The Sex Party – Ch. 01

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Sharon checked herself out in the bedroom mirror. She liked what she saw. She had lost weight and it was starting to show. Her tight black dress was cut low over her breasts revealing her magnificent cleavage. She felt good for the first time for a long while. She felt sexy and was really looking forward to the night’s fun and games. She held the occasional Ann Summers party and they were always good fun. Her friends were great and they didn’t mind dressing up, playing with the toys or just talking naughty. She always felt turned on after the party and ended up having sex with hubby if he was home or masturbating herself to a climax.

There was a knock on the door and Nicola asked if it was all right to come in. Nicola and her husband Ian were staying for a few days. They had known each other for years and still kept in touch despite Sharon moving away. Sharon turned and checked Nicola out. Nicola was small and petite. She wore a short black skirt and white blouse. Sharon was impressed with Nicola’s tight firm body. She had smaller breasts than Sharon but she looked sexy.

Nicola looked nervous.

“What’s the matter Nicola?” asked Sharon, “Worried about the party?”

Nicola nodded. She was quite shy where matters of sex was concerned and had never been to a party like this before. She was just glad that her husband Ian had gone to the pub with Sharon’s husband Steve.

“Don’t worry Nicola. You will be fine. My friends won’t expect you to do anything you don’t want to. It will be a laugh. Trust me”

Nicola smiled at Sharon. She was actually looking forward to it. She knew she wasn’t really the most sexual person but when she was with Sharon she felt different.

The doorbell rang and Sharon went down to answer it. Nicola followed her down. Outside the door were Sharon’s friends, Lisa, Sally and Kate. Nicola looked at them nervously.

Lisa was the tallest of them and was probably the most outgoing of the three. Dressed in a very short skirt and a tight t-shirt that emphasised her big bust she bounded into the room with a lot of giggles and chatter. Lisa was always the most outrageous and tried on all the sexy outfits at previous parties. eryaman eve gelen escort She always told the dirtiest jokes and was quite upfront about sex.

Sally was a bit smaller but just as pretty. Pure blonde hair and grey eyes were set in a pretty face. Sally was a housewife but wasn’t dowdy. Sally had tight blue jeans and a crop top that showed her belly ring off.

Kate was the quietest of the three. She was actually prettier than the other two but tended to be pushed into the background by the other twos raunchy ways. Kate smiled at Nicola. She pecked her on the cheek. Nicola felt a strange feeling as Kate did so.

Lisa went straight to the kitchen and started pouring drinks for everyone. She poured herself and Sally a large wine and Sharon a gin and tonic. Kate and Nicola opted for a Tia Maria and Coke. They went into the living room and waited for Deb, the Ann Summers rep, to turn up. As usual Lisa lead the conversation telling the group what her and hubby had done the night before. Sharon glanced at Nicola who was in a corner chatting to Kate. Sharon was pleased that Nicola seemed at ease with Kate.

The doorbell went and Sharon answered the door. It was Deb with all the gear. Sharon helped Deb in with the cases and then shut the living room door. She poured Deb a drink. Deb was regular at the house so she didn’t need to do many introductions. She opened the case and started to go through her patter. She started by explaining that the evening would be split into three parts and then there would be a chance to look at things for themselves.

Deb started by getting out some sex manuals and magazines. Lisa grabbed them eagerly while Sharon and Sally just flicked through them. Sharon noted that Nicola and Kate had got a book and were looking at it together. Was it her imagination or were the two of them getting real close?

The books and magazines were passed around. The talk was getting very naughty and there was lot of laughter from everyone. Sharon went out to the kitchen and got some more drinks. When she came back Deb had got out some vibrators and dildos. She was playing a game with them to put everyone bala escort at ease. Sharon was worried when Nicola got up and left the room. She went out and found Nicola in the kitchen.

“Are you ok Nicola?” she asked.

Nicola nodded. Her face was flushed and red.

“Sorry Sharon I am fine. I just find it a bit much. Can I ask you something?”

Sharon nodded. Nicola hesitated and her gaze fell to the floor.

“Is Kate married? I am only asking because I think she fancies me!! She is definitely flirting with me and to tell the truth I quite like it”

Sharon was stunned. Kate had once confided in her that she was bisexual but for Nicola to respond had taken her by surprise. Nicola had never expressed an interest in other females before.

“Look Nicola. Kate is married but I know she likes women too. If you feel like it go ahead and enjoy yourself. I am sure everything will be ok. Do you want me to tell Kate you are interested?”

Nicola paused and shook her head. “It is ok, I will sort it out myself”

Sharon hugged Nicola and the two of them went back into the living room. She noticed Nicola went straight back to Kate and seemed to be whispering in her ear.

Deb had let the girls play with the sex toys. Lisa was looking at a large vibrator. Sally had a smaller vibrator and Sharon picked up a ribbed vibrator. Nicola and Kate were in their little corner looking at a double-headed dildo. Sharon watched as Kate whispered something in Nicola’s ear. Nicola laughed but was blushing. Sharon nearly let a gasp out when she noticed that Kate had her hand on Nicolas thigh and Nicola was stroking Kate’s hair.

Deb glanced around the room. She knew Lisa was bound to buy something. Sally only bought little things while Sharon always seemed to buy clothes. She wasn’t sure about Kate and Nicola but was interested to see them cuddling up in the corner.

“Now for the clothes” said Deb.

Lisa smiled. This was her favourite part. She got Sharon to get everyone more drinks as Deb got the outfits out of her case. She started with the usual lingerie items such as stockings, fishnet tights, Basques and panties. The ladies etimesgut escort looked at them with interest. Deb watched as Nicola looked at a blue basque and asked her if she wanted to put it aside. Nicola seemed to look at Kate for approval and then nodded.

Deb decided that now was the time to get the outfits from the case. All of the girls were drunk now and Nicola and Kate were openly touching each other. Deb got out an outfit for each of them.

She looked around and decided that Lisa should have a nurse’s outfit. It was very short and very sexy. It came with a pair of stockings and suited Lisa to a tee.

She decided that Sharon should have a skimpy nightie. It clung to Sharon’s newfound curves and revealed her breasts. Not quite see through but enough to hint at the joys below.

For Sally she decided on a maid’s outfit. The frilly skirt was just her and she knew from a previous conversation that this was a fantasy of Sally’s boyfriend.

Now for Kate and Nicola. Deb looked and decided that they would look good in schoolgirls outfits. She had two different ones and she thought it might be fun.

The girls took the outfits. They were laugh and joking, teasing each other. Deb encouraged them to put the outfits on and all stripped off. They all looked so sexy and Deb noticed that Sharon was admiring herself in the mirror and was actually touching herself.

“Well ladies. It is decision time. What are you going to buy?”

Sharon loved the nightie and decided to buy it. Lisa bought all sorts including a vibrator and the nurse’s outfit. Sally bought the maids outfit. Nicola bought the basque and the schoolgirls outfit. Kate bought the outfit too. She then bought the dildo that Nicola and her had been looking at.

By now everyone was quite drunk. Sharon noticed that Kate and Nicola were cuddled up in the corner and were exchanging kisses when they thought no one was looking and were stroking each other.

Deb packed up and left and the girls continuing their party. The talk was decidedly blue as they talked about sex. All were still in their outfits. No one noticed when the door opened and the lads returned from the pub!! They had been joined in the pub by Sally’s boyfriend, Martin.

The lads were also a little drunk. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they walked in. Here were 5 sexy girls in sexy outfits. They all become aroused and knew that they were in luck tonight!!


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