Allison’s Addiction Ch. 07

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It was somewhat before 7:00 am when I woke up. It was dark in my room, but I could hear the soft breathing of a sleeping female in my bed and I could feel one of her legs draped over mine, as well as one of her hands resting limply on my torso, just between my breasts.

“Nat?” I asked groggily, assuming that the identity of my bedmate was my teenage neighbor, Natasha Sorokko. I didn’t remember last night very well, but Natasha was sort of my official lover these days, even though I was ostensibly straight.

“Wugh?” the female replied sleepily. She was half-awake and very inarticulate, however, I still recognized Natasha’s voice.

My relationship with Natasha was complicated. I was supposed to be her lesbian sex-slave, and she was supposed to be my mistress. She was also supposed to be my girlfriend. As a result, sometimes she was very cruel and strict with me, other times she was very kind and affectionate.

As part of my “slave training” I’m supposed to be tied spread-eagle every night, so there’s no danger of me touching myself and masturbating to orgasm. Apparently, Natasha and I had fallen asleep the night before, and the requisite bondage had just never happened.

Fragments of the previous night came back to me as I became more awake.

Chloe had gone to bed, while Natasha and I went into my room and talked for hours. Of course, Natasha was fully clothed, while I was stark naked. That was also part of my slave training.

At some point in the evening, Natasha had me kneel in front of her and she unzipped her jeans and pulled down her pants and ordered me to use my tongue on her swollen pubic lips.

Natasha is eighteen years old and her appetite for sex is superhuman. After I had licked her to one orgasm, she stripped completely naked, grabbed my head in her hands and ordered me to use my mouth on her on her once again.

I lapped at her pussy and sucked at her clit, and thrust my tongue up into her dripping-wet sex as she gasped, moaned and pulled on my hair.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remember how many times I licked Natasha to orgasm. She was a very demanding lover. At some point, I must have worn her out and she collapsed, exhausted from too many shuddering, breathtaking orgasms.

I must have collapsed from exhaustion as well.

I didn’t remember turning out the lights, but my room was encased in inky-black darkness. The only illumination came from the digital time display on my nightstand.

“Nat, you want coffee?” I groggily asked the naked teenager, but her only response was to mutter something that sounded like, “Ahhlluhhngh?”

With great difficulty, I managed to untangle myself from Natasha’s body. She had long arms and legs, and, even though she was sleeping, she squirmed and wriggled about blindly as I got out of bed, making my progress awkward and difficult.

Naked, I padded into the kitchen and began the process of making coffee. When it was done brewing, I poured a mug for Natasha, and there was a sudden pulsing between my legs. Something about being naked and preparing coffee to serve my mistress made me feel deliciously subservient and enslaved.

I wasn’t even taking the modirall anymore, but my libido was still heightened and intense. Being submissive, powerless or overpowered all seemed to trigger a sexual arousal reaction in me. This was something new. That never happened before I started taking modirall, but now my supply of the experimental drug had run out, and yet my strange sexual cravings for helplessness and vulnerability were just as potent as ever.

There was probably some sort of medical, chemical or psychological explanation that would explain all of that, but whatever. My sex drive was more powerful than ever. I was adrift in an ocean of orgasmic tidal waves, all day, every day. It was enthralling. I wasn’t overly concerned about the underlying cause, just so long as my sex-drive remained at superhuman levels.

Naked and barefoot, I padded back into my bedroom, holding a mug of coffee for my mistress. The room was still dark, but the hallway was illuminated. I left the bedroom door open and allowed light to come in from the hallway.

Natasha’s eyes were still closed, and she appeared to be asleep. It seemed to me that a slave wouldn’t have the authority to wake up a free woman who was sleeping, so I decided to set down her mug of coffee on the nightstand nearest her head.

I knelt down first, being careful not to spill any liquid over the edge of the mug, and was about to set the mug down when Natasha opened her eyes and saw me kneeling there.

“What’s this?” Natasha murmured groggily.

“I brought you coffee,” I whispered gently, then after a moment’s thought, I added, “Mistress.”

I straightened my arms out as I extended the mug towards my girlfriend and saw her face break into an elated smile.

“A beautiful, naked slave-girl bringing me coffee in bed,” Natasha replied, as she reached out and took the mug from my hands, “This is the best morning ever.”

After she was a little more awake, Natasha and I discussed the fact that she had fallen asleep without Kartal Yabancı Escort tying me to the bed last night. She blamed herself for not tying me up the night before.

“Chloe doesn’t need to know about this,” Natasha told me confidentially, “I don’t want her to think I’m somehow unfit to be your mistress.”

Of course I agreed.

Normally, Chloe takes care of my morning grooming, however, Natasha declared that morning she’d wash me, shampoo me, shave me etc. Chloe doesn’t think that slaves should be allowed to groom themselves, as there’s a risk of them masturbating if they’re given any degree of privacy.

Natasha stood in the shower behind me and proceeded to wash my naked body once we were both soaking wet.

My teenage neighbor grabbed a bottle of bodywash and lathered and rubbed and teased my every inch of my naked body. Her hands roamed all over my back, she washed my neck, then my chest. She lingered forever on my naked breasts, running her slippery hands over my nipples until they felt inflamed, swollen and embarrassingly erect.

“I love how firm your body is,” Natasha said as she continued to cup my breasts and rub her thumbs across my excited nipples, “You’re so lithe and athletic, it’s almost like you’re an athlete.”

Natasha’s hands explored my body with youthful enthusiasm. I gasped and trembled as the teenager’s hands played with my body and stimulated my nerve endings. At some point, her slick hands moved down my obliques and glutes and moved towards my loins.

Of course, my labia were shockingly swollen at this point. According to Chloe’s rules I was forbidden to masturbate, and I was kept naked most of the time. Add to that, the way Natasha had played with my nipples, and my poor pussy was soaking wet and throbbing with hungry spasms. The touch of Natasha’s fingertips made me moan and tremble. It took just a minimum of effort on her part to bring my tormented body to the edge of a high-pitched, screaming orgasm.

Of course, I wasn’t supposed to have orgasms in the shower, so Natasha took her hands away from my inflamed pubic lips before I could achieve orgasmic relief. She then proceeded to move her soapy hands down my thighs, leaving me groaning with intense sexual need.

When Natasha was convinced that I was clean, she proceeded to shave me. She was firm, efficient yet gentle as she shaved my armpits and my legs, however, when she got to my pubic area, she slowed down and took her time as she shaved my vulva. And despite the great care she took as she methodically dragged a razor across my mound, she managed to accidentally brush her girlish knuckles and fingertips across my swollen clit several times.

She seemed obsessed with finding and eliminating even the smallest hint of stubble anywhere on my loins. She carefully examined the space between my swollen labia and my anus, and slowly dragged her razor across any bare flesh that she thought might have a hair on it. I panted and gasped, as another agonizing wave of desire passed through me. My loins heated to feverish levels and my sex throbbed again in hungry spasms as she slowly shaved me, pulling on my labia to make the skin taut and get a better angle.

“Perfect,” Natasha exclaimed when she was done shaving my loins.

We got out of the shower and Natasha proceeded to dry me off with a towel. When we were both clean and dry, Natasha got dressed, but I remained naked. Slaves weren’t supposed to wear clothes, and Chloe insisted that I follow slave-rules when I was at home.

* * * * *

Of course, sometimes we have people over who haven’t been told about my slave-training and are unlikely to be accepting. Case in point, that day around 12:00 noon, one of our neighbors came over. Now, Amy lives just down the hall in apartment 420, and knows all about my slave-training and enforced nudity, however, Amy brought over some friends of her own, an Asian woman and two Caucasian women. This development was very last-minute, and Chloe had no idea how enforced nudity and slave-training would sit with these women. I was told to get dressed.

Hours later I learned that these women were named Yuan, Sarah and Ana. They were teachers at the same school where Amy taught, and they had mostly assembled to get together and make plans to protest their working conditions and call for better benefits.

I could sympathize with their goals. Many teachers are underpaid and overworked. It wasn’t at all unreasonable for them to demand higher salaries, smaller class sizes or more classroom funding, I just found it odd that they would meet in Chloe’s and my apartment to make their plans. I mean Chloe and I weren’t teachers. Chloe was a sports therapist and I was a model. Still, Chloe was an excellent hostess, and a sympathetic ear and more than willing to listen to them vent.

Amy and her friends where there in my apartment for hours. To be a good hostess, I went to the kitchen and got them coffee and snacks, then cleared away empty mugs and dirty dishes as it became necessary.

They made some excellent points and drew me into the conversation. I found Kartal Yeni Escort myself developing empathy for these women, getting engrossed in their descriptions of their problems and stories about how difficult their jobs were and lost track of the time.

And then, slightly after 5:00 PM, Natasha asked me if I had contacted Shaun yet.

Shaun was a BDSM model that had made a very positive impression on me when I met her at a recent photo shoot. Natasha insisted that she wanted to meet her. Unfortunately, I never got Shaun’s phone number, e-mail address, or even her last name. I couldn’t introduce Natasha to Shaun, as I had no way of getting in touch with her.

If my relationship with Nat had been normal, that probably would have been the end of it, however, I was Nat’s slave, and that gave her a lot more authority over me than a normal girl would have over a normal girlfriend.

As my mistress, Natasha insisted that I find a way to contact Shaun and arrange a meeting. She felt that I had a crush on Shaun and wanted to meet her competition. She even insisted that I would be punished once a day, every day, until I succeeded in setting up a meeting between Shaun and my mistress.

“Um, not yet,” I replied.

I would likely have spent most of the day on the internet, researching BDSM models that worked in Fairhaven and the surrounding areas, hoping to find a photo of Shaun and some sort of hint on how to contact her, but I had gotten so wrapped up in Amy’s thing with her teacher friends, I had become totally diverted and failed to do any research.

“That’s a problem,” Natasha replied, gravely, “I’m afraid that means you’ll have to be punished.”

Natasha sat down on the ottoman and patted her lap in an obvious invitation for me go over it. I gasped and stared breathlessly. It was one thing to go over her knee for a painful spanking when it was a private punishment, but to be spanked in front of a bunch of schoolteachers would make everything so much more humiliating! I wasn’t sure if I could force myself to do it.

“Here?” I asked, “Now?”

“Your training has to be harsh if it’s going to be effective,” Nat replied, “Having Amy and her friends witness your punishment will make it more memorable.”

Amy and the other schoolteachers had gone silent and stared at me wide-eyed, captivated by my exchange with Natasha and intrigued, wondering no doubt what would come next.

I felt a strange, dark ripple of anticipation go through my body. I could simply refuse to go over Natasha’s lap. I could claim that I had never agreed to public punishments in front of strangers. But there was something deep inside of me that felt a rush of excitement at the idea of being publicly humiliated.

I took a few steps towards Natasha bowed my head in surrender, and then Yuan spoke up and asked, “You’re not really going to let her spank you, are you?”

I raised my head, looked Yuan directly in the eye and said, “Nat was right. If my training is going to be effective, it’s going to have to sometimes be harsh and humiliating. Having strangers witness my punishments is just a part of that.”

“Training for what?” Ana asked, “Is this some sort of BDSM thing?”

I made eye contact with Ana and I replied, “Yes, this is some sort of BDSM thing. Natasha is supposed to be my mistress. I’m supposed to be her sex-slave.”

I felt another hot rush as I explained my situation to Yuan and her friends. My heart pounded madly in my chest and my face felt hot with embarrassment, but I was committed to doing this. Then I got down on my knees and positioned my body over Natasha’s lap.

I lay across Natasha’s lap, with my butt way up in the air, waiting for my punishment to begin. I noticed that every woman in the apartment had their curious eyes riveted to my vulnerable body, when Nat spoke up and said, “Allison, is this how slaves are punished?”

The question caught me off guard.

“What?” I asked, legitimately confused.

“Slaves do not wear clothes when they’re punished,” Natasha informed me imperiously, “Get undressed and then you can lie across my lap.”

I stood up and then took stock of the room. Chloe was grim-faced and serious, however all the schoolteachers were fascinated and watched me as if they were in a trance. Their eyes were wide and expectant. I sighed and took a second to decide. Chloe and Natasha were friends of mine, and it was no big deal for me to strip naked in front of them, however, Amy, Ana, Yuan and Sarah were all basically strangers. Stripping naked in front of them would be a soul-crushing humiliation.

My pussy throbbed wetly at the idea of humiliating myself in front of these four strangers and my nipples hardened. I decided that I would strip myself naked for these schoolteachers and revel in the humiliation that Natasha had orchestrated for me.

I was the center of attention as my audience of Chloe and four public school teachers sat transfixed, waiting to see what I would do next.

I stepped out of my shoes and then let out a heavy sigh before obediently reaching back with both hands. I was wearing a sleeveless Kartal Masaj Salonu skater dress with a zipper in the back. It would have been easier to ask one of the women in the room to unzip me, but that would have felt like a violation of etiquette. Slaves don’t ask for free women to help them undress, do they?

After the dress was unzipped, I pulled it off over my head and dropped the garment onto the closest chair.

Yuan gasped.

I had just met Yuan earlier that afternoon. I had no idea if she was offended by public displays of nudity, I had no idea if she got turned on by watching women being forced to strip, I didn’t even know if she was sexually attracted to women. However, I heard her gasp when she saw me standing before in her in nothing other than a strapless white bra and my tiny, skintight, low rise panties.

The bra fastened in the front and I quickly moved to unfasten the clasps it before I lost my courage. I removed the bra and dropped it on top of my dress. A quick glance at my audience showed they were captivated as I revealed my naked breasts to the room. My nipples were swollen and remarkably erect at that point, and I’m pretty sure every woman in the room noticed.

A few of the women squirmed as I stood there nearly naked, but not one of them objected and not one of them got up or attempted to leave. A few of them may have been uncomfortable, but every woman stared at my nearly-naked body as if hypnotized by it. Then I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and pulled the tiny garment all the way down my legs and stepped out of them. Suddenly I was stark naked in front of my roommate, two of my neighbors and three schoolteachers.

“Oh,” Sarah exclaimed audibly.

Being the only one naked in this room of fully clothed women was humiliating, yet delicious in a dark, deeply forbidden, sexual sort of way. And since my vulva was shaved bald, I couldn’t hide the fact that my pubic lips were puffy and slick with my own juices. These women wouldn’t need to be geniuses to deduce that I was aroused by the way Natasha was treating me.

These women were educators. I had assumed that at least one of them would be offended by such a lewd, pornographic display, however, not one of them left the room or objected to my nude display.

Then Natasha pulled me across her lap. The way she had positioned me, my roommate and all the teachers would have an excellent view of my bottom as I was spanked. As I considered this humiliating development, Nat crossed her knees underneath me, thereby thrusting my hips and ass up higher. With my naked ass high in the air and my thighs slightly apart, my pubic lips would be extremely visible to all four schoolteachers. I grew strangely aroused at the thought of being so exposed. And then my heart raced, and my breath started to come in panicked, sharp pants as I anticipated what was to come.

A strange mixture of fear and sexual energy surged through my naked body and my heart pounded loudly in my chest, so loudly I couldn’t make out what Natasha said next. I think she was announcing how many swats I was to receive on my bare bottom. My brain tried to make sense of her words, but then her hand came down hard on my unprotected, naked ass and it stung far worse than I was expecting.

“Oh, wow,” Sarah said, “do you have to hit her so hard?”

There was no reply from Natasha and then there was a second painful swat on my naked buttocks…and then a third…and a fourth.

As my teenage mistress mercilessly spanked my innocent buttocks, rapidly turning my poor bottom into a network of scalding pain. Hot tears welled up in my eyes, my legs kicked, and my bare bottom bounced, creating quite an entertaining spectacle for the women watching my punishment.

I was spanked and spanked again, on the backs of my thighs as well as my poor buttocks. My bottom was soon a riot of scalding pain as Natasha’s hand spanked my backside, and I imagined the show that I must be putting on for the respectable women who were watching.

My ass felt as if it were on fire, and I was embarrassed that these women had seen my naked ass turn red while bouncing up and down on Natasha’s lap. But the more embarrassed I felt, the more my body was filled with a growing sexual energy. The humiliation and embarrassment thrilled me in a way that nothing else could. I whimpered, and not just from the pain. I whimpered with the excitement of what was being done to me. I was being abused and exposed and humiliated, and I was thrilled!

And as my poor abused bottom bounced up and down across Natasha’s lap, I could feel my pussy throb with a compelling intensity. I sobbed and panted as Natasha spanked the sensitive curve where my bottom meets my thighs and felt a hot pulsing in my loins, almost as intense as the hot, pulsing pain in my buttocks. There was a hot, delicious rush caused by my public humiliation that left my sex wet and pulsing with desire. Aware that I was being watched by respectable, dignified strangers, I felt a magnificent wave pass through me as my orgasm crested and a wave of pleasure hit me. I still kicked and screamed passionately, and my ass still bounced across Natasha’s lap, however, wave after wave of desire passed through my body as my loins throbbed with an orgasm of feverish, astonishing intensity. I could feel my vagina convulse and contract in the throes of orgasm as Natasha spanked me and I screamed incoherently.

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