She’s Not Hazel

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My family had hired Maria awhile back a live-in housekeeper. She was from some small town in Brazil and was brought here through some charity from the church. She is only in her late 20’s and is extremely attractive. she looks just like one of those girls you see party on E! Wild On, Her skin has a perpetual tan that most people would kill for. She has curly, jet black hair that goes past her shoulders. Now, her body is nearly perfect. She is about 5’6″ and hardly has any fat on her. Her ass is perfect. It has that bubble shape to it that pays for porn stars houses. It is big but not fat. It has a perfect apple shape. You just want to grab it. She has a small chest but her tits are really perky, when she is working around the house she doesn’t need to wear a bra.

Mom doesn’t have her wear a maid’s outfit just normal clothes. She is treated like a member of the family, rather than an employee. Over the year that she has been with us I have grown quite fond of her. I love the way she talks. With her accent she almost sounds like a snake. “Yesss, meester SSteeve.” She will always call us mister or misses no matter how much we protest. I have talked to her about the family she left behind and how much she misses her sisters. She tells me how lonely she gets since she never goes out. the routine she keeps is that she does her house work and in the evening she will go out running, firming up her perfect ass, and then fall asleep watching Spanish TV. I have tried to get her to go out with friends but she resist. I tell her how pretty she is and if she goes out she is bound to meet someone nice. She always smiles and gives me a peck on the cheek before she says no.

As time has gone by my fondness has turned to desire. I have seen her walk around in cut-offs and tank tops too many times not to be affected. I just want to bend her over and start pounding. One night I went out with some friends and had a couple of beers. Try as I might, I come home alone, unfortunately and had a slight case of blue balls. As I am walking to my room I walk by the room that Maria has. I decide to go talk to her since the TV is on. The TV is on but she isn’t , she is asleep on the couch in her room. Looking down on her she is a vision.

She is wearing a pair of short cut-offs and a white tank Kurtköy Yabancı Escort top. The top is very shear and I can see the outline of her nipples. She has dark areolas that are small. But her nipples as they are very visible. She shifts and one of them poke out of the side of her shirt. I try not to say anything in fear of her waking. I desperately want to reach out and grab it and then suck on it. Seeing her tit is having an effect on me. I can feel my dick getting harder and harder. I rub it a little through my jeans but that does more harm than good. I can’t resist continuing to rub it. But seeing her like this I can’t help it.

I don’t know if it’s the beer or just hormones, but I am feeling very brave. I slowly unzip my pants and take out my cock. I can feel it throbbing just looking at her. Slowly my hand goes up and down the shaft easily since the pre-cum has started. I unbutton my jeans to allow more freedom and no my balls can get out. I keep looking at her while I jack myself. Very slowly up and down I pump as I stare at her tits with the nipples like erasers. She turns on her side and I get a perfect view of her ass. I start pumping a little faster as I stare and try not to reach out and grab it. The cum bubbling must be giving be courage as I try something that could really backfire. Maria has shifted again so she is lying on her back on the couch. I tiptoe over to her with my cock out. I keep slowly pumping as I stare at her lips. She has these nice full lips. I keep staring at her lips as I guide my cock to her.

I lower it as it rests lig. I get greedy and try to push more in and that is when she wakes up. Her eyes open and she sees me with my pants unzipped with my hard cock staring at her in her face. Before she can say anything I apologize and say how attractive I have always found her and when I saw her laying like that I couldn’t resist. She looks down to see her tits sticking out and just how hard her nipples are and she smiles.

“Meester Ssteeve, your cock is so lovely. It is soo big.” She is right I do have a great cock, it’s 8 inches and thick. She is still staring at it as the tip of her tongue lightly licks her lips. I think her time alone is catching up to her. I am still standing with my cock out as she is laying Kurtköy Yeni Escort on the couch. She starts to sit up and I go to back up. Before I can take a full step she takes my dick in her hand. She uses it to pull me back to her and pulls the head right back to her mouth. She slowly takes the head in and sucks on it. This sends shivers up my spine. She keeps sucking on it as she takes more and more in. Sucking it up and down as she works down the shaft. She then starts to work backwards and takes less and less in each suck, until she is at the head.

“Meester Ssteeve, it has been too long.” she says as she opens up her mouth and sticks the whole cock in her mouth. It is the most enjoyable sensation I have ever had. I hold her head on my cock as I feel the back of her throat on my head. She starts bobbing faster and faster giving me the best blowjob. I take the hands off her head and grab her nipples. I start to pinch them and roll them in between my fingers. She lets out a moan in between the gulps. I keep playing with each of her nips when I see the object of my desire, her ass. I reach down and grab a handful, she shifts her weight so I can get a good one. Her expert blowjob is about to get a payoff. I don’t want to cum yet so I figure I should repay her by eating her pussy out. I start to push down her shorts when she pulls my cock out of her mouth. “No, pleeze stick your big cock in my ass, meester Ssteeve.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. I step back as she bends over the back of the couch. She slides of her shorts revealing the thong. Her ass is so good it should be illegal. I take of my pants and shirt and she turns around to look at me. she smiles as she suck on one of her fingers. With her other hand she pulls the thong aside and sticks that finger in her ass. My cock leaps at this site. She slides the finger in and out a couple of times a she motions me over. She grabs my dick and puts up against her backdoor entrance. I slowly push it in as she starts moaning more and more. Slowly more goes in “Your cock is so big. My ass feels so good.” I slide more and more in and her ass is getting more lubed up.

I can now slowly start to pump in and out, in and out, faster and faster. She is starting to pant “yes, yes, more, more,” My Kurtköy Masaj Salonu balls are starting to slap against her as I really start to fuck her ass. Her ass is so tight but so great. I reach around and grab her tits with both of my hands as I keep sticking it in and out. I want to kiss her lips but the way we are I can’t get to her mouth. I want to suck on her giant nipples too.

As I continue to keep my dick in her perfect ass I spin her around and lie down on the couch so we are face to face. I do this quick and am able to keep up the ass pounding pace. I go to play with her clit when I see it. Sticking out of the front of her thong is her dick. She has a hard-on. My eyes get as big as dish plates when see begs “Pleeze keep fucking meee.” I come this far so I guess there is no turning back now. As I continue fucking her I figure she is a she-male. Seeing pictures on the boxcovers at the video store some look just as good as “real” women, especially the one I was fucking now.

I lean in and take a nipple in my mouth and bite the nipple. She lets out a “Yes, yes.” as she holds my head to her chest. I move over and do the same with the other one. I can feel her cock against my stomach. I grind my stomach against her dick and it gets bigger. I sit back up and she reaches down and starts pumping her own dick. It’s not as big as mine but it has to be about 6 inches with decent girth. Seeing her do this is such a turn-on. I can feel my dick getting harder inside her ass. She start pumping faster and faster on her own dick until she arches her back and send a cum stream on her stomach. Several small one come next as she comes down from her orgasm. I am still pumping her ass hard but I am about to explode. She can tell as she is pushing herself on my dick. Ramming her big ass on my cock, harder and harder. I am about to cum and she sits up and grabs my cock in her hand. “Pleeze give it to me. I need it soo bad.” She pumps at couple of more times and then takes it all the way in her mouth.

That was all I could take. I started shooting stream after stream of hot cum against the back of her throat. She kept sucking and swallowed every drop. She sucked on my dick as it started to go limp. Taking out of her mouth and licking it in the sides. Our breathing started to slow down as we collected ourselves. I sat down next to her on the couch as she leaned into me. “Thank you, I haven’t done that seence I left home.” I smiled as started to think about the incredible sex I had just had. I then thought that she has a dick. As I turn to her she says “let me explain.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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