The Start of Stacey’s Sexy Adventures

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Hi my name is Stacey, I’m 5’6″, medium length blond hair, 36c breast. I’ve always been considered the prettiest girl in school, always having the boys in my school after me. I get my looks from my mom, she is a d cup, medium long brown hair with a sort of red tint.

I always been kind of a nympho, but when I turned 18 and could buy porno’s and stuff, I did. I never worried about getting caught until one day last week.

I came home from school one day and both my parents cars where outside but they weren’t around, then when I went upstairs my door was open. When I left in the mourning I was sure I shut it. I went in side and I found my parents in my room with all my dildos, porn mags and tapes lying on my bed. There was also a tape playing on the TV and a bunch of my sexy under wear (they didn’t know I had) lying on my bed. I knew I was in for it. I immediately started apologizing and my told me to shut up. He started giving me a lecture asking me if I was some kind of hoar. Then he asked me if I used the stuff for masturbation, well dad. Then he wanted to know why I hid bahis firmaları the underwear. I told him I figured he would get mad, then asked him if he was. He said your damn right I’m mad, he then asked why I had the stuff. I told him I thought it was sexy. Then he said if it’s so sexy go put some of it on. I protested, but he threw a garter a sexy black thong and a bra that had little hole in the front so my nipples can stick out.

I went to the bathroom to change when my dad hollered put the panties on over the garter. When I walk out I was so embarrassed, then my dad said to my mom, look at our little slut dear. He then told me to go over to him, he then pulled me over his lap and pulled my panties down. He said I knew we should have disciplined you more as a kid then started spanking me. The first five hit really hurt, but then it kind started to get me hot. He spanked me fifteen more times and my ass was really sore.

Then my mom said look dear the little slut got hot over getting her ass slapped. She could see my pussy was wet. Then she grabbed a vibrator from my kaçak iddaa bed and got it lubed up and shoved it up my ass. I screamed, then she started removing her close and under her skirt she had a strap-on on. My dad then pushed me on the bed, and removed his clothes. His 9″ cock was at attention. He sat on the bed and pulled me to him and said, you wanna be a slut we’ll treat you like one. And with that he pushed my head down to his cock, and said suck it. I was kind of scared, I didn’t want to do this but I was afraid not to. When I started sucking my mom moved up behind me and with no warning she plunged her rubber cock in. I had all three holes filled and kinda liked it. It wasn’t long before my deep throating sent my dad over the edge, he blew strings and strings of cum down my throat. Right after he calmed down I had the best orgasm of my life.

Once I calmed down I guess I had a pleased look on my face and my dad got pissed calling me a hoar and yelling at me for liking it. He got up and switched places with my mom, she told me to clean her dick off. My dad started licking kaçak bahis my pussy while I licked my mom’s fake dick. Once I had the dildo cleaned off my mom removed it and made me eat her pussy. By now my dads cock is starting to get hard again. He starts fucking me while I’m working on my mom’s clit, I was sucking on it and licking around it. Not before to long my mom lost it, and flooded my mouth with her great juices. After I got done cleaning my mom up it wasn’t too much longer before I had a orgasm. About the same time my dad shot his load mixing our juices together. After we calmed down my mom started cleaning my pussy with her tongue. My dad put his soft cock in my mouth for me to clean off, by the time I was done my dads cock was starting to get hard.

My mom said they could forgive me if I did one last thing. So I asked what that was and she said I had to help my dad double fuck her. So I strapped on the fake cock. My dad entered her brown eye while I got her in the pussy. After about ten minutes my dad and me switched places. It wasn’t long before my mother had a orgasm.

I cleaned my mom up. Then my dad told me to give him a shower. I sucked him off then washed his body. My mom then came in and ate me out and the we washed each other.

That was the real start of my sex life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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