The Shopkeeper Ch. 04

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As she savored her husband’s cock, she could not believe how recently it had been when her first one had been practically forced into her mouth. Her friend was right; her husband’s small cock was the perfect size for sucking. As it erupted and sent warm squirts into her mouth, she thought of how much cleaner this was. Once her husband had emptied himself, she spit his cum into a mug and rinsed her mouth. It was much easier for her friend as she just swallowed. The idea of swallowing those little tadpoles was not something she could stomach.

She settled into bed next to her husband who kissed her and ran his finger tips over her breasts. “I’ve been thinking. Since we have to exnay on the exsay during your niece’s visit, perhaps it would be a good time to give up my Thursday afternoon affair.”

“You still think of it as an affair?” he asked. She considered the question. In the beginning, it had definitely been what she would call an affair. It was just pleasure with no affection. Now, everything was in the open. They had all met at Rooster’s and her husband had watched the man fuck her.

“I don’t know what to call it.” It was simply outside their experience. They both were raised to believe in sex only after marriage and only with a spouse. Words like “blowjob” and “doggy” were new to them.

“Fair enough! I don’t know the right word either. Affair does imply it is behind my back. This is definitely not that. But I don’t know how to answer your question. If you’re tired of him then I am certainly not going to make you.”

“Not tired at all; he is still the best lover of the three of you. But I’m doing two men and you’ve only got one woman! That’s hardly fair.”

“Fuck fair! Or don’t. Would you be willing to stop if he hadn’t taught me how to eat your pussy?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Probably not.”

“I can think of more than one reason for you to continue if you want to but there’s a ‘Thanks for teaching me to pleasure my wife now go away’ quality to me wanting you to stop. I would prefer it if we increased the number of women I am enjoying sex with rather than decrease the number of men you are enjoying. Perhaps you could set him up with someone?”

“Sure. Which one of my friends do you want to have sex with?”

The question was playful but there was a definite ‘I dare you’ quality to it. “Well, there is one friend of yours that I would enjoy some time between her legs. The one with the husband that has the big cock.”

“Good answer! Unfortunately, I think it would be easier to talk one of them into sex with you than with him. First, I would have to admit I’ve had sex with him. That’s not happening! Why don’t you find your own second partner?”

“I’m not sure how that would happen. A lack of the right words for what we are doing isn’t the only problem we face. If my having sex with Rooster’s wife isn’t cheating, can I just fuck anyone that agrees and it isn’t cheating?”

She tried to imagine her husband having a tryst with someone she had never met. The idea definitely upset her. “No, it would be upsetting. I wonder how I would handle the shopkeeper now. How would you feel about me letting him suck my tits?”

He gave that some thought. “Hard to be sure since I know that he does. It’s hard for me to imagine him not being welcome to them. I didn’t mean that the way it might have sounded; they are your tits. Not suggesting you would have to…”

“I get your point.”

“Good. It was only after he had you on tape letting him suck your tits that things escalated. You didn’t want him to give me that tape. But what if you said ‘no’ and he gave it to me. At the time, it would not have been pleasant. Not certain what I would have done. But today? I would want to see it. Together! See if he did anything better; something I could do.”

“So you would be okay with me letting a strange man suck my tits?”

“I think it would depend more on the circumstances. You were caught stealing and letting him suck your tits kept you from getting arrested. I would be okay with that. The sucking; not the stealing. Why were you stealing?”

“I don’t know. Honest. A momentary lapse! Please don’t make me think about that. I promise that it is not going to happen again.”

“That might be important or it might not. The question we are trying to answer is what can we do now? The line was once clear; we don’t do it with anyone except each other. I wouldn’t be happy if you fucked a cop to avoid a speeding ticket. So the line does still exist. I suppose we both need to agree where it is.”

“Yes. So about the cop, how about a blow job?”

“I don’t know. Is it something that happens? ‘Miss, I clocked you doing 30 miles over the speed limit. For a blowjob, it will disappear.'”

“A girl can sometimes flirt her way out of a ticket.”

“Flirt is way different than a blow job!”


“I saw a show once. Man hit someone with his car. Was it a tragic accident or homicide? I actually thought that maybe some pussy would persuade the cop that it was definitely an accident. Wife was in the car. I don’t really remember any more than escort ataşehir that.”

“It’s hard for me to imagine. I guess if I knew you were innocent and my pussy would keep us from having to prove it. Proving it would be expensive. Would that make me a whore?”

“I would hope not. Even if proving it were free, there are other costs. Just to avoid waiting for a verdict from a jury for something I was innocent of would be anxious to avoid.”

“But would fucking the cop be seen as bribery? Evidence of guilt?”

“I think we are getting away from the point.”

“I agree. Where is the line?”

“No idea. We just have to be aware that it exists but neither of us know where. Perhaps we both agree that we won’t be fucking anyone unless we believe that they will be soon joining us at Rooster’s?”

“I can agree to that.”

And the two fell asleep.

She woke up feeling queasy and it hadn’t passed all day. Yeah, she was pregnant for sure. There was just no way she could pass this off as her husband’s; he had been away too long. She could lie about when she started feeling morning sickness. Except she was a terrible liar! And a full term baby would give her away. She heard a car; Auntie was home. Maybe she would get her mind off her predicament.

“Hi sweetie. Are you not well?” said her aunt after she came in.

“I’m okay, I guess.”

“Something’s bothering you. I saw it last night but thought you were just missing your husband. How about if we sit down? I do have a bottle of wine we could share. I rarely drink but I think it will help.”

“No wine. I don’t think I should be drinking.”

That sounded suspiciously like an ‘I’m expecting’ response. “Okay, some tea then.” She definitely did not feel pregnant at Rooster’s party last week. When would she have had one of those one night stands that left a woman in a family way? She was only alone in the mornings. Not that she was stopping her or keeping tabs on her but she had been keeping her niece company.

“So tell me what’s up?”

“It’s nothing.”

“When do you think you got pregnant?” She was learning that a direct question would often elicit a direct answer.

“Yesterday morning.”

She had never been pregnant but that seemed a little fast to be feeling it. “How did it happen?”

“I was bored. I tried a little shopping. I don’t know what came over me. I just sort of did it. I wasn’t thinking of it as stealing; just…” She was stopped by her aunt’s laughter. It was not a laughing matter!

She had heard enough. No need to hear any more.

“Did you take the pink panties?”

The younger woman was shocked by the question. How did she know? Did everyone know?

The aunt saw the look of terror on her niece’s face. She had not meant for her to be afraid.

“Calm down. I’ve actually worn mine a few times since I got them.”

The look of fear was instantly gone.


“You should go talk to him.”

Several questions sprang to the young woman’s mind. “I don’t dare show my face there again! And how do you know he’s a nice man. He blackmailed me!”

“He blackmailed me too. At the time, there was no way I wanted your uncle to see that video. But we’re friendly now. He was invited to that party last week but couldn’t come.”

“Well, he certainly came in me. He said he didn’t care if I got pregnant; the baby was my husband’s.”

“Go put on your big girl panties and talk to him. This afternoon is a slow time at the shop. Now is a good time.”

He instantly recognized her. That was not something that had ever occurred before. Well, not exactly. “Excuse me. I usually don’t have to say it but you are not longer welcome in this establishment.”

“My aunt said I should come and talk to you.”

“Her aunt?” he thought. His usual Thursday afternoon fun was sidelined due to a visiting niece. This was her? “Stealing runs in the family?” was the only thing he could think of to say. He had made peace with the aunt some time ago; this woman was still someone he was sore at.

“My husband is her husband’s nephew. We’re in-laws.”

“I see. Why did your aunt think you should come talk to me?”

“I’m pregnant.”

He considered her carefully. The fact that she’s visiting meant she would be leaving. He sort of trusted the woman’s aunt. He didn’t see her being here long enough to blab his secret. “You’re just visiting and are going back to where you came from?” he asked.

“What does that have to do with it?”

“Just answer the question.”

“That’s the plan. But my husband is going to know it isn’t his. If he divorces me, I may just stick around. I’m going to need child support.”

“You did not get pregnant here.”

“You fucked me and came in me. No condom. You’re the only possible father!”

“If that’s true then you’re not pregnant. Vasectomy!”

She was stunned. “But you said…”

“Yeah, I did. Actually, I didn’t. Didn’t lie, that is. Everything I told you was true.”

She thought back. When she objected to him not wearing a condom, kadıköy escort he implied she was safe. But after he came in her, he clarified that he was safe.

“If you were thinking you could get child support from me, you were wrong. Your husband is legally the baby’s father and he would be paying child support. If I had gotten you pregnant.”

“Why do you do that? Making me believe I was pregnant. Scaring me!”

“It works. Nobody has ever returned to steal from me a second time. Well, your aunt did but she didn’t mean it.”

“She didn’t mean it?”

“Not for me to tell you.”

“So you do this all the time?”

“A lot. Just young married women. The rest get arrested. I doubt the arrest deters them like the ones that aren’t arrested are deterred. You’re aunt was a little old but she’s pretty.”

“Why just young married women?”

“Well, I don’t do men! Young and married are safe. That’s my opinion anyway.”


“STDs. VD. Young and married have rarely had many sexual partners. As opposed to young, unmarried, and legal. Plus, they have strong reasons to not tell.”

“You’ve been doing this a while.”

“Almost as long as I’ve owned this shop.”

The woman was silent. This was odd for him. He usually didn’t get to talk to women; he was too bashful. It was a problem when he was in school. Casual conversation wasn’t a problem. There just weren’t any women to talk to.

“I was a grad student when I inherited this shop. I took off a semester planning to sell it. I ran it to keep it up for value purposes. A thriving business attracted better offers than a shuttered one. One day, I caught a thief. I was mad! Very mad! She was going straight to the cops. I took her to back room to call them. She begged me not to. She said she would do anything. I scoffed at her. Then she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside and showed me her pussy. And she repeated the word ‘anything’. I told her that I didn’t have any condoms. She answered that she was just a tiny bit pregnant. She hadn’t told her husband yet. Anyway, that is how I lost my virginity.”

“You were a virgin!” She was amused.

“Yeah. I’m bashful. No problem having a casual conversation with women. But asking them for a date was really hard. Almost impossible! The very few times I met someone and thought we were hitting it off enough to ask them, they had a boyfriend. Or husband! That was high school plus college plus a couple of years of grad school. But I lost my virginity 6 weeks after being here. I actually enjoyed running the shop. So I took it off the market and got a vasectomy.”

“Why the vasectomy?”

“I’ve given up on love. The whole meeting someone, dating, falling in love, getting married and having children isn’t going to happen. I figured if I couldn’t have love well, you know, pussy was the next best thing.” He felt a little embarrassment saying pussy in front of the woman. But he had fucked her yesterday. He had learned recently that women were less modest than he had imagined. What was she going to do if he said it? Leave. No big fucking deal!

“That’s sad.”

“Maybe. I have trouble fitting in. Making friends. Your aunt and uncle and another couple have become friends. I didn’t realize how lonely I was until they started inviting me over. I’m still uncomfortable around large numbers of strangers. They had a party last week that they invited me to. I was busy that day. I’ll probably always be busy.”

Customers entered the store and she decided this was a good time to say good-bye. On the way home, she thought about what he said. She was a bit puzzled by what he said about her aunt.

“So, what did he say about the baby?”

“You knew I wasn’t pregnant!”

“That wasn’t for me to say. I expect the pregnancy scare is part of his anti-theft program.”

“But you can’t get pregnant!” She didn’t say that out loud. She just excused herself to go lie down. If she wasn’t pregnant then she was something else. She was thinking it over. Certain things she had heard were nagging at her. The shopkeeper said she came back to steal but didn’t mean it. I came back because I thought I was pregnant and you pushed me. Why did you go back?”

Over the next week, questions kept nibbling at her conscious. “The shopkeeper was invited to that party but didn’t go because he wasn’t comfortable with a crowd. How did he know them?” “The wife is about my age. They had called the man Rooster but avoided the term around me. He was a pretty big man; stood out in a crowd. But she couldn’t shake the image of a big cock from her mind. And not a male chicken.” “How did Auntie know the woman?” “Could she have something in common with the wife?” “It seemed likely. How big of a stretch was the rest of what I suspect.” Soon, it was Thursday again.

The niece was a little nervous as she approached the front door. There were a lot of suppositions and she knew she could be making a big fool of herself. And she wasn’t sure what she thought she was going to accomplish. It would be funny if she went to Rooster’s and chickened maltepe escort bayan out. She rang the door bell and it was answered.


“Hi there! You remember me?”

“Of course, you’re the niece. What can I do for you?”

“I was hoping I could visit with you.

“I’m afraid I have company coming soon and I am busy cooking.”

“Perhaps I could help.”

“I suppose so.”

“I really would like to talk to you about something.”

“A little help would be appreciated along with some company. Come on in.”

She led the niece to the kitchen. “I’m making a dish my grandmother called Hungarian Goulash. I’m not certain that it’s either but people like it.”

The niece looked over the recipe. “Looks good. How long has the pasta been boiling?” she asked noting the boiling pot on the stove.

“It hadn’t started boiling when I answered the door.”

“I see the recipe is for four. I was with the shopkeeper earlier and he mentioned coming here tonight. Is someone else coming?”

“No, it will be just the three of us.”

“Great! You can invite me to join you!”

“That’s brazen of you.”

“I figure you need me and weren’t going to invite me so I thought I would just put myself out there.”

“Why would we NEED you?”

“Who’s your husband going to do while the shopkeeper is fucking you?” There! She said it. She hadn’t planned it like this. She hadn’t planned it at all.

There was total silence! Except for the pot boiling, that is. One woman appeared to be calmly preparing food; a calm she didn’t really feel. The other woman was as white as a sheet. Her thoughts were racing. “She must have heard it from… No! They had talked earlier today. She would have warned me.”

“Where did you get that idea? What has your aunt been telling you?”

“My aunt told me next to nothing. Nothing about you. At least, she didn’t say it on purpose or know she said it or that I heard. If I’m wrong, I am going to be hugely embarrassed. But I’m not, am I?”

The woman’s silence only confirmed it.

“I got caught taking a five finger discount by the shopkeeper and he blackmailed me into letting him fuck me. I thought he got me pregnant. I told my aunt about it and she admitted she had the same experience. Sent me to talk to him. I’m pretty sure you got caught too. You’re only recently friends with my aunt. It seems pretty strange that both of you are now friends with the man that blackmailed you into sex with him. And genuinely friendly. I’m actually starting to like him too. He was a good lover if you get past the fact that I didn’t want anyone seeing that video. I asked the shopkeeper why he scared me into thinking I might be pregnant. He talked about it being a deterrent and my aunt being the only one that ever came back to steal. But he said ‘She didn’t mean it.’ But that’s certainly how they became friends. I don’t know how that leads to you but it must. At the party, I heard your husband called Rooster. He’s a big man and stands out in a crowd. But nobody calls him that when they know I’m present. I think he’s called that because he’s got a big cock. And uncle knows too. So he fucks you while your husband fucks my aunt. But the shopkeeper still fucks both of you. But he’s alone. You’re a pussy short. What did I get wrong?” She had been following the recipe as the other woman watched her spill out everything she knew and guessed. The main dish was ready for the oven. There were some fresh green beans that needed some preparation. “Do you have any almonds? They go great with green beans!”

She was still speechless. The other woman had laid it all out while she took over cooking. So few facts! She had it almost all figured out. Nobody had told her anything they shouldn’t. “Are we that transparent?”

“Hell no! I wouldn’t have guessed a thing if I hadn’t thought I was pregnant. I imagine most of the wives he fucks are either on birth control or sweat it out. Did he tell you about the first time? She was ‘just a little bit pregnant’! The other woman was still in a state of stunned silence.

“Even if all that is true, why would I let you join us?” She finally found her voice.

“If it wasn’t true, you’d be denying it. Your husband needs a partner.”

“Why you?”

“You don’t think he’d want me? Or do you think he’d want me too much?”

“I’m not worried about that! What happens if I say ‘No!'”

“Maybe the shopkeeper takes me to his place.”

“Look young lady! That’s…”

“Don’t call me young lady. I may be younger than my aunt but we’re the same age. Or close!”

“He’s not taking you to his place. Not tonight!”

“You don’t think I can seduce him? That he might prefer me to you?”

“He wouldn’t choose you because he’s going to want some a week after you’ve gone home.”

She thought that one over for a moment. “Fair enough! Then I go home either before or after dinner. And never speak of this or anything else ever again.”

“Why do want to join us?”

“I’m horny. Damn horny! I’m not going to a bar to find someone for a one night stand. I may not want a relationship but I’m not a piece of meat either. My husband is just away too long. We thought of my tagging along but his hours are crazy and I’d just be stuck in a hotel for long periods of time. This situation would be perfect for me. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you.”

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