Wife and Her Twin sister Surprise for Hubby

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Wife and Her Twin sister Surprise for HubbyWife and Her Twin sister Surprise for HubbyDan knew that Jean had an identical twin sister Jane. Both girls stood 5’5”, weighed 105 pounds, long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and 34C breasts that seems much larger on their slender frames. They were the type of girls that would turn every head, male and female no matter where they went or how proper they were dresses. Dan met Jean in college, but Jane had attended a different college overseas and was rarely home. She managed to come back for wedding, but was gone again two days later. Even though Jane was thousands miles away and across an ocean, the two sisters remained very close, talking every day possible via Skype. Every once and a while, Jean would tease Dan about switching with her sister and not telling him and he always told her that he would be able to tell the difference if she did. The teasing usually occurred while having sex and Jean knew that it always got Dan excited, making him extra hard and shooting more cum than normal. It was approaching Dan and Jean’s 5th anniversary and they both promised a special surprise for the other. Dan had been working extra hours and saving up to have the new car that Jean wanted delivered on the morning of their anniversary. She went wild and jumped up and down and into Dan’s arms when he took her outside to see her present. He handed her the keys and then apologized for having to work, kissed her told her he would try to hurry home. She promised to have his surprise waiting for him when he got home. Dan’s curiosity was peaked and he spent the day wondering what his gorgeous bride had gotten him for their anniversary.In the meantime, Jean hopped in her new car and headed to the airport to pick up Jane. Dan had no idea she was coming. The sisters embraced and danced around each other in the airport, drawing attention from everyone around. It wasn’t often that people saw a perfect 10 but to see 2 perfect 10s that looked identical caused a bulge in many a pair of slacks in terminal. The sisters hurried off to get everything set up. Since they had been skyping each other, Jane knew exactly how Jean wore her hair and came close to matching, but they stopped at a hair salon where they both got their hair done in identical fashion. Before they left the salon, no one there could tell the difference as their hair were a perfect match to each other.Jean took a selfie and sent it Dan, telling him that she had gotten her hair done especially for him and he replied how great she looked. The sisters laughed mischievously when Jean read his reply. By that time they were home. Jean spent the next couple of hours sharing every dark secret between her and Dan that she could think of to help see if Jane could fool him. They also hid several small spy cameras in the bedroom, livingroom, kitchen and pool/patio area, that could be monitored on the laptop she put in the guest room. Jean always knew that Jane had the hots for Dan and he had the hots for her so she decided to stage this birthday surprise to give them both what they wanted and to see if Dan could really tell the difference between them as he claimed he could do.They laid out identical clothes in the guest bedroom knowing that Dan rarely went in that room. They both dressed in identical sexy bra, panties and sheer nightie after Dan called to say he was on his way home. Jane hid in the guest room when Jean met Dan at the front door. He admired her choice of attire and asked if it had anything to do with her present and she smiled kaçak iddaa and said perhaps. She told him to go upstairs and shower and she would have a drink ready for him when he got out of the shower. Dan hurried upstairs, stripped and climbed into the shower. Jean fixed a drink and took it upstairs. Jane met her in the hallway, took the drink and entered the master bedroom and Jean hid in the guest bedroom and watched what happened on the computer.When Dan emerged from the shower, Jane met him with a towel and proceeded to dry him off. She took extra time drying off his cock and then gave the tip of it a kiss and stood up. Jane then handed Dan the drink and suggested he get dressed. He grabbed her and wanted to take her bed right then and there but she insisted that it had to wait till later. Reluctantly, Dan let her go, but not after giving her breasts a good feel and a little pat on the butt. Jane told him she was going downstairs to get dinner started and slipped out of the room. Jean met her in the hallway and Jane hid again as Jean headed down to start dinner.A few minutes later, Dan came down wearing just a pair of silky jogging shorts with nothing on underneath. Jean could tell as she watched his cock sway back and forth as he walked into the room. Dan also liked to cook and help in the kitchen so he started helping her get some potatoes ready. Jean excused herself and said she would be right back. She hurried up the stairs and again the twins switched places. Since Jane had been watching and listening to what was going, she picked up where Jean had left off. The entire time they were cooking, Dan constantly brushed up against her butt, copped a quick feel of a breasts and even managed a few quick finger swipes of her crotch. Jane enjoyed every touch, feel and rub and her pussy was dripping wet. Dan was also quite erect, causing his shorts to tent out and Jane took the liberty of copping a quick feel which only got her wetter and him harder.By the time dinner was ready, Jane quickly excused herself, ran upstairs and switched places again with her sister. Watching all of the feeling and groping on the monitor, Jean was also quite wet and when she returned, he immediately did another finger swipe as they fixed their plates and sat down to eat. Jane had already eaten as part of the plan so she eagerly watched and rubber her throbbing pussy. All through dinner, Dan kept trying to find out what Jean’s plans were for the night ad all she would tell him is that she had the evening planned and promised he wouldn’t be disappointed. Dan spent most of the meal with an oozing erection. After dinner, Dan started to help her clean up but Jean suggested that he go upstairs and change into a pair of swim trunks and she would meet him out at the pool as soon as she was done. Dan said he didn’t need swim trunks but Jean reminded him that one of the neighbors had a partial view of the pool and was always watching them, so he trudged upstairs to change. When Dan got back down, Jean handed him another drink and told him to go get the loungers set up while she put her bikini on. Dan gave her big kiss, fondled her breasts and patted her butt as she headed upstairs and he headed out to the pool. Once upstairs, Jean changed into her bikini and switched places with Jane was already wearing hers. Jane went downstairs, fixed herself a drink and headed out to the pool. As Jane walked out back, Dan whistled at her bikini and she twirled around so he could get a good look. Dan told her she was so gorgeous and sexy and looked good bets10 enough to eat. She giggled and told him that’s saved for later. She took a sip of her drink and then dove into the poll and swam to the other end. Dan dove in after her. Jane played hard to get and tried to keep just out of reach but he eventually managed to grab onto her. He pulled her tight against him and kissed her, holding her butt cheeks in his hands. Jane passionately kissed back as she wrapper her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Dan started to untie the top to her bikini but Jane reminded him of the neighbor and pointed to the window. As she did, they saw the neighbor step back, trying not to be caught spying on them. They continued to kiss and press against each other. After a few minutes, Jane told him she had to use the bathroom and would be right back. She grabbed a towel and hurried into the house. Jean had used the shower to wet herself down and when Jane arrived, they talked for a minute, then Jean took the same towel, wrapped it around her and headed back out. In the meantime, Jane stripped out of her bikini, dried off and got dressed sheer teddy with nothing on underneath. There was nothing hidden from view. Jean arrived back outside, tossed the towel aside, jumped into the pool and told Dan they needed to pick up where they left off. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist and passionately kissed him. They swam and played in the pool for another 15 minutes and then laid out on the loungers to relax and dry off. About 10 minutes later, Jean told Dan she was going inside to change and prepare the dessert and told him to stay outside until she called because the dessert was a surprise. She rushed upstairs, changed into the same nightie that Jane was wearing and they both snuck down to the kitchen to make sure that Dan had not come in, but they could see that he was still outside, finishing his drink. They set out some stiffened whipping cream, a bowl of berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and cut up strawberries), a bowl of chopped walnuts and pecans, a couple of bananas sliced long ways, some chocolate – caramel and butterscotch topping syrups and a small bowl with several maraschino cherries. Jean gave Jane a kiss on the cheek and rushed back upstairs. Jane called out to Dan and told him that dessert was ready. The sheer nightie caused him to get hard, which wasn’t hard since the whole evening had been sexually charged. She told him that he could take the nightie off of her, help her up onto the table and make his dessert – banana split or sundae – anywhere on her he liked and then he could eat and lick it off of her. Dan just about came in his swim suit as this was something he always wanted to do but Jean had managed to avoid. He grabbed her and kissed her hard and then thanked her for making one of his fantasies come true. Jane raised her arms as Dan lifted the nightie up and off and then lifted her up onto the table. Jane laid down and Dan first kissed her nipples and the front of her pussy before carefully placing the whipping cream on her tits, navel and pussy. He told her to keep her legs together for now. Next he dished some berries on top of the whipping cream on her tits, sprinkled a few chopped nuts on top and then drizzled some chocolate syrup and topped each nipple with a cherry. Next he turned his attention to the whipping cream thong she was wearing and carefully placed a banana half along each side of her white triangle. Then he sprinkled some bets10 giriş more nuts and drizzled caramel syrup along one side and butterscotch syrup along the other side. Then he topped it off with a cherry carefully placed above her hidden clit.Dan stepped back to admire his culinary art, smiled and bent down to start eating and licking it off of one tit and then the other. He made sure to lick her tits as clean as possible. Then he turned his attention to her navel and licked it clean and then made his way down to her crotch. He licked up some of the nuts and whipping cream and then nibbled the bananas right off the top of her pussy. Jane couldn’t help but let a moan escape her as she felt his lips, teeth and tongue against her most sensitive area. After everything was eaten, he told her to part her legs and he would make sure to clean up anything that dripped or ran down her pussy. Jean watched on the monitor upstairs as her twin sister spread her legs in front of her husband, revealing her pussy to him. She saw Dan smile as he leaned forward and began licking all up and down the outside of her pussy and over her clit. Jean could feel her own juices freely flowing as watched what was happening in the kitchen downstairs. When Dan tried to work his tongue between her pussy lips, Jane stopped him and said that had to wait until later and that now it was her turn to have her dessert. She got up off the table and told Dan to strip and get into position as she just wanted to clean off the rest of the stickiness. She picked up her nightie and hurried upstairs. Dan couldn’t help but give his cock a couple of quick tugs after the fantastic dessert he just experienced. Jane went into the bathroom and quickly cleaned herself off. Jean had already put some chocolate scented lotion on her tits and a butterscotch scented one on her pussy before heading downstairs in just the sheer nightie. Dan was lying on the table and told her how much he enjoyed and appreciated her special surprised. She told him it’s not over yet and leaned down to kiss him. He commented that her tits still smelled like chocolate and she said she only did a quick wipe down to get rid of the sticky feeling but evidently not enough to get rid of the smell. Dan said he liked the smile. Jean grabbed the bowl of whipping cream and carefully placed several spoonful along on his cock and balls. She then sprinkled them with the chopped nuts and drizzled caramel all over it. Then she very carefully placed rested a cherry on the tip of his cock. Just before she started licking her dessert off his cock, she told him that whipping cream was falling off because he was oozing so much. He told her to hurry up then before it all fell away.Jean started licking up her dessert from Dan’s cock and then licked it off his balls. Feeling her tongue licking up and down his cock was almost enough to make him cum, but did his best to hold off, wanting to save it for later. When she was done, she told Dan to run upstairs and wash up and put something sexy and easily removable on. As soon as he was in the bedroom, Jean and Jane traded places once again, knowing this was heading to the big finish, they gave each other a quick hug and both held up crossed fingers. Jane was busy putting the left over dessert fixings away when Dan came down wearing a sheer men’s thong that Jean had bought him a couple years earlier as a gag gift. Jane ooed and awed over Dan’s choice of attire as she finished putting the last of the dessert away. She walked up to Dan, rubbed the outside of his thong, pressed her tits against him and asked if he was ready for the big finish. She felt his cock twitch as he picked her up and carried her up the stairs…Let me know if you want to hear the about the big finish and twin swap…

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