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Subject: The Wrong Side of Love- Chapter One “The Drunken Mistake” The Wrong side of Love – A Drunken Mistake? – Disclaimer: the following chapter(s) will include graphic sexual scenes which include intercourse between two consenting over 16 adult men. If it is illegal to view these materials in your country or underage, proceed with caution. I’ve always loved my brother. He was 16 months older than me and had always been protective of me when I was young and naive and full of unearned bravado. He had been in the year above me at Trinity Secondary School and once punched a guy who called me a faggot and got a one-week suspension for it. My brother was my hero. I started working out massively at the age of 14- I had come out as gay, and some people took it upon themselves to taunt me for this fact. Peasants. One day they would fucking work for me. By 15, I had developed nicely with thick arms and a pretty impressive chest for my age. By the time I l came into my final year of secondary school at 18 – I had a fantastic sculpted body with pretty impressive arms and thighs that a rugby player would be envy off. I also discovered my love of cock at age 16. I knew I was gay from early on, but sex was not really on my agenda until I met at an older guy at the gym and we spent many a night working out in the gym, then working out between the sheets. He ditched me for an older guy several months later, but I discovered my lust for oral sex during those months- specifically giving it. I craved it sometimes. There was nothing more satisfying for me than making a guy come undone with just my mouth and sometimes my hands. It made me rockhard without even touching myself! Like I was saying earlier- my brother was my hero. He was born 16 months before me and had always been more laddish then me. He spent the nights getting wasted and pulling girls whilst I spent the nights working out or working on my brain. I was due to go to Cambridge University- I just hoped I got the grades I needed. I would find out next month! My brother was Michael Anderson- he was about 4 feet taller than me. He worked out-but not as much as me- and had a pretty defined body. Unlike me- he always skipped leg day, so he’s thighs were not as impressive. Michael looked similar to me- except the eyes- “he had his father’s eyes”- and his hair was a darker brown to mine. Michael was always playing sports- football, rugby even fucking cricket whereas I preferred working out in the gym- nothing beat the feeling of fulfilment after a 2-hour session working out. Well, except maybe double penetration but that’s a whole different story! I loved my brother, and he’d always had my back- and me his. And there was no suggestion that our feelings run any more profound than that of a sibling. Until the night I got my Uni grades, and my life changed forever. —— I got the grades I wanted and then some. Passed with flying colours. This dude will be going to Cambridge fucking University. My parents were chuffed- Michael was thrilled. “First Anderson to go to Uni baby!” he roared “Well done bro I’m fucking proud of ya!” There was only one way to celebrate this success. A massive fucking piss-up. The party was roaring. People were everywhere in my large house. Bodies were scattered around- men were making out with women, women were making out with woman and dudes were making out with dudes. It was a massive bloody success, and all thanks to me and my amazing brains. I was drunk but not pissed. I hated getting into the state where I can’t remember much the next day, so I usually drank a glass of water in between drinks. Michael was drunk and was snogging some big-breasted, attractive woman I didn’t know on the sofa. I took a shot with my best friend, Greg. “Mate can’t believe we’re not gonna be going to see each other every day. Manchester is a long way from Brighton- I’m gonna miss that fucking ugly mug of yours” he spoke sadly “You will deffo have to come to visit me in Manchester- the gay scene is wild, and you can pull a hunk Scouse guy”. I laughed. “Dude scousers are Liverpudlians you mug”, and he looked like I was speaking a different language to him. “I’m gonna miss you two mate- it will definitely be weird not seeing your bright blonde hair in the corridors at school”. Greg pulled me in for a hug. “One last piss-up the night before you leave though mate?” “Mate I’m not going for 3 months yet- we’ve got a lot of days drinking to do before we set sails for out different paths, but I definitely think we will cross paths again one day again mate- I’m too fucking amazing to forget” I commented trying to lighten things up. “Dude you’ve literally had a cock up your bum, and that is probably the gayest thing you’ve ever said or done” he mocked “I’m so glad that a heterosexual as myself doesn’t have things as mundane as feelings”. “Greg- I’ve seen you dance. Are you sure you’re a heterosexual?” I laughed Greg just grinned at me. “Mate If I was a bender we’d be the fucking hottest gay couple in all of the world”. He paused for a moment “Actually probably 2nd after Ricky Martin and his husband”. I laughed hard at that. Trust Greg! The party wrapped up, and Greg left with his girlfriend, Michelle, at about 12.30am. Michael found me cleaning up, and he was not wearing a shirt. “Can you believe I was this close to getting my willy wet, and then she pulled away and said God is watching I can’t do this” şişli travesti he fumed “Fucking hell?” I laughed at that. Michael picked up a bottle of sourz and poured a glass each. “Fuck the tidying up, we will do it in the morning bro. Folks are not back until tomorrow afternoon so what they don’t know won’t kill them”. I shrugged at that and downed the glass of Apple sourz that Michael had poured for me. He poured another shot- this time a Fireball. It burned as it hit my throat. “Man I’m so proud of you. Your gonna kill it studying fitness and sports science at Uni” Michael spoke. “Thanks, Mike” I grinned. We ended up falling down on the large leather sofa. Michael had pulled a cigarette from his trouser pocket and lit it up. “I’m still stunned brother- I nearly got it on with the hottest girl of the party, and she decided that God was better than me. And there was me thinking I was a God”. I looked at Michael’s chest, which was covered with thin hair. His nipples were large, and his body was sweating from all the dancing. I felt a slight twinge in my cock and knew that if there was a hell, I’d be on a one-way ticket there because checking out my brother? Yep- Satan would have a field day with me! “God of the pork pies maybe” I laughed, and Michael flicked a finger at me as he let took a large pull of the cigarette. Watching Michael smoke was doing things to me that I didn’t know was possible. Has it really been that much of a dry spell that I’m starting to find my own fucking brother attractive? “Mum will kill ya if she knows you been smoking in the house, mate,” I said to Michael “Like your body will literally be buried in the back garden.” He shrugged. And then I noticed it- his erection. It was tenting his jeans. I’d only seen Michael naked about three times- usually after a shower- and he had a great tool. It was probably longer than mine, but I think mine was thicker. I’d never seen it erect though, and it was calling for me. Tempting me. Fuck me I’m so going to a different type of Hell for these thoughts. Michael saw me looking and laughed. “Dude it’s a boner- won’t fucking go down. Swear to god some cunt put some Viagara in my booze.” “Sounds like a Harry thing to do” I concluded. Harry was Michael’s best friend- the captain of the football team and all-round grade-A hunk. And he fucks like a rampant rabbit- I’d had many a secret sex session with Michaels best friend. Harry was a closeted bisexual, and I had no idea until I spoke to him on Grindr- that was one Hell of a meeting! “The Legend”. “Shut up, it’s not funny” Michael groaned “It fucking hurts.” I don’t know what it was. Most of the been the booze because completely sober me would never even contemplate doing something like this. I leaned over and wrapped a fist around the covered cock. “Dude, what the fuck?” Michael spoke, but he didn’t move. He just stared at me. “Michael remember that time you knocked Lee the fuck out for taunting me? You were my hero. I worshipped you” I rambled on, and the drunken monologue that followed would surely haunt me for the rest of my life- “You’ve always been there for me when I’ve needed you- so let me be there for you when you need me.” “I appreciate the hero-worshipping, but that doesn’t explain to me why your hand is on my cock brother” he spoke with a firm tone in his voice. I stopped holding onto his stiff cock and undone the button on his jeans. His breathing got louder. “You can tell me to stop, and I will” I replied, “I think your cock needs some TLC, and I’ve got a pretty amazing grip.” “Dude your my brother this is so fucking wrong” Michael replied “So fucking wrong and illogical and fuck dude your my younger brother”. I stopped and got off the sofa and went to walk away. “You’re so right Mike I feel like a fucking idiot. Blame the vodka it’s obviously affected my brain- don’t hate me for this stupid mistake”. Michael put his head in his hands and spoke through the hands. “I didn’t say fucking stop”. “You’re right though Michael- we are brothers and this is wrong” I walked away and climbed up the stairs to my bed. 20 minutes later, I lay in my bed and couldn’t sleep. I heard Michael going up to his room about 10 minutes ago. I was browsing a website on my phone when my phone beeped with a text from Michael. “I need u bro” was it all it said. And fuck. I walked out of my room and walked the few minutes to Michaels larger room. He was sat underneath the covers with only a little light from his lamp hitting him. His double bed was in the middle of the room facing the television on the wall. It was playing porn which had two women playing with each other. “Not a cock in sight” I joked “No wonder you need help bro”. He didn’t speak. Just tap the space next to him on the bed. I got under the covers with him, and we both lay down. We’d slept like this before- we used to share a bed until Michael was 11 and demanded his own room- so the parents converted one of the bathrooms into a bedroom. No-one spoke. Michael was naked except his boxer shorts around his ankle, and his cock was laying heavy on his stomach. I reached over and grabbed his cock. It was beautiful- about 7 inches with brilliant low hanging balls like mine. I didn’t want to do anything too irate to scare Michael off, so all I did was wank his big dick. His breathing got heavy, and he looked at me in the eyes. We kissed. I was being tongued my brother beylikdüzü travesti as I wanked on his juicy, fat cock. This was either a very erotic dream, or we were both on a one way trip to Hell. The kissing got more extreme. He was a fucking brilliant kisser. I carried on wanking his cock- it filling my hand perfectly- and with my other hand, I played with his balls. His breathing got heavier as we carried on kissing. His tongue never left my mouth as I pleasured his dick. He bit down on my lip and groaned as his seed spilt in my hand and on his stomach. He leaned back on the bed as he carried on cumming- there was a lot of spunk here. I carried on playing with both his cock and balls until he finished cumming. I licked away the cum from my hands and fingers. Michael saw me and groaned. “Thanks, bro I needed that”. He quickly passed out into a deep sleep- so I covered him up with his quilt before exiting the room. The next morning- it wasn’t mentioned. And it wasn’t said for another 2 weeks until I accidentally walked in on him jacking off in the hot tub. —— I had about 2 months to go before I moved to Brighton University. My parents had put some money away, and I had taken a part-time job at the local gym to put together some money away for my halls. I would spend the first year sharing a dorm with 3 other lads and the 2nd year I would get my own flat in Brighton- depending on circumstances. My mother had hinted she wanted me to settle down- “you might find Mr right” she stated one night as she sat with me in the conservatory. Honestly, I wasn’t looking to settle down- I loved cock too much right now to think about settling for one for the rest of my life. Ask me again in 10 years, and my opinion might have changed! I hadn’t seen Michael around for the last two weeks- I felt like he avoided me. And honestly- I understood. Our situation’s drunkenness got the better of us, and we fucked up by crossing the lines between what is acceptable. Jerking off my older brother is 100% crossing the line.. and then some. One evening I was feeling so particularly bored, and Greg had let me down. “My girl wants to spend the night in front of the telly mate- can’t get away”. Meaning he was getting laid and I wasn’t–lucky him and unlucky me, hey. I decided to watch a DVD in the hot tub. My mum had recently been “gifted” one from her boss, who was fucking creepy. He deffo wanted in my mum’s pants which were beyond the realms of questionable thinking. It made me nauseous to even think about. I grabbed the remote control for the telly and into the back garden. It was a lovely summer’s day, so I whipped off my t-shirt and walked further down into the garden into the “summer house” where the hot tub lived. We might sound fucking ‘upper class’, but we are most definitely not. Just lucky. The house was bought- but everything else in the place is mostly presents or jobs. The summer house was built- for free- by my father’s best friend who wanted something to do now he was retired. It was quite oversized and fitted in the garden nicely. I opened the door to the summer house; frozen to the spot with the sight in front of me. My brother Michael laying back in the hot tub- beating his poor dick like it had insulted him. The noise caught Michael off guard, and he jumped. Then he groaned. “Fucks sake” he stated before trying- and failing- to cover his modesty with some of the bubbles. “Sorry mate- I had no idea you where in here- was just gonna watch a bit of telly and chill”. He rolled his eyes at me. “Dude- it’s fine- honestly- just thought for a minute it was fucking dad”. He laughed. I noticed his erection had receded- in fact- it seemed to be getting even more substantially bigger. I couldn’t take my eyes away from his cock, and Michael caught me staring. “This is fucking insane” he spoke, “A guy can’t even have a decent wank without getting cold”. Then I blurted it out. “I’ll suck it for ya”. What? “What?” he asked me as I asked the same question in my head. What in the Hell was I thinking? Sometimes you don’t say out loud what you are thinking. “Cory, are you kidding me with that?” he asked. “Of course!” I mock laughed, and he looked like he wanted to either punch me or murder me. Or hit me then murder me- or even murder me then hit to make sure I was actually dead. I went to walk out of the summer house, I really was. Then Michael let out a groan that went straight to my cock and all rational thinking went out of the window. Instead of leaving the summer house, I turned the key around and locked it up so no-one could get in. No words were spoken for a while. I dropped my tracksuit bottoms on the floor and joined Michael in the hot tub. He didn’t acknowledge me initially- just sat there sighing and looking like he was planning my funeral. “This is so fucking bizarre” Michael stated “You’ve just offered to me suck me off. Me? Your fucking older brother- I should be protecting you from arseholes like myself and yet- Now I can’t stop thinking about your lips on my cock. And if I was gay or curious, I would somewhat understand, but I don’t fancy fucking men and the one man who has done things for me just happens to be the one more I know I can’t have”. He stopped speaking but then continued “What is happening between us is so fucking confused, utterly fucking crazy and yet my cock clearly wants something to happen between us because this istanbul travesti has got fucking bigger since your ugly arse stepped it”s foot inside the hot tub,” he said frustratingly pointing at his dick. “Our little secret” I whispered to Michael. I leaned down and bit down on nipple- inciting a loud fucking noise from the dude. Then I grabbed his dick. “I’m gonna suck this cock now” was all I could say as he looked me with a look that went straight to my own dick. Want. He moved around a bit in the hob tub and sat on the stairs, so it was easier for me to gain access to his fucktool. He groaned with absolute delight as my mouth wrapped around his cock. “Jesus” Michael groaned I took the whole length of his tool down my throat. Michael wasn’t the most giant dick I’d had in my mouth- I’ve sucked a lot of dude dicks- but it fit perfectly in my mouth. I pulled away from his cock and looked up Michael. “Fuck my mouth bro,” I said as I returned the big cock back in my mouth. He leaned back and then thrust into my mouth- and I took every inch of it without choking. I never choked when sucking dick- maybe I had an insane gag reflex, but Michael was going to town on my throat. I began sweating, and Micheal was sweating profusely. The steam of the hot tub more this illicit encounter all the more erotic and steamy. He carried on fucking my throat for a few minutes until I decided to up the ante. “Sit on the side of the tub bro- I’m gonna suck your dick then swallow it all up.” “You’re killing me, Cory” he groaned. Mike sat on the edge of the pool, leaning over to grab his bag from the side. He pulled out a cigarette and sparked it up. I realised that seeing him spark up the cigarette had caused my own dick to jolt with pleasure. I had a smoking fetish, I guess. Or just a Michael smoking fetish! I took Michael’s cock in my hand, licked around the tip of the head. It was wet with water, and I guess that made the sensation all the better for Michael because he was moaning so loud. This was dangerous. The parents were fucking indoors for christ sake. Their naughty kids doing unbrotherly things to each other. I carried on teasing Michael’s cock- it was long and thick and trimmed. “Suck it” he demanded, “Suck my dick and let me cum in your gob bro.” The dirty talk went straight to my cock. I sucked, and I licked the tip of his bulbous cockhead teasing it as I was sucking on a lollipop. Then without warning, I put the whole of his penis into my mouth. His cock in my mouth just felt so right- what we were doing was not right, and indeed I will be judged by the higher-ups- but right now, at this moment, everything felt it was meant to be here. It felt like I was told to be here sucking on my brother’s johnson. His groans grew louder as I used to my hand to jack his cock at the same as I sucked. From the noises, I knew it wouldn’t last long. Michael had dogged his cigarette out in the ashtray and was gripping onto the side of the hot tub as I carried on working his dick with my hand and my mouth. I looked up at him, and he looked so fucking wrecked and gorgeous like that. I was making my big brother look like that. It like like a fucking win even though it was so fucking bizarre and clear as day wrong. His cock continued to fill my mouth with its hardness; his balls hitting me in the chin as I sucked like I hadn’t sucked before. I’ve sucked a lot of dick in my time- I was a bit of a cock slut, to be honest- but nothing felt like this. His hardness penetrated my mouth and Michael had seized holding onto the tub; he pushed on my head and made me take his cock further down my throat. My own cock was stiff in my boxer shorts. I would deal with that later- right now was about Michael. “Shit man I’m about to bust” he warned, but the warning didn’t phase me- it only encouraged me to suck harder on his member. His hands pushed down onto my head, and it wasn’t long before the taste of salty, warm cum was filling my mouth, and the sounds of Michaels orgasm echoed through the summer house. I swallowed the lot, licking up his spunk was my honour. Michael fell back down into the hot tub. He was sweating and red hot and looked completely and utterly spent. I wiped away my mouth and moved closer to Michael. I picked his deflating cock up and licked away the last remaining excess of cum, causing him to whine. “That was.. something” Michael spoke, and it was uttered and breathless. “Yea” was all the English I could muster up. “This thing..” Michael commented “It can’t happen again. I won’t let it happen again- it’s just so damn bizarre and crazy, and we are risking our fucking family here” Michael stood up and found his boxers which were scattered on the floor. He put them on, and I got a look at his perky bottom. “It won’t happen again” I agreed, and Michael nodded. He unlocked the summer house before putting on his trousers and exiting. “It won’t happen again” I repeated to myself. Of course, we both knew this was a lie. ———- Next time: Cory moves to Brighton to begin University but not before a final encounter with his brother. Sneak peek: Michael was speechless. The site in front of him was utterly bizarre and spellbinding, and he couldn’t take his eyes away. His brother was fingering himself. He felt like a pervert. He needed to leave- this was gross misconduct of trust, yet Michael felt rooted to spot. Cory was fucking his bum with his fingers on the bedroom floor. Cory then said some words that went straight to Michael’s cock, and he knew it was game over. Their promise not to do anything else was about to trashed and thrown into the rubbish bin. “Oh, Mike, fuck me, brother”. Michael was fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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