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Three Lesbian ladies just for meMy girlfriend Laura knew I was home alone that week end; so she called me on Saturday late afternoon, saying she had a nice surprise for me…I have always loved surprises; so, in less than an hour I showed up at her place. Laura opened the door and gave me a hug and she kissed me.I felt her hand slide down my back and up under my dress. She felt the soft cotton panties I was wearing. Laura smiled and said bad girls do not need cotton panties. Then she pulled them down to my ankles. Then she ran her hand up the inside of my thighs and I felt her long fingers entering my pussy lips…She inserted her thumb deep into my asshole and she rubbed her other fingers up and down my slit a few times. I moaned under her rough treatment on my clit and the stimulation to my asshole…Then before I realized, Laura slapped my buttock several times.As she ran again her fingers back through my slit, she noticed that I was even wetter than before. Then Laura ordered me to strip off my dress. I had been naked in front of her several times; but this looked something different. Laura let me there naked and went to her bedroom for a moment.She came back and handed me some outfit she wanted me to wear. Then my girlfriend explained me tonight we were going to hang out with some of her friends; so I would wear those clothes…I looked the miniskirt Laura had given to me and slide it up my legs. It was barely long enough to cover anything. The shirt barely covered my boobs. Suddenly my girlfriend gave me a hug and soft kiss on my red lips. I confessed to her I was startled scared and excited at the same time.Laura held my hand and we walked out to her car. As she drove, she kept one of her hands rubbing my bare mound very softly. Before long Laura pulled up in front of a nice illuminated house. We walked to the front door holding hands. The main door bahis firmaları was open so we entered the living room and my girlfriend introduced a couple ladies who were waiting for us. They were Barbara and Jenna. They had been old friends with Laura. And they were dressed in tight similar outfits, with short hair styles. Both girls looked to be lesbian…Barb handed me a drink. Jenna kissed Laura deeply. We sat down on a huge couch to chat. Soon the alcohol had given me a buzz and I was not really paying too much attention to the chatting. Then Laura walked up behind me and started kissing me on the back of the neck. She pulled my body against hers and then I felt a strange bulge down her skirt.I imagined she was wearing a strap-on under her outfit. Then I looked at the other girls and noticed they both had bulges under their tight skirts…Laura ran her hands up my body and gently squeezed my boobs, as she pushed her latex cock against my buttocks. I moaned and turned my head so Laura kissed my mouth. I felt really turned on at the moment. Laura asked me if I was fine.Between moans I nodded a yes. Then she ripped off my shirt and pulled down my skirt to my ankles. I stood fully naked in front of Laura’s girlfriends.I moaned and rubbed my ass cheeks against that huge strap-on.Jenna and Barb moved closer to get a better view. Then Laura grabbed my elbows and pulled them back, making my chest stick out farther. Both girls leaned over me and started sucking my hardened nipples. Some naughty fingers entered my wet pussy lips at the same time.All of a sudden I was picked up and pushed onto the heavy table Laura took my wrists and pulled my arms up over my head, thus stretching out my body.Jenna lowered her face into my pussy lips and ran her tongue up my wet slit. She commented that my cunt was dripping wet…The bitch sucked my clit, making me moan kaçak iddaa with pleasure. Barb asked her to let her taste me. So, Jenna stood up and both girls kissed deeply. Then both bitches took turn for licking my pussy and sucking my swollen clit. The sensation of having two tongues on my pussy pushed me over the edge and then I had my first orgasm…I thought my body was going to explode from the sensation of that intense orgasm; but suddenly I was lifted off from the table and set on my knees. Then I found they were now naked and I had three straps-on pointed at my face. Jenna took the lead and guided hers to my wet mouth. I sucked it as Barb and Laura made me touch theirs…Then they dragged me to a huge couch and I lay there on my back. Barb grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs in the air. She slid her latex dick up and down my slit a few times, as she looked me in my eyes. Then she plunged into me, burying the full length with a hard thrust. I actually made a wild grunting noise when it happened. Barb then found a rough rhythm and I pushed back into her with every thrust. Jenna removed her strap; then she lowered her wet slit on my face.I tried to concentrate on licking her pussy but Barb was fucking me so hard I was really having a hard time. With every other thrust I was grunting. Then Laura kissed Barb and asked her to be gentle with my pussy.Barb obeyed and then I could enjoy the sensation of having her inside me and still I could lick Jenna’s pussy on my face. The bitch suddenly came onto my red lips and she pulled out. Barb slid out from my stretched cunt and both girls traded positions. I was flipped over my belly and Barb shoved his latex cock deeply in my throat, making me gag. She ordered to suck my own juices.Jenna meanwhile spread my legs and she shoved her tongue over my tight rosebud. Then she started running her tongue up and down kaçak bahis my slit a few times. I moaned enjoying the wetness of her soft tongue. Barb pulled out from my mouth and Jenna put again the strap-on around her waist. She lay on her back and ordered me to straddle her and impale my wet cunt on that huge solid thing. As I was mounting Jenna, Laura kissed my neck from behind and ran her nice fingernails up and down my boobs, pinching my hard nipples.Suddenly Barb laughed and I saw she had a lube bottle in her hands. She was greasing the head of her thick latex cock and then she pushed her fingers up my asshole. I felt her passing through my tight sphincter. I pushed back and moaned with pleasure; as I was riding on Jenna’s cock. Barb fingered my ass for a while and then she announced I was ready.The bitch got on her knees at my back and soon I let out a loud groan as she slid her huge thing into my anus. Barb did not even move; she just let me to set the pace; but finally she started to fuck my ass at her own rhythm. Soon I had another intense orgasm. Both girls kept pumping away in me. It was not long before I had a third orgasm and then Barb pulled out from my ass. Jenna made me dismount her toy.I was exhausted; but Laura smiled at me and ordered me to fuck her. I was on my knees in front of her. I grabbed her waist and made his cock shove deeply in my wet cunt. Then I started grinding my pussy back and forth on her cock. I was pounding myself on Laura’s cock so hard that she was even grunting with me. Finally we came together. I collapsed on Laura’s chest breathing hard and felt my sexy girlfriend was also tired…She kissed me softly; telling me I was the hottest married bitch she and her friends had ever fucked.Her girlfriends were done with me; both of them had experienced some wild orgasms as they fucked me with their sex toys.Laura just put a rain coat over my naked body and she helped me to enter in her car. As we got her place, we shared a relaxing warm shower and we kissed each other passionately.She only asked me when my husband was leaving town again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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