will do just fine. Relax and enjoy the evening,” she whispered in his ear.

Peter clinked his glass with his spoon repeatedly until he had everyone’s attention. The wives came back into the living room and joined their husbands, taking station beside them. Mila joined Peter in the centre of the room as she had been instructed. The air of expectation was palpable.

Peter began a little nervously but became bolder as he got into stride.

“As an ordained Apostle of the Sons of Jehovah I welcome you into my house and offer to you the privilege of our church and encourage you to share in God’s bounty. By sharing the gift that is bestowed on man in the form of his wife, we proliferate our devotion to the tenets by spreading our seed.”

When Mila read this passage in the tenets whilst Sarah was providing religious instruction Mila had scoffed at it.

“This is just an excuse for married men to fuck other women,” she had proclaimed.

Sarah had admonished Mila and reminded her that this was now her life, she must live by the tenets. Adequately chastened, Mila decided right then and there to keep her thoughts about the SOJ tenets to herself.

“Let us give thanks to Jehovah and the blessing of the tenets he has given us to guide us through life,” Peter concluded the invocation and the assembled couples, now reduced to seven as three had discreetly departed, mouthed a short prayer.

In Redhaven if a man wished to make love to another man’s wife, he would approach him and ask: ‘may I share in your bounty’, offering his own wife in return. At communal gatherings such as this where the sharing had been agreed to, the wives simply made their way to a bed and awaited the arrival of a mate. It was considered an audacity for a woman to refuse the man as her husband had already agreed to make her available to all of the assembled men.

As it was Peter’s house, Sarah had been allotted their bedroom and she made her way up the stairs, her legs shaking, her hands trembling as she clutched the balustrade. Sarah had left a tray with an ice bucket, bottle of gin, a bottle of tonic water and crystal glasses and Mila went straight over to it and poured herself a long one.

The men gathered in the centre of the lounge and discussed who would pair with whom. Sometimes the pairings were pre-arranged during the evening, men taking on women who had drawn their fancy or requesting those women that they had lay with before and had an affinity with. As tonight was Peter’s first sharing it was customary for him to choose whomever he wanted to lie with and for all of the men to request to lie with his wife. There were as many women as there were men so no one would miss out and changing of partners multiple times was expected.

Mila stood demurely in the centre of the room, her hands in front of her, waiting to see which of the husbands would come to share her first.

It was Jim Benson and he looked as nervous as she felt. He had no need to be; he was obviously experienced in the sharing. Jim and Peter were good friends and Helen Benson was her friend; they played tennis together and went to each other’s houses for coffee. At least if she was to be shared, it was with someone she liked.

He approached Mila and lifted her face so gaze on her beauty.

“You are gorgeous,” he whispered.

“I desired you the moment I first saw you Mila. The things I wanted to do to you are so carnal that I dare not tell you,” he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand.

Mila didn’t know whether to feel flattered or disgusted, but this was her life now. She had chosen it.

“But… but then… forgive me Mila,” Jim began to whimper.

“But then you found out I am transgender,” Mila sighed.

“Yes. Don’t get me wrong, I still desire you, look the evidence is plain,” Jim looked down and Mila followed his gaze and saw the erection in his pants.

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