The Sibling Diaries Pt. 03

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Author’s Note: Last time on The Sibling Diaries Emily and Alex had just made out, she then exposed her breasts to him. This time out things Continue with school and Emily. The plot thickens.

Character Sheet

Alex (Main Character)

Emily (Sister)

Melissa (Sisters Friend)

Brian (Alex’s Friend)

Rose (Alex’s Crush)

Mandy (Brian’s Girlfriend)

Maddison (Cheerleader)

Brad (School Bully)

Benson (Head coach)

Mrs Willaims (Teacher)

Mr Bennett (Teacher)

After that morning Emily no longer felt any shame. She’d enjoyed what had happened between her and Alex last night and she was sure he’d enjoyed it too. She smiled to herself as she relived the scene inside of her head. His face was a picture for sure.

She woke up hornier now than ever, she was never this horny in the mornings. She supposed her body was craving something after last night. Emily had her online class at 9pm, which meant she had about an hour to take care of it. For a second she had reached over to grab her toy from out of her bedside drawer until she thought back to the fact that Alex didn’t do it. He was right, it only made you feel worse afterward. Instead she shut the drawer and forced herself out of bed.

Alex had got a ride with Brian. His dad figured there wouldn’t be any harm in letting them use the car to get back and forth from school. He woke up that morning feeling like a new man. Of course he couldn’t tell Brian about any of it, it was all a big secret just between him and Emily.

Brian had let on about how things were going with him and Emily. “I thought I saw you two together at the game!” Alex said.

“Yeah we’ve been hanging out a lot at my place. She told me not to tell you this but she sucked me dry last night.” He smiled.

Alex was happy they both were finally getting some action. Although his was with his sweet Sister, not some girl he met at school.

“It had all started when me and Mandy started to swap notes in detention. They started off just funny jokes but then she wrote down her number dude and boy I was so nervous to call her.”

“And now you guys are doing it?” He asked.

“Well we haven’t done it, but we’ve definitely done things.” Brian smirked. “I suppose it’s only a matter of time.”

Brian in a sense did feel jealous, yet he felt excited too, excited that some doors were opening for him and his Sister. When they arrived at school Brian met up with Mandy. Rose stood by her side clutching at her bag that had been slung across her shoulder.

“Hey.” He smiled at her.

“Hey.” She smiled back.

Together they all walked to the first class of the day. However Alex spotted Mrs Williams by her car and he excused himself from the group. They others got to class and slowly they all took their seats. Mrs Williams hadn’t arrived from the staff room yet. When Alex arrived he took this opportunity to approach Maddison. They still hadn’t spoken about what had happened between them.

“Hey, Maddison. I was –“

“Whatever you’re about to say, forget it. I’ll be over at yours today after school. You can do the assignment, and maybe if your lucky…” Maddison looked around to make sure that nobody was listening. “Maybe we will pick up where we left off.”

“That’s the thing Maddison, I think it’s best we switch partners, I just don’t think we work well together.” He said.

Brian, Mandy, Rose and a few others had all stopped what they were doing. Had he just done what they thought he’d done?

“Wait a minute, you’re dumping me?” She hissed.

“If you mean dumping as in taking you off my assignment, then yeah, I’m dumping you.”

Maddison shot a look around at all the onlookers, to which they immediately pretended not to be listening.

“You can’t dump me!?”

“I can, I spoke with Mrs Williams this Morning. She is switching us with another pair.”

Alex could feel the anger radiating off of her. In truth he wouldn’t have minded staying partners with her. He just didn’t think it would be acceptable to fool around with Maddison and his Sister at the same time. Of all things that didn’t feel right to him, that just didn’t.

Mrs Williams finally entered the room. Her sudden appearance extinguished the rage that Maddison was about to put on him. Instead she sat in her seat and folded her arms tightly.

“We have a change of groups for our assignment. For those of you who are in the Basketball team, I don’t want any distractions, in order to stay in the team you need to keep up your grades. Maddison, you will partner with Chris, and Alex you will partner with Rose.”

Brian nudged From across his desk. “What was that all about?” He seemed genuinely impressed.

Alex wasn’t aware that the switch would mean he would be Kıbrıs Escort partnering with Rose but that wasn’t all too bad either. Rose had been his High-school crush for god knows how long now.

“Looks like we’re partners.” She kicked at the leg of his chair.

“I suppose we are.” He tried to play it cool.

At the end of the class Rose caught up with him to exchange numbers, she had Science class next while he had gym class. They wouldn’t see each other for the rest of the day so she figured better to give him her number now.

When everyone left Brian hung his arm around Brian’s shoulder. “I can’t believe you dumped Maddison! Did you see the look on her face!? And now you got Roses number! You are making Moves Mr Riley.”

Alex couldn’t hide the massive grin that spread across his face. That did feel good he had to admit. Maddison needed to be taught a lesson and I think he had just taught her one. Now Rose was his partner and he couldn’t be happier. She could possible be the most naturally pretty girl he’d ever laid eyes on.

She was a little more popular than him, mainly because of her looks. Most of the time she was a quiet and timid individual like most students here.

Today she had worn tight blue jeans and a white top with small love hearts on the chest area. Her hair was a light brown that she seemed to straighten everyday. She wore little makeup, not like the other girls who caked it on. Her eyes were a deep blue which made her stand out in his eyes.

After school Alex had basketball practice. Normally his Mom picked him up afterwards but she had been working later shifts than usual so they were on their own for dinner and Emily picked him up instead.

“How was your day?” She asked as she pulled away.

“It was good actually. That girl that was in our house the other day, she won’t be around again.” He said as he buckled himself in.

“Why’s that?” She asked.

“She was too hands on, let’s just say.”

“I see.” They both giggled.

“Thought you liked that kind of thing?” She nudged at his elbow.

“Depends who with.”

They were both grinning about their little secret inside joke.

“You didn’t tell anyone today did you? Not Brian or anything?”

“Of course not. Could you imagine how that would go down?”

“Good. I was thinking that maybe we could do it in my room tonight?” Emily still felt a little nervous, but not like she had been last night.

“What do you mean by do it?”

“Not like that! Just other stuff.” She tried not to look at him, though she could feel his eyes on her.

“I think your room is fine.” He said.

Most of the drive home they talked about what it was like when she was at school. What teachers she hated etc. Who she’d dated or had a crush on. Alex told her about Rose.

“Oh is that not the girl you’ve been crushing on since like forever?” She teased him.

“I haven’t crushed on her, she pretty yes, she’s smart and sweet yes, but I’m not crushing on her.” He lied.

“Sounds like you are.”

“I am not!” He hated when she teased him like this.

“It’s alright, I’m not jealous or anything. She’s a girl that you like and I’m your Sister.”

“That’s kinda why I dumped Maddison from my Assignment. She came on to me, and after last night I couldn’t have her around anymore.”

“Oh Alex that’s so sweet. But you don’t need to do that for me. It’s not like we’re dating, we can’t date anyway you know that.”

“I know I know. If I wasn’t your Brother do you think you would date me?”

Emily knew the answer to he a hands down yes, but she couldn’t give that away. That was too much information for him to know. He was a perfect match for her. On the plus, she already knew everything about him, his flaws and imperfections. Alex was a keeper for anyone out there that was for sure.

“I’m not sure, you can be a little geeky sometimes.” She smiled at him.

“Alright okay, enough of the games.”

“I suppose I would consider you to be a potential partner, but I wouldn’t jump on you or anything. If you want my Advice, Rose is a much better match for you. She’s like you, smart and pretty, ambitions and socially exempt.”

“I suppose, I don’t really socialise do it?” He admitted.

“Maybe we can do something tonight?” He asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well maybe we can go out somewhere? There’s no food in the house so we may as well go get some.”

Emily tossed the idea around in her head. “Yeah, why not. Not like it’s a date or anything.”

Instead of heading home Emily made for the town centre. She parked at the mall and they wandered around looking for a place to eat. Finally they settled on a Mexican restaurant that had been newly built inside the mall.

“Table Magosa Escort for two for the lovely couple?” The waiter asked.

Emily had been about to correct the guy but Alex just took the menu and said yes. Although it wasn’t a date, it certainly felt like one. They were seated across from one another with a bouquet of flowers and scented candles between them.

Alex seemed to be enjoying himself. Emily noticed he had a taste for Mexican food and he ate all that was on his plate. She instead stuck to simple nachos, she wasn’t the bravest when it came to trying new things.

At the end of their dinner a mariachi band entered the restaurant. The head waiter ordered all couples to take to the feet for a ritual dance.

Alex figured “what the heck.” And took hold of Emily’s hand.

Together they stood up with the rest of the couples inside the restaurant and they danced to the music. For the first time in a long time Emily was really enjoying herself. She couldn’t believe how much fun they were having.

She had a quick peak around to see if she knew anybody there, so did Alex. They didn’t want anyone catching them acting so much like a loved up couple. They danced until the music stopped. Alex held his Sister in his hands as her waist pressed against his.

“The couples may now kiss as tradition for thanking the lady for the dance.” The head waiter called out.

Alex quickly looked around to see the other couples now sharing a kiss. He now felt nervous, like he’d put them in a sticky situation.

“It’s okay, Alex. Plant one on me.” She said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, hurry up before anyone suspects anything.”

Alex leant forward and placed his lips against his Sisters. She kissed him back and the whole restaurant clapped for them. Emily had never really had a real boyfriend, she figured that was the closest thing to what it would be like to have one.

When they got home Emily was in no mood to wait around. She took him by the hand as she led him to her room. How he’d treated her made her feel so special, like nobody had ever made her feel before. He was a special guy and she was lucky to have him as her Brother.

“You’re in a Rush.” He stated as she pulled him into her room.

“Shut up and kiss me.” Emily ordered.

Alex was more than happy to oblige. She threw her arms around his neck just liked she’d done last night. Alex enjoyed kissing her, it felt Natural no matter if she was his Sister. The forbidden feeling excited him. As they kissed his member begun to grow. He could feel it expanding underneath his pants.

She kissed him like a lady would kiss her man. Her tongue whipped out at his and soon they were curling around each other. He kissed her lips back and she started to let her hands roam. She pulled at his top and Alex got the hint.

He took a moment to pull back away from her lips so he could peel his shirt off of his head. She felt at his muscles as they continued to make out. Her hands held his arms as she started to kiss his lips more softly. Emily eventually stood back.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

Alex was always ready to see his Sisters breasts. She hooked her thumbs underneath her bra and there they were. Two beautiful round tits staring back at him. He had a better look at them now. How her nipples were perfectly round, with little pink buttons in the centre. They stuck out at him as if inviting him to come touch them.

He wondered how they’d feel in his hands and as if she’d read his mind, she beckoned him closer. Alex stepped towards his half naked Sister with wild anticipation.

“You can feel them if you want.” The thought of her brother touching her naked breasts made her wet. She could feel herself soaking her panties as she stood with her chest bare.

Alex looked up into his Sisters eyes for a nod of approval. Emily nodded her head and Alex took Emily’s left breast in his hand. He cupped it at first. It felt smooth and jelly like. He let his hand explore the inner regions where her cleavage started. He trailed his fingers between the two globes before taking both in his hands. He could feel her hardening nipples press sharply against the palms of his hands as he felt the weight of each tit.

He watched as the tissue moved around depending on where he touch her. Gaining confidence he pinched her left nipple. Her nipples were twice as thick as his. They were like little gems on top of a creamy smooth cake. He played with them in complete transfixed fascination for a while.

Emily couldn’t help but let out soft moans. His hands were really stimulating her and she felt like she needed to grind up against something. She let Alex fondle her some more. Emily’s eyes fell down to Alex’s crotch. Girne Escort His lump near the zipper told her he was completely erect and enjoying what he was doing.

“Would you show me?” She asked.

Alex let go of her tits. He tried to focus’s on what she’d asked him but his mind was travelling at a million miles an hour. He couldn’t focus.

“What?” He asked.

“Well seen as though your sitting here playing with your Sisters tits, I may as well get to see your thing again.”

“Oh I don’t know Emily. That seems a bit far, don’t you think?” This was a huge line that they were crossing.

Lines had already been crossed, yet this was a big one. He’d never shown anyone his cock before never mind while erect.

“What if you think it’s small?” He asked.

“I’m sure it’s not that small. Besides I think we’re in too deep now don’t you think?” She gestured down to her exposed breasts.

“I guess so.” He said.

Alex felt awkward as he stood over Emily who was now seated at the edge of her bed. His fingers trembled as the undid the buttons to his jeans. He slide the zipper down and felt instant release. His erection poked through the space in-between his zipper.

Emily could see the outline of his cock head through the fabric of his boxer-shorts. She had an itch down between her legs that she was desperate to scratch. Alex hooked his thumb underneath the waistband and he pulled out his 6 inch member. His erection pointed outward towards her.

She lost her breath for second. This was her Brothers cock, all hard and stiff, right before her very face. Alex had to admit that the sight of his topless sister below his aching erection was almost enough to make him spurt out a load of semen.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe youth it was small!” Her hand covered her open mouth.

It was huge. The length of it surprised her, even the girth of it. It wasn’t one of those ugly cocks some guys sent you without consent. This was a pretty looking penis. The head was perfectly round and in Proportion to his length and thickness. Her eyes fell to his round spheres that hung a little below his manhood.

She had to admit. It was very intimidating up close. He had some veins growing up the side, it looked like a muscle of its own. Alex watched as his sister stared longingly at it. He felt like covering up, he was so exposed, but it was only fair for her to see him.

“Can I touch it?”

Alex almost didn’t hear the question. His mind was still fixated on his Sisters tits. She removed her top fully as it was uncomfortable for her to have it hiked up around her shoulders. He now took in the detail of her shoulders, her collarbone, how her stomach flattened right underneath her perky globes.

Alex nodded at her. She had looked up for his approval just like he had done with her. Her hands slowly made its way towards his outstretched cock. They looked so small compared to its length. She gripped it with her right hand and it bounced when it felt her touch.

It felt so warm in her hand. Like a hot pipe, flowing with boiling hot water. For a while she kept her hand still. Alex enjoyed the feeling of his Sisters hand feeling away at him. Slowly, she natural stroked it back and forth. She didn’t know why, she just felt like that’s what you did with it.

Alex groaned loudly. Emily could see the look on his face. She was actually making her Brother feel good. She was playing with his cock. Alex watched his sister stroke him. With each stroke her breast jiggled a little, like swaying bobbles on a tree. He couldn’t believe that she was jerking him off.

It wasn’t much of a handjob but it felt amazing to him. His foreskin retracted and contracted slowly as her hand milked the precum from the end. Emily watched with satisfaction as small droplets of clear fluid dribbled out onto the floor. She squeezed at the end as if to get more out of him.

Emily picked up the pace in which her fist stroked his cock. She got into a bit of a rhythm as her hands now slid up and down his length. Alex tried to close his eyes, his knees started to shake and he felt unsteady on his feet. Something inside him was building.

Emily watched as Alex practically rocked back and forth as she did her best to keep up the pace that she’d set. Alex looked down to catch his Sister cupping her own breast. That’s was all it took. Emily watched as he screwed his eyes shut. Suddenly his cock sort of convulsed and throbbed until clear white cum erupted from his cock.

The first splatter shot out at such a pace she couldn’t avoid it. It had latched onto her breast like white goo. Alex watched it drip from the tip of her nipple as more ropes of hot steamy cum shot out of his cock. He could hardly breath. That was the release he had been looking for. The best orgasm he’d ever had.

Emily hadn’t intended on it going this far, but just like the previous night, things had gotten out of hand rather quickly. She watched his cock begin to soften as the remaining cum oozed from him.

“So how was your first Handjob?” She asked.

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