All of the Above

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And so it begins . . .

Woke up this morning with your dick pressed up against my ass, still sticky from last night’s extensive, exhaustive fuckin’. I could feel it awakening from its’ soft sleepy state, stretching and yawning back to life. My ass responds in kind, nestling up against it, enjoying the wake-up call.

But, in that early morning haze, with my eyes still closed, I find myself smiling when I realize that EVERY fucking muscle in my body aches — a not-so-subtle reminder of the intensity of the previous nights’ session. Is it bad that only makes me want to continue where we left off?

The rest of our bodies join in on the arousal process; legs stretching, arms extending, nerve endings waking up. For some reason, these non-erotic, non-sexual moves send an instantaneous jolt through my pussy, and I gasp. What was THAT?!

I’m suddenly aware that, even though we basically passed out from fucking the night before, there’s no doubt we’re gonna start out the day the same way. I’m not even fully awake yet but, I’m awake enough to have THAT thought!

Still spooning me from behind, you pull me tight up against the length of your body, and I involuntarily let out a sigh.

Almost instinctively, unconsciously, half-asleep, you reach for my tits, tweaking those nipples, squeezing, pulling, tugging them back to full attention — making me squirm — already!

Since you can’t suck on them, instead, you suck at my neck — hard — stopping to take a quick bite here and there. My pussy arches up in response. No doubt there will be marks. (funny how that thought enters my consciousness.)

Somehow (apparently unbeknownst to me!), that dick has managed to slide in between my legs. Not up IN my pussy but, gliding back and forth in that warm wet fleshy area between my thighs, outside my pussy — kind of like a preview of things to come.

From my vantage point, I can even see that glistening head popping in and out from between my legs . . . now you see it, now you don’t! I want to grab at it but, get the feeling I’m not supposed to touch.

There’s no need for lubrication — plenty of juice still pooled up in that pussy from last night’s activities and, combined with what’s currently spewing forth, that’s definitely not an issue.

However, that’s definitely a sign it’s time to regroup. This is getting way too stimulating, way too soon. It’s nowhere NEAR time yet. It’s barely just begun . . .

With just a 1/4 flip, I’m suddenly on my hands and knees with my ass up in the air, head on the bed, and you’re kneeling from behind, trying to decide on your next move. Toys? Fingering? Tonguing? Slow and tauntingly seductive? Hard and penetrative fucking? All of the above?

You’re considering your options as you run your hands provocatively over my back and behind. When you lean forward to massage my neck and shoulders, that hard-ass dick “accidentally” brushes up against my pussy, setting off tremors deep within those walls.

But, while you continue to contemplate your choices, caressing my curves, you leave me waiting and wanting for what seems like an eternity. My ass is rockin’ back and forth in anticipation, begging for SOME kind of attention.

You apparently decide on the second option because, without warning, you run your fingers, front to back, through all that juice, darting across my clit, around my pussy, up my ass. I literally have to stop and catch my breath at your initial invasion . . . which only emboldens you to escalate things.

The next time through, you stroke that clit a little harder, a little longer — enticing it out of its’ hiding place. You run your fingers around that sopping wet hole again . . . and again . . . and again . . . making it want for more. You slide a pussy-wet finger up and down my crack, leaving me wondering.

I’m trying SO hard to maintain but, the constant flow of juice from my pussy gives Kartal Ukraynalı Escort me away. How can I possibly be enjoying this somewhat basic, ‘third-base’ type-of-action SO FUCKING MUCH? I want to cum SO bad but, NOT cumming is SO good.

Thankfully, you FINALLY give that pussy something to grab on to, starting off with two fingers abruptly inserted up that hole. I freeze in place as you ram up in there, trying to maintain that intense sensation as long as I can (and trying not to cum)! My pussy’s holding on for dear life! The fact that it also “hurts so good”, only heightens the fierceness of the moment. Lord help me!

Shivers are running up and down my spine as that pussy backs up on your fingers, hoping to encourage them to dig even deeper. You respond, adding a third, and grind your fist into my pelvis, plowing those wriggling digits way up in that wet cavern, like you’re digging for buried treasure. DEEP gasp.

That sets off an internal quaking I’ve never felt before. But . . . pretty sure that wasn’t an orgasm. So, if I didn’t cum, then what the fuck WAS that?! My pussy is on fire, throbbing, and dripping wet, and I still haven’t cum?! And, why am I smiling over that revelation?

Because . . . that means the best is YET to ‘cum’.

But, for the time being, all I know is, I want/need that dick NOW — period — end of sentence. You apparently also know that and, are apparently willing to oblige me, but . . . apparently when YOU say so.

In a move worthy of the World Wrestling Federation, you flip me over so I’m now flat on my back. You’ve actually got me pinned on the bed, arms above my head. We’re face-to-face for the first time. That move alone takes my breath away, ‘cuz I know where this is heading. Or, at least I think I do. (is it too late to ‘tap out’?)

Out of nowhere, you force that thick dick up in my wounded pussy, and pull right back out. That’s it?! That’s all I get?!

You sit up, straddling me, rubbing that big black, now pussy-wet, dick on my tits, enveloping it between those fleshy mounds, fucking them.

That engorged head pops out from between, sometimes inches away from my mouth, and my tongue reaches out, wanting so bad to taste it but, being denied the pleasure.

You’re watching this dance intently, and I almost feel like I shouldn’t be watching you like I am. The look in your eyes gives me goose bumps.

Then I realize why . . .

You reach for something above me — what’s that ‘jangling’ noise?

Uh-oh . . .

One of my deepest darkest desires . . . one of my deepest darkest fears. I shudder at the prospect but, also can’t deny that my pussy arches up as soon as I feel the cold metal of the handcuffs being placed around my wrists.

A chill runs through me as I willingly, docilely, let you take away that fundamental part of me. Not only am I now at your complete disposal but, what path is this taking me down? What doors am I opening?

It’s like I’ve reached some point of no return, where there’s no turning back. Extremely exciting (I can feel my nipples spontaneously combusting) but, extremely fearful at the same time (which, somehow, only seems to add to the excitement).

Am I ready for this? Do I really want this?

yes . . .

So, now that I’ve been properly prevented from interfering in ‘the process’ and, just to torment me, you begin by licking your way down my body, starting at my neck, tracing a line down to my tits, leaving a few more marks along the way.

You grab at my voluptuous DDs and squeeze them together tight, so you can tongue and suck on both nipples at the same time. You actually make me cry out when you scrape them hard across your teeth. OMG! It can not possibly get any more intense than this!

You continue running your tongue down my torso, even arousingly tongue-fucking my navel. But, you’re heading for uncharted Kartal Üniversiteli Escort territory — never have had a really good pussy-lickin’, and my thighs are already quivering at the thought; my hips are gently rocking back and forth in anticipation. However . . . here comes a twist I hadn’t thought of . . .

You stop for a minute in order to restrain my legs, which means I’m now spread-eagle on the bed. Whoa . . . wasn’t expecting that! What have I gotten myself into?!

The fear factor level begins to rise . . . until I recognize that I didn’t offer any resistance to, or object to, or refuse to succumb to, this confinement in any way shape or form . . . hmmmm . . . what does THAT say?!

My pussy is now WIDE open — totally at your command, which I find somewhat surprisingly freeing. Can’t decide why this is so powerfully erotic. Is it because I’m not ABLE to resist or, because I don’t WANT to resist?

It’s not that I desire to be forced into doing things I don’t want to do; it’s that I want to be forced (coerced, coaxed) into doing things I apparently desire (and maybe some things I don’t even know I desire?)

As a result of my new position, you’re kneeling in the expanse between my wide-spread legs, while I just lay there, splayed out, totally exposed, anxiously awaiting whatever comes next.

But again, just to torment me, you start stroking that drenched hole, flicking at it, teasingly dipping just the tip of your finger inside, keeping your eyes on me the whole time.

You even cruelly run that rock-hard dick across my pussy lips, just to give it a tantalizing taste. I think somewhere in here is where I cross that ‘point of no return’, because I’m only aware of the exquisitely profound, non-stop, powerfully assertive physical sensations running rampant through my body right now.

Actually not even thinking; there is no conscious thought of right or wrong, good or bad, day or night, up or down — just the primal urge to satisfy that deeply ingrained ‘itch’.

So when your tongue unexpectedly hits my clit for the first time, it literally feels like a jolt of electricity zapping me. I’m totally taken aback. Didn’t think anything could feel like THAT! I thrust my pussy up for more, but all I can do is lie there, and take whatever you choose to dish out.

Your tongue flicks back and forth at that protruding clit, which makes it (and me) literally want to burst. You slide down a little, cultivating that protective furrow, digging deeper and harder with each pass, urging that throbbing clit (and me) even further out of the comfort zone.

I’m writhing against my restraints but, only because I want to participate, not because I want you to stop — Oh GOD, no! It’s like I’m in some other dimension where I’m only allowed to receive extreme pleasure; that’s MY contribution to this exquisite process.

A few more expertly-placed pokes, and you’ve got me squirting — twice! I can hear myself moaning, but it doesn’t sound like me. Like an out-of-body experience. That pussy’s been wanting this SO bad.

But, THIS is beyond my comprehension — how does that small appendage make that pussy DO those things, FEEL those things??! You’ve moved on down, and are playing in that dripping wet hole now, sucking and tonguing and, God only knows what else is going on down there!

Noises are coming out of my mouth I’ve never heard before. I’m thrusting and rocking and basically fucking your face as your tongue digs in deeper; you grab my ass and pull me in even tighter and, OH. MY. GOD.

It’s SO extreme, intense, all-encompassing, not even sure I’m bothering to breathe. And it just goes on, and on, and on, and on . . . My legs are shaking, my pussy is spasming, my whole body is shuddering, the juice is flowing out of me like a river flooding its’ banks. I’m weak, limp and spent . . . yet, somehow, it ain’t over . . . I still Kartal Vip Escort want that dick.

You gently free my legs from the restraints — not sure I even notice. You reach up and release my wrists from their bonds too — for some reason, I seem to find that move almost oddly disconcerting.

You lay next to me for a minute, gently stroking my body to ease me down a bit, when you speak for the first time: “This is what you’ve been wanting, isn’t it?”

Still in that dazed, after fuckin’ state of mind, I manage an affirmative moan.

“No, I want you to answer me. You like this, don’t you?”

I turn my head towards you, so we’re eye-to-eye and, almost little-girl-like, just say, “yes”.

With your eyes locked on mine, you maneuver yourself on top of me. Has the time finally come?! My pussy actually kind of leaps at the thought.

But instead, you mount my hips, pinning them down — just when they were ready to get moving! That hard-ass, long, thick, black dick that I want so bad, is just resting on top of my mound, extending past my navel, taunting me. So close, but yet, so far . . . Why isn’t it inside me???

You’re running your hands over my body — ravaging my tits, then passionately caressing my sweaty skin, watching me intently. You know I am SO ready, but you’re SO enjoying watching me squirm, making me wait. You lean down, whispering in my ear, “You want this, don’t you?”

I manage a meek, “yes.”

You switch to the other ear, “The thought of what this dick can do to you excites you, doesn’t it?”

DEEP sigh . . . “Oh GOD, yes.” . . . the truth comes out . . . makes me tremble.

And then, you finally slide that big hot throbbing cock up inside me, stopping momentarily, allowing time for that pussy to melt around it.

We’re holding so still, I can feel your dick, and my pussy, beating. This is obviously going to be slow, hard, and intense and, no doubt, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I am BEYOND ready.

You’re lying flat on top of me now; I like how that feels. Kinda powerful. You slowly, purposefully, start grinding that dick up in that hot wet pussy, as deep as you can get; touching bottom, sending shockwaves through me. Oh yeah . . .

It’s begun . . .

You move your hips a bit, hitting a whole new hot spot, just as intense as the last, and the grinding begins all over again — and happens again and again and again . . .

Every single inch of my pussy seems to be an erogenous zone right now. I’m seriously not sure how much more of this I can take, when you raise yourself above me, dick still inside me, and assume “the position” — time for the REAL fuckin’ to begin.

You take that first, hard, deep plunge into my pussy and I’m pretty sure I scream. Can’t describe it. Not painful — but SO powerful. You pound that dick into my pussy again, and the reaction is the same, only now I can hear myself softly moaning, “oh my God, oh my God, oh my God” . . . Always wondered why I like it so hard like that. I just do.

You’re plowing SO far up inside me, you’ve GOT to be fucking my cervix. With every stroke you take, I can feel your balls spanking my ass, intensifying the impact. The power of your thrusts slamming into my pelvis only makes me want it harder, and takes me to a point where I can’t even breathe. God, I’ve been SO wanting this. For years! Can’t believe it’s actually happening.

And, just when I thought there was no other peak to reach, I feel the unexpected presence of an unfamiliar object in an, as yet, unexplored place.

Takes me a minute to comprehend but, just the thought of what’s going on takes me to a whole different level. Then, when you turn that anal probe on, buzzing full-speed, that just takes me over the top.

I can feel the vibrations from it in my ass, vibrating against your dick, which transfers to my pussy, bouncing back and forth and back and forth.

Whoa Whoa Whoa . . . I can honestly say I’m creaming at this point in time, from both orifices. Waves are sweeping through me, top to bottom, undulating from inside to out; there’s grunting and groaning and clawing and grasping and SUCH intensity . . .

So THAT’S what it feels like . . .

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