My New Daddy Ch. 05

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I woke up to find that Daddy was no longer in the bed. I looked over at the clock and realized that I’d slept into the afternoon. I reached down and fingered my asscunt. Mmmmm. It ached so good. I loved feeling the results of my session with Daddy and Boss. I loved knowing that I’d pleased their cocks. I loved knowing that I was becoming the whore I always wanted to be.

I looked down and realized that I was still wearing my little pink schoolgirl skirt. I smiled. Was Daddy going to make me into a girl? I wasn’t sure I wanted that, but it sure had felt sexy to dress up for Daddy and Boss. The thought of straight men wanting me made me so fucking horny. The idea that they might not be able to tell the difference between me and a real girl made me even hornier. Of course, I’d be sluttier than most real girls would ever be. That meant I’d earn an awful lot of straight man cum. Mmmmmmm.

I licked my lips and rolled onto my tummy. I ground my caged clittycock into the soft sheets as I reached back to finger my asscunt with both hands. That’s how Daddy found me when he walked in.

“Jesus, girl, don’ you ever get enough?” he laughed.

“I looked back over my shoulder and continued working my fingers in and out of my ass. “No, Daddy. I’ll never get enough of your cummmmm.” I moaned and arched my back, hoping to entice him into riding me again.

He adjusted his stiffening cock in his pants. That was when I realized he’d put on a business suit. “Daddy has an emergency meeting with investors this afternoon, Lauren. I’d like you to join me.”

I sat up in Daddy’s bed and smiled. That could only mean one thing. “Do I get to service them for you, Daddy?”

Daddy shook his head and smiled. “Yes, sweetheart. Well, one of them in particular. He’s been uncooperative regarding a merger and I need some incriminating evidence. I want you to seduce him in a special room I have outfitted with cameras.

I smiled. I loved the idea of being shot on video while being used by a stranger.

“I’m going to need for you to pretend that you’re a girl. Bois who attract straight men are called traps. I want you to trap this man so that he doesn’t know about your cock until after he’s gotten off with you. His name is Anthony. He’s an Italian stud who’s obsessed with blow jobs, so I need you to keep your cock concealed until after he’s finished using your mouth. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy. I understand. It sounds like fun.”

“It should be fun, Lauren. My only fear is that he may get angry when he finds out he’s been fooled. I’ll be close by watching the monitors, as will Sam. We’ll make sure he doesn’t harm you.”

“Okay, Daddy,” I smiled. I knew he’d protect me. I was just a little slut, after all. I was liking thinking of myself that way. A little, petite, girl for men to use. The thought made my clittycock throb.

I fondled my cage and Daddy smiled. “That reminds me,” he said. “For today, I’m going to remove your cage. Take a shower, shave yourself smooth, and put on the outfit I’ll lay out on the bed for you. Be sure to put some salve on the places where your cage may rub you. I want you to be comfy wearing it because you’ll be expected to wear it most of the time from now on.”

I nodded. “Thank you, Daddy.” I wanted to ask something else, but I hesitated. Daddy noticed right away.

“You want to know if you can play with your cock, don’t you, Lauren?”

I bit my lip and nodded shyly.

Daddy smiled again and licked his lips. “Well, I told you that you’d get a reward if you did a good job this morning, didn’t I?”

I nodded again.

Daddy reached in his pocket and retrieved his key ring. He walked over and unlocked my cock cage. The edges had rubbed my skin red in a couple of places, but it came off easily. My bent clittycock sprang to attention and immediately began drooling precum down it’s five inch length. I knew it was a tiny little cock, but I thought it was pretty. Daddy seemed to like it to. He ran his finger up the length of the underside of it and scooped up my precum, then he rubbed his finger on my lips.

“For now, get in the shower. and play with it all you want, but don’t you dare cum. If you do a good job this afternoon, I’ll take care of your orgasm myself.” He grinned and left the room, leaving me to ponder what exactly he had meant.

I showered and shaved what little body hair was sprouting, then I moisturized myself all over, especially my clittycock and asscunt. Once again, I found myself staring at my reflection in the mirror. I ruffled my hair. It was too boyish for a girl. I’d have to start growing it out if Daddy wanted me to be passable. The thought made my clittycock spring to attention. I squirted a bunch of lotion on my prick and began stroking it as Pendik Grup Escort I watched myself in the mirror. I groaned and moaned and at one point, I thought I might have gone too far, but I was able to pull my orgasm back so that all I got was a dribble of precum on the counter. I licked it off the edge of the sink and went out to the bedroom to see what clothes Daddy had picked out for me.

On the bed was a woman’s business suit complete with black bra, panties, conservative heels and a pair of crotchless pantyhose. This was going to be fun.

I dressed quickly, and when I picked up the final item, the suit coat, I noticed a new butt plug there on the bed. It was much bigger than the first one. I squealed with joy and immediately began sucking and licking it, lubing it up for my cunt. I hiked up my skirt and tried to push it in, but it was a tight fit. I backed over to the nightstand and pushed the base of the plug against the corner of the furniture. I forced my weight down and felt that beautiful plug pop into my hole. Oh my god, it was big. I could feel it stretching me open already.

I pulled my skirt down and looked into the mirrored wall next to Daddy’s bed. I practiced walking, holding my knees together like a real girl. It was fun. The tight skirt showed off the curves of my round ass very nicely. I imagined a straight man craving a taste of my butt when Daddy came back in.

“Looking good,” he said. “There’s just one more thing. I brought in one of my makeup artists to give you a more feminine look, complete with wig. We want to fool Anthony, even when he starts making out with you.”

HIS makeup artist? I was almost certain that Daddy ran a porn company, but I kept my thoughts to myself for now. “How do you know he’ll want me, Daddy?” I asked.

“I already set him up. I told him about my new administrative assistant. That’s you. I told him how you sucked me off at your job interview and you gave the best head I’d ever had. I told him I was not going to share you with anyone else. He’s already aching to use your sweet mouth.”

I wondered if Daddy really liked using my mouthpussy that much or if he was just saying that to get Anthony horny for me. Either way, I enjoyed thinking I was such a good cocksucker that he would brag to other men about me.

We went downstairs and Daddy’s friend, Mazy, was there with her makeup kit. She was a bit on the fat side and not super attractive, but she was nice. I imagined servicing her cunt. Not fucking her, but being her slave and eating her ass and pussy for hours until she allowed me to stop. I loved the idea of being naked around clothed men and women. I loved how sexually vulnerable that made me.

We chatted about all sorts of things and I wasn’t sure if she knew I wasn’t a real girl. She gave me some makeup tips and fitted me with a short, spiky black wig that made me look pixie-ish. I looked a little like Lily Collins or Audrey Hepburn. Sexy and secretarial. I loved it, and I knew straight men would probably like it, but I wanted my real hair to be even longer. One day.

Boss came in and took a look at me. “Wow, she looks great, Mazy,” he said before leaning over to kiss Mazy on the cheek.

“Thanks, boss,” said Mazy. For a split second, I got jealous, then I realized he really was her boss and I calmed down.

Daddy came into the room and gave me a wolf whistle. I blushed and he said, “Let’s get going. We’re running late.”

I thanked Mazy and followed Daddy out to his car. He held the door for me and I slid in as I looked up at him. I fastened my seat belt and rearanged my clittycock in my panties. It was hard and I was having some difficulty keeping it hidden. I tucked it down under my balls and hoped that would do the trick.

The drive was short and sweet, with Daddy constantly glancing over at me and saying things like, ‘If I didn’t need you for this meeting, you’d be sucking my cock right now with those juicy red lips.’ I loved when he talked like that.

Once inside the building, I followed Daddy as instructed, occasionally whispering something in his ear and licking his earlobe. I could see his cock getting hard in his pants and I loved being a tease.

The meeting was boring. The men around the table seemed to be worried about points or sales figures. I didn’t care about that at all, but I kept eyeing the dark Italian-looking man on the other side of the table. That had to be Anthony. I caught him staring at me a time or two as well. I made an excuse to leave the room so he’d get a good look at my ass. When I returned, his eyes were undressing me. I licked my lips and smiled at him before pretending to take more notes.

At the end of the meeting, Daddy told me to make a copy of a document for Anthony, Pendik Manken Escort only he introduced him as Mr. Carboni. Daddy had explained this part of the plan to me. There was a remote copy room down the hall that he’d wired with hidden cameras. It would be the perfect place for Anthony to take advantage of me.

“I’ll be right back, Mr. Carboni,” I said softly as I turned and wiggled my ass at the Italian stallion.

“I’ll come with you. I could use the walk,” said Anthony.

I smiled at him and motioned for him to follow. I walked slowly and even dropped my pen at one point so I could bend over and pick it up. My skirt wasn’t super short, but I hiked it up when I bent over so Anthony could get a good look at my smooth, white ass. I swear, I thought I heard his dick throbbing in his pants.

When we reached the copy room, I realized I had no idea how to operate the machine. It didn’t matter. As soon as the door closed behind us, Anthony was all over me. He came up behind me while I was at the copier, and he pressed his hard bulge against me.

“I hear you like doing dirty things for men, Lauren,” said Anthony, and he leaned over and inhaled my perfumed neck, pinning me against the copy machine.

I pushed my ass back to meet his bulge and turned so I was face to face with this wonderful perv. “Who told you that, Mr. Carboni?” I asked with a giggle.

Anthony smiled. “Your boss told me about your job interview. I may be hiring soon. Think I could coax you into an interview all my own?” He licked his lips. He was practically drooling.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said. “I like it here.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I meant…”

I pretended to think about what he said, then I started laughing. “Oh, I get it. You just want me to suck your cock! Sure!” I smiled and leaned in to give Anthony a deep, hard tongue kiss.

He leaned into it but I could tell he was surprised. Very few women would just suck any cock they were offered. I was not like those women. I wanted every man’s cock inside me. Every single one.

I grabbed Anthony’s ass and he grabbed mine in return. Before he could feel my plugged hole or notice my throbbing clittycock, I dropped to my knees and unzipped his slacks. I looked up into his eyes as I hefted his thick throbber and balls out over his zipper. Oh god, they looked so delicious. I was no longer doing a job for Daddy. Now I was a servant of this dick and I’d do anything to make it cum.

I nuzzled his balls as I stroked him to full hardness. I looked up at him and kissed his big, dark skinned, uncircumcised cock, peeling back the foreskin to wrap my drooling lips around that bulbous head. It was so yummy that I immediately took his cock deep into my slut mouth.

“Oh god,” moaned Anthony as my drool ran down his shaft and dripped off his balls. I loved giving sloppy wet blowjobs and this was going to be one of my sloppiest. I felt his cock enter my throat and, for the first time ever, I didn’t gag. He grabbed the back of my head and force fed me the entire length of his meat. He pulled out and slid his cock in again, slowly fucking my mouth as his balls slapped my chin. I loved every second of it.

Hr grabbed at my bra, but didn’t seem to notice that I didn’t have tits. He probably thought I was just flat chested. Some guys even got off on girls with tiny tits. Maybe he was one of those. Whatever the reason, I was giving him exactly what he wanted. I know because his cock felt bigger with every thrust.

I pulled off his dick, gasping for air as strings of spit drooped between my mouth and his cock. He leaned down and kissed me hard and deep, his tongue getting almost as far into my throat as his cock had. I yanked his gorgeous dick and kissed him back, then he stood and pushed his dick back into my face. He rode my slut face like my mouth was a sloppy cunt. It wasn’t long before he told me he was going to cum.

I clamped down with my lips and sucked him hard. When he came, he squirted so much cum down my throat that I thought it would never end. I loved it! It was salty and I grabbed Anthony’s ass and pulled him balls-deep into my mouth while he ejaculated. He moaned so loudly that I was sure someone outside must have heard him.

When Anthony finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, he smiled, sweat running down his face. He lifted me to my feet and kissed the cum right off my lips. I leaned back on a pile of paper boxes, spread my legs, and released my hairless clittycock. I spat Anthony’s cum onto it and stroked it as I moaned for him.

When he saw it, his mind did flip flops in his head. He had no idea what to do next. Here was the slut of his dreams and I had a cock. It made this Catholic Italian lose his mind for the Pendik Masöz Escort moment.

He backed into the copier and said, “What the fuck?”

I giggled as I continued to stroke. “Didn’t Daddy tell you I was a boi?” I asked. “I thought that you were into me, Mr. Carbroni. Is that position still open at your company?” I grinned, my lips and teeth still covered in his cum.

At that moment, Daddy came in, roaring with laughter. “Tony, I got it all on tape, including a beautiful image of Lauren’s cock head sticking out of her panties as she fucked you with her mouth. Now, I’m about to fuck you with mine. You either get on board with our merger, or I’m going to send this video to your wife, your priest, your children, and your shareholders. You have 24 hours to get me the paperwork. Now, put away your fucking cock and get out!”

Anthony was stunned. He couldn’t believe he’d been taken so easily. He stammered a few words but most of it didn’t make any sense. A few minutes later, he was in the elevator, zipping his trousers.

Daddy smiled and told me what a good job I’d done, then he told me to take off my clothes and follow him to his office. I did so, wearing nothing but my heels. Some would have been afraid of being seen, but not me. I was proud. I was a whore and I’d whored myself out to help Daddy win big time. Nothing could stop me now.

Daddy showed me to his private bath and told me to wash up. When I got out of the shower, he offered me a black silk robe to wear, then he hugged me close.

“Thank you, Lauren,” said Daddy. “You were perfect.” He kissed me hard, his tongue caressing my own, but this time more gently than other times. He broke the kiss and licked his lips. “And now it’s time for your reward, young lady,” he said.

Much to my surprise, Daddy pushed me back into a chair and he reached for a bottle of lube on his desk. He opened my robe and drizzled the lube all over my clittycock and balls. He used his left hand to rub it in and he slowly began stroking my cock.

I groaned loudly and pushed my delicate rod into his hand. He used his other hand to fondle my balls, then he slipped it underneath me and pulled out my plug. He reached back down to finger my sloppy cunt. He quickly found my prostate and he forced gobs of precum to gush from my clit. Oh my fucking god! It felt sooooo gooood.

“Ohhhhhhh Dadddddddyyyyyyy,” I moaned. Daddy brought me right to the edge of an orgasm and then removed his hands. My clittycock bobbed in the air, aching for release.

Daddy smiled. “Do you want to cum for me, babygurl?” he asked.

I drooled when I moaned my “Yes, pleeeeeeeeeease, Daddddddyyyyyyyyy!”

“Not yet,” said Daddy as he watched me writhing in the chair. I lost myself and reached for my cock, but Daddy slapped my hand away. He walked around his desk and returned with some black leather cuffs. He cuffed my wrists and ankles and used the snap links to tie me to the chair. Now, no matter how badly I needed to stroke my little quivering clit, I’d be unable to. “There you go, slut. Now, let’s see how long I can keep you on that edge.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh my god!” I moaned as he began stroking and finger fucking me again. He leaned over and bit my nipples and licked the sweat off my neck and chest. When I was close again, he stood back to observe. I could feel my mind dripping out of my clittycock. I writhed on the chair, rubbing my gaping cunt against the leather that was now slick with lube and sweat.

This process was repeated for what felt like forever. I would get close to cumming and Daddy would stop me. Over and over again until I lost all track of who I was and what planet I was on. All I could feel was lust and an overwhelming desire to cum. I closed my eyes and let my drooling tongue hang out of my open mouth.

Daddy said, “Lauren, you are one of a kind,” then he spat in my open, moaning mouth.

I gulped down that deliciously warm saliva and I begged for more. My eyes rolled back in my head as Daddy slapped my hard cock with his hands. Daddy knew it was at that moment that I truly became his property. Not just his fucktoy or his lover, but his slave, willing to do anything for his pleasure and anyone else he commanded me to serve.

Finally, Daddy asked, “Are you ready to cum for me, babygurl?”

I groaned an almost indecipherable, “PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE!!”

With that, Daddy lowered his mouth to my sissy cock and sucked me into his mouth, balls deep. He tongued my balls and finger fucked my asscunt until I could take no more. I literally screamed like I was being murdered as I unleashed the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. It felt like my little balls were pumping out gallons of cum.

Daddy held my sissy semen in his mouth until I was nothing but a quivering mess tied in that chair. Then he leaned over and kissed the entire load into my moaning slut mouth. I swallowed my cum, licking it off of Daddy’s mouth and tongue until I was finally sated. I nearly passed out as Daddy kissed me.

“Good gurl,” he said.

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