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WHAT A WEEK !! ANAL DEBAUCHERY at its finestAZNSWAG here in toronto , canada ! i dont even know how to start this .. because everything i can sense and feel is still so fresh .. and im by no means an author .. this story is gonna be as raw as it gets lololol .. i think what happened this week will be stuck with me for the rest of my life.. im only writing this now because it is sunday.. and now it is time for me to recover and get some rest for what remaining time i have before i end up going back out for more debauchery…. but i also wanted to reflect and share what happened with me this week .. i live in a luxurious condo in the heart of toronto .. one of the more costly places to live in the city.. it would cost about 5000 to rent a month .. this is not my main place of residence.. but its my downtown location .. where i live and party when i am in toronto .. i live with 2 roommates .. who are in an open relationship.. 1 is a male , i dont want to use real names, so ill give him the name.. AARON.. and his lover.. and business partner .. she is a asian transsexual queen ! shes a lovely woman.. with a huge tool .. very talented.. and ill give her the name NINA.. me personally.. i am considered STRAIGHT.. to them .. but im kind of special .. because.. im into real girls and i absolutely love shemales.. i fit in nicely with these people.. and their lifestyle choices.. and im just happy to be a part of it … so i am technically BI,, but i dont engage in sex acts with men that look like men.. you must have female features, tits and pretty face. but i dont even like to label myself anymore, because. whats the difference between one hole from the other.. who gives a fuck.. just be yourself and be happy with yourself.. and fuck what everyone thinks.. so heres a lil background..so my friend aaron .. is married.. and he had a k**.. and one day he separated from his wife.. but they never divorced.. eventually.. he started turning his attention to transsexuals .. and he was having a blast.. this is actually how i met my roommate.. we were at a afterhours and we were mingling with all these transsexuals and parrtying with them and we ended up having an orgy with 6 of them.. and over time , we realized we were really in sync with each others interests.. so he offered me to live at his place.. and i accepted..and now .. over time .. once he had his fun with plenty of trannies.. he started to love the cock even more especially big cock, he wanted to experiment and try black cock, asian cock, white cock he got on the regular…. so eventually.. he went into the red zone.. and started fucking with guys, men , boys.., twinks , bears ,daddys, sissy fem boys, all these gay genres of people.. and just had a blast with them.. and became some sort of alpha captain cock planet.. and organized camp meetings in our apartment where they would have massive orgies.. you have to understand, im a very open minded person.. i work at a porn store .. i see all walks of life.. i see gay people, straight people, bi people, im like a bank teller.. you come up to the table.. i look at your bank info, i see how much money you have in your account , and i dont judge you, at the porn store its no different, you come up to the table, with gay porn, straight porn, bi porn, whatever it is .. its all good. im not gonna judge you any differently.. because the funniest of things.. gay people and straight people dont usually mix in society.. because of ignorance.. and bigotry and all the negatives that society has to offer.. but the fact is.. when men come together and gather in a porn store.. there is a common balance between straight men and gay men .. you know what the balance is ? gay men and straight men all LOVE WATCHING ANAL SEX, its true, its like a fuckin obsession.. and then of course, there is me . a self proclaimed DP ADDICT AND SHEMALE LOVER.. which makes me into anal sex as well .. but funny enough.. in the porn store ,the gay man.. and the straight man.. look down upon me .. as if im the weird one ? LOLOL. how does that even make sense.. and thats why.. it doesnt matter , because you shouldnt care what other people think of you anyways.. what floats your boat , your interests , is your business.. and i just happened to be a very open minded individual who accepts everyone as they are.. and understand that pleasure to me , may not be pleasure to you, and your interests and desires may not be for me, but im fine with that.. because we are all unique and different.. and i believe in karma.. treat others how you want to be treated.. that makes sense doesnt it .. so back to aaron .. he went from being married , to having a k**, to being separate but not divorced.. to being a tranny lover TOP AND BOTTOM.., while dating a shemale to turning gay pretty much and fuckin tons of guys all within 1 year, but aaron is not gay.. OK.. he is what i call THE ULTIMATE BISEXUAL BURGER.. the ultimate burger.. is where you have all the toppings in there, you have all the pickles , mayo, tomato, lettuce, jalapeno, relish, mustard, ketchup, sesame bud, everything man.. every fuckin topping!!!! i joke with him and say.. your motto should be ” ANY HOLE IS THE GOAL ” hahahaha .. and then i became his roommate.. and things have been bless and its limitless.. hes cool with me and we both love shemales more than anything but at the same time we like girls.. but just because he likes guys too, doesnt make him any less of a person….. its fun here.. its luxury and its super private.. penthouse loft living =) lots of debauchery happens here.. and i fuckin love it.. lots of d**gs , sex and debauchery , and porn , because i work at a porn store.. LOL .. and lots of super horny perverted people .. that i would not usually meet in any normal circumstance.. but it is what it is .. but HERE WE GOOOOOOO.. LETS START THIS STORY.. THURSDAYi just got back into toronto .. and i stopped by my place downtown .. and when i got to my 2nd home there.. i realized i was the only one there.. OR SO I THOUGHT… anyways.. i go to my room .. i just organize things.. i go downstairs.. and theres this guy there.. this really soccer player kind of brute attractive guy.. ( SORRY IM NOT INTO MEN ) but dood was more handsome than me, props to that , this guy looked like david beckham but alot shorter.. hahaha , but anyways, hes like , heyyyy man , im desmond .., im like, who are you and why are you here.. and hes like … ohhhhh.. uhhh.. im a friend of aaron’s .. and im like ohhh, you guys uhhh had some fun last night ? and hes like .. no no no ….. and im like what the fuck of d**g is this guy on .. you dont have to lie to me b*o… i live here.. hes like oh really.. hes like. . ohhhh actually i was having fun with nina .. and then guess what.. 10 minutes later,.. who pops into the building.. its NINA.. and nina says to me .. meet my boy toy desmond.. and im like .. ohhh cool .. hes a good friend of aarons .. and im like ooh cool .. ok ok ok .. i dont trust easily.. because my stuff is here.. but i lock my door obviously, but at the same time, these days , you gotta be careful you bring back to your place for safety reasons .. you just never know .. but since he knows aaron and nina very well, it was cool .. nina goes upstairs to shower.. desmond goes back to the room … 40 minutes later.. i can hear desmond moaning.. THIS FELLA.. is getting PILE DRIVED BY NINA.. shes a top … meaning she prefers to fuck ass over getting fucked in the ass.. she has nearly an 8 inch cock.,., so desmond was telling me when i met him he was having fun with nina, nowww HES REALLY HAVING FUN WITH NINA.. so anyways, i didnt wanna hear anymore moaning and groaning so i decided to go downstairs and make a meal and play some grand theft auto 5 … and then fuckin ,, 10 minutes later after that… aaron comes home from work .. and hes all snazzy and energetic and i give him a high five .. and tell him whats going on upstairs.. and hes like, OH YEAHHHHH ?? I SHOULD GO CHECK OUT AND JOIN THE ACTION , nothing like getting a blowjob after work !! yeah hes awesome.. and thats exactly what he did .. he went upstairs and joined the action , 2 GUYS AND A SHEMALE.. … while i was downstairs cooking a meal and playing video games.. and the night went by smoothly.. they got their ass filled requirements and had tons of fun time, desmond finally went to sleep.. cuz he was fuckin wired and high as a kite.. and getting his canlı bahis ass fucked for more than half the day on and off on and off his ass must have been sore as fuck.. and his room is right beside mine.. but i opted to sleep on the couch downstairs cuz i was playing video games all night.. it was a good thursday.. overall .. no issues, everything thing was great.. FRIDAYi wake up at 1 pm .. and everyone is at work .. and desmond is no where to be seen .. so i had the whole place to myself.. so i goto the gym, come back up , shower, put on a tranny porn video on the 50 inch led wide screen tv .. and smoke a cigarette.. i wasnt wanking .. i was actually doing a porno review.. because i get alot of titles and dvds.. that i can review for the store.. whether it would be good content or whether its not worth it .. because it all comes down to making money.. if its bullshit content, why carry it ? anyways .. its 4 pm now.. aaron comes home.. half day at work .. and he just goes upstairs to get some extra sleep .. nina comes home.. brings all this food in .. cuz they run a restaurant .. and shes the boss, and told me her business partner is running the ship tonight, and she comes back to relax, im like, yeah aaron is sleeping, so shes like, ok ok , ill chill with you , watching shemale porn with me eating some spring rolls.. and of course.. that is gonna turn her on .. and i could seeeee that dick of hers rising.. hahaha.. and i love that betch nina.. i may not like men , but i love shemales, and if you tell me shemales are men , then i guess it depends how you fuckin look at it right ? do men have breasts.. no .. i love breasts and if she has a package too, thats awesome, thats fine by me.. but anyways.. i gave nina the special nickname.. of TOP GUN… like the tom cruise movie.. top gun, because shes a TOP.. with a massive 8 inch cock.. and i dont have SEX WITH HER.. because im not a bottom .. im also a top .. but i dont mind oral sex , i dont mind being handsy , i dont mind kissing, i dont mind foreplay, i dont mind touching and fondling and being very clumsy and hands on while being super pervvy, that stuff is funnnnnn.. especially even funner when it so happens i have a trannsexual roommate, who so happens to be watching transsexual porn with me .. and aaron and nina are in an open relationship, but i personally made a choice not to fuck nina.. because if i did.. SHE WOULD WRECK ME.. and im not ready for that… so ninas cock is rock hard… so i start playing with it.. and stroking it and she looks at me , and im like, u want me to suck it.. or u want me to play with it .. or do you wanna do what i wanna do .. .. shes like what do you want to do .. im like, i know whattttt you wanna do .. you wanna fuck me in my ass .. hahahahaha and im not gonna let you.. so why dont we do what i wannnna do .. shes like.. what do you wanna do .. i pull down my pants.. and my favourite thing to do with shemales is something called DOCKING… its where you push her penis and your penis .. and connect the 2 into 1 , thus performing a dock, when the two penis crowns connect into each other, this only works with uncut.. and one person must have foreskin.. and you basically connect the two.. and you start rubbing and thrusting and its such a highly crazy sensation, that i cannot really explain.. its much better than jerking.. thats all i can say,. and it is highly erotic,. to me.. .. thats what happened…. and thennnnnnnn.. just as that started to happen… aaron wakes up cuz he hears all this stuff goin on downstairs and hes like, whattttttt cha doing guy, can i join …… hahahahah.. this guy has impeccable timing.. he rushes downstairs naked.. and starts dry humping ninas ass cheeks .. right below her nutsack while she is standing up.. while my cock is docked to hers.. and im fuckin laughing my ass off.. cuz this is hardcore.. and i pull my pants back up .. and i go smoke a cigarette.. im just that fuckin casual about everything.. soooo .. they start making out.. they start to get into the motion of fucking.. but the thing is.. they are ON MY COUCH.. and they didnt move anywhere.. they didnt go back upstairs.. while i was smokign a cigarette on the balcony // our penthouse.. is private.. but there is another building adjacent to ours on the other side , penthouse as well with patio … and there so happened to be 2 fat straight guys drinking beers on the patio … and after i was done my cigarette.. they told me to leave the door open.. so i did.. i was in the kitchen now.. and NINA is fucking aarons ass and hes moaning and groaning like a bitch.. and hes like, I LOVE YOUR COCK IN MY WHITE ASS, OH SO DEEP AND groaning…. while .. these 2 straight fat guys on the other side of the building were watching a fuckin freak show .. either they were disgusted or turned on by it .. i dont know.. while this is happening.. i get a buzz from downstairs.. OH ITS DESMOND.. hes back…. by the time he got upstairs tho.. nina had cummed all over his ass.. and they went to go get tidied up … and cleaned up and showered and cleaned.. desmond chills a bit with me and then aaron comes down and they get ready to go out .. i thought nina was going out with him.. but it was aaron who was going with him .. and they load up on molly, tina and cocaine pack it up nicely.. and they head out the door… i told them to have a great night wherever they were going to.. nina gets all dressed and heads back to the restaurant.. to check on things after her booty session.. and im left home alone all over again, just tidying up and cleaning the place up a bit.. make the place smell fresh and clean and vibrant.. thats what i do .. im like a fuckin maid.. but i do it accordingly because i hate the after smells of sweat and cum.. and stuff like that.. im kind of fresh obsessed.. so i like girls smelling good.. it just makes me go nuts .. and girls who are over .. like a clean fresh environment.. so it works to be this way .. no one else is gonna do it.. so im gonna do it.. im gonna make it smell nice in here.,, so my guests are in a good moodsoooo friday night.. the place is clean… its fresh.. no signs of aaron or desmond.. nina comes back home.. i have some food with her.. talk with her a bit.. and she says.. are you going out 2nite.. im like yeah .. im going to pick up some girls , maybe hire an escort or bring back some shemales and bring back here , see how lucky i get or maybe i wont be too horny .. shes like coooool, ill be home, i dont know where aaron and desmond are.. and off i went .. to have fun at the clubs.. and that was that.. i dipped and went to have a good time.. SATURDAYOH MY FUCKIN GOD.. i get back home.. its late friday , technically saturday 4 am .. nina is sleeping in my room .. aaron and desmond.. were back.. along with 14 other men.. asian, black, white, brown .. 16 total horny men HIGH AS A MOTHERFUCKER could be.. and they were having a group sex session, orgy marathon , high off their asses, i cant even express how high they were.. they were sticking mollys in guys asses, they were smoking tina, they were railing lines of white. they were fuckin ROMPING.. hahahah.. AND NO I DIDNT JOIN .. but i was like, fuckin thank god , i struck out tonight, cuz if i brought back a chick, unless it was a tgirl, they would be like, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.. hahahaha.. but anyways , LET THE BOYZ BE BOYZ.. and let them have their fun .. i went to my room .. and nina was sleeping already, so i didnt want to bother her.. so i opted to shower.. and then i opted to go chill in the swimming pool downstairs and gym .. and sauna .. and just relax a bit.. mad early in the morning .. the super dedicated gym rats were there , just talk to them like its any other day talk about diets and training and whatever.. i got back upstairs around .. 7 am .. and to my suprise.. all the guys were gone.. even aaron and desmond too.. and then i went to sleep.. i woke up again even later today.. on saturday.. at like 330 pm.. and now the place is a mess again … nina is at work .. aaron and desmond are gone and its all by myself again at home.. same routine.. I CLEAN THE PLACE UP LOLOLOLOL .. make everything look all GQ again .. nice and tidy. ,make the place look presentable.. i swear this is gonna make me into an OCD .. habit.. not that i dont realize it .. but i just know , that having these good habits.. can go along way.. to making myself happy, and bahis siteleri others around me happy.. who wants to live in a slum with shit everywhere and cum stains and fuckin the smells of sweat and sex.. all over your furniture and fabrics.. NO ONE wants that, maybe aaron thinks nina is always doing it, but its ACTUALLY ME.. thank god for febreze air and febreze fabric.. anyways.. i clean up the place.. this time it took a few hours.. and the place is all nice again .. nina comes home from work .. around 10 pm.. aaron and desmond are still no where to be seen .. or i havent heard from them anyways.. and i was actually NOT PLANNING TO GO OUT.. i was just home.. chattin on the net, doin some lines .. and chilling .. and then nina comes home.. and shes just getting all relaxed .. and were just watching a show and talking , definitely no hanky panky.. , and then at around like 2 am …. we get a buzzzzz from downstairs, i thought it was aaron or desmond, but aaron lives here, he doesnt need to buzz in , maybe its desmond.. BUT it wasnt desmond either.. . it was a female.. shes like.. im here to see AZNSWAG..(my name). and im like huhhh.. okkkkk.. this better not an assassination hit. but its a female coming up to see me , am i dreaming, i buzzed her up ,. lololol .. did i call some escort to come over that i forgot about ??? nooooo i didnt call anyone. i was just doin lines and chatting .. and nina was with me, and shes like, who is thattttttt. ? im like.. i dont know.. but lets find out right now.. she said my name tho .. sooo.. im confused myself.. i open the door.. this fuckin long hair red head… TRASHY.. SEXY.. WHORISH.. SLUTTY.. OBNOXIOUS .. VOLUPTUOUS, VIXEN in heels and a mini skirt with nice clevage in a nice semi opened white blouse.. drinking a bottle of vodka straight .. and tipsy as fuck .. and shes like.. ARE YOU AZNSWAGGG. im like yesss.. who are you … shes like.. im mariah.. im desmond’s wife.. i just got off work and shes like talking super fast.. and slurry and angry and emotional .. and im like thinking to myself, just bring her inside.. and talk cuz i dont want any sound to leave this place and upsetting other people.. so nina is on the couch lookin at us.. and im like .. your desmonds wife… ??? your pretty smashed.. where you coming from… shes like .. i work at this STRIP CLUB… ( yes shes a stripper ) she starts tellin me .. I CAME HERE TO FUCK YOUUUUUUUUU AZNSWAG.. and your GONNNA FUCK ME TONIGHT… and im like whoah whoah whoah. what the fuck are you talkin about.. your fuckin smashed.. shes like, you know where desmond and aaron are right now RIGHTTT? .. im like no… i have no idea where they are .. she says, i just got off the phone with him and he told me he was at a gay male bath house.. for those that dont know . a gay male bath house , is a special venue club, where gay and bi males go to have sex , group sex, whatever kind of sex you may be it into, bdsm, group sex, glory hole sex, oral sex, gangbang sex , one on one sex, all male sex, stuffffffff that im not into ….. LOLOLOL.. but what makes that place even more interesting is the overall good safety practices with the the indulgence of letting people have sex, with plenty of d**gs involved.. in that establishment, its like a manzone of sorts.. that has full facilities like a gym and swimming pool and sauna and all those things, creative.. kink .. per say.. i know about these establishments, ive never been in one, but ive talked to owners and so forth, im cool with it, but i wont step into that type of environment.. its not my interest, but it is what it is.. its a bath house.. she just got off the phone with desmond and found out they were having all types of anal sex up in that bitch.. she got into a huge argument with her husband desmond over the phone.. fast a forward a bit.. when i saw aaron again .. he told me .. when mariah called desmond .. he was lying down chest forward on this saddle piece of furniture, surrounded by 10 guys in a clock work clock , taking turns pounding his ass,. while he was on the phone.. and aaron was listening in on the conversation laughing cuz he was high .. and he told desmond.. tell your slut wife.. to goto my place.. and go bother aznswag and tell her to suck his dick ! and have her wait for you there.. !!fast backwards.. to the situation .. mariah is now at my place.. DRAMA , drunk and just pissed and aggressive.. and im like, nina please go upstairs.. mariah , sit down, let me get you a drink .. and feel free to have a line, but please.. quiet down a little bit.. and shes like drunk .. and shes like, doin my coke.. and shes like. IM HERE TO FUCKKKKK YOU ….. BECAUSE DESMOND TOLD ME TO COME HERE AND FUCKKKKKK YOU .. SO I CAN GET BACK AT HIM… BECAUSE HES GETTING FUCKED BY ALL THESE MEN and HES HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE.. AND I WANT TO GET BACK AT HIM….. AND IM NOT LEAVING HERE TILL I FUCK YOUUUUUUR BRAINS OUT. im like high too .. but im like.. what the fuckkk is this bitch on .. shes fuckin CRAZYYYYY.. crazy horny .. and im like, honestly SO UNPREPARED FOR SUCH AN OVERALL AGGRESSIVE WOMAN…. just chill here.. calm down I SAID.. im gonna go take a shower.. hopefully youll be calmed down by then.. just chill.. so i go take a shower.. nina is upstairs on the bed.. i get outta the shower 15 minutes later.. … and MARIAH IS ON HER BED.. half naked tits hanging with nipple rings.. and nina is sitting there and mariah says.. both of youuuu . i want to fuck both of you, im into girls too ya know… im like.. shes not a real girl.. shes.. a shemale . and mariah says.. ARE YOU 2 READY TO FUCK ME YET…. im like noo.. im not comfortable fucking a friends wife.. shes like, why the fuck not.. hes getting fucked in the ass… dont i deserve to get fucked too .. im like.. but you know he is bi tho .. you know hes into shemales and guys and girls, and you know all that already, so what difference does it make ? and she gets even angrier.. and drinks more swigs… im like.. NINA.. help me pleaseeeeeee. and shes like.. what do you want me to do ??.. im like.. LETS FUCK HERRRRRRR .. and nina says.. im not into girls… im like talkin to nina in front of mariah.. and mariah shouts out 5 minutes later… AZNSWAG.. GET YOUR SEXY ASS DOWNSTAIRS. DO A FUCKIN FAT LINE.. AND COME BACK UP HERE with a hard dick AND FUCK ME.. hahahaha.. and i grab nina.. and im like.. nina.. come on .. please help.. i want you to be a part of this too.. shes like im not into girls.. im not into girls.. im like do this line with me right now, let me stroke your dick, let me finger your ass, let me suck your cock, whatever you need.. just please join me… .. and ill give you the asssssshole and we can share her mouth .. CUZ NINA REFUSED TO FUCK HER IN THE PUSSY.. so i said fine. GIVE ME THE PUSSY .. and so we both did this crazy line.. and i told mariah to go take a quick shower and well be up soon, we did a few more lines and i brought the plate up .. mariah takes a quick shower.. takes a chug of vodka.. and rails a fat line .. and gets on the bed and starts sucking both our dicks.. and she was DOWNNNNN AND DIRTY.. i was like ,nina.. lets put both our dicks in her mouth and see how far she can take it.. and she toooook it.. and it was unreal.. the most raunchiest .. dirtiest.. sexiest.. wilddddddd threesome ever.. a girl.. who is a stripper.. and a wife.. with me , a man who is into girls and shemales.. and with a shemale who doesnt like girls, but loves fuckin men but loves getting her dick sucked and having my fingers up her ass.. BUT PLEASURE IS PLEASURE.. you gonna stick your dick in anyones mouth .. your gonna get a hard on .. your gonna stick two cocks in a girls mouth and have the dicks rub against each other while being sucked and saliva all over.. its gonna be hot hot hot wet and messy.. soo much teeth and tongue and tonsil.. just roughing her up .. i was shy at first.. but honestly.. the shyness goes away once she started sucking.. as you may know previously, i stated that i am a DP FANATIC.. but i started fucking her first and i got to choke her a lil bit i got a little rough with it at first…. i got my fingers sucked while i was plowing her , i bit those nipple rings , i got to spit on her face and rub it all over her and i told nina to plow her mouth eventually .. i doggied her while she was blowing nina.. and then finally.. WE GOT TO DP HER.. oh my godddd.. i got the pussy and nina took güvenilir bahis the ass.. it was fuckin amazing.. high on cocaine.. cant even feel my face.. let alone feel my dick in her.. so i was like.. i asked nina if she had any lube.. and she did.. and im like, LETS TRY TO DP HER ASS.. and we all did some more lines.. and oh my god.. the sensation of double penetrating a girls ass FIRST TIME!! , FOR A GIRL THAT DOESNT TAKE 2 DICKS IN HER ASS USUALLY.. oh my god…. you know what 2 cocks in someones ass is .. ITS CALLED LOVE.. that was awesome…. we went at it for like.. a long time.. because.. for me.. i cummed once.. and then afterwards.. i just stayed rock hard and didnt cum again until like maybe 3 hours later.. so we literally fucked all thru the morning.,.. and noooooooo sign of aaron or desmond.. we eventually all just snoozed eventually, late into the morning.. nina had gone to my bed to sleep .. and i was still in her bed with mariah.. and mariah was sleepin cuz she was drinking heavy.. and she was all thru the night, fuckkkk me , fuckkkk me .. i was like holy shit.. this is the best experience ever.. we eventually dozed off.. and when i woke up , because it was kinda hard to sleep, i was still horny.. i loved her dirty talk .. and she was half sleeping too, and i woke up with a hard on .; so i grabbed her hand.. and used her hand to jerk me off and of course i got hard again .. and i whispered in her ear,, im like you still want me to fuck you right now.. and shes like half awake and smiling and not saying no .. and i do another line.. hahahaha.. im a party a****l .. i didnt get a chance to fuck her ass until i did the double anal .. and that was a tight squeeze.. so i grabbed this toy.. and i started toying with her ass .. with my fingers , 1, ,2, ,3 fingers.. and then i put the toy in .. and shes awake now.. but still frazzled.. but shes like ooohing.. and im like, you ready for some cock … . and i bummmmed rushed her while sticking the toy in there.. and it was sooooo hot .. i totally pulled out and cummed all over her , I WANTED TO CUM ON HER FACE.. BUT I COULDNT MAKE IT IN TIME.. it was the most masssssssive load .. built up over the whole night…. IT WAS BLOBBY AND CHUNKY AND THICK JIZZ.. TOTALLY MADE A MESS.. but oh god it felt so goodwe sleeeep the rest of the day.. we woke up late saturday evening .. i cooked everyone a nice meal .. we all had a little fun chit chat as to what had happened .. that was pure debauchery.. at its finest.. i cleaned up the place again and made it clean as fuck .. hahaha .. and mariah was stilllll drinking, STILL DRINKING…. and im like, your fuckin awesome, YOUR A MACHINE….. shes like no , your fuckin awesome.. thanks for last night.. and today and everything .. i hope i wasnt too crazy.. come visit me sometime at where i work .. nina didnt even say much to her because she cant even believe she fucked a girl…. but im like before you goooooo .. can i get one last blowjob… pleaseee pleaseeeee. im like you havent even showered yet.. you cant go without showering and getting cleaned up .. come on .. ill shower with you .. and im like , nina, come on , come shower with us …. and nina was like OK.. and when we got into the shower.. mariah was like, HOLY SHIT…. YOU HAVE A DICK… hahahahahah.. im like, you dont remember fucking her .. we were both fucking you all night long.. you told us to fuck the shit outta you.. and shes like, ive never been with a shemale before, first time for everything, this girl was soooooooo fuckin wasted.. she didnt even know she was getting fucked by a shemale but she remembered me .. thats fuckin awesome.. the first time for a shemale to fuck a girl.. and the first time for a girl to have sex with a shemale.. and guess what.. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME FUCKING A SHEMALE AND A GIRL AT THE SAME TIME !!!!! WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT .. FUCKIN MIND BLOWN !!!! which means.. its the first time for the girl.. to have sex with a man and a shemale… and the first time the shemale.. had sex with a girl and a man … MINDDDDDD BLOWN!!and then we took turns on each other, me and mariah sucked off nina, nina and mariah sucked me off, mariah gave both of us handjobs, fuckin another hour or so in the shower, GOT TO DO A DAISY LINK.. oh my god.. in the shower.., mariah bends over.. nina slips her cock into her ass and i got to slip my dick into ninas ass grinding at the same time.. and oh my god.. im just fuckin sooo happy .. . but things always have to end.. and basically she ended up going home eventually… and me and nina.. were just talkin the rest of the way .. and talkin about how crazy last night was.. and talking about the shower.. and how i cant believe i put my dick in her ass and not her dick being in my ass, cuz i told her i was scared.. of her dick in my ass LOLOLOLOLSUNDAYaaron and desmond come home.. tired and exhausted .. nina and i were all dressed ready to go out for brunch .. and then desmond comes up to me and says.. DID YOU FUCK MY WIFE AZNSWAG ?? im like ahhhh..UMMM… DID YOU FUCK MY WIFE AZNSWAG ? IM ASKING YOU A QUESTION … do you want the truth… can you handle the truth?? … DID YOU FUCKKKKK HER GOOD ? im like.. yeah…. i fucked her all night long.. and i took care of her .. i gave her more booze .. i gave her coke.. and i gave her cock .. actually i gave her 2 cocks.. and nina joined me on the action , we put 2 dicks in her ass.!!!. while we were all high on coke.. and i paid for her cab ride home and desmond is like………. .. YOU AND NINA PUT BOTH YOUR COCKS IN MY WIFES ASS ???? im like yeahhhhhhh & IN HER MOUTH TOO !!.. he says .. FUCKINNNNNNN EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH , YOU DA FUCKIN MAN .. I FUCKIN LOVE YOU !!! im like .. your not mad b*o…. hahaha.. cuz he wasnt yellin at me with anger.. he was yelling at me with a dirty smirk on his face that looked like some evil perverted smile.. Aaron says.. 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