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Subject: Welcome to Gayberry – 94 Welcome to Gayberry � 94 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. This is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 94 Over at the jail, the prophet’s mood had become even more foul. He was complaining about everything. He wanted a snack so David sent the warden down to the diner but the prophet threw the food at both of them, pronouncing it inedible. He was both flirty and abusive to Mikayla in the other cell. He would flirt with her and when she responded he called her a whore. David was almost at wit’s end until the warden got him into the back room and talked him down. “He’s just an asshole” the warden said quietly to the young deputy. “He always has been and he always will be. Just stay cool. It won’t be long now till you’re done with him. He’s about to get a couple of shocks that he’ll never recover from. Remember that it’s very likely your own kid is already in his wife’s belly and you’re about to fuck her again right in front of him. He thinks his disciples are on the way to rescue him and his wife. We know what is true. We just have to stay cool and get his sorry ass over to the quarters. We’ll have plenty of reinforcements over there. I want to make sure I get a hand job from that bitch wife of his. He’s such a racist, that should make him crazy. Remember too that old P.T. Sligh is one of his worst enemies in the world after their business deal went sour. P.T. is going to witness the man’s utter humiliation. Just stay cool for a little while longer, buddy.” “Thanks, Eamon” David said, giving the handsome warden a hug. “I was letting him get under my skin. I know to keep my eye on the prize. It won’t be long before that deplorable man is out of my life for good.” The men went back out into the cell area of the building and the prophet was demanding he be allowed to shower to be fresh for his wife. “I know I’m clean from the shower earlier, I just want to feel extra fresh for my beautiful bride” the prophet said. “I can’t wait to feel her voluptuous body against my own and to shower her with kisses and to ultimately put my heir into her belly. David, I think I’d like another shower before we leave.” “There’s no time for that, sir” David said. “The sharpshooters on t he roofs around the building have been told we’ll leave at sundown. Any deviation could cause a major problem. The last thing we want is chaos. I can bring you a basin of warm water and some soap if you want to freshen up. I think it’s too risky to have you out of your cell. A surprise visit from that asshole sheriff could totally screw everything up.” “Well, I don’t like it but I guess that’ll have to do” the prophet said. “Make it a couple of basins of really warm water and plenty of soap. And send that nig over to the drug store and get me some really nice after shave. I want things to be absolutely perfect for the breeding. We’ve spent thousands on the fertility injections for my wife and she is at the absolute peak of fertility for the next few hours. I’ll finally have my heir. Do you really think I should breed her there or wait till we get back to the plane?” “Well, sir, I can guarantee you plenty of privacy at the place your wife is waiting” David said. “That will not be the case on your plane. There’ll be the disciples who are guarding your wife and a pilot and a co-pilot. They’ll all be on the plane and it’s a pretty long flight back to Arizona. The plane will not provide you any privacy and I know you don’t want to expose your wife to any embarrassment.” “Yes, she is a modest woman” the prophet said. “That is but one of her virtues and one of the reasons I chose her for my partner. You know we are sealed not just in this life but also in the eternal life. Our love and devotion transcends time and space.” David brought the basins of water and set them on the table beside the cot. He was leaving the cell when the prophet stopped him, demanding the deputy assist him in washing up. The prophet took off the white boxer shorts he had been given and stood nude in front of the deputy. His cock was flaccid and appeared quite strange looking with the very thin shaft topped by a fat cockhead, not quite covered by his foreskin. David dipped the cloth in the warm water and began to wash the prophet’s back and arms, taking care to wash under his arms. He then did his chest and tummy, skipping his private parts and moving on down to wash the man’s legs and feet. The man stood totally passive as if David were his slave and expected to do everything for him. “Sir, so you have people who do this for you at home?” the young deputy asked. “Of course I do, boy” the prophet said. “You can’t imagine how good life will be. People are at my command. At home I often have children bathe me, usually little girls but an occasional boy if he is pretty enough. We have any number of children living in the basement at any given time. We pay their parents a few dollars and they don’t care what happens to them. There is nothing like sharing a tub with several children. Feeling their smooth little bodies slipping and sliding over your own is such pleasure as you can’t imagine. There will be plenty of time for us to share that together. I may have told you that once the prophetess is carrying my heir, she will refrain from any sexual activity until six weeks after my heir is born. Pregnant women should never have intercourse. You won’t believe the wonderful life in store for you, David. I will make it happen and it will be nice to look at you instead of that tired old bucket of lard. I should have gotten rid of that fatass bastard years ago but he was loyal and I knew he’d never talk.” “Talk about what, sir?” David asked. “What could he have talked about?” “Come on, David, don’t play na�ve with me” the prophet said. “You must surely have figured out by now that I don’t have to live by the same rules all my followers do. I tell my followers that a man touching a boy is punishable by death but sometimes a boy is just too cute to leave alone. I mean, would God have created such beauty if he didn’t intend for his chosen ones to enjoy it. Nothing is off limits to us, David. You are now the second in command to a very, very powerful man. You have no idea what a lucky boy you are. Boys, girls, animals, whatever the fuck you want is yours once we are back in Arizona, my boy!” David was now washing the prophet’s private area. The prophet’s dick began to harden as David rubbed it with the warm cloth. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed what a pretty mouth you have, David” the prophet said. “I know that you’d be happy to service me but I need to save my seed for the breeding. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to that once we’re home and the prophetess is confined with child. We will have wonderful times together.” “I have your temple undergarments for you to wear, sir” David said. “I’m sorry there’s nothing else but no one will see you once we leave except the warden, myself, and your wife. You will be put in the trunk of the car for your safety as soon as it is dark and we will drive to the secure location where your wife is waiting. There are three disciples there guarding her but they can be stationed outside during the breeding if you wish, sir.” “I don’t mind disciples watching the breeding just as I don’t mind you watching” the prophet said. “You need to make sure that black warden is nowhere around. He is not even allowed to cast his eyes on my beloved wife. You make sure he is nowhere around and doesn’t look at her. But it’s fine for you and the disciples to observe. You might even learn a thing or two seeing the master at work.” “Your hand feels so good on my cock and my nuts, David” the prophet said. “I could let you do that all night. I know you want a taste of my cock don’t you, boy. Look at that whore over in the other cell watching us. She wants some of this prophet cock. She loved the taste of it like everyone does. She wanted it in her snatch too but she didn’t get it. Boy, do you want a taste of my cock?” “I do but it can wait, sir” David said. “I know you wouldn’t want that whore to see me tasting your meat.” “What does it matter?” the prophet asked. “She knows too much already. I want her put down before we leave. We can’t risk people knowing anything that happened in here. That includes what happened with Sheriff Joe and her obscene actions with me. After you put me in the car just come back in and dispatch here. I don’t care how you do it, just get it done. I don’t want that slut seeing tomorrow. That whore is really wanting to see something. Give her a little show. It’ll be her last enjoyment on the earth. Do it. Put your mouth on me while the nig is still over at the drug store. Suck my dick just a little. I can’t give you my cream cause I need to save it but let that slut see you sucking on my cock.” “Yes, sir, prophet” David said as he went to his knees before the standing prophet and engulfed the man’s thin cock into his mouth. “Fuck yeah, David” the prophet moaned as he pulled the boy’s head in and held him impaled on the cock. “What a sweet fucking mouth you have. You and I are going to have some great times together once I have my heir in my wife’s belly. I can’t believe how good your mouth feels on my cock. You know this kind of thing is forbidden to my followers. It’s important they breed to make more followers and if the cum is going in the mouth, it isn’t going where it needs to go to make me more followers. But your mouth is one of the hottest I’ve ever felt. We will have some good times together. That’s a promise, my boy.” The prophet had David stand and go and get his temple undergarments. He helped him put on the white nylon shorts that came to almost knee level and the white nylon tee shirt. “This is just for the benefit of the disciples, you know” the prophet said. “My followers are ordered to wear these even when showering or fucking. They are never to allow anyone of either gender to look upon them in their nakedness. They even have to wear these stupid fuckers when they are screwing. The masses will believe any fucking thing you tell them if you just repeat it often enough.” “I know your beautiful wife will not be wearing hers tonight” David said. “She asked me to tell you that she awaits you wearing nothing but her beautiful long hair. She was brushing it when I left.” “It is the most beautiful head of hair I have ever laid my eyes on” the prophet said. “She hasn’t cut it since she was just a child and it is so beautiful. There is nothing more erotic than seeing my gorgeous wife and partner for eternity covered by nothing except her beautiful long hair. How does my hair look? I want to look perfect for this night. I’ve waited so long and it’s finally here.” David took a comb and ran it through the prophet’s hair, making sure it was perfect. He also splashed some of the men’s fragrance the warden had brought back from the drug store. The entire jail smelled like English Leather as the prophet was finally prepared to go and breed the prophetess. “We will never forget this night, David” the prophet said. “Tonight I will breed my bride, putting my heir into her belly. Then we will return triumphant to Arizona where my disciples will gather to do my work. We will get rid of that goofball governor and I will be elected. I shall then lead the state to secede from the United States and we will establish our very own independent country and be free to write our own laws without interference. It will be a great time for all of us, my boy, and you will be at my right hand.” “I can hardly wait, sir” David said. “I join you in hoping this will be a night to remember.” Not far away at the sheriff’s home, the men were getting ready to leave. The boys had finished all their after-dinner duties and were now getting ready to head to the pool. It was a house rule that shirts and pants or shorts had to be worn at all indoor meals, while if they ate on the large patio, a towel was fine. There were teak benches all around the pool area so that clothes could be folded and left while swimming and each boy knew he was responsible for making sure his clothes got back to his room or into the laundry room. The doctor had arranged for a towel service so towels were never in short supply in the house, the pool area or the new downstairs gym and gang shower. William, who was point man on tonight’s activities, had invited Felton, the ex-husband of the prophetess and father of her child, as well as Dale Mason, a rancher who had worked for the prophet on his Arizona ranch and who had narrowly escaped with his son as well as Felton’s son. They were living on the doctor’s ranch and he had recently agreed to become the doctor’s ranch foreman at the ranch for young boys who needed a place to live. They loaded into two cars to head for the quarters as William wanted their group to arrive before the prophet arrived with David and the warden. “You know I trust our boys and I’ve come to trust the older boys but I sure do feel better with Sarge being at the house tonight” William said once they were in the car. “He seems like a good man and with all the unsettling events of late, I just feel better knowing he’s on the property.” “I understand perfectly because I felt the same way when I heard Sarge would be there” Arnold said. “He’s just a guy who inspires trust. Did you learn much about him today, Randy? Apparently he was pretty tight friends with Sergeant Carter.” “They have been best friends for years and have been through lots of stuff together” the sheriff said. “I spoke with Sergeant Carter by phone just to confirm that the man was who he said he was. I was upfront with Sarge about doing it since I realized we’d be leaving our boys with him. Just can’t be too safe.” “I’m looking forward to taking him to see our house tomorrow” Arnold said. “It’s a great old house with tons of room but it really needs some attention. If it works for Sarge, I think I’ll let him live there rent-free since he plans to fix a place up. It could work out well for both of us. What’s his nephew like?” “A genuine twenty-four carat asshole” Randy said. “What a little prick. He’s a handsome little fucker though. His late father was from Greece and the kid got the looks. Jet black hair everywhere and thick black caterpillar eyebrows. He’s got kind of olive skin and he’s a great looking boy. But he’s apparently a real asshole and I saw some of that today. What kind of boy breaks his own mother’s arm with a fucking baseball bat?” “Sounds like he’ll have his hands full but if anyone can handle it, it’s a fucking marine drill sergeant” William said. “Just watching him with the boys for the short while I was around him earlier, he seems completely attentive and caring toward the boys.” “I couldn’t agree more” Randy said. “He couldn’t have been more tender and affectionate with Dopie at the lake.” “So how did that go?” William asked. “Did Dopie finally get what he’s been wanting?” “He shore did and he handled it like a champ” Randy said. “I couldn’ta been no prouder. He took his daddy’s dick like a champ and then wanted more and got Sarge to fuck him after I did. I think the boy’s gonna be a bottom for sure.” “That’s great “Arnold said. “There’s nothing wrong with that.” “I think Sarge couldn’t believe his luck tonight, getting to be with three young boys. Apparently in the marines, an officer is expected to protect his tough guy image all the time. He told me he’s been thinkin’ how good it would feel to get fucked in the ass but he ain’t never done it cause the enlisted men might lose their respect.” “It’s a very macho culture � the marines” Arnold said. “I’ve heard from a lot of people that no officer in the Marine Corps would ever bottom except for another officer. That sure wasn’t true in the navy. Some of the biggest bottoms on a ship are the officers and the higher the rank, the more they loved spreading their legs and taking dicks.” They all enjoyed a good laugh as Randy pulled around behind the quarters to hide his car. The doctor arrived right behind them with Felton and Dale, parking in the back as well. The building looked totally deserted from the outside. They entered and the room was mostly darkened except for a blinding spotlight on the mattress in the center of the room where the prophetess was tied, totally naked and her legs spread so that she was exposed. Felton walked over to the edge of the mattress and yelled, “Surprise, bitch!!!” Once the prophetess put it together that the man was her ex-husband, she looked stunned. “What the fuck are you doing here?” she asked. “You have no business being here. What’s going on? Where is David?” “Don’t worry about David, bitch. I brought another friend of yours with me, Miriam dearest” Felton said, pulling Dale Mason into the spotlight. The prophetess looked as if she had seen a ghost. “Don’t look so shocked” Dale said with a wry smile on his face. “Yes, it’s me and I’m very much alive, as is my son. I know you sent people to kill us when you left the state to come here and try to get Alex back. I know all about that and a whole lot more. Those two sorry ass disciples have spilled their fucking guts. And it was on the news about an hour ago that the remainder of the disciples are all gone too. Apparently the bureau released tear gas and the disciples started firing. The whole place went up in a giant kaboom. ” “Get away from me!” Miriam said. “You’re a motherfucking liar! If you come any closer I’ll scream. I’ll have you arrested and you’ll be sorry.” “Give it up, bitch” Felton said. “You have no power here and you’ll never taste power again. I see that ugly swollen puss and I’ve been told mersin escort that Deputy David has planted a baby in there before your prophet got here.” “That’s a fucking lie!” she shouted. “You lie. He lies. Everybody around here lies. No man has touched me except the prophet since we were married. The prophet even revirginized me so that I would be worthy to bear his son and his heir.” “You are so full of shit, just like your asshole husband” Dale said. “The disciples hate the idea of getting their foreskins cut off and they’ll just talk and talk to keep that from happening. We’ve already heard how you and the late Sheriff Joe’s wife fucked all of the disciples that would fuck you. Did you also fuck Luke, the one you sent to torture me and my son? You had to know he was threatening your own flesh and blood as well but you didn’t care. You fucking filthy, murderous lying slut!” “You always did have nice titties, Miriam” Felton chuckled. “Them drugs must have puffed them up too cause those nipples look downright tempting. Your pussy’s a mess, but I will say those tits are looking mighty fine like they always did.” With that said, he reached out and began to fondle one of her breasts. Her response was immediate. “Ooh, Felton, that feels so good” she purred. “Don’t stop, baby. I’m so horny. These fertility drugs have me so turned on and that feels wonderful. Don’t stop doing it. Felton, you always were my first love. We could make it work again. Just you, me and our handsome son. He’s a handsome boy. We could be very happy. Just please touch my little pussy. I want to make love to you. You always had that big, beautiful cock. I’ve never met a man with a bigger cock than yours. Please just lie down here beside me. Lick my nipples and touch my puss. Please, Felton, we can be so happy. Just you, me and Alex together again like the family we were always meant to be. Just rub my pussy, baby. Please rub that pussy for me.” “I think my new buddy, Dale may want to feel of these titties” Felton said. “Come on in here, Dale and get a handful for yourself.” Dale knelt beside them and started to fondle the other breast. Now Felton and Dale were fondling them, playfully pinching her nipples and she was in heaven, moaning and gasping for breath. “Oh boys, that’s what I need.” Miriam said. “Please don’t stop. I never meant for any harm to come to you or your son, Mr. Mason. Really I didn’t . If Luke told you those things, he’s a liar. He must’ve gone rogue. That feels so good. Please don’t stop. Felton I need you inside me so badly. Not a day has gone by that I didn’t think about that big cock of yours and how good it felt in my pussy. No one has ever come close to making my cunt feel so good as when you were inside me. Please at least touch my pussy. Please.” “I do have a question for you, Miriam” Felton said as he continued to grope her tit. “Why did you cut off all your hair? It always was your best feature and when we met up at the air strip it was down below your waist. Whatever possessed you to chop it off? It does nothing for your looks.” “Well, you see, originally I had planned to get bred by the prophet tonight and leave with him on our plane. David told me the prophet had insisted I have all my hair cut off in case we got stopped at the airfield. He said anyone would recognize me by my beautiful hair. So David cut it all off this afternoon like the prophet commanded. But all that’s in the past. Felton, I really want us to be together again. Don’t worry about my hair. I can afford all the wigs I want and only the best quality. And if it’s what you want, I’ll let it grow back for you. Only for you, Felton. I don’t need anyone but you and that big cock. Undo my hands and let me just feel that marvelous meat. I really want it. I’ll tell the prophet to just leave me alone and go away if you’ll just rub that big cock up against me. Please. Please. Please.” “No can do, bitch” Felton said. “We’re all looking forward to seeing the look on your precious fucking prophet’s face when he sees his slut practically bald and spread out for the world to see her ugly, obscene cunt. I hope somebody brought popcorn.” “Felton, please, the least you can do is to release my hands so I can touch myself. I’ll let you watch me finger myself! You were always trying to get me to do that when we were married. I was selfish then. I’ll never be selfish again if you’ll just release my hands. My pussy is itching like it’s covered in a million fireants. I can’t stand it.” “This ain’t my circus and you ain’t my monkey” Felton chuckled as he and Dale moved away from the pleading woman. Doc had been checking out all the men on the wall. Young Charlie was running around trying to be helpful since he had earlier been released from his chains. “Charlie, is there anything I need to check on the men?” the doctor asked the young boy. “Well, my dad’s still oozing blood from his site where he was cut but that’s because the gauze keeps getting ripped off. I don’t think that’s a problem and I showered him down real good earlier, along with all the others except the prophetess. That disciple did some pretty good bleeding where he was cut but I added some gauze. He’s real mad cause he got cut and that other one, Luke didn’t get cut. They’re both complaining a lot about how their nuts hurt in those bands but I don’t believe their sacks are quite as swollen s they were earlier. Will Barrow don’t say much of nothing. He mostly just hangs there and cries. And P.T.’s damn near hoarse from yelling insults at the prophetess. There must’ve been a good bit of bad blood between P.T. and that woman’s husband. I drained Thor’s bladder about an hour ago so that should be okay. The Smith brothers are just being their usual irritating selves. They’re both complaining about not getting enough to eat. One of them, the preacher’s brother, tried to get me to jerk him off while I was bathing him. I told him I couldn’t do that without the sheriff’s permission and he got pretty mad but there weren’t much he could do about it.” “Charlie, you’ve done a really good job and I appreciate your help” the doctor said. “I think you’ll be getting out of here real soon and I’m very hopeful that your life will be so much better than it ever has been. If Mr. Arnold and Mr. Felton agree, you’ll be living on the ranch I’ve got for boys who need homes.” “A ranch?” Charlie asked, his eyes wide. “I always dreamed of living on a ranch. There is one thing though. I’ve been thinking about it all and I wouldn’t want to leave here without a chance to talk to Kurt so I can apologize for being involved in the attempt to shoot him. I just wouldn’t feel right about it unless I could apologize and know that he understands everything and is okay with things.” “I’m sure we can make that happen, Charlie” the doctor said. “Now before things get crazy, I brought you a nice big slice of apple pie I made. Find a quiet place and enjoy it.” “Thank you, doctor!” the boy said. “I love apple pie. Would it be all right if I gave you a hug?” “Of course it would, Charlie” the doctor said. “I love hugs from handsome boys like yourself.” They exchanged a warm hug and Charlie went to enjoy his pie as William announced the prophet could be arriving at any time now and they again cut all the lights except the bright spotlight on the prophetess and all the men went to the far side of the room where they couldn’t be seen in the darkness. Over at the jail, it was getting dark and David checked his watch and decided it was time for them to leave. David and Eamon took the prophet out the back door and loaded the prophet into the trunk of the squad car. The prophet insisted he not be handcuffed and David permitted that, knowing he and the warden could handle any situation which arose with the smaller man. Just before they left, the prophet told David to go back into the building and shoot Mikayla so she could never talk about what had happened. David told him that a gun would make too much noise and might attract unwanted attention so he took out a knife he had brought for that purpose and went back into the building, returning shortly thereafter and telling the prophet the job had been taken care of. “That sorry whore will never suck another dick or say another word” David told the prophet in a quiet, serious voice. “I knew I could count on you, boy” the prophet told his new right hand man. “Jehovah very clearly sent you here for me. You’ll never regret any of this.” “Praise be to Jehovah” David said, stifling his laughter. It was a short drive to the quarters during which Eamon lit up a cigarette. “That is one obnoxious fucking asshole” Eamon said. “It’ll be nice to see him brought down.” “It’s about time that happened” David said. “It was all I could do not to just smack him in the head but that would have ruined everything. The prophet’s got a surprise in store for him very shortly and it should all be worth it.” “That motherfucker’s got several surprises in store” the warden said. “He thinks he’s being taken to a place where he’ll breed his beautiful wife and then they’ll fly off together into a beautiful sunset. The only place he’ll be going after tonight is with me up to Statesville where he’ll spend a little time in the Hell cell. I’ve got ten of the meanest, most hung motherfuckers in the prison waiting on him and I’ve had every single one of them in chastity devices for the last ten days. He’ll be lucky to survive. Or maybe he’d be luckier if he just dies a quick death before he gets there.” “This has all been so crazy and it all happened so fast” David said. “I’ll be happy when things settle back down. I look forward to just being a deputy in a quiet little friendly town and doing my job and going home and enjoying life.” “Have you found a place to live yet?” the warden asked. “The sheriff’s invited me to move into his place” David said. “I think it’s a great situation with Arnold, William and the doctor living there with all those boys. It feels like a real family and that’s something I’ve really missed since my parents died. Plus the fact that William’s wife is pregnant and he’ll be bringing that baby there to live when it’s born. If I was really able to impregnate the prophetess, I could be bringing a baby home very shortly after William’s is born. The doctor is really excited and is already fixing up a big, fancy nursery.” “You knocked that bitch up today, David” Eamon said. “No doubt in my mind. I saw that load you shot in her and you can do another one tonight just for insurance. I know you ain’t interested in pussy but we’ll all be there to help you out. There’s not a man in this group that wouldn’t want to get his hands and his mouth on that pretty cock of yours.” “Thank you, warden” David said. “It really feels good to be supported and I still just can’t believe I may actually get to be a father.” “Enjoy the ride, son” the warden told him. “Life’s bound to throw some shit at you but never stop fighting back. Never stop. You’re as handsome a boy as I’ve ever met and you’re going to do just fine.” David was blushing as they drove up in front of the quarters. There were no other cars visible as the others had parked behind the big building. It was dead quiet there in the woods except for the sounds of the cicadas. David opened the trunk of the car and he and the warden assisted the prophet in getting out. “Get your nasty hand off me, nigger” the prophet lashed out at Eamon as he had tried to assist the man. “David, I want that uppity motherfucker shot right now. Put a bullet right into his goddamned brain.” “Prophet, that’s just too dangerous for now” David said calmly. “The last thing we want to do is attract any attention to us before you get your wife bred and we get to that airfield. I’ll take care of him once we’re out at the landing strip. He’s just a little bit dim and he doesn’t know his place.” “See that you take care of that before we leave this fucking shithole state” the prophet said. “Now does my hair still look good? I want things to be perfect.” “You look impeccable, sir” David said as he punched in the key code on the thick steel door and they heard the click indicating the lock had released. It took some time for their eyes to adjust to the change in lighting but the prophet quickly saw his beloved in the spotlight in the center of the room and went running to her side. When he got to her, he was stunned to see her naked and her legs splayed, exposing her obscenely swollen pussy and clit. Then he realized that all her hair had been cut off, leaving very little. What was left looked gapped and spotty as if she had suffered from the mange. The prophet was immediately angry and calling for young David. “What the fuck is going on here?” he asked the boy once David made it to his side. “What the fuck has happened to her beautiful hair and why in the name of Jehovah is my wife, the mother to be of my heir naked and exposed for anyone to see. That nigger better not even come close and he better avert his eyes or I’ll gouge both of the fuckers out of his head.” The prophet was furious and made even more so when David let out a laugh. “There have been a few changes in the plan, prophet” David said with a sweet smile which further infuriated Warren. “You won’t be breeding your bitch tonight. I’ve already taken care of that chore and, believe me it was a chore with the slut looking like she looks now.” The prophet was too stunned to speak. “Your bitch begged me to put it to her so I finally gave in so it looks like she’ll be bearing my baby and neither you nor she will ever see the kid. I’ll be taking the baby the minute it’s born and raising it as my own. As far as the world knows, both of you went down in a plane crash and you’re both dead. We have a little film that you’ll see in a few minutes. Your disciple Matthew is indeed dead and your other two you brought with you, Luke and Mark are both hanging on our wall in chains, along with your very good friend, P.T. Sligh.” The warden hit a switch which illuminated the wall with the eight naked men suspended by their wrists with chains attached at the wrists and ankles. P.T. was taunting the prophet now and making fun of his situation until David ordered him to stop it with a threat of immediate circumcision. “David, have you lost your fucking mind?” the prophet asked “We are going to do wonderful things once we’re back home. Just tell me this is some kind of joke and you won’t be punished. Please tell me this isn’t real, you little stupid dipshit! And what do you mean you bred my wife. She’d die before she’d let another man touch her. She would fight to the death because our union is sealed not just here on earth but for eternity.” “David’s lying to you!” Miriam started to shout. “The boy’s a dirty goddamned liar. I would never have let him touch me. I await your seed, my prophet. There is nothing and nobody I desire more than you, my prophet and my true love!” “The bitch has been begging for any dick that would come close to her!” P.T. shouted from the wall. “A few minutes ago she was begging her ex-husband to stick his big dick in her and wanting to get back with him. We ain’t been able to sleep because your fucking slut has been begging for a cock or a finger or anything to give her some relief. Your prophetess is a lowdown dick-hungry cunt, Warren! And that handsome deputy fucked the shit out of her in front of all of us this afternoon.” “Miriam, tell me this isn’t true!” the prophet begged. “Dear Jehovah, let this be some kind of horrible dream that I’m going to wake up from. I can’t stand it if this is real.” “Oh, it’s real, prophet asshole” Felton said, stepping from the shadows. The prophet recognized the big man immediately as his wife’s ex-husband and the father of her son whom he had met on the air strip. “What the fuck are you doing here?” the prophet asked. “This is where I call home these days after your boys blew up my house” Warren said. “I hadn’t even been here five minutes before your slut was begging me to fuck her, saying how she’d always loved me and my big dick and talking about how you’ve never been able to satisfy her with your skinny little toothpick dick. I watched your plane go down and it’s true the world thinks you and she and Sheriff Joe were all killed in an orange fireball and are now deep in that fucking lake. You’re finally screwed, Warren, and so is your slutty, lowdown cunt of a wife!” “He’s absolutely right” Dale Mason said as he stepped out of the darkness into the light. “This has to be some weird dream or optical illusion or something” Warren protested. “You can’t possibly be alive. We left orders before we got on the plane.” “I know you left orders for me and my son to be killed but we got the fuck out of there and we’re great. We’re living the good life on the most beautiful ranch you could imagine with Felton and his sweet son who was your own stepson and your slut’s own flesh and blood. You are about to get what you deserve for once, you worthless cocksucker! And just so you know, your precious disciples won’t be riding to your rescue. They’re all dead and we have a video of that to share with you. They were holed up in the large school building on your compound, surrounded by the Bureau. The feds used tear gas to smoke them out but they started shooting. The whole fucking place went up like a tinderbox. No survivors. All your fucking asshole disciples are dead. No rescue for you and your slut. And your buddy, the honorable governor of the state has resigned as of two hours ago. The attorney general, who was in your pocket is in jail, led away in handcuffs from his office and publicly humiliated. And your minions are rushing to turn themselves in, showing their little `P’ brands and tattoos on their buttocks, all clamoring to try to get the best deal they can. It’s over for you, even escort mersin if you were thought to be alive. It’s over and done, you worthless piece of shit son of a bitch and I’m smiling.” The room was suddenly plunged into darkness and the sound of a film was heard. Suddenly a video was projected onto the wall across from where the prisoners were confined. It showed the airfield with the prophet’s plane taking off and the voice of a national news anchor was underneath explaining that it was the plane of the Prophet Warren Jeff taking off from a North Carolina landing strip with his wife and his head of security onboard. As the plane climbed into the air above the massive lake, a massive orange fireball exploded in the sky, making it clear that anyone on board was now dead. “What the fuck? Warren sputtered, stunned at the footage. “What in the living fuck have you people done?” “Shut up, there’s more” William said as he stepped forward, the video continuing. The video now showed the large wooden schoolhouse on the Jeff compound in Arizona, surrounded by ABI agents with guns drawn, firing canisters of teargas into the school. It showed gunfire coming from the school, followed by a massive explosion which obliterated the building. It then showed photos of the individual disciples whose bodies were being identified. As it continued, it showed people lined up at court houses, turning themselves in and the arrest of the state attorney general. The final shot was of the governor or Arizona tendering his own resignation as his weeping wife and four children stood beside him. The prophet was very clearly in a state of shock, his mouth gaped open. He was trying to absorb it all but was simply unable to do so. “Goddammit, Warren, how could you allow this to happen, you incompetent asshole?” his wife screamed. “We had everything and you fucking blew it all!” “It was you who just had to prove your power over your fucking ex-husband by playing the custody battle over your little bastard!” the prophet screamed back at her. “If you’d just sent the little dipshit back to his asshole of a father, none of this would’ve happened. But no, you just had to fucking win!” Felton stepped up to the edge of the mattress and landed a fist squarely into the prophet’s right cheek, knocking him to the floor. “You don’t talk about my son like that” Felton said. “Get up and I’ll whip your fucking sorry ass.” Dale calmed Felton down, having him stand down as the prophet attempted to stand up, his face now bloody from the attack. “Did you really try to fuck those men today?” the prophet asked his wife. “Did you really let this traitorous little pansy of a muscleboy breed you, Miriam? Fucking answer me!” “No, no, no, they’re all liars” she protested. “They’re all a pack of liars. Not a word they’ve said is true. They all want me but I want only you or at least that’s what I wanted until a few minutes ago. Now I don’t know. I don’t know what I want now.” “They’re not liars” the disciple Mark shouted from his place on the wall. “Luke and I witnessed it, prophet. She fucking betrayed you. She’s been begging for a dick or a finger to relieve her. She’s a slut who doesn’t care about you at all. The truth is she’s been sneaking around with Sheriff Joe’s wife and fucking all of us disciples when you and Sheriff Joe were out of town. She ordered us to come and fuck both of them. The slut threatened all of us if we didn’t do as we were told. She’s never been what she seemed.” “He’s speaking the truth” Disciple Luke joined in. “They both sneaked around and were getting fucked by all of the disciples and God only knows who else anytime your backs were turned. And she was begging her ex-husband and Dale Mason to fuck her earlier just like she bred that young deputy. She was begging him to keep it in her long enough for her to have an orgasm but he denied her that. We saw it with our own eyes.” “Listen to your disciples, you fucking asshole” P.T. chuckled. “Your wife’s a slutty whore who’s already knocked up with Deputy David’s spawn. You’re a hopeless loser. That’s all you’ve ever been and all you ever will be. What your little pussyboy disciples didn’t tell you was that after that handsome deputy bred your bitch, he pulled out and some big-dicked nigger man shoved his big cock up her asshole!” Warren fell to the floor, his body wracked with sobs as Miriam continued to cry and maintain that all were liars except for her. The video had ended with footage of the Arizona governor resigning and the attorney general being frog-marched out of the capitol building. The final scene of the video showed hundreds of citizens outside the capitol setting fire to a large banner with the large red letters, “MAGA” on it. “Prophet, David said quietly to the still stunned prophet, “looks like your `Make Arizona Great Again’ bullshit is over and done. Tough titty said the kitty!” Somehow those word got all the men except the prophet tickled and they all had a good laugh at Warren’s and his wife’s expense as they watched the huge banner go up in smoke. “Nooooo! Please, Jehovah, this can’t be real!” the prophet shouted, now on his knees on the mattress beside his naked, bald wife. “Please, Jehovah, wake me from this nightmare. This cannot be real! I beg you, Lord God Jehovah, wake me from this terrible nightmare. Please wake me and restore me, Lord!” “Oh it’s real all right” David said. “And the evening hasn’t really begun yet. I’m going to turn things over to Mr. William Walker, Gayberry resident and head of the Governor’s Task Force on Corruption for the great state of North Carolina. He’ll keep us on track as best he can.” The little group gave Will a brief round of applause as he stepped over beside the mattress into the spotlight. “To begin tonight’s program I’d like to introduce our Gayberry doctor to do some procedures which we need to get out of the way” Will said. “All of us know him merely as Doc, yet he is one of our most beloved citizens and an excellent advocate for children in our community. He has recently donated a beautiful large ranch to be used for boys who need a loving and safe environment to grow up and thrive in. This man is an invaluable treasure and I am indeed privileged to call him my friend.” Doc stepped into the spotlight. “I believe our sheriff and young Charlie have taken our two visiting disciples off the wall and are leading them over to our altar table as we speak” the doctor said. “They are moving rather slowly. That’s what happens when you’re suspended in chains with your arms stretched over your head and your ankles secured to the floor with your feet wide apart. These two guests are from Arizona and they came here with the prophet and his wife. They were captured patrolling a lake property near here with automatic rifles, hunting down some of our citizens, including our young boys. Their buddy, Mark was mercifully shot and killed but we managed to capture these two guests and have had them in captivity since the night of the great landing strip incident. It is common knowledge now, thanks to information from Mr. Dale Mason, that the prophet declared all males who have been circumcised as infidels and he encouraged the killing of same. It is our supposition that this is because the wife of the prophet was once married to a gentleman with a very large, circumcised penis. It turns out that the prophet’s wife was raised a Jew and she insisted on her first husband being cut before they married and had their son circumcised within days of his birth. We have heard that the woman begged this man to take her back earlier today, saying she had never met a man with such a large, beautiful penis. We suspect that somehow the prophet found out about the endowment of her previous husband and was theretofore very jealous of men with larger penises than he which would include, I am sure, the majority of boys over the age of five. ” That got a big laugh from all present, save the prophet, his wife, and the two disciples who were now at the altar table. William had David assist the prophet from the floor where he sat, still stunned beyond words. “David is putting shock collars on the prophet and his wife so that we can be sure they obey any commands we give them. They are collars with the maximum voltage which exceeds any legal limits” the doctor explained, “and any shock longer than ten seconds may cause fatal arrhythmias of the heart. The shock is powerful and painful so it is nothing to be trifled with. Now David is going to untie Mrs. Jeffers’ hands and they will remain free as long as she doesn’t start touching her own privates. That is not allowed and will result in an activation of the shock collar.” “We wanna see the asshole’s wife get fucked by her big dicked ex-husband!” P.T. shouted loudly, bringing raucous laughter. “Be patient, Mr. Sligh” William said. “There’s plenty to come.” They now had Mark the disciple on his back on the altar table under the bright lights. David drug the prophet in so that his face was inches from the disciple’s hairy private parts. “You will see, prophet that your disciple Mark has gauze around the end of his penis where he was already circumcised. David, if you’ll remove the gauze please.” The boy roughly removed the dried, bloody gauze as Mark began to scream and beg him to stop. Charlie and the sheriff each had a shoulder, holding him down on the table. The warden was at his feet, rendering his legs immobile. “Goddammit, please stop!” Mark screamed s the bloody tip of his cock became visible.”Please, prophet make them stop! Please!” “If you’d done your fucking job better, none of us would even be here!” the prophet shouted back at the young man. “Both of you are worthless pieces of shit who couldn’t do your simple fucking jobs just like the idiots who just blew themselves up on hat fucking film. I’ve been surrounded by fucking idiots. Nothing but worthless fucking idiots.” “We were trying to protect you and now you’ve proven you were never fucking worth it!” Mark screamed at the man. “Mark was circumcised a short time ago but we found he still has plenty of foreskin so we are going to perform another circumcision taking more of his excess skin” the doctor said. “No!” the boy screamed. “Please don’t. I already can’t stand the pain. I can’t take it! Please. Say a word for me, prophet! I beg you to stop this. Summon the power of Jehovah the way you have always said you were capable of doing. Put a stop to this now! Please! I am begging you to stop this!” “Like I said before, none of this would be happening if you had just done your job in protecting us” the prophet said. “As I see it, you deserve this.” “Nooooo!” the boy screamed as the doctor stepped into the light with his gleaming silver scalpel and pulled the bloody skin down over the cockhead and began to cut. Mark was screaming at the top of his lungs and begging them to stop and release him from their grasp. “Please note this procedure is being done with no anesthesia and no local deadening agents” the doctor said. “We all have Reverend Smith and his cronies to thank for starting this practice in our community and both Mr. Print Sr. and Mr. Barrow have already undergone their procedures without anesthesia. Mr. Print is the older gentleman on the wall and Mr. Barrow is the hairy monkey who does nothing but cry all the time at the very end.” The doctor slowly took off more of Mark’s foreskin as the boy continued to scream in excruciating pain. “Prophet, have you lost a little weight?” the doctor asked. “I’m thinking you may need some nourishment. David, open his mouth, please. I think the prophet might enjoy a bit of foreskin. He should find it particularly tasty as the donor is now one of the infidels the prophet has condemned.” The prophet looked terrified at this but the men around him laughed at the expression on his face as David forced his jaws open, the doctor dropped the foreskin in his mouth, then forced his mouth closed and pinched his nostrils closed until he swallowed the gift. Once it was swallowed, the man began to retch, trying to vomit the meat up but he was threatened by William with the use of the shock collar so his retching subsided. Then they all heard the buzz associated with a collar being activated. They all looked at the prophetess who was fingering her obscenely large clit violently, trying to bring herself quickly to an orgasm. The collar activated and her arms dropped to her sides, all the muscles in her body going rigid. The shock lasted for four seconds and at the end she was unconscious, sprawled on the mattress. “Charlie, if you’ll throw a little water on the prophetess, it should wake her up pretty fast” the doctor said. “And a little on Mark too. He’s white as a sheet and about to pass out. We don’t want him to miss a second of this.” “Goddammit, please stop this fucking nightmare” pleaded the prophet. “We’ve done nothing to deserve this!” “You fuckers have done everything to deserve this and a thousand times fucking more” Dale Mason said, getting in the prophet’s face. “You and your cunty wife sent Luke to torment me, my son and your own stepson for months on end. Holding a gun in my mouth and to the heads of the boys if I didn’t satisfy every perverse desire the motherfucker could imagine. I know about the children you stuck your dick in while your slut held them down, those babies screaming all the while you plundered their innocence. So don’t start that shit with me about how you don’t fucking deserve any of this. You deserve every second of it and more. And you need to get out of those silly magical fucking undergarments. They just make you look more ridiculous than you already are.” That said, the man grabbed the neck of the nylon undershirt and ripped it off him, exposing the prophet’s scrawny, hairy chest and belly. He then took the torn fabric and stuffed it into the prophet’s mouth as the other men applauded. “Very well said, Mr. Mason” the doctor said. “And now we have another circumcision to perform. Looks like it’s disciple Luke’s turn to get cut.” They already had Mark off the table and now Luke was in the position Mark had occupied a few minutes earlier. “Please don’t do this” Luke begged. “I wouldn’t have done any of the stuff I did if it hadn’t been for the prophet and his wife. They are completely to blame. None of it was my idea. I had no choice in any of it. Have some mercy on me. I can`t take the pain. I don’t want to be an infidel, cast forever from Jehovah. Please don’t do this. Prophet, please speak for me. Please do something.” “You failed me just like Mark did” the prophet said coldly, his mouth dry from the undergarment he had managed to spit out.”Why should I do anything to help you after you failed us so dismally? Give me one good reason.” “Because I served you loyally, sir” Luke said. “I served you both unquestioningly and did whatever I was told.” “Does that loyalty include the lies both of you were spouting about how my wife slutted around fucking every man in Arizona while my back was turned?” the prophet asked. “He’s a goddamned liar” the prophetess shouted, now revived from her electric shock ordeal. “He’s a liar like the rest of these motherfuckers are. They’re all a bunch of cunts just trying to make me look bad. I hope Jehovah strikes down every one of the heathen motherfuckers with a great lightning bolt from the sky.” “Miriam, you need to watch your language” Warren said. “It’s unbecoming for a prophetess to use such language. Even if the words are true � and they are � we cannot risk the wrath of Jehovah being directed our way.”” “Don’t tell me what to do, motherfucker!” the woman shouted, turning on her husband. “Where were you and Jehovah while I was tied down here with my pussy on fire like a million ants were crawling on me and inside my cunt? Where the fuck were you? Fucking answer me that! Where the fuck were you all this fucking time and now you’re up my ass for cutting my hair after you told that deputy to cut it all off to help us escape!! You’re a piece of worthless shit no better than any of the rest of them! Oh hell no, you were too busy murdering our Sheriff Joe, the only man who would have given his own life to protect us, you stupid, cowardly shithead!” “Let’s settle down a bit, please” the doctor said calmly. “It’s time for disciple Luke to have his circumcision performed. I’m not going to do this one but I’m turning the scalpel over to my friend, Dale Mason, who was vilely tormented by disciple Luke.” “Fuck no you don’t, you motherfucker!” Luke screamed as he tried in vain to break free from the men holding him down. The warden released his legs for a brief second, taking the time to deliver a stunning gut punch which knocked the wind out of the bound disciple momentarily. Before long he was again shouting, struggling, pleading and begging them not to touch him. “This sure is a nice piece of meat on you, Luke” Dale said with a smile. “I hope my hand doesn’t slip and cut it off completely but it won’t make much difference because you and your buddy will soon have no balls at all. Those bands are taking care of that even as we speak. I wonder if you have enough testosterone left in your system to get that pretty uncut cock of yours hard one more time. I think I’ll give it a go.” Dale leaned in and began to suck the handsome man’s cock in front of all the spectators. The prophet and his wife appeared stunned that a man would behave in such a way in front of other men. But Luke’s cock came to attention, standing up straight and proud from his thick patch of pubes. Dale stroked his hairy thighs as he sucked on the cock. “You are no longer my disciple!” the prophet screamed at the young disciple. “No disciple of mine would allow himself to be made an infidel or to be publicly shamed by having another man put his mouth upon him! You mersin escort bayan are no longer a disciple of mine!” “Why don’t you tell me what the fuck to do to stop it, prophet!” the man screamed. “Can’t you fucking see I’m being held down by very strong men and am powerless to stop anything? Are you fucking blind or just crazy? You’re the one who always said you held the power of Jehovah to move mountains or to do anything in the world. If you have the power you say you have, you can fucking stop all of this shit!” “Why should I call on the power of Jehovah to benefit men who have betrayed me?” the prophet asked arrogantly. “Stop it now!” Luke demanded without response. “Don’t fucking do this! This is fucking humiliating. Please, just go ahead and kill me. I can’t ever come back from this humiliation. Please.” Instead of stopping Dale asked the wardent o spread the man’s hairy legs further apart as he got between his legs and continued sucking his cock while he inserted a finger into the man’s hairy hole and began to fingerfuck him vigorously. Both the prophet and his wife had their eyes glued to the scene unfolding in front of them as did everyone else in the room. The prophet’s skinny dick was forming a tent in the thin fabric of his temple undershorts which was undeniable. Dale Mason was a handsome, masculine man � a real `man’s man’ who was now sucking the dick of another man without embarrassment or shame. “Fingerfuck that boy!” William shouted in encouragement. “He likes that finger in his hole. I think he loves it. Give him another one” Dale Mason quickly added his middle finger to his index finger as he continued fingerfucking the man while slurping wetly on his now hard meat. Charlie and the sheriff were continuing to hold Luke down at his shoulders and the sheriff encouraged Charlie to lean in and give the disciple a kiss. Charlie did so, giving him a wet, passionate kiss which Luke returned, carried away by the pleasant sensations Dale was giving him below the waist. Charlie broke the kiss and Luke began to gasp and moan that he was about to climax. “Awww fuck all you motherfuckers!” he shouted as Dale continued to suck and violently fingerfuck him. “Fuck yeah, Dale, you cocksucker! You’re the best cocksucker on this motherfucking planet. I’m cum…” Dale suddenly took his mouth off the man’s penis and jerked his fingers out of the hole, slamming him in the nuts with his fist and continuing to beat the man in his bound nuts. Luke began to cry, scream and curse all at once, his impending climax ruined and the pain in his balls excruciating. Dale got his face as close as possible to Luke’s and spit in his mouth as he laughed at the sobbing man. “You stupid motherfucker! Dale chuckled. “You thought I was so addicted to your cock I couldn’t resist it? I just wanted all of them, especially the prophet and his slut, how much you loved getting things stuffed in your butthole. You’re a fag and you always have been. And that very nice cock of yours will now be worthless with no balls to make it work. I hope you enjoyed that blowjob because it’s very likely the last one you’ll ever get.” Luke was sobbing and begging as the prophetess noted the tent in her husband’s temple undergarment. “Why is your cock hard watching a fag suck another man’s cock, you asshole?” the prophetess screeched. “My husband appears to be some kind of fag, getting hard watching all that perverted shit. You worthless piece of shit!” she screamed at the prophet. “Settle down, now” the doctor said, trying to regain control. “We have a procedure here. Disciple Luke is about t get his pretty pecker cut by a man he put through hell. Go ahead, Dale.” Luke screamed and struggled but the warden had his legs firmly pinned to the altar table and the sheriff and Charlie had his chest pinned. “Here goes, boys” Dale said as he stretched the long foreskin between his thumb and his index finger, pulling it painfully as far as it would stretch while Luke sobbed and pleaded for him to stop. As the scalpel cut into the skin, a blood-curdling scream came from the restrained disciple, which continued as Dale very slowly ran the scalpel around the skin, stooping just before it was severed. “Almost done, good buddy” Dale said to the screaming, struggling man. “With one more cut, the foreskin was severed and Dale dropped it into the man’s screaming mouth, forcefully closing his jaws and pinching his nostrils closed until it was gone. “All right” William said. “I hope we’re all enjoying our evening as much as I am. I want the prophet to get up here and stand beside me, please. The prophet needs no introduction even to those who had not met him before this evening began. I am told he had quite a good time in the Gayberry jail. I hear that the prophet enjoyed a nice juicy blowjob and a good fingerfucking from another gentleman in the jail.” “That’s a lie!” the prophet screamed. “It was some whore that was in the cell next to me. It was some blonde slut.” “You let a whore suck you off, you philandering son of a bitch?” his wife screamed. “While I’m locked up here with my pussy burning up and itching off for some relief and you let some bitch in jail suck your goddamned dick? If I ever get my hands free, I’ll strangle you, you lying piece of shit!” “Settle down, Mrs. Jeff” William said, getting Randy to hold her back. “It was not a whore. It was a rather unfortunate associate of Preacher Smith, one of the gentlemen on the wall over there who’s had very little to say this evening. It was his associate, Mr. Michael Hunt who recently underwent an unintended castration and is now hoping to have gender reassignment surgery. So it was not a whore. It was a man who is without a set of testicles.” “David, you motherfucker!” the prophet shouted. “You let a man put his mouth on my cock! I’ll get you for this if it’s the last thing I ever do.” “Don’t be so upset, prophet” David said with a smile. “He also put his fingers in your hole and you were begging for more just like Disciple Luke was a few minutes ago. Not to mention the little incident just before we came here where you shoved your cock in my own mouth.” “You fucking piece of garbage!” Miriam shouted at her husband. “I fucking hate you. I hope you die a painful, long death in agony. I despise you and I hope I never fucking see you again.” “I think it’s time for the prophet to get a little closer to one of his old friends” William said. “The asshole on the wall is also my father-in-law, who tried to have me and my two young sons killed and who is an old business partner of the prophet. Since it is likely this will be the last time these two men meet in this life, I think some show of affection is appropriate. Since the prophet is more mobile, we’ll just walk over to where P.T. is. Remember the shock collar on your neck, prophet.” The prophet glared at William as he took his elbow and led him to a position standing directly in front of P.T., who was naked and chained to the wall, totally exposed and vulnerable. “I think it might be nice of you, prophet, if you gave your old buddy a goodbye dick licking” William said. “You mean you expect me to put that asshole’s cock in my mouth?” the prophet asked. “Never. I’d rather die first.” “That can be arranged” William said with a smile, activating the prophet’s shock collar and sending the man’s entire body into spasms, followed by his collapse on the floor. Charlie was nearby to throw water on him and revive him. It only took about a minute and he was again conscious. “You want more of that or you want to lick your old buddy’s dick?” William asked with a smile. “Please, no more of that electricity” the prophet begged. “I can’t take it!” “You have an option” William said, looking first at the shock collar control, then at P.T.’s flaccid, hairy uncut meat. William reached out his hand and took his father-in-law’s respectably sized, uncut, flaccid cock in his hand and retracted the foreskin, revealing a fat, pink cockhead. He then moved the foreskin back and forth several times, causing the cock to thicken and elongate, coming to life in his son-in-law’s hand. “Keep that up son and you’ll have your own paw-in-law hard enough for you to suck on. I always thought you had more interest in my meat than in my daughter’s pussy.” “P.T., I have no interest at all in you at this point” William said. “There was a time I found you to be a very virile and sexy man but now you’re just another powerless joker hanging on a wall in the middle of fucking nowhere. But I bet you’d like to see your old buddy with a mouthful of your meat, wouldn’t you?” “Goddamned right I’d like that” P.T. said. “He got weak kneed and cost me millions of fucking dollars. We’d have had a corner on the human trafficking market if he hadn’t gone cold on it.” “Get down on your knees, Warren and suck your old buddy’s cock” William ordered the prophet. “Looks like his old cock is getting nice and hard and ready for you to feast on. Hit those motherfucking knees right now or feel the heat!” The prophet sobbed as he went to his knees and gingerly took the tumescent cock into his mouth. He retched at first but William warned him he wouldn’t hesitate to use the collar so the prophet began to suck on his meat. “P.T. was loving the sight of his old business rival whom he felt had screwed him out of millions of dollars, being forced to suck his cock. P.T.’s cock had gotten completely hard and he was beginning to make some pre-cum. He had always been a very virile man and being without pussy had been tough on him. As he started to breathe faster and make pre-cum, William ordered the prophet to take his mouth off P.T.’s cock and to move to the man next to him, the brother of Preacher Smith, Jack Smith. He ordered the prophet to kneel and suck on Jack and the prophet did so, terrified of being shocked again. It took no time for Jack to get hard as he had also been a very active man sexually outside these walls. Once Jack was hard and enjoying the blow job, William ordered the prophet to move to Preacher Smith and kneel. The prophet did as instructed, taking the preacher’s cock into his mouth and getting it slick and hard. Once the preacher was hard and getting close, William ordered the prophet to stop sucking and stand up. It was very clear the prophet was turned on as his cock was tenting his thin, nylon underpants in a very clear manner. While William had the prophet sucking cock, the sheriff and Eamon had fixed a couple of orange juice and vodkas for young David and had gotten them in him. They had the handsome deputy’s shirt off and were kissing on him and tweaking his nipples. Then Eamon went to his knees and took the boy’s pants off, revealing a big bulge in his tight white jockey shorts. William walked the prophet back over to the center of the room where all this was happening. “David, are you enjoying tonight?” William asked him. “I sure am” the boy said, very slightly slurring his words and grinning. “The sheriff and the warden and I have enjoyed some cocktails and I’m not used to drinking alcohol. I’m feeling pretty good.” “Are you about ready to dump another load in the prophet’s slut to make sure you’ve got her good and knocked up?” “I sure am” the handsome young man said. “How would you like for the prophet to suck on you a little to get it good and slicked up before you fuck the slut?” “Heck, I’d like that a whole lot” the boy said with a smile. “You know, the prophet has made me the head of his whole security operation out in Arizona. He says I can have anything and everything I want. But I don’t think I want anything he has except to borrow his wife’s pussy long enough to put me a baby up in there.” “Hit your knees and pull his shorts down” William ordered the prophet. “Please don’t do this, David!” the prophet begged, tears streaming down his face. “I was going to give you everything you could’ve ever wanted.” “You don’t have everything I ever wanted” David said softly. “The only thing I really, really want is a kid so I can be a great father like all of these guys are. You can’t give me that but your wife can and I intend to take advantage of that opportunity.” He then gave the prophet a gleaming smile as the man went to his knees and slid the boy’s tight white jockey briefs down his thick, smooth, muscular legs. At a nod from William, the prophet took the boy’s thick, uncut meat into his mouth and began to suck. The boy hardened quickly. When he was completely erect, William ordered him to stop and they led the boy to the mattress where the prophetess was greedily slurping on Felton’s and Dale’s cocks. She had obviously been given a couple of drinks because she was now totally uninhibited and loving the cocks of her ex-husband and the man she had tormented. “Look at your slut going to town on those cocks, prophet” William said loudly with a laugh. “You certainly know how to choose a wife. She likes sucking dicks almost as much as you do. I bet she couldn’t even feel that skinny little cock of yours after having a piece of meat like Felton’s inside of that pussy.” All the men were laughing at the sobbing prophet as Felton and Dale moved the prophetess to the center of the mattress and continued to face fuck her while young David got between her knees and slid his dick right into her wet snatch. As David entered the prophetess, she gasped with pleasure. But her pleasure was short-lived as Felton and Dale began to distract her by torturing both her tender, swollen breasts, preventing her from concentrating on the dick inside her. They pinched and bit her nipples, while both continued to jack their hard dicks. It was something to watch as they tortured the woman David was breeding and her husband stood helpless by, sobbing his heart out. William and Randy now had their cocks out, beating their meat while watching the sexy scene unfold. Randy had invited young Charlie to join the fun and he was now on his knees sucking William off as Eamon slowly stroked his monster black cock and watched the festivities. The prophetess was screaming at Dale and Felton to stop hurting her which was preventing her from even getting close to an orgasm. William, Arnold, Dale, Eamon, Randy were all shouting encouragements at David as he continued to pump his fat cock into the woman while Felton and Dale continued to fuck her mouth and torture her titties. Eamon took off all his clothes, revealing his big black cock and knelt on the mattress as he began to lick David’s tight pink manhole.” “Get that dimwit nigger away from there!” the prophet began to shout. “He ougn’t be that close to a white pussy! I ain’t having it!” “What the fuck do you think you’re going to do about it?” the warden asked as he went back to licking the boy’s pink, wet, twitching hole. “That dimwit happens to be the warden of the state’s largest prison and has a seat on the governor’s anticorruption task force” William said. “He also has the ear of the governor and is one of the most powerful men in the state, black or white!” The prophet was stunned to hear those words and continued to sob as he watched his wife being bred and tortured. He knew now he had been duped and outwitted. Eamon stopped licking the boy just long enough to whisper something to David, just loudly enough so that Dale and Felton could also hear. In one move, David withdrew his penis from Miriam and they all flipped her onto her back, bringing her knees over her head and exposing her snatch as David reentered her with his hard cock and Dale and Felton resumed face fucking her and torturing her to the point where she could not achieve any pleasure from the fuck she had been begging for. David was plowing his cock into her as if he were doing a push up, all of his weight on his hands and his toes, deep stroking his penis into the wet snatch and totally exposing her winking brown asshole to everyone. Dale and Felton continued to torture her nipples and both were now using one hand to jack their cocks right in front of the protesting prophetess’ face. Charlie was on his knees now sucking both Randy and William in an alternating manner while beating his young teen cock and Eamon was kneeling beside young David, teasing his hole with his long, brown finger. The prophet had a very obvious hardon but was on his knees sobbing and begging them to stop all of it. Dale and Felton shot their loads first their cream exploding onto the cheeks, chin and head of the prophetess. The two men stopped torturing the titties of the prophetess long enough to exchange a slow, wet kiss as they shot their loads onto the face of the woman being roughly fucked. Seeing that seemed to trigger young David as he began to groan and shout that he was close and he began to pump his beautiful rounded butt even harder. Randy, William and Charlie all moved around to the head of the prophetess and all came with close proximity, shooting their loads on her face, adding to the loads left by Felton and Dale. Young David had deposited yet another load of his cream into the fertile bitch and the warden helped him roll off her as he moved behind her and without warning, shoved his huge black cock all the way into the woman’s previously virgin butthole. She screamed louder than any of the previous shouts they had heard as the thick, long cock entered her and continued to wail even as she was split apart at her very middle. The prophet screamed when he realized what had happened and jumped on the back of the warden, pounding him and trying to pull him off of his wife. But none of that had any effect at all on the tall, strong warden who continued to pound his thick meat in and out of the wailing woman. Randy and William pulled the prophet off the warden and forced him to his knees, his face only inches from his wife’s now bleeding bottom. He was forced to watch his worst nightmare come true � his beautiful wife, who was to have given him an heir, being violently buttfucked by a big black cock after begging the handsome young deputy he had trusted to fuck her and put a baby inside her. Things couldn’t possibly get worse for the prophet. Or could they?

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