The Inspector

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It had been a long day and a very hot day as well. The heat of the day had sapped most of my energy so that when my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep almost immediately.

I felt a movement in the bed and hands began to pull down my boxer shorts which was all I had been wearing.

At the time, I was living with Marianne who was a nurse who worked shifts. At times, she came home at the end of her shift at midnight. Sometimes I would wait up for her but usually, I would go to bed.

It was nothing for Marianne to want sex when she arrived home.

As I raised my hips to allow my boxer shorts to be removed, I began to wake up. I next felt my penis and balls being massaged, followed by a mouth being placed over my now erect penis.

This began to wake me even more. But wait, something was wrong. I was not at home and it could not Marianne. I raised my head and looked down. I could not believe it.


At the time, I was a detective working in the fraud squad. My supervisor was a female Inspector named Pam. I had been working in the squad for about a year and I got on reasonably well with her although she was much senior to me.

Pam was in her early thirties, was about 5 ft 10 inches, with a slim build. She had a shapely body with apparently small tits. She had short straight brown hair and green eyes. She was reasonably attractive but being an Inspector, was quite out of my league. I was twenty-two. I knew that she was in a long-term relationship with a senior government administrator.

I had been working with her on a case which eventually required investigations at a number of out of town locations. We set out early one Monday morning and drove to the first location about 200kms away. Our first stop was the local police. Pam asked me to arrange a motel room for the two of us.

“You don’t mind if we share a room?”, asked Pam. I was surprised but had no problem with that.

We checked into the room, later in the evening. It came with a double and single bed.

We walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. When we returned to the motel, I opened a bottle of wine which we drank while organizing our appointments for the following days.

When it was time to go to bed, Pam told me to go first. I had a shower, dressed in boxer short pyjamas and went to bed. Pam went into the bathroom İstanbul Escort and some time later, returned to the room, wearing an opaque nightdress. We slept in separate beds.

This was OK with me as Pam was much senior to me and I did not want to get involved in any office romance. She was also about ten years my senior.

In the morning, Pam woke early and dressed in the bathroom. I did likewise.

During the day we worked together with Pam being the senior as Detective Inspector and myself as a Detective Constable.

There had been virtually no change in our relationship although we were spending all of the time together.

The following two days went as same as the first day. On the third day, the weather had been very hot and we had a long day working. It really sapped my energy so I went to bed early and fell asleep almost instantly. Pam was in the bathroom when I went to sleep.


It was quite a surprise to see Pam working on my penis. She was massaging my balls with one hand and holding my penis with the other while she moved up and down my penis.

At first I was hesitant to move until lust took over. I raised my head and shoulders so I could reach down and run my hand through her hair.

I reached down further to massage her back before I moved my hands around her body and took a tit in each hand. They were slightly larger than I had anticipated. As I took hold of her tits through her nightdress, there was an audible intake of breath.

Pam continued to work on my penis.

I decided to be more adventurous and took hold of the nightdress, pulling it up her body. Pam let go of my penis and raised her arms to allow me to remove the nightdress.

I knew that if Pam continued, I would orgasm very quickly so I thought I would change the pace. I place my hands under her armpits and pulled her up. At the same time, I moved Pam sideways so that she was on her back. I straddled her and began to work on her tits. There was little lighting in the room but I could see that although Pam’s tits were not that big, she had very puffy nipples. As I began to work on her tits and body, Pam appeared satisfied to allow me to take over.

I moved over her body, kissing and licking most parts of her body, apparently to the satisfaction of Pam. At times, she directed Anadolu Yakası Escort me to areas of her body where she wanted attention. She was still wearing her knickers which were white, bikini style.

I moved down her body and took hold of both sides of her knickers. Pam immediately raised her hips to allow for their removal. After I removed them. Pam spread her legs so that I was between them.

In the dim lighting I could see that there was a small tuft of pubic hair, below which were protruding lips.

I leant down and lightly ran my tongue over her lips. There was another audible intake of breath from Pam. She brought both knees up and spread her legs even more.

I continued working on her pussy, all the while, hearing sounds of appreciation from Pam.

She commenced to moan followed by, “Yes, yes, yes”.

Pam had an orgasm during which she grabbed my head and pulled me in to her.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me.

I broke away and commenced work on her tits. I kneeled between her legs and used the tip of my penis to massage her pussy and clit.

Pam locked her leg around me and pulled me into her. We fucked for some time before we both had an orgasm, during which Pam moaned loudly.

She held me in her for some time before releasing me. I moved beside her as Pam held me close to her. I dropped off to sleep.

During the night I awoke. Pam was on her side with her back to me. I had a raging hardon so I did the most obvious thing. I slipped it into her from behind, reaching around to cup one of her tits with one hand and massage her clit with the other.

Pam did not move for some time but eventually began to thrust back on my penis. She had another noisy orgasm and apparently went back to sleep.

When I next awoke, it was morning. I was alone in the bed. Pam was dressed in her nightdress, sitting at the desk, going through some documents.

I fished around the bed to find my boxer shorts, pulling them on before I got out of bed. I approached Pam who looked up. I kissed her on the cheek while saying, “Thank you”.

As I was bending down to kiss her on the cheek, I felt her hands on both sides of the boxer shorts which she then slipped off so I was naked.

“Let me look at you”, she said, remaining seated.

“Turn around Kartal Escort for me”, she said, pinching my butt.

“Nice tight butt”.

I felt like I was a stud bull being inspected.

As I turned around to face her, Pam reached down to my balls, lightly raking her fingernails over the underside of my scrotum, saying, “Nice balls”, as she did so.

My penis was limp at the time but was firming up very quickly. Pam continued to massage my balls and took hold of my penis with her other hand.

“Nice looking penis”, Pam said, before placing the end in her mouth.

She then proceeded to give me the most mind blowing blowjob I had ever received. Pam would not allow me to do anything. She wanted me to stand there and enjoy her ministrations.

I had the most incredible orgasm, during which Pam took the full load in her mouth without spilling a drop. She also sucked all of my energy so that I was reduced to supporting myself on her shoulders.

Pam lead me into the bathroom. She pulled off her nightdress which was all she had been wearing. She then pulled me into the shower.

I washed Pam down and she washed me down.

When we got out of the shower I grabbed a towel and began to dry Pam down. I worked away from the top and kissed the parts of her body as I did so. Pam just stood there while I dried her.

I kissed her neck, her tits, her navel at which time, Pam pushed down on my shoulders so that I was level with her pussy. She indicated her needs by raising one leg, placing her foot on a stool, apparently to give me better access to her pussy.

I started licking her pussy. Her lips were protruding quite a bit. Another idea crossed my mind. I laid down on the bath mat and pulled Pam down to me so that she was on her knees, straddling my head with her pussy at my lips. I continued servicing Pam’s pussy. At the same time, I reached up and began to massage and pinch her tits. It was obvious that this was to her liking.

Pam began to move her hips and pushing down, moaning louder and louder until she had an orgasm. After she did so, he moved forward so that she was resting on her hands.

She stayed there for several minutes until she recovered.

“You are quite a surprise packet. That was incredible”, she said.

Pam dressed in front of me. To me it was as erotic as a strip tease.

We booked out of the motel as we intended winding up our investigations during the day and then return home.

During the day, we reverted to our formal roles, Inspector and Constable as though nothing had happened, although we were very busy during the night.

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