Not What He Expected

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Luke lived in the big city of Toronto and was beginning to get a reputation in the area of being a bit of a womanizer. He would regularly pick up women at bars, fuck them and then never talk to them again. Luke was a good looking fit guy with short blond hair and a large muscular body. Luke also had a reputation of teasing, bullying and humiliating many of the gay men that lived in his area.

It was a regular Saturday afternoon and Luke was walking to the gym to get a workout and a tan before getting ready to hit the club at night. As Luke was walking down the side walk he was passing two gay males who were holding hands as they were walking. Luke stuck his foot out tripping one of them causing him to fall to the sidewalk skinning his knee. Luke laughed as he shrugged his shoulders toward the two of them as if he was saying what are you going to do about it. Luke walked off as he shouted faggots and continued on the way to the gym.

Luke was only a few blocks away from his gym when he was walking past The Hilton Hotel café. As he was walking past the patio area of the café he noticed a gorgeous blond sitting at a table on her own drinking a coffee. As Luke was passing there eyes met and he decided he would introduce himself.

The gorgeous blond smiled and introduced herself as Amity. Amity laughed as Luke told her his name and she explained that she already knew who he was. Luke was puzzled and asked if they had met before and she explained that they hadn’t but she always wanted to meet him. Right then Luke knew he would not be going to the gym today and had decided he would fuck this whore for his cardio workout for the day.

Amity was average height with a gorgeous fit thin body, she was wearing bright blue yoga tights and a tight white tank top that showed off her gorgeous C cup breasts.

Amity didn’t waste much time as she picked up her cup of coffee and said she Pendik Olgun Escort was going to head up to her hotel room. As she started walking away she looked back catching Luke staring at her perfect ass as she was walking away. Amity laughed and invited Luke to join her and without delay Luke followed her.

The two of them got in the elevator and as soon as the door shut Amity immediately started French kissing Luke and grabbing his cock through his athletic shorts. Luke was enjoying every ounce of the attention as the elevator stopped at the 7th floor and the two quickly entered the hotel room. Luke was amazed how strong Amity was as she shoved him back on the bed and quickly jumped on top of him continuing to kiss him.

Amity held Lukes arms down on the bed above is head as she continued to kiss and bite his lower lip. Luke was loving every minute of it and laid back, relaxed and enjoyed the attention. Suddenly without warning Luke heard two clicks and could feel something cold and hard on both of his wrists. Right then Luke realized that Amity had handcuffed both of his wrists to the rod iron headboard of the bed.

Luke told Amity he wasn’t cool with this and preferred to be in control in the bedroom. Amity laughed and taunted Luke telling him he wouldn’t be in control today as she kneeled over him straddling his torso. Luke started pulling at the handcuffs but quickly realized they were on super tight and the headboard was bolted secure. There was no breaking free.

As he did that Amity inched up so she was straddling his head this her knees on either side of Luke’s head. Amity grabbed the top of her tight yoga pants as she put her other hand over Luke’ eyes. Luke started to shout at Amity calling her a bitch and telling her to get the fucking cuffs off of him.

Without warning as Luke was shouting he felt a big round cock hit his mouth and Pendik Sarışın Escort drive back to his throat making him gag. Luke was there gaging and attempting to scream through the cock but all that was heard was a light muffle. Amity released Luke’s eyes and he stared straight up at Amity’s gorgeous body as he realized that he was being throat fucked by Amity the Shemale.

Luke kicked, struggled, twisted and screamed as he was trying to free himself from the situation. Amity just laughed taunting Luke and telling him to keep screaming because it felt great on her cock. Amity kept asking Luke if he realized he was a faggot yet because he was so good at sucking dick.

Luke continued to struggle and try to free himself but started to realize there was no escape. Luke lay there helpless as Amity ramped up the brutal throat fucking as she was slamming her cock faster and deeper into Luke’s mouth. Luke laying there helpless as he could feel Amity’s smooth waxed balls slamming into his chin as his forehead and nose was smacking against Amity’s pelvis and abs.

Luke still screaming and struggling for all he was worth as his throat was repeatedly being pounded by Amity big hard shecock. Amity continued to mock and taunt Luke as she continued throat fucking him at a feverish pace.

Amity began to scream and shout as she was thrusting her cock deeper and deeper down Luke’s throat. Luke knew what was happening as his worst nightmare was happening to him. Luke knew Amity was about to explode into his mouth and throat and there was nothing he could do about it. Right then Amity slammed her cock deep into his throat and Luke could feel the warm cum explode from her cock and flow down his throat and into his stomach.

Amity laughed and told Luke to drink up as her cock pulsed in his throat spewing a massive load straight down his throat. The last drops of Pendik Şişman Escort cum drained down his throat as Amity pulled her cock out leaving just the tip in his mouth. Amity stroked her cock milking the last drops into his mouth.

Amity pulled her cock out of Luke’s mouth as she quickly pinched his nose and held his mouth shut ordering him to swallow. Luke had no choice but to swallow as he was struggling for air. Once Luke gulped down every last drop she released Luke’s head and stood back at the side of the bed looking at her prize.

Luke lay there coughing and gagging. Amity began to explain to Luke that she was an escort and had been working out of the room for several days. Luke still coughing and gagging was puzzled by the comments.

Amity reached down picking up an open mouth gag and slammed it into Luke’s mouth before he could even react. Luke was puzzled by the act as she had already blown her load into his mouth what more did she have planned. The mouth gag was unique as it attached to his outstretched arms making it so he could not close his mouth or move his head.

Amity reached down picking up the garbage can that was next to the bed. Amity explained to Luke how she and her clients over the past few days had some gifts for Luke as he has been so rude to everyone in the city.

Amity began to pull cum filled condoms out of the garbage can and started empty them into Luke’s open mouth. Luke was screaming but couldn’t do anything as she was empty condom after condom of cum into his mouth. Luke’s mouth filled to the top as he wanted so badly to spit it out but to no avail.

Amity laughed and grabbed a pair of her dirty thongs and laid the ass portion of the thong neatly over Luke’s nostrils. This way with every breath Luke sniffed Amity’s ass.

Amity finished dressing and began to walk out of the room as she shouted back to Luke. She told Luke to enjoy sniffing her ass while he drank down that mouthful of cum. Amity told Luke she would be back when he had finished guzzling all of the cum in his mouth.

Right then Luke heard the door click shut as he lay there sniffing shitty panties with god knows who’s cum in his mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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