The postman

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The postmanMy parents lived in a big detached house with double fronted bay windows with the front door being sunk in the middle of them. This allowed for you to look out of the bay window to see who was at the door before you went, but it also allowed for anyone standing at the front door to look in and see you if the curtains had not been closed.It was during the summer holidays and both my parents were out at work, so I had the whole house to myself.A friend of mine had given me his porno mags to have a read of. I had hidden them away in the front room behind the book case. I pulled them out and started reading them, and soon became engrossed in a story, so it was out with my little 6 inch cock and off went my hand wanking away for all I was worth.After a minute or two I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, as I looked towards the bay window I could see the old post man standing there watching me wank through the window. I didn’t know what to do, so I just got up and ran out of the room, as I ran past the front door to go up the stairs I noticed the letter box was open and the post man was watching little tight ass as I ran up the stairs. This made me panic so I tripped and fell up the stairs which caused me to lie there for a couple of seconds with my ass sticking up in the air for the post mans pleasure.I jumped up the remaining two steps and hid in my room, after about 5 minutes I went into my parents room and looked out of the window and down the street, there was the postman talking to the man down the street who always helped me fix my bike when it was broken, they seemed to be looking in my direction and talking and laughing about something. I stayed there on my knees looking over the top of the window sill watching these two men chat and then go on about their daily business. I then realised that I was still naked with a raging hardon.I went into the bathroom and wanked my cock off thinking about the postman watching me wank and then seeing my ass stuck in the air when I fell over.It was a couple of days later before I bumped into the postman again. I was walking down to the shops when he came walking out of someone’s drive. He looked at me with a smile and said hello young man how are you today. I didn’t know what to say so I just looked at the floor and said I am good thanks. He said he had some magazines back at his house that he thought I might like. I said thank you for the offer but I don’t really think I should. He just smiled and said well you know where I am if you change your mind, you can pop down anytime and have a look at them to see if you want any, they are all free to you.I smiled and walked away thinking what magazines was he on about, was he offering me porno mags, or was he on about something else.The next day by bike got a puncture, so I popped down the street to see Mr Baker to ask for help fixing my bike. Mr Baker said yes of course bring it round the back to my garage. I pushed my bike past him and felt him put his arm around my shoulders and give me a little hug.Once in the garage he bent down and took my wheel out the bike, then flipped it up and the worktop and asked me to come over and help. He allowed me to stand in front of him then he showed me how to remove the tyre and inner tube and start to repair it. After a couple of minutes I noticed his cock was pushing into my butt cheeks. I didn’t know what to do so I just continued as if nothing was happening. Another 5 minutes went by and he had reached down and gripped by butt cheeks to help move me into a better position to fix the inner tube, each time he allowed his hand to squeeze my butt cheeks a little longer.He asked me if I wanted a drink. I said that would be nice, so he said lets go into the house while we wait for the glue to go off on the repair. Again he put pendik escort his arm around my shoulder and started to lead me into his house, as we entered the back door he lowered his hand from my shoulder and gripped my butt cheeks making out he was lifting me up the steps. He led me down to the back room again holding my butt cheeks again as he helped me through the door.He then said he would be back soon and left me standing there. When he returned he laughed and said you could have sat down while you waited. He tapped the seat next to him and said come and sit here, there is something I want to talk to you about, and depending on how you feel I might let you look at some of my things.I went and sat next to him and he told me to take a drink from my glass. I did and noticed it tasted a little bitter. I said this tastes funny, he said I put a little something in there to make you feel better. I always have a little nip in my afternoon drink to help me relax, if you don’t like it just leave it and I will make you another. I said I will try some more and see what I think. The second drink went straight to my head making me feel a little dizzy yet very relaxed and a little tired.Mr Baker said he had been talking to the postman about me, and asked if there was any funny story I anted to tell him. I looked at him and felt my cheeks go red, what did he tell you I said?Well he said he was posting your letters and looked in through the window, he said he was shocked to see your sexy little body flat on the floor with your hand wanking away at your rock hard young cock. I got a little nervous and looked down at the floor, he just put his arm around me and said drink up and I will make you another. I gulped the drink down and started to feel much better. He said do you want to come and help me fix the drinks?I said yes and got up to start to walk into the other room, I lost my balance and started to fall forward, he grabbed me in his arms and held my left hand tight against his body with his left hand and placed his right hand around my waist and cupped my butt cheeks. I let him feel my ass as we walked through into the kitchen area, he guided me towards the counter still feeling my butt cheeks as we walked, he leant me against the worktop and moved around behind me, his hard cock was soon sticking between my butt cheeks whilst his arms surrounded me helping me to make the next drinks up. He asked me how much booze I wanted in my drink this time.I asked how much he had put in the first one, he poured a tiny little amount into my glass and said about that much, I said can I have a bit more, he explained the more we put in the more the drink would get bitter, but the better it would make me feel. He then got a little bottle out unscrewed the top and held it to his nose, he took a sniff then went wow that stuff is good. I asked what it was and he said it was poppers. I said what does it do, he said it makes you feel really good and totally relaxes your body. I asked if I could try it, he said later if I was a good little boy.Mr Baker got me to hold the drinks whilst he led me back into the back room again having a good feel of my little ass.He sat me down an asked how many porno mags I had seen. I stuttered out that they were my friends and he had only leant them to me for a couple of days. He then said so you don’t have any. I said no not at the moment.Mr Baker asked if I would like to see his magazines, and I could even see his films if I wanted too.I took another big gulp of my drink and said yes if I could try the poppers.Mr Baker said the best way to take poppers was to get naked lie on the floor then sniff it and watch a movie.He asked if I still wanted to try the poppers.I thought about it for a while and then said would he get naked with me kağıthane escort too, or would it just be me naked.He said he would be happy to get naked with me if it made me feel better, but he liked to sit in his chair before he sniffed too much poppers in case he could get up. He then held my drink to my mouth and said drink up so we can go and make another before we get naked and sniff the poppers. I tried to get up and felt very unstable on my feet.Mr Baker held me in his arms and said it might be better if we get you naked now before we go and make another drink. He then pulled my top up and over my head, next he pushed my shorts down along with my little y fronts. There I was stood naked in front of Mr Baker letting him feel my naked butt cheeks and rub his arm against my rock hard cock.He guided me into the hallway and pointed me towards the kitchen again. This time he opened another cupboard and pulled out a container with KY jelly on the front. He slipped it into his pocket and then moved me to the worktop, this time when he stood behind me he had both his hands pinching and squeezing my butt cheeks, then I felt something cool and slippery being rubbed into my little boy hole.This made me clamp my legs together and trap his hand in between my butt cheeks, he smiled and told me to relax, all the time he was instructing me how to make the drinks his finger was working its way deeper and deeper into my little puckered boy hole.He again made me hold the drinks whilst he made me walk into the backroom with his finger lodged tightly up my boy hole. It made me feel naughty and a bit girly at the same time. Once in the backroom he bent me over the arm of a chair and told me not to move, he quickly put a porno on which showed young boys being fucked by older guys, sucking on their hard cocks whilst another old man was behind them fucking them.Mr Baker picked up his phone and when his friend answered he just said get round here quick and come in through the back door. He then held the poppers under my nose and said take a short sniff. As soon as I did my head felt like it was about to explode, then my whole body just relaxed and went weak.As I watched the young blond boy on the tv being fucked by an old man whilst sucking on another I felt something large, hard but spongy at the same time pushing into my little tight boy hole. After three or four thrusts it popped past my sphincter and into my boy hole. There was a slight burning feeling for a couple of seconds but then the feeling went away and my body totally relaxed and allowed him to sink his cock fully into my little boy pussy. I just lay there allowing him to fuck and abuse my little boy hole whilst watching a boy on the screen having the same don to him. I heard a noise from the back gate, then footsteps heading into the house towards me. I turned to see who it was and opened my mouth in shock as the postman entered the room. He pulled his cock out and walked round behind me and pushed it towards my face. I looked at the k** on the tv and opened my mouth to let him stuff his cock in there.This made me feel so sexy and girly like, here I was with a cock in my mouth and one up my ass, they were fucking me like I was a little girl. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat trying to get down my throat, luckily for me it wasn’t long enough to go too far down my throat and cause me to choke.I could hear them talking and saying how tight and sexy my little boy hole was, the postman was chatting on how excited he was to be fucking my cute little face, and how he had wanked over the sight of me wanking and then me showing him my sexy little ass as I fell up the stairs.Mr Baker said he was about to cum and started t fill my boy hole with maltepe escort his creamy cum, as soon as he was pulling out of my boy hole the postman moved behind me and shoved his cock all the way in with one thrust.He held me and fucked me calling me his little cum slut.I was now looking at the screen as the little boy on there was wearing a dress and crawling around on the floor sucking all the old men off sat around a table.I could feel the cum leaking out of my cock whilst I had my first anal orgasm, it was like a tap the cum was just running out like water from a tap.before I knew what was happening two other neighbours who lived in my street walked in and started to get their cocks out. I now had the postman fucking me while the old Asian man who runs the corner shop was trying to stuff his big cock into my mouth, it was a couple of inches bigger than the other two men which made my eyes bulge as he pushed I into my mouth.Then out of the corner of my eye I got even a bigger shock, there was Mr Jones who lived about 5 doors down from me, and boy was his cock big, he was double the size of the others, and at lest 3 inches bigger than the shop keeper Mr Singh.I felt the postman stiffen then start to spurt load after load of cum inside my little body.He was soon moved out the way and then Mr Jones was there trying to get his monster cock into my little boy hole. I squealed and begged him to stop as he was hurting me, they gave me more poppers then agreed to change ends. Mr Singh’s cock slipped into my boy hole with lots of help from the KY jelly plastered all over it and stuffed into my hole by Mr Baker.Once Mr Singh had his cock fully inside my body another anal orgasm took over my body and my little cock just leaked a stream of cum down my legs.Mr Jones was now trying to shove his massive cock down my throat. He didn’t seem to care about me he just wanted to fuck my throat and shoot his load. I felt his cock slide down my throat and felt my gag reflex kick in, he did this several times, but when he felt me gag he pulled his cock back out, soon he had his cock sunk fully down my throat working with me to make sure I could breath.My little boy hole was too tight for Mr Singh and he started to shoot what felt like a gallon of cum into my little body.When he moved out of the way Mr Jones moved behind me rubbing half the tube of KY onto his cock, again Mr Baker was rubbing KY from his tub into and around my little boy hole, which was soon to become a boy pussy.I felt the large head push into my boy hole, you could hear the pop when my sphincter gave way and allowed the massive cock head to enter my body. He slow stroked me for a couple of minutes allowing my body to adjust to his size, Mr Baker was holding the bottle of poppers under my nose to keep my body loose to allow his cock to enter me.I could feel every ripple of his shaft as it made its way in and out of my little boy pussy, yes I knew I was now a true pussy boy. I loved the way these old men had used my body and mouth and fucked me like I was a little girl.It was about an hour later when they finished with me and told me this needed to be secret. I was told I could pop over to Mr Bakers house anytime I wanted and they would all look after me.Mr Baker helped me into his shower and spent a lot of time cleaning my body and fingering my little boy pussy, he even wanked me off and drank al of my cum.He then dressed me walked me out to the garage around the back and asked me if everything was ok. I said yes, he then explained that he wanted me to come back everyday during the summer holidays and he would make sure I had a good time, he told me he was going to get m some little girly clothes this afternoon, so I would be able to dress like a girl for him tomorrow. I asked why they had picked me out of all the k**s in the area. He told me it was my long blond hair that reached down past my shoulders, my cute sexy ass from all the sports I played, and mosy of all they all thought with a little makeup I would look just like a girl.If you like this send me a message letting me know, and if you are lucky part 2 could follow shortly

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