The Neighbour

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The NeighbourIt was a tuesday evening, i had just pulled up in my car and my neighbour Rachel was waiting outside for me. Rachel had recently divorced her husband and we had started to chat over the fence since, she was a very pretty brunette with what i could see a very good figure, she had only been my neighbour a couple of months before her husband left her. Anyway it was nothing new that Rachel was outside, she was normally out there watching her k**s playing in the street. As i walked down my path, she said hello and we conveyed pleasantries, then she asked if i had a few minutes to help her put up a shelf in her house, i of course obliged and went round and followed her in her house.Her house was very nice and i followed her to the kitchen where the shelf was waiting to be put up, it was only a quick job so i was happy to help, she thanked me and i said ‘no problem, is there anything else you need help with’ before she could answer her k**s came flying in demanding food, so with that i said my goodbyes and as i did Rachel asked if i could pop round tomorrow morning at about 11 as she had another job for me, i said thats fine as wednesday is türkçe bahis my day off work and i had nothing planned, with that i retreated back to my house.The next morning i went round to Rachel’s just liked she asked, she opened the door and told me the job was upstairs in her bedroom, she told me which room was hers and said for me to go on up, she just had to take something out of the oven. I got in her room, it was immaculate, i stood and waited, then i heard her coming up the stairs, i started asking what the job was and as she walked through the door she said ‘Me’. With that i looked up to see her wearing a matching black lacey panty and bra set, thigh high stockings and high heels. I stammered and stuttered as she walked over and kissed me.We kissed passionately as she took my t-shirt off me, she smelled divine, we fell to the bed, kissing all the time, i managed to unclip her bra to get my first proper look at her boobs, they wasnt huge, but they were perky, her nipples were already like bullets, my hands were groping her, pinching her nipples as she was undoing my trousers and taking them off me. My kisses began to trail her body güvenilir bahis siteleri until i reached my target, i took her nipples in my mouth, sucked and nibbled on them as my hand began rubbing her pussy through her panties, she was soaking wet.I stopped kissing her boobs and whispered in her ear ‘i’m going to make you cum all over my face’ she just said mmmmm. as i positioned her, i yanked at her panties and finally got them off, i could feel how wet they was, i moved them towards my face and took a large sniff as she watched, i knew by her reaction she loved it, i moved towards her pussy and just breathed and blew on it, then when she was begging me, i finally poked my tongue out to taste her. I kept teasing her for what seemed like ages before i finally began to eat her fantastic pussy, she tasted so good.I licked and licked, before i finally started fingering her at the same time, her moans were getting louder, i knew she was close, she pushed my face into her pussy, i could hardly breathe but i kept on licking before she finally orgasmed, her juices were endless but so damn tasty. As her intensity subsided i looked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up at her, she looked so damn beautiful, she pulled me up and licked her juice from around my face, before i knew what was happening next she had flipped me onto my back and was lowering her pussy onto my cock.Rachel started sliding up and down my rigid shaft, her boobs bouncing as she darted up and down, her beauty was intoxicating, i couldnt believe my luck, i was fucking my next door neighbour, as i snapped out of my trance she was climbing off me and was bent over, she was yelling ‘fuck me Doggy, fill my pussy with your cock’ i did as she demanded, i got behind her and slowly entered her pussy, i started pounding her as i felt her finger playing with her clit, i began to smack her ass cheeks. This went on for what seemed like hours before she made me pull out and demanded i cum over her face.She swung round and knelt in front of me as i began tugging at my cock, i kept stroking it as she got closer to it, begging me to cum over her, finally as my balls tightened my explosion happened all over her face, in her hair over her tits. I collapsed to the floor as she was scooping up my globs of cum and licking them off her fingers. After she had finished she fell next to me and asked me if i liked my new job, i just looked at her and kissed her. We are now very good neighbours and wednesday is now known as ‘Help the Neighbour day’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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