The Lake

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The sun was high in the clear, summer sky, and the temperature was rising.. When she started out this morning, for a relaxing hike in the mountains, the air was cool, crisp and refreshing. But now, her clothes clung to her body like a second skin, soaked with sweat, and quickly becoming unbearable. She was already down to a t-shirt and shorts, and still she could find no relief, but not wanting to call it a day, for this was her last free day for weeks. So she gutted it out, determined to finish what was suppose to be a 10 mile hike.

Rounding a curve in the path, she saw where the woods thinned out, and hearing what sounded like water lapping onto shore. Quickening her pace, she headed toward the sound. Breaking through the thin underbrush, the sky opened up above, and before her was a lake. It seemed to stretch for miles, the water clear and calm, with only small waves hitting the shore. She reveled in the cool refreshing breeze coming off the water. Her shin tingled, and goose bumps formed, as the air passed over her and dried the sweat from her exposed skin. A slight shiver ran through her body, and it felt so good. She walked to edge, kneeling down and scooping up a handful of the cool, clear liquid, pouring it over her head and neck. The sensation was overwhelming, and so was her next thought.

Standing back up, she looked around, and saw no other people. No one was on the lake or onshore, that she could see. Closing her eyes, she listened, turning her head slowly, nothing but the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling. Could she really be this lucky. Is it possible that she was the only person here, at this beautiful place. all alone. It would seem that her day had taken a turn for the better, as she began to shrug off her day pack. She sat down, removing her hiking boots and thick socks, setting them beside her pack. She stood back up and began to undress. She peeled her soaked t-shirt off and over her head, tossing it to the side. Unbuttoning her shorts, she did a little shimmy dance, as she pushed them down her long smooth legs, and stepping out of them, tossing them on top of her shirt. She stood there, naked, exposed and feeling free. The cool breeze kissed her entire body now, her nipples stood erect and ached slightly, as the air moved across them. She looked around once more, not that it mattered now.

She ran head long into the water. Her breath was suddenly ragged, and a chill ran through her like a lighting bolt, as the cool water contrasted with the heat of the sun. She no longer cared. Diving in, she swam out several meters, then turned and swam back. The shivers dissipated, as her body adjusted to the water’s temperature, her breathing returned to normal, and she never felt better.

After several minutes, she returned to shore, cooled and refreshed, she laid down upon the thick soft grass of the shoreline, closing her eyes and soaked in the warmth of the Sun.. Suddenly a chill ran through her, as the sun was abruptly blotted out. Opening her eyes, she was startled by a form standing over her. She tried to cover herself up, but her clothes were out of reach, all she had were her hands and arms, and they were not nearly enough.

As if sensing her sudden discomfort, the figure backed away. She could see now that it was a man. He seemed to wearing a t-shirt and long pant that seemed to fit his waist but were baggy around his legs. Around his waist was a wide belt that was covered with pouches and what appeared to be a holster on his right side and a long knife on his left…her heart skipped a beat as fear took hold. But she didn’t get up and run, she didn’t even scream or call for help, she just sat there, as her İstanbul Escort fear changed to excitement. She began to shake once again, but not from the cold, or even fear, but anticipation.

The figure turned and walked away, she saw now that he carried a large pack and a rifle. The rifle was big, and black and seemed to have something sticking out of it, it seemed kinda familiar, like the ones she had seen on TV, the ones soldiers carried! Then she realized something, his clothes were all green with a strange pattern, like camouflage. He’s a soldier!!

But why is he here, and is he alone…Her excitement grew!

He walked about thirty feet away and sat his rifle on the ground, then began to remove his pack. Dropping it to the ground, he sat down, obviously tired, he struggle to remove his boots and socks, after which he just fell back onto his pack, exhausted.

She sat there, naked, exposed, and mesmerized by this lone soldier, who appeared out of nowhere. She was suddenly aware of the warm sensation that was building with in her. It seemed to emanate, from between her thighs, she was becoming aroused. She had to resist the urge to touch herself, as her clitoris began to swell, a wet sensation formed between her labia. She realized that she wanted this soldier, like she had never wanted before…

After several minutes, the soldier suddenly stood up, and took off his t-shirt, followed by his bulky belt, with all it’s pouches. He then unbuttoned his pants, and slid them down and off his feet. There he stood, naked, muscles rippling with every move….her heart skipped another beat, but not out of fear this time. His body was long, and lean, his muscles, strong, defined, but not bulky. He was built for war, not show. She could see that every move was deliberate and controlled, nothing wasted. She was on the verge of losing all self control.

The soldier took off toward the lake, diving in as soon as his feet hit the water, and he disappeared, silently into the water, almost without a ripple. He stayed under so long, she stated to think she had imagined the whole thing, when suddenly he burst to the surface, she almost jumped. He wasn’t even out of breath, as he slowly walked back toward shore, his body slowly, emerging from the lake like some apparition. Water ran down his tanned skin, sliding over his strong chest, his rippled stomach, and dripping from his flaccid, yet impressive manhood….After watching him for several moments, she realized, she had stopped breathing as she suddenly let out her breath, he turned to her and smiled, her head became very light, and she felt as though she would pass out…

He walked toward her, her eyes on him every step of the way, he heart racing, and she began to breathe heavier and heavier. Her throat became dry, even as her mouth began to water. The warm sensation in her pussy, turned to fire, and she began to sweat, despite the cool breeze from the lake. As he got closer and closer, her self control waned more and more, til she thought that she would literally explode….Who was this man???

Without saying a word, he knelt down besides her, reaching out his hand and touched her cheek. She could not help herself, leaning her face into his touch; it was warm, smooth and gentle, like that of a long time lover. She reached up, taking his hand in hers, and guided him. Bringing his fingers to her mouth, she kissed each one, then placed them one by one into her mouth, sucking on each one as it slide smoothly from her lips. She then guide him to her breasts, moving his hand gently over each nipple, as it stood hard and erect aching to be touched. Her head fell back as the sensation Escort Bayan flowed through her body.. She pulled him to her , their lips meeting for the first time, they began to devour one anther like two hungry animals. Their tongues entwined, dancing, wrestling, fighting for dominance.

His hands moved over her body, fondling, squeezing, and kneading her full, firm breasts. Her skin, silky smooth, gliding beneath his touch. She pressed harder against him. His hand slid down along her side, then across her flat firm stomach, as it traveled to its ultimate destination.

She could feel every muscle move and flex as he began to explore her. His touch was like fire as it traced a path down her body. His mouth moved from hers’, to her breasts. His hot breath and rough tongue sent wave upon wave of pleasure through her. She raked her nails along his back, he didn’t seem to even notice. As his hand moved across her stomach, her thighs parted as if they had a mind of their own, allowing him access to her. She wanted to feel him inside of her so badly….

His fingers moved downward, between her thighs and onto her swollen, and sensitive clitoris. He felt her squirm and buck slightly as he brushed across her pleasure button, with but the lightest of touches. Her moans of delight, gave him all the permission he needed to continue his mission…

His touch nearly drives her crazy. His fingers, moving over her clit, causing her body to buck and squirm uncontrollably. She lets out a moan without even realizing she had done so. Her body is on fire, her mind racing, heart feels as if will explode from her chest, yet her only desire is to feel him inside of her. To experience him filling her with his hard, swollen cock, and then having him explode inside of her…..She wasn’t sure how much longer she could wait.

His fingers moved with more urgency and roughness, as he stimulated her clit, alternating small circles with quick short strokes. He would then suck, and lick at it as his fingers slipped in and out of her tight, wet slit. He would lick his digits clean of her nectar then slide them back inside, moving then around, causing her to buck wildly, a sure sign he was doing something right. He shifted his body so that he was lying between her legs, which were now up over his shoulders. His mouth continued it’s ministrations of her pussy while he explored further down. He applied gentle, firm pressure against her tight, asshole, encouraging it to open and allow him in.

She could feel him trying to gain access to her, and try as she might, she just could not relax enough to let him in, though she so desperately. Oh to feel him in her ass, she could not imagine anything greater, but she was so overwhelmed that she could not concentrate enough to open up to him…

Deciding to take a different approach, he slid up along her writhing body, his mouth once again on hers. He felt her hand take hold of him and guide him to her hungry pussy. Just as his head touch her fleshy folds, she thrust her hips up and pulled him into her. Letting out a cry of pain and pleasure, she wrapped her legs around his waist and held him tight. He pushed up and away from her, and began to move in and out, withdrawing just till only his bulbous head remained inside, he would then violently and forcefully slam back himself back in…Eliciting screams and cries and pleas to not stop…..

With each new thrust she felt as if her head would explode, as fire burned through her body and pain became pleasure and then pain again. She could not catch her breath yet was able to scream. Her mind continued to race, but one though remained paramount…..FUCK Eskort ME HARD!!!….She could it building inside her, the pressure, the burning, with each of his thrusts, as they got harder, faster, and deeper. She knew what was coming, what she wanted, desired, needed. It was getting bigger, moving closer, she though just a few more, a few more…….Then he stopped, and she couldn’t feel him inside her any more. She opened her eyes, and saw him hovering over her, a big smile across his beautiful. She could decide whether to kiss him or hit him…Why had he stopped, we were so close.

She pushed him off of her, and rolled him onto his back…”I’ll show him”. She knelt over him, taking hold of his cock, wet and slick, cover in her juices, and she lightly brushed her lips over its tip. His moan and spasm, told her what she wanted to know. Now it’s her turn to torture the soldier.

He knew she was getting close to orgasm, but he wasn’t ready for this to end, so he stopped, and withdrew. She threw him down like a rag doll, and took hold of his cock. When he felt her lips touch its sensitive tip, he shuddered uncontrollably, and let out a moan of delight. Her hands began to slide up and down his pole, as she flicked her tongue at its tip, until a small drop of pre-cum appeared. She then placed her lips upon it and sucked up the salty donation. He was in heaven.

She took him fully with in her mouth. He could feel the back of her throat each time her head went down. Each time her head came back up, she applied an amazing suction that took his breath away with each cycle…He knew now that it was his turn to suffer pleasure. With his eyes closed he felt her consuming his balls, one at a time, his head swam in the rush of sensations….Then something changed…

She straddled his chest, his cock still with in her grasp, and facing backwards, her beautiful, round ass in his face. She bent over, once again taking him into her mouth; she soon felt what she wanted as he began to eat her again. She could feel his nose tickling her ass as he licked and nibbled at her wanting cunt…

They pleasured each other to mutual satisfaction, as he exploded, filling her mouth with hot, salty cum, and she, covering filling his mouth and cover his chest, with her nectar. Once they were able to gain control of themselves, it was time to change positions. He pushed her off of his chest and into the grass, and kneeling once more, he mounted her from behind. Reaching forward, he grabbed a handful of her long dark tresses, and used them as if they were reigns, pulling her back onto his shaft as her drilled deeper and deeper. He slammed, his still hard member, into her dripping wet snatch. She was so primed from the previous session, that so began to orgasm almost instantly. Her body convulsed, and jerked uncontrollably, as she came with such force, that she covered his balls and legs with her juices.

Still gasping for breath, she felt him pull from her once again, and stand up. His hands grabbing her hips, a sudden sharp pain pierced her body as he guided his swollen cock into her tight brown hole. The pain soon gave way to an intense wave of sensations as her ass began to relax and allow him in. She felt him shift and place a hand on her back, pressing her face and chest to the ground, as he began to slide in and out of her ass. Her sphincter milking his cock every time he pulled back, He continued to ass fuck her till he finally exploded once again, spilling his seed deep within her bowels. She could feel the hot liquid as it filled her and began to ooze from her rectum….

He fell upon her exhausted, and spent. They lay together under the sun, recovering, soon they fell asleep, spooning, him still inside of her.

When she awoke, tired, sore, but satisfied, the soldier was gone. There was no trace he had ever been there; save for a small strip of fabric with a name stitched in it…all it read was PORTER.

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