Date Night Ch. 02

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Thank you to everyone who left feedback on chapter 1. This is the first story I’ve ever written, so it means a lot to me that people enjoyed it. With that being said, I hope you enjoy chapter 2 just as much.


The first things Zoey felt were gentle sunlight streaming onto her face and a wave of pleasure washing over her body. As she lay half way between waking and sleep, memories of the night before drifted through her mind. Jessica had been insatiable. They’d fucked long into the night in a myriad of different positions: doggy, cowgirl, missionary, spooning, and a few others Zoey didn’t even know how to describe. She’d lost count of how many times she came, but after one especially powerful orgasm while Jessica was riding her cock, giving her a perfect view of that lovely ass bouncing on her lap, Zoey had collapsed back onto the bed, completely spent. The last thing she remembered before sleep took her was Jessica dismounting and taking her cock in her mouth, graciously cleaning her up.

Another rush of pleasure flowed through her and she felt a tickling at her thighs. That hadn’t been just some pleasant memories from last night. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she lifted her head up and saw a lump underneath the covers. It was slowly bobbing up and down and she gasped as more pleasure surged up from her cock. She flung the covers away and found Jessica lying between her legs. She was naked, her skin flushed and hair still damp from the shower, and she had her plump lips wrapped around Zoey’s shaft. Jessica couldn’t smile with her mouth so stretched, but her eyes shone with happiness and she winked playfully before returning to her work. “Well good morning to you, too,” Zoey said.

Zoey had never been woken up by a blowjob before, but she quickly decided that it was the best feeling ever. Being gently coaxed from sleep by soft lips and a warm mouth, and waking to her whole body being flooded with pleasure was the perfect way to start the day. She dropped her head back onto the pillow, and let out a soft sigh of contentment. Her hand gently rubbed Jessica’s back as she basked in her oral affection.

When Jessica had gotten out of the shower, she’d noticed the tent Zoey was pitching under the covers. It was such a nice case of morning wood; she simply couldn’t let it go to waste. Now she languidly kicked her legs behind her as she worshipped Zoey’s cock. This wonderful cock that had rocked her world the night before. It deserved to be worshipped and Jessica was more than happy to oblige. She twisted her head sideways, pressing the smooth head against the inside of her mouth, making her cheek bulge. Letting the head slip from her mouth, she dropped her chin to the bed and stared up in wide-eyed awe at the cock towering over her.

She couldn’t believe her luck. Going into that bar last week had just been a whim. She’d been lonely and horny, and she’d heard about the sexual prowess of these futa women. How big their cocks were and how they could fuck for hours on end. But Jessica hadn’t believed and she certainly never thought she’d ever go home with one. Never had she been so happy to be proven wrong. Why every woman in the world didn’t seek out one of these monsters to play with was beyond her.

She hadn’t realized just how badly she needed to get laid. Ever since she woke up this morning, she’d felt lighter. Like a weight had been taken off her shoulders and all her problems weren’t so bad. Zoey and her cock had made her whole year last night, and Jessica was determined to return the favor.

Her eyes wandered from the fat, spit-shined crown, down the inches and inches of thick dark shaft, to the pair of heavy balls resting on the bed between a powerful set of thighs. With a giddy laugh, she opened wide stuffed both of them in her mouth. Zoey hissed at the tight fit, but it soon turned into a purr of pleasure as she felt the warm softness cradling her sensitive girls. Jessica’s tongue swirled over the orbs; thanking them for all the yummy cum they’d given her the night before and urging them to give her another load. When she was sure every last bit of ball meat had been treated to a proper tongue-bath, she reluctantly released them. She gave each of them one last slurpy goodbye kiss before turning her attention back to the shaft.

Her hands pumped up and down, loving the way the skin pulled down to make the flared head look all the more prominent. After her session of ball-worship, pre-cum was gushing out. It streaked down the shaft and threatened to drip onto the sheets. Not on her watch! Jessica eagerly licked at the shaft like it was a popsicle. A big, chocolate, cream-filled popsicle. She cleaned as much of the pre as she could, moaning lustily at the taste, but it just kept coming. Flowing down her cock like lava from a volcano, while her cockhead had turned an angry red color and her balls looked even more swollen than normal.

This just wouldn’t do. As lithe as her tongue was, she couldn’t hope to cover such a vast expanse of cock with just it alone. bursa otele gelen eskort It was time to go from appetizers to the main course. Once again, Jessica sucked the head into her mouth, but this time she plunged all the way down, throating Zoey’s entire cock.

Zoey’s back arched and she moaned loudly. “Holy fuck! That still feels amazing every time you do it. You’re a cock sucking pro, Jessica.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Jessica hummed proudly around the meat in her mouth, the vibrations drawing another moan from Zoey. The fact that she could make someone as strong and dominant as Zoey gasp like a virgin using only her mouth was a big boost to Jessica’s ego. She worked up a steady rhythm of taking the cock all the way down her throat, her nose pressing snugly into Zoey’s toned belly, before pulling back and lathering the tip with her tongue and gathering up some tasty pre-cum before swallowing it all back down again.

Zoey was in paradise; she’d never had her cock worshipped so thoroughly. Writhing in ecstasy, hands making fists in the sheets, she desperately tried to resist her rising climax. Just so she could enjoy Jessica’s treatment for as long as possible. But it was a losing battle. “J-Jess, I’m gonna cum, baby! Oh god, you’re so fucking good!” Zoey’s eyes clenched shut and her mouth opened in a silent cry as her orgasm struck.

Jessica’s hands pumped furiously at the shaft in a twisting motion and her cheeks hollowed around the head. The first shot filled her mouth nearly full and she gulped it down just in time for the second shot to take it’s place, much to Jessica’s delight. This went on for five more shots. The muscles in her neck flexed repeatedly as she tried to keep up with the creamy blasts. She got most of it down, but a few drips escaped from the corners of her mouth. Even after the flood of cum had slowed to a dribble, she nursed gently on the first few inches, purring in satisfaction. Once she was sure Zoey’s balls had been drained completely, she let the cockhead slip free from her lips. She craned her head around, looking for any of the escaped droplets which she promptly lapped up when she found them.

After her orgasm, Zoey had gone limp. She whimpered quietly as Jessica cleaned her softening cock. “Thanks for breakfast, honey,” Jessica said, after she sucked each of her fingers clean. She crawled up the bed to lay next to Zoey. Patting her cum-stuffed belly, she sighed in perfect satisfaction. “Most important meal of the day.”

Zoey laughed weakly. “Anytime.” She rolled over and snuggled up to the curvy milf, resting her head on one of her pillowy soft boobs; her hand trailed up to cup the other possessively. Jessica stroked her hair and, for a few minutes, they closed their eyes and just lay there like that.

Jessica was very happy at the moment. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, she had a gorgeous, young lover in her bed, and a hot load of cum in her belly. Life was good.

Before long, Zoey felt her sex drive kick back into gear. Jessica chuckled knowingly as Zoey’s fondling of her titties grew rougher and she felt something hard pressing against her leg. “Ready to go again, are we?” she asked.

“Can’t help it, baby. You’re just too fucking sexy,” Zoey said. Turning over onto her back, she patted one of her smooth, muscular thighs. “How’d you like to take a seat, right here?”

Jessica stood up and stretched, groaning and giving the younger woman quite the eyeful of her voluptuous body. Zoey’s cock lurched in excitement. “Ooh, I’d love to, but I’m a bit sore from last night. I’m gonna be walking funny for the next week because of you.” She went to the closet and pulled on a fluffy, white bathrobe. “Tell you what, how about you get in the shower and I’ll make you some breakfast. You were nice enough to feed me, seems only fair that I return the favor. Blueberry waffles sound good?”

Zoey laughed. “Blowjobs and waffles. You really know the way to a girl’s heart.”

Jessica leaned down to give Zoey a quick kiss. “Damn right I do.”


Alex blinked blearily awake. The sun was shining in his eyes and his face was uncomfortably smushed into the couch. Wait, why am I on the couch? he thought. The warm smell of coffee drifted into his nose as he sat up and he heard someone moving around the kitchen. It must have been his mom making breakfast. But if his mom was in the kitchen, then who was using the upstairs shower?

Then all the events of last night came rushing back to him.

Zoey showing up at his house to take his mom on a date. Walking in on his mom sucking Zoey’s cock. The two of them continuing their lewd act right in front of him. Then the hours of moans and screams after they had retired to the bedroom together.

Alex felt the blood rise in his cheeks and he pressed his face back into the cushions. He wanted to crawl in a hole to hide and never come out. How was he supposed to face his mom after last night? He knew his mom was her own person with bursa eve gelen escort bayan her own desires, but he never thought she would suck someone’s dick while making direct eye contact with him. The worst part of it was he still felt a shameful spike of arousal when he thought about it.

Was he really attracted to his own mother? She was sexy, he couldn’t deny it. What red-blooded young man wouldn’t be attracted to a milf that was as curvy as an hourglass? But she was his mom!

Or was it Zoey? He’d heard about futanari before, women with male genitalia, and he still couldn’t believe that Zoey was one of them. A few times, he’d even looked up futa porn and he was astounded by what he found. Massively endowed futa women pounding both women and men. It wasn’t so much the content that shocked him, but how much it turned him on. He’d never been attracted to men, but seeing those huge cocks on a woman’s body stirred something deep inside him.

Whatever it was he really didn’t want to think about it. He heard the shower shut off and decided he’d put off the inevitable long enough. He got up, wincing as his body protested the awkward position he’d slept in, and followed the scent of waffles into the kitchen.

His mom was wearing her bathrobe and humming cheerily as she fixed breakfast. Alex noticed that she had a bit of a stiffness to the way she was walking. He didn’t need to think hard about where that came from, and his blush reignited. She turned and noticed him standing in the doorway. “Good morning, sweetheart,” she said, smiling widely. “Sit down; breakfast is ready.”

Alex sat. She set a plate of waffles and a bottle of syrup in front of him, and kissed him on the head.

He ate slowly and watched as she glided around the kitchen. Despite the awkwardness of her gait, he didn’t think he’d seen her so lively. At least not in a long time. The last few years had been tough for her, with her divorce and him moving out. He knew he should be glad that she’d found someone that made her so happy, but why did it have to be Zoey of all people?

Speak of the devil; as soon as the thought crossed his mind, Zoey walked in. And she had no clothes on. Instead she had only a towel wrapped around her, showing off her muscled shoulders and arms. When she saw him she hesitated for just a moment, but her familiar smirk slid into place soon enough.

“Forget something, dear?” Jessica said, raising an eyebrow at Zoey’s immodesty.

Zoey chuckled. “Yeah, I left my clothes down here last night. You don’t mind, do you?” she said, taking a seat at the table opposite Alex. “I mean, you’ve both seen me in a lot less than this.” She wasted no time in piling herself a plate of food and digging in. “Mmm, this is delicious, Jessica.”

“Thank you, dear,” Jessica said. She sat between them and sipped her coffee. For a while, they sat and ate in silence. Alex tried to focus on his plate and avoid Zoey’s gaze, but he could feel her eyes on him. He glanced up a few times and she would wink or wiggle her eyebrows, all the while having that ‘I-fucked-your-mom’ smirk on her face. He grit his teeth and took out his embarrassment on his waffles, spearing them savagely with his fork and stuffing them in his mouth.

He noticed that his mom wasn’t eating, just sitting there sipping her coffee with a little smile on her face. “Aren’t you gonna eat, mom?” he asked.

Jessica’s eyes flicked to him. “Hmm? Oh, no thank you, hon. I’m not hungry.” She looked at the clock. It was nearly noon. They’d all had a late night and had slept through most of the morning. “Well, I’ve got some errands to run. I’d better get dressed,” she said, standing up and finishing off her coffee. She gave Alex another kiss on the head, and Zoey a peck on the mouth, flicking out her tongue to lick a bit of syrup off the younger woman’s lip. “You two play nice,” she said as she headed upstairs.

As soon as she was sure Jessica was out of earshot, Zoey leaned across the table and whispered conspiratorially, “She’s not hungry because I already fed her this morning.” She giggled. “A big helping of sausage and some warm milk to wash it down.”

Alex blushed furiously. “You… that… I…” His brain couldn’t form a response, so he just started back down at his plate and pushed a bit of cold waffle around with his fork. Suddenly his appetite was gone.

“Your face!” Zoey was doubled over laughing. “Oh, you are such a cutie.”

Cutie? She’d called him a lot of names: pretty boy, pipsqueak, toothpick, but never anything like that.

“So, since your mom’s busy, what should we do today?” she asked.

“We are not doing anything,” Alex said. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

Zoey pouted. “Aww, don’t be like that. If you don’t hang out with me today, I’ll just have to tell all my friends about how I plowed your mom.”

He looked up. “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, yes I would.” Zoey moved to the seat closest to him and leaned in real close. Alex tried to scoot away, but her hand shot out and grasped the back of his head. “I’ll tell everyone how your slutty mommy begged to suck my cock. How she swallowed my cum and asked for seconds.” He tried to pull away, but her arm was unyielding; she yanked him in so close that their noses nearly touched. “I’ll tell them how she screamed my name as she came on my dick over and over again until she passed out. And I’ll tell them how I put you in your place and made you watch the whole thing. Face it, honey, you’re my little bitch now,” she finished with a wicked grin.

This was just a bluff. Zoey liked Jessica way too much to ever talk about her behind her back like that. But Alex didn’t know that. He just sat there with that cute outraged look on his face. He was like an angry kitten: too tiny and cute to be scary.

Two pairs of eyes stared at each other from only a few inches away. One blue, one hazel. After a moment of silence, the blue eyes looked away. “Fine, we’ll do what you want,” Alex said, defeated.

“I knew you’d see it my way,” she said, releasing her grip on his head and giving him a condescending pat on the cheek.

Just then Jessica swept back into the kitchen. “Well, I’m off. Do you two have any plans for the day?”

It took Zoey a moment to stop staring at the way Jessica’s ample bust strained against her simple sweatshirt. Damn, this woman could wear a burlap sack and make it look good, she thought. “Umm, yes. Actually, Alex and I were just talking about going to the gym together.”

Jessica gave a beaming smile. “That’ great! Oh, I’m so glad the two of you are getting along. C’mere.” She pulled both of them into a hug, pressing their heads into her chest. Zoey snuggled into the bountiful softness and batted her eyelashes at Alex. He looked away and tried to control his blush.

Jessica released them after one last squeeze before grabbing her purse and heading out the door with a wave. Zoey went to the living room and gathered up her clothes from last night. Not even bothering with privacy, she let her towel drop and started to dress right there.

Alex gaped and looked to the ceiling. But he couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering back down. “How are you not embarrassed to be naked all the time?”

Bemused, Zoey looked down at her body. The hard muscles that flexed under her smooth, mahogany skin. Her full, perky breasts. (She wasn’t smuggling a pair of watermelons, like Jessica was, but hers were still a decent handful.) Six-pack abs, a tight, round butt, long legs, and last, but certainly not least: the thick cock and hefty balls that hung between her thighs. “Is there something you think I should be embarrassed about?” she asked.

Alex didn’t have an answer to that. Zoey had about as perfect a body as he could imagine.

“Give me your phone,” she said as she pulled up her jeans. He passed it to her. “Good boy.” Alex’s face burned when he realized he’d just handed over his phone with no questions asked. She opened the camera and lifted his phone like she was going to take a selfie, but a better idea seemed to strike her. Casting him a sidelong smirk, she reached down her pants and fished out her cock. Even soft it was monstrously big; Alex swallowed nervously at just how much size she had over him. Aiming his phone down, she took a picture and tucked her cock back in. She tapped at the screen for a few moments before passing it back to him. A new contact had been added to his list: Zoey (Mommy’s Favorite Toy) with the contact photo being her dick pic.

“Don’t you dare change that name or picture,” she said casually as she finished buttoning her shirt. As she walked past him she tossed her discarded towel over his head. “I’m gonna go back to my place and change, but I’ll be back in about an hour, and you had better be ready to hit the gym when I get here.”

Alex pulled the towel off his head in time to see Zoey blow him a kiss before slipping out the door. Flopping back onto the couch, Alex heaved a heavy sigh. How had this happened? In less than twenty-four hours, he’d gone from the joy of a long vacation ahead of him to being blackmailed by his mother’s lover who also happened to be the woman who had been making his life hell at school. Whoever was in charge of the universe must be laughing their ass off at him right now.

The last thing he wanted to do was upset his mom, so he had no choice but to play Zoey’s game. Well, he still had an hour before she came back to get him; he cleaned up the plates from breakfast and took a shower. As he was getting dressed in an old t-shirt and pair of shorts, his phone buzzed. The screen lit up with the picture of that big, black cock and a text that simply said: two minutes.

Zoey pulled up right as he came out and she honked excitedly when she saw him. When he slid into the passenger’s seat, she laughed at his expression. “Don’t look so mopey! We’re gonna have fun and we’re gonna start getting you in shape.”

They passed the trip in silence and soon arrived at the gym. When they went inside, Alex was surprised and relieved at how few people were there. Well at least only a handful of people would be see my embarrass myself, he thought. He knew Zoey didn’t care about helping him work out. This was just another opportunity for her to flaunt her superior strength.

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