The Three of Us Ep. 02

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Adriana Chechik

Fake… Fantasy… Fiction… Anal/Incest Shenanigans… Big Titties… A Hot Irish Bitch… A Happy Husband… And One Horny-Ass Old Dude… Read On And Rock On, Bitches

“Where’s George?”

“He’s in his office, interviewing a new bartender.”

Mom sticks her head into the hallway behind the bar and hears loud, dirty, and kinky noises blasting from George’s office down the hall. She snickers.

“Sounds like it’s going well.”

Mom and Becky laugh.

Kelly’s Kove is packed tonight… as usual. NBA and NHL on TV. Liquor and wings flowing freely. Betting on the pool games being played. Darts and arcade games too. Peeps making out… and more… in the booths, the hallways, and the bathrooms. Another fun night at the bar.

Becky and mom are working the bar. They’re the most popular bartenders, so they get the biggest tips… and you’ll soon see why. Ha.

“SHOW YOUR TITS! SHOW YOUR TITS! SHOW YOUR TITS!” Some of the horny patrons really wanna see mom’s titties… again. Can’t blame ’em. Ha.

Mom loves her horny fans. She smiles…. And pulls her titties out of her white and pink sports bra. Letting them hang over the top. Shaking them around wild and funky for all to enjoy. That gets a huge cheer from the crowd. Becky applauds her, and pumps her fist in the air as she cheers mom on.

Mom’s bouncing up and down and dancing real-sexy, swinging those all natty 34FFs around, WOWING the horned-up bar patrons with her tits’ truly-awesome, mind-boggling perfection.

Becky walks up behind mom, smirking wickedly at the crazed crowd, as a bunch of half-drunk patrons walk up to the bar to get a closer look. She stands behind her and reaches around, playing with mom’s massive titties. Squeezing and shaking them wildly, much to the immense-delight of everyone watching.

Mom’s smiling wide. So happy. She and Becky kiss as Becky keeps on playing with those massive melons. Tweaking the hard nipples and slapping her tits, then shaking and bouncing them in her hands some more.

Some horny as fuck fans spray mom’s heatedly-heaving titties with beer, chanting, “KELLY! KELLY! KELLY!” and, “WE LOVE THOSE TITTIES! WE LOVE THOSE TITTIES! WE LOVE THOSE TITTIES!” while they drench mom’s awesome boobs, and Becky’s hands, with beer.

Mom and Becky feverishly swap spit. Kissing so naughty and horny. Their mouths fucking mightily. Moaning extra-loud for their fans, even though the fans raucous cheering and chanting for them makes it near-impossible to hear them.

Money starts flying towards mom and Becky. It’s raining bills. It’s pouring. The money rests on them and the floor. Becky and mom keep on making out. Becky keeps on slapping, squeezing and shaking mom’s enormous jugs. Everyone’s happy, horny, cheering, chanting, making-out. Beers and shots being held up in excited-salute to my wife and mom. Kelly’s Kove is rockin’ hard. And, it’s fucking awesome!

I walk in the front door and am immediately greeted by the extremely-loud howls of joy from the sex-crazed crowd at the bar. I walk over and grin. Laughing at mom and Becky whipping the crowd into a liquor/big titty-make-out session-crazed frenzy.

Becky sees me and winks. Blowing me a big kiss too. Mom’s sees me too. She also blows me a big, sexy kiss. And, she also waves me over. Hey… who am I to say no to Kıbrıs Escort mom? Ha.

The crowd starts chanting, “JAMES! JAMES! JAMES!” As soon as I walk behind the bar. Mom, Becky and I have a really-cool three-way kiss for them… and us.

My left hand’s squeezing Becky’s skin-tight, black leather pants clad booty while my right one is squeezing mom’s white and pink yoga pants clad one. The crowd chants, cheers, and keeps spraying us with beer… and money. Fucking loving it all.

Mom, Becky, and I laugh as we swap spit and tongue fuck our freaky brains out. Money and beer thrown at us constantly. The beer making the bills stick to us.

Becky hits her knees, and has my dick down her throat in no time flat. Another huge cheer from the crowd for that.

Mom and I keep making out while the crazy bar patrons keep on smothering us with money and all manor of beer. Even some tequila too. The place is on fire. Heated chants and cheers blaring. Peeps making out all around the bar. Awesome atmosphere. Fucking awesome.

Becky’s furiously bobbing away on my tattooed… shiny gold stars all over my cock and balls… monster. Her long, bright red/orange hair flying all around as she sucks me deep and loud. Even though the crazed, mostly-drunk now crowd is just about drowning out my gorgeous Irish wife’s loud, and extra-slutty sucking noises.

Becky’s spit is hanging from my dick down to the floor. She keeps on bobbing and slurping away. Messy, loud, naughty, and nasty. Fucking perfect!

Mom yanks her yoga pants down and moons her adoring fans. One more huge, horny chant and cheer breaks out from the insanely-raucous crowd around the bar. Her beautiful booty immediately gets doused with tons of beer… and about four hundred dollars or so of spare cash as well.

Mom jiggles her blonde bombshell milf ass for the crowd as we feverishly swap spit. My hand gripping and shaking that bouncing, soaked with beer booty as Becky brings me closer and closer to lift off.

Right as Becky pulls my mighty dong from her mouth and smiles with it resting on her perfect face, I start cumming. It erupts out all over her face and bright beautiful hair. She lets the crowd enjoy the messy orgasm. Pumping my dick and smirking wickedly at them as she wears my sperm mask. Her face almost totally covered in thick, gooey cream.

Mom gets extra-excited so she kneels down beside Becky. Both of them getting very-loud cheers and wolf whistles.

“KELLY! KELLY! EAT THAT CUM! EAT THAT CUM!” and, “BECKY ROCKS! BECKY ROCKS!” Ring out so damn loud, you can’t even hear the games on TV above us.

Mom grabs Becky’s smiling face and mischievously laughs, then dives in and starts licking up every fucking drop of my semen from her face. Every last fucking drop! Awesome! Fuck yeah, bitches!

I, and the crowd, watch closely. All of us cheering her on. Money still flying through the air. Beer too.

Mom eats my sperm and smiles the whole way. Blowing me real sexy kisses in between hefty jizz gulps.

Mom and Becky kiss, sharing the last of my cum. Tons of kinky tongue sucking and fucking and sperm-flavored spit swapping. It’s really-heated. Horny. Nasty. Naughty. And cool as all fuck. They play it up big time for the crowd… and me. Pictures are being taken left and Lefkoşa Escort right, and all over. Cheers and chants blaring. Beer flying.

George and Carmen… the new chick… walk out of his office, right into the wild, funky, and very-loud freak-fest, surprised, but joining in on the cheering and chanting pretty fucking quick.

Becky starts sucking my dick dry while mom works on my balls. All of those gold stars inked all over my dick and nuts getting their very own special attention from my two naughty loves. I just gotta grin. Hell, even Carmen joins in. She bends over beside Becky. The huge titty chocolate beauty gets passed my dick by Becky, then she slurps and sucks it real nasty and loud. This gorgeous mixed chick definitely has a bright future here.

Finally, after another fifteen minutes or so, the bar quiets down. Mom and Becky go to the back and clean up while Carmen takes over tending bar.

George stays out front to help her through her first shift while I head to the back to join Becky and mom.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks, Ann.”

Ann is another bartender. She brings mom and Becky’s tips back to them. The money is all wet from beer. But, it’s still good. And, there’s a lot of it. A whole lot. Ha. I count it.

“That was fun.” Becky wipes her long, bright hair down.

“Oh yeah. We definitely need to do that again. Real soon too. Hahaha.”

Mom blows me a kiss while she wipes herself off with a wet towel. Smelling her boobs, then licking them. “That’s a lot of beer. Hehe.”

“Definitely. I’ve got some tequila in my hair.” Becky’s sexy Irish accent makes my dick dance in my pants while I count the tips.

“That reminds me, I want a margarita. How about you, Becky?”

“Sure. Babe, you want one?”

“Ummm… Nah. I’m more of a beer and whiskey guy. But… twenty two hundred and fifty seven bucks for you two.” I smirk as I show them the tip money.

Mom’s eyes light up. Becky’s too. Mom walks over to me, and kisses me. “Oh yeah! That was definitely a fun time. Hahaha.” Mom’s very-happily smiling at all that cash.

Becky kisses me too. “Oh yeah. Well worth the tequila shampoo.” We all laugh.

“Great job, ladies. You too, James. A little messy, but still, a great job.” George walks into the break room, smoking a cigar.

Becky and I flop down on the red velvet couch.

Mom gets a change of clothes from her locker. Her workout gear is totally soaked with beer.

“Thanks, George. I see you hired the new girl. Is she the one you fucked the other night… with your new cock ring?” Mom smirks as she puts her dry clothes on.

“Oh, no. That was Trisha. She loved it, by the way. My dick got so hard… and stayed that way… all night long. She couldn’t get enough of me. Ahh, can’t blame her.” George laughs. He’s a trip. “I’ve got it on now… see?” George unzips his pants and pulls out his half-hard, but still thick and hefty, mature cock. Dude’s totally shaved down there. No ball hair to be found.

George shows off his junk to us. Very proud of it… and I guess the cock ring too.

Mom looks it over. She lifts his dick and checks under it. Giving it a thorough inspection.

“That’s one nice cock, George. Very nice. Cute cock ring too.” Mom winks at George. She joins Becky and Girne Escort I on the couch.

“Can I get a strawberry margarita, George?” Mom gives ol’ George a very-sexy grin. She definitely knows how to get what she wants.

“Sure thing, doll. How about you guys?”

“I’ll take a margarita. Strawberry. How about you, babe?” Becky asks me. Playfully tickling my chin.

“Just a beer.”

“Sure thing. Two strawberry margaritas and a beer. I’ll have Ann bring ’em.” George walks back to the bar, smoking, his big bare dick still flopping around in front of him.

“You ok, baby?”

“Yeah, mama. I just feel a little weird.” Something hits me all of a sudden.

“Awwwwww. My baby.” Mom rubs my thigh, and softly kisses my cheek. Gently laying her blonde head on my shoulder.

“Sorry your sick, babe.” Becky kisses my other cheek. Softly rubbing her face on mine. Purring softly as well. That makes me smile. She knows it too. She nibbles on my ear, playfully grinning herself.

“Here you go, guys.” Ann brings our drinks over to us.

Ann’s a cool chick. Married. Middle aged. Big boobs. Loves to drink, party, and have naughty fun. She loves sports too.

“Thanks, Ann.”

“Thank you.”

“What’s wrong, handsome. Not feeling well?” Ann can tell I’m a little woozy.

“My baby’s not feeling good.” Mom sips her margarita.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe I can help.” Ann gives me a naughty grin, and drops to her knees, unzipping my black leather pants and pulling out my soft cock. “God, you have such a gorgeous cock, James.” Ann licks it, then kisses the tip. She loves my tattooed monster.

Ann takes a big sip of my beer, holding it in her mouth, then sticks my dick in there. Sucking me with the beer sloshing around all over my crown in her mouth. That definitely feels amazing. Cold beer sloshing around all over your cock head while a sexy milf sucks on it. Awesome. Just fucking-awesome.

Becky watches, and strokes my massive, tattooed cock while Ann sucks it.

Mom softly kisses my neck and nuzzles it, in between margarita sips. My smile getting happier by the freaking second.

Ann let’s my fat veiny rod slip from her mouth. She spits all over it, then she puts it in between her big natural knockers. Ann’s got DD beauties. A milf with great cans and a love for putting big dicks in between them. My kinda woman for sure. Ha.

Ann starts pumping my tattooed pole with her big soft tits. Blowing me sexy kisses and licking at me as she pumps my meat quicker and quicker. It throbs non stop in between those gorgeous jugs as Becky jerks my fat, veiny base.

Mom sipping her margarita, then kissing and nibbling my neck brings me to the brink… extra-fucking-fast.

Becky pumps out my load all over Ann’s tits. Smirking away as my cum rains down all over them.

Ann shakes them and smiles. Watching my sticky seed paint her those heaving, tan globes nice and jizzy-white.

“Yum.” Ann winks at me, then she picks her boobs up and starts licking them clean. Swirling her tongue around in my seed, then lapping it up and swallowing it down. One fat glob after the other. She’s really good at seed gobbling. Ann has me feeling better already.

I’m grinning. And, kissing Becky as Ann sucks on my crown, and sucks me dry as Becky pumps it all out. Mom joins Ann. They pass my dick back and forth between them, sucking me so damn good. What an evening.

Tune in next time. What will my loves be up to then? And… will George use that cock ring on anyone else? And who might it be? Check in and find out. Peace.

By: DickThePimp

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