You Betcha! Ch. 08-12

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Chapter 8

“Damn, Sis … wow!” I told Becca as she began washing me in earnest.

“Hey, Bro, what are sisters for? If it were up to me, all sisters our age would bathe their brothers and vice versa. It should be the norm, the rule, not the exception. It might be naughty, but so what? I’m my own woman and I have the right to love and serve whoever I wish. I happen to love two men … a lot. The love that I feel for Eddie is more respectable, whereas what I feel for you is far more taboo.

“I would be more torn, but it seems that Eddie is a bit more understanding and so is the other man … you. Face it, Bro. We’re in love. You and me. It’s good, though it’s strange. I don’t know what the roadmap is for this. This … is … new for me. I’ve known how I felt about Eddie for a while now. We made promises to each other, based upon the assumption that we were destined to be exclusive.

“The truth is that I … begged to be allowed to babysit you, Bro. I pleaded with Mom and Dad, even groveling to them. They don’t know why I want it, at least I don’t think so. I just know … I just knew back then that I had to ‘babysit’ you and spend lockdown with you. It wasn’t about money. That was a nice bonus. I wanted time with you … a reason that they would accept,” Becca confessed to me a lot more home truths than expected.

“Damn it, Sis … oh, God!” I reacted to Becca stroking my cock that came down Melanie’s throat not long before.

“See, Bro … I really love ya!” Becca told me while I began washing her smooth, silky skin, “I just … had to get a hall pass first to do … things while separated from Eddie.”

I gave her a stare at that comment.

“Okay, to do MORE things while away from Eddie. Now I have more options. I love Eddie. I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t want to push things … too far. But I also love you … and I want to do things … with … and FOR you! See my conflict? His hall pass helps, as does knowing that I gave him one. Even so, it’s not exactly cool with even lapsed Quakers like Mom and Dad. It’s a major move away from what society condones, either,” Becca struggled to express her cognitive dissonance.

“It’s definitely not Hallmark movie material, even if I would love to see Lindy Booth play one of you girls. She’s rather cute. Reminds me of Paige a bit. And calling Mom and Dad ‘lapsed’ Quakers is an understatement. The last time either of us went to Meeting was with Grandpa and Granny when I was ten! I don’t think that Mom and Dad so much as quoted George Fox in at least a decade! Either way, we will go as slowly or quickly as you’re ready to go, Sis,” I assured my sister, who responded by licking my face.

“Well, you know that we can go at least as far as that, Bro,” Becca told me with a wicked grin.

“So, licking my face like a cat or dog … kinky!” I teased Becca as I finished washing her luscious body and we rinsed off.

“How about this?” Becca slapped my tush now rather playfully.

“Okay, very kinky!” I taunted my sister now as we stepped out of the shower and dried each other.

“Not to mention being attracted to my own brother … just as he’s apparently attracted to me … and being into girls, evidently … or at least Paige,” Becca blushed a bit now.

“Well, Paige is a redhead with an actual crimson bush. They tend to excite the imagination, Deborah Ann Woll and the aforementioned Lindy Booth. Even if you have to imagine the bush part on those two,” I teased her a bit more as we headed toward the kitchen.

I couldn’t decide which I enjoyed more, the smell of breakfast, or the sight of four naked girls who just made it. From the scent of her arousal, Becca tended to agree. Whatever else I knew about Becca, she was every bit as bi as me.

Chapter 9

“See, behold the smorgasbord!” Melanie declared as she rushed into my arms and made out with me.

Then Paige pulled Becca close for a deep tongue kiss. Next, Paige planted a French kiss on me, after which Janine, Heather, and Becca did so, too. They showed me quite the breakfast bonanza, from mango and papaya juice to slices of kiwi to English breakfast tea to hot, steamy coffee to chocolate crepes to French toast to sizzling bacon to hashbrowns to a Denver omelet that was impressive all by itself. I almost felt full just from seeing and smelling it.

“Wow, you ladies went all-out, didn’t ya?” I bragged on them while sitting down.

“I bet that he gets full in half an hour,” Becca grinned now.

“I say forty-five minutes before he stops,” Heather insisted.

“Stops or gets full, ’cause that ain’t the same thing,” I observed.

“Stops!” Janine suggested.

“Yes, stops!” Melanie agreed.

“Stops,” Paige said as well while admiring Becca’s tan lines and dyed green hair.

“What are the stakes?” I asked now as I began digging in a bit.

“Winner gets to sit on Simon’s lap whenever she likes and dry hump him,” Heather proposed.

“For just today, or the whole lockdown?” Becca asked her.

“Whole İstanbul Escort lockdown!” Heather told her.

“But only when I’m actually seated,” I stipulated.

“Deal!” Heather agreed.

“Deal!” Becca grinned.

Well, I got pretty darn stuffed in about thirty-seven minutes. I chowed down and didn’t let the outcome motivate me at all. I was ravenous by now. I ate, ate, and ate, full of compliments for each of the cooks. Melanie in particular was tickled pink at the way that I devoured my breakfast. Those girls spoiled me rotten. They were so sweet to me! I felt like a king!

“Thirty-seven minutes, twenty-two seconds. Becca wins,” Heather acknowledged, not even slightly bothered by the results.

“Alright, Bro, let me ride!” Becca grinned wickedly, planting her sweet booty on my lap.

“That was fun … any more bets, dares, or games?” Melanie asked now.

“Okay, Truth or Dare?” Janine suggested.

“I’ll bite!” Paige licked her lips now.

“It will give us something to do for a bit,” Heather observed, not at all perturbed that she lost.

“I’m game, but who asks the questions?” I wondered while my cock stiffened in response to Becca’s fine ass pressed against it.

“You, Bro!” Becca told me while deliberately rubbing her butt-crack against my prick.

“Okay, first up?” I inquired.

“You choose, Master,” Janine urged me with a grin while massaging my shoulders.

“Okay, then … you. Truth or Dare?” I asked my sweet Iraqi slave girl.

“Truth!” Janine replied.

“Are you a … complete submissive?” I probed.

“Yes, Master, I am. I love to serve … but especially to serve you. You’re my Master. I found my rightful, natural owner … and I’m so happy about it! I’ll do your bidding, whatever that is! I’m your horny little bitch! I’m your walking cum receptacle, Master! I’m your masseuse. I’m your valet. I’m your fucktoy! I ENJOY this, Master, I swear!” Janine told me while kissing the back of my neck.

“Damn … I’m one lucky bastard! And you’re so fucking sweet, baby girl, you could be mistaken for molasses!” I pulled Janine in for a steamy French kiss, followed by ones that Melanie, Becca, Heather, and Paige each planted on me.

“Well, next question?” Melanie practically begged me.

“Truth or Dare, dear?” I asked her directly while feeling Becca’s bottom on my dick.

“Truth!” Melanie beamed now.

“Are you … really, honestly, in love with me?” I wondered aloud, just curious now.

“Hell, yes! Honest to God, I was smitten at the first meeting! Love at first sight! Coup de foudre, as the French say. The thunderclap. I took one look at you and decided, if I had to sell my soul to the Devil to do it, I was gonna be your bride! Becky Rosen had the right idea. Marrying Sam Winchester was worth it for her … you’re worth it for me!

“I knew that you would hold me, even in Purgatory or Hell, warding off the flames and covering my ears to keep out the screams. I knew that you would keep me safe at all costs,” Melanie opened up far more than I expected.

“Plus the First Couple, right?” I teased my fiancee.

“Yep, the power couple, too! I really want you to be Governor, even if the voters have to deal with the shocking reality of a Governor and First Lady who share their bed with others. So deliciously scandalous! Why you? Why not? You’re a natural leader, babe! Just look how you handle sweet Janine!” Melanie assured me with a steamy French kiss.

“Wow … damn…! Next … you … Paige! Truth or Dare?” I asked Paige now.

“Dare!” Paige’s eyes danced with devilish mischief.

“I dare you to fuck Heather … right here … right now … whatever methods you both wish, but no toys. Only what Mother Nature gave the both of you! No strap-ons, no vibrators, no beads, etc. Just lips, tongues, fingers, fists, and other … natural body parts! Don’t stop until BOTH of you cum! Fair enough? But I want you to be the aggressor now. I want you two in particular right now because you’re both evidently in love with each other. Deal?” I licked my lips at the idea of witnessing something so beautiful as two ardent Sapphic lovers in the act.

“You want to see the softer side of lady love, don’t you? Good for you, appreciating more than just the standard-fare porn version. Do you ever watch Girlfriend Films? You really should! It is so delightfully romantic, yet so highly erotic and sensual as well. Come, lover. Let’s blow his mind!” Paige took Heather’s hand and began kissing her way down her luscious body.

The rest, well, you’ll have to wait for the next chapter of this tale for that part, right?

Chapter 10

“Damn, that’s absolutely beautiful!” I commented as we all watched Paige have her way with Heather.

Paige rubbed her juicy twat continually against Heather’s, tribbing her with a vengeance right then. They also kissed each other very hard on the mouth, tongues dancing together as their bodies writhed together Kadıköy Escort in a serpentine manner. Their sweaty flesh wove seamlessly with each other’s, their legs shot up in the air, and their buttocks mooned us all in turns. One minute, Paige was on top, the next Heather was, but it was mostly Paige in command this time.

“Fucking awesome! Lovely! Just lovely … those two girls together, making sweet, passionate, lesbian lady love to each other. Wow! Gorgeous!” Becca declared.

“Yeah, on this point, as with some others, I don’t agree with the Church. Girls together … there’s nothing wrong with that at all. I see nothing but pure beauty here. Two lovely ladies making wild, wanton love to each other, fucking each other with sweet abandon,” Melanie asserted.

“Delicious!” Janine simply exclaimed.

“Amazing … I knew that it would be glorious and I was right! It’s all too graceful to be anything but natural, too beautiful to be sick or depraved or twisted,” I remarked with awe.

Paige didn’t just bring Heather to orgasm once or twice. She pleasured her in ways that were unthinkable without seeing them in action. She put my neighbor on Cloud fucking Nine! By the time that Paige graduated to cunnilingus and analingus, Heather was already far beyond the point of no return. My ginger girlfriend made my fuckbuddy see stars! Heather was a puddle on the floor before they were done. The sight of the sweat matting Heather’s hair to her face made her look divine … and Paige’s glossy lips even wetter now.

“Mission accomplished, wouldn’t you say?” Paige winked at us, even as we all carried Heather to a loveseat in the living room.

“Well, you proved Heather’s faith in you very well-founded, my dear,” I winked back at her, while Heather breathed shallow breaths through her heaving breasts.

“See why I want to marry her?” Heather gave us all a goofy grin.

“For certain. And you’ll make a great couple. Of which, I will fuck both halves!” I smiled savagely.

“So … who next for the dares … we might want to let Heather recover first,” Becca proposed.

“Of course, which leaves you, Sis,” I pointed out, “Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Becca gave us all a little respite from the dares.

“Do you have a roadmap for where this is going now?” I asked my sister directly.

“No, Bro, but that’s what makes this so damn exciting,” Becca confessed.

Well, I thought, the girl has a point. If we knew the future, it would be duller. Not knowing how far this would go between us, tossing out the roadmap, taking the open road, going into what Tom Petty called The Great Wide Open … that was a real adventure … and I got to take it with my sister, my first ever friend in life.

Chapter 11

“Your turn, Bro. Truth or Dare?” Becca asked me now.

“Truth,” I answered, feeling a bit more candid.

“Do you feel affection for all five of us?” my sister demanded to know.

I looked at the five cuties who already teased and tantalized as well as flirted with me, all of whom had been physically intimate with me. I naturally felt no shortage of love for Becca, her being my own sister. Heather wormed her way into my heart in stages while we became fuckbuddies. Melanie charmed me by a combination of servicing me so enthusiastically and making it clear intentions that pleased me to no small degree in terms of open marriage and other such delights.

Janine, for her part, had surrendered so abjectly to me that she was irresistible. Her brazen and unconditional submission and servitude was very pleasing to me. She knew how to appeal to me with her cooking as well, to say nothing of that massage business.

Then there was Paige. Any woman who would gladly take Heather as her lover and agree to be her bride won major brownie points with me. I wanted Heather to have romance in her life as well as friendship with benefits, after all. The fact that Paige declared herself my girlfriend and was such a good friend to Becca sealed the deal for me.

In a word, “yes,” as I told them, “I feel various forms of affection for each of you, for different reasons and in your own unique, personal ways.”

Every last lady in the apartment walked right up to me, except for Becca, who was already on my lap. Every last one of them had tears in their eyes. This was an emotional watershed for each of us now. For a moment, at least, we were past fun and games. We had been raw, open, vulnerable, and dare I say, intimate, with each other now. I had confessed my true and earnest feelings for them all.

“That’s good, Bro, because we all love you. Trust me. As much as we might pick on you and each other, you’ve … stolen our hearts, and we all liked and lusted for you already. I think that I speak for all of us ladies here on that score. We love you, babe. Count on that,” Becca now embraced the role of spokeswoman for the ladies in the house.

“Doesn’t mean no teasing, though,” Paige added with a wink.

“Fair Kartal Escort enough. We’ve all done our share of fooling around, fun and games so far in this extended sleepover of ours … it is OURS now, isn’t it?” I concurred.

“Oh, it’s definitely ours now, honey. You’ve claimed one of us as a fiancee, another as a love slave, a third as a girlfriend, one of us is your fuckbuddy, and the fifth is your own sister. You’ve been truly, formally adopted as an honorary member of our inner circle. Kinda necessary since we’re all quarantined together, anyway,” Becca told me, making me really take notice.

My sister had just called me “honey.” She had used an endearment that she largely reserved for Eddie and any previous boyfriends.

That was a very big fucking deal.

Chapter 12

“Truth or Dare … who next?” I said now.

I didn’t wish to make Becca agonize over her obvious conflict over her polyamorous tendencies.

That was when Eddie called her and she rushed to answer it, of course, “Hey, baby!”

Becca put the phone on speaker right then, and I could hear Eddie say, “Hey … um … were you serious about that hall pass?”

“Given that I basically cheated on you already, babe, you bet your sweet ass I am! Why do you ask? Remember, it’s for married women only, that way you can stray together!” Becca teased her beau now.

“Good … because I kinda cashed it in last night … and she wants more. Mrs. Flores, that is,” Eddie warned us.

“Truth or Dare, Eddie?” Becca now usurped my spot to ask him, but I didn’t mind in this case.

“Dare,” Eddie saw where this was headed and went along for the ride.

“I dare you to fuck Mrs. Flores until she’s so worn out that she passes you around to her girlfriends. In every position. Is she on the Pill?” Becca asked him now.

“I don’t know. I didn’t ask. She got me all … hot and bothered. Sultry Cuban lady from Miami stuck here in Orlando with me. I … didn’t use a rubber, either. She slipped me some of her husband’s Viagra and we went at it all night long,” Eddie confessed awkwardly.

“Well, no point in using a condom now, is there? If she gave you something, you’ll have to get tested for it along with coronavirus. In the meantime, it’s her risk about making a little Eduardo that would be tough to explain to the hubby. Unless they have an … understanding. Worse comes to worse, I could adopt it when we get married,” Becca reassured her boyfriend, “oh, my brother has been dry humping my ass, so I’ve been naughty again myself.”

“It turns you on that he’s your own brother, doesn’t it, dear?” Eddie grinned now.

“Okay, you busted me! It turns me on a lot! Incest is hot … so is adultery!” Becca admitted to us all.

“What if I told you that the husband is … cool with it?” Eddie probed.

“I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal. Is it a lockdown hall pass or do they have an open marriage?” Becca wondered now.

“I don’t know. She implied that he was just … very … relaxed about it all,” Eddie’s grin could be heard through the phone.

“So she could well be open to making a little Eduardo! Good for her! Just remember that you can make as many little Eduardos as you want during lockdown and possibly later, but there’s only one Eddie Junior, and that’s gonna be our boy together!” Becca told him while the rest of us stayed quiet.

“What if you get knocked up Targaryen-style?” Eddie teased her about the incest stuff.

“HE. COULD. GO. ALL. THE. WAY!” Melanie broke her silence now.

“That would be a little Simon Junior or Simone, then! Named after Daddy/uncle,” Becca licked her lips suddenly at the idea of being knocked up by me.

“Works for me. Then I know which one’s gonna sick a fire-breathing dragon on Florida in the future,” Eddie joked some more, “Truth or Dare, honey?”

“Dare!” Becca blurted, getting high-fives and slaps on her ass from the rest of us.

“I dare you to give up one of your holes to Simon. Your call which one! It’s pretty clear that I took your maidenhead, anyway, didn’t I? Little Miss Quaker Virgin Girl! As wholesome as the Quaker Oats themselves,” Eddie pretended that Becca was pure as driven snow, which was bullshit, though she had actually yielded her cherry to him.

“For how long, honey? One encounter? All day? All week? The whole lockdown?” Becca urged wondered.

“As long as you wish. Perhaps that will be the only hole that you give up, perhaps not, but I dare you to give up a hole of your choice to him. To your own brother! Anyway, I gotta dash. Elena is done with her breakfast and morning routine, so she wants more dick,” Eddie suggested.

“Oh, it’s Elena now?” Becca teased her boyfriend now about his married Cuban lover.

“Hey, I’m having an affair with her, right? I think that I can drop the formality now, given the … um … intimacy of the situation,” Eddie chuckled before hanging up.

“Alright, Bro, time to get the KY, because you, honey, are about to deflower my rosebud, to take the backroads, to plunder my virgin ass! No more dry humping my booty for you. Eddie dared me to pick a hole and I chose my bunghole! Sodomize me, bro!” Becca bent over the armchair with her cheeks spread while I got the KY and applied it to her pucker.

Heather put some of the KY while Janine guided my cock into my sister’s bottom.

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