April’s Release Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: April’s Night Out

“April,” she said with a soft, airy voice. “I’m April. And you?”

“Heather,” she pauses a moment, “Heather,” she says again with a soft, desirous smile letting her eyes deliberately explore April’s bare legs from her sexy nude sandals up to her delicately spread thighs.

April makes no effort to disguise her pleasure in Heather’s attentions as her gaze drinks her in deeply.

“And him?” She asks, nodding over her shoulder toward Ron, “the man with the cognac?” She returns her eyes to Heather, letting her captivating, hazel eyes penetrate to Heather’s soul.

“He is Ron,” Heather says again softly. “Our date for the evening,” she adds with a sly smile.

“Hello, Ron,” April offers a friendly nod, lifting her glass. “Nice to meet you.” She rotates her stool, extending her hand, limply but professionally, with sincere feeling. “And what do you think we should do to keep warm this chilly, misty evening?”

“Well,” Ron says, “I, for one, am going to have at least one more Remy before I step out into the air, so maybe, while I share my addiction with the angels, maybe you two might like to have another round or two … or three. Help take some of the brrrr out of the air before we all head out to explore.”

“The angels?” April asks, intentionally avoiding Ron’s allusion to later explorations.

Knowing this is not yet the time to take control, Ron creatively hands the conversation back to Heather.

“Long story,” he smiles, looking into his snifter. “Long, complicated story; something to do with my beverage of choice here.” Shrugging, he adds, “I have a long history with cognac. But this is a story for another time, maybe.” He punctuates his words with a complicated smile, one that April returns, crinkling up her pretty eyes.

Ron swings around to face forward, presenting his snifter for a refill and leaving this delicate beauty to his lover – at least for the moment. Pretty lady, he thinks to himself as he secretly gazes at her reflection in the smoky mirror behind the bar. Really pretty lady.

Heather flags over the barkeep and quickly orders up two more shots of Curevo telling her to be back promptly with another round.

There is no mistaking what Heather has in mind. And Ron, as always, is ready to follow his lover’s lead. But this time, though, he is a little concerned about the demure April. Pondering their sensual excursions: We have had our prospects, he thinks to himself, Heather and I – the sluts, the dizzy club girls, and the horny housewives out for an adventure. We’ve tasted love from all walks of life, all styles, colors, and preferences. But April, well, this is special; this is one that seems far off of our list.

What is it about her? He muses. She is so sexy. Delightfully sensual, fresh, and she knows it.

Heather’s advances begin to get through. April is interested. There is no doubt. Yet, though she has made try after try to connect with April physically, Heather finds herself deflected at every pass. A touch and she moves quickly to adjust her hair. Heather’s hand comes to the back of her neck, and she rises suddenly, claiming a potty call. Planning her next move, Heather contemplates her tactics: What is hiding just below the surface of this one? Could she playing us? Or are we about to embark on an exquisite adventure, taking this sweet, deliciously innocent lady out to her first taste of true rapture?

Ron silently sips his drink, watching his beloved Heather in the smoky mirror as she brings their new conquest in. The women sip shots together, looking deeply into each other’s eyes over the salted rims of their glasses. Heather leans toward April, arm gently over her shoulder. Closer, close enough for April to feel her large breasts crushing against her body, she brings her lips to April’s ear to talk to her through the noise of the bar room.

April turns her head quickly in a nearly startled response. Her shoulder-length brown hair flies, following her sudden turn. She rests her glass softly, but deliberately on the bar and moves her hand to her small, black purse. Her eyes become fixed in the distance, her face expressionless.

There is a long pause as if time has stopped.

Score one for Heather, Ron thinks. She has achieved her first reaction.

April remains in the same position as if frozen. She seems a bit disoriented for a moment. But Heather’s hand comes down on top of hers with a friendly pat and a reassuring squeeze.

A moment passes. Heather brings her large, soft, body close to her prospect, letting her feel her softness, her warmth, and her sincere loving passion.

Her first hard move has taken effect. The intent is clear. April has relaxed. Her eyes have lowered to the freshly filled shot glass. She lifts it, and turns to meet her new friend, eye to eye, soul to soul. Glasses clink and faces break into inevitable smile as April relinquishes the first of many freedoms to Heather’s gentle persuasions.

“All the way down,” Kartal Fetiş Escort Heather demands, lifting her glass and holding it just above her lips.

The women share a long moment, holding glasses and finally April responds with a simple “Yes! All the way down.”

Heather calls for the barkeep. “One more,” she demands. “One more before we hit the pavement.”

April nods. The women raise glasses again and knock back another Cuervo.

Heather’s deep brown eyes glow with victory as April’s face becomes markedly flushed with the sudden rush of alcohol to her blood. Her smile is more mischievous, her lips slightly thickened and parted with the relaxation of the alcohol.

Just a few more minutes, Ron thinks, and we can test the waters. He will take Heather’s lead and trust her judgment to let him know when she thinks April is ready.

“Whew!” April bursts out in a light scream. Her head shakes side to side, smiling as she responds to the climbing levels of intoxication. “Whew!” she repeats.

“Are you okay?” Heather asks her.

“Oh yeah,” April responds, “Just a little buzzed … a little too buzzed maybe.”

Heather slides in closer to April, pressing her ample breasts against April’s shoulder as she leans across to speak confidentially to Ron. “I think she has gorgeous tits,” she says, intending, of course, for her to hear.

“Yes she does,” Ron responds.

April actually giggles. “You think so?” She asks chuckling, “I do too. They’re nice … natural too.” She is shaking her head in disbelief at what she has just said.

Heather’s hand comes across and rubs them gently, seeking her nipples through the silky fabric of her dress. A fire grows in Heather’s eyes as her fingers explore her prospect, lightly rubbing her breast and circling her nipple.

“Stop that.” April says still chuckling. “Not here.”

But Heather does not stop. Ron’s hands glide gently up and down her waist, feeling her soft skin through the thin fabric of her dress. Her skin tightens under his fingertips. Goose bumps.

A good sign. A very good sign.

Dismissing Heather’s caresses, April swings fully around on the barstool and looks deeply into Ron’s eyes. Her mouth opens and she comes softly to him to accept a deeply passionate kiss -the first of many.

Emerging from their kiss, Ron and April discover that Heather has gathered up everyone’s jackets, indicating that it is time to leave.

Ron and Heather each take one of April’s hands and lead her to the door.

The damp, chilly air has an immediate effect on everyone. For April, it brings about something of a realization of what has begun. Still holding her lovers’ hands, she looks at each of them, hesitates a moment, and then playfully draws them both closer.

Always the gentleman, Ron opens the passenger side door for the ladies. Expecting that she must yield the large front seat to the queen-size Heather, April hesitates, looking for a subtle way to get into the small back seat. “No, no, honey,” Heather advises, “you don’t have to sit back there. Come sit on my lap in the front. There is plenty of room.” Heather slides back the passenger seat all the way and seats herself. Kicking off her shoes, she hikes her dress up above her waste, revealing her creamy thighs and bare, shaved pussy. She leans the seat back and reaches out for April’s hand, guiding her in close. Ron lifts April’s dress, positioning her panty-covered ass comfortably between Heather’s bare, widely spread legs.

He pushes the door gently shut and takes his time walking around the car to the driver’s side.

Heather wastes no time. She begins working vigorously on her new conquest’s breasts, rubbing them with both of her hands, squeezing April’s nipples firmly, while April sits, almost unresponsively, between her legs.

Ron closes the door and leans across to kiss April again. Though seeming unresponsive to Heather, April is very responsive to his kiss and she begins to writhe softly in Heather’s lap. Heather continues her tit work. Ron thrusts his hand between April’s legs, shoving his fingers under her soft ass, exploring further to touch Heather’s deliciously wet pussy. Heather brings one of her hands down to the inside of April’s thigh, caressing her, working her way up slowly and delicately, in contrast to Ron’s forceful shove.

I have to stop. Ron thinks to himself, or I won’t be able to drive. Disconnecting himself from April, he draws a deep breath, settles himself behind the driver’s seat, and starts the engine.

In the short time it has taken to reach their destination, Heather has lowered the top of April’s dress and removed her bar. She massages April’s completely exposed breasts rolling the firm, brown nipples between her fingertips, tugging them, twisting them hard.

“I’m going to milk those titties dry,” Heather sighs softly.

“I have the keys,” Ron says as he quickly exits the car. His intention is to give Heather a moment alone with April to help Kartal Gecelik Escort assure her, build her confidence.

Ron has been with Heather long enough to anticipate what she would like for this evening. While the girls chat in the car, making themselves presentable, he lights some candles and tosses a soft quilt over the sofa, making the already sensual feel of the city apartment even more appetizing.

April appears proper and dressed as they enter the doorway and only her flimsy silken black bra, dangling from her hand gives evidence to the foreplay that has taken place in the car.

“Wine?” Ron asks, addressing April, and at the same time taking a bottle of Cabernet from the shelves.

“Oh God, I don’t think so,” She pants; bringing her hand flat between her breasts in a gesture of exhaustion that is punctuated by that incredible smile. Then responds, after a brief hesitation. “Sure, why not.”

“This is a nice, soft, Cab. And I have some great cracked wheat crackers and assorted cheeses and munchies. So be comfortable and relax.” Ron is a good host, but he is also quite aware that April has just knocked back a lot of booze and the last thing he wants is for her to become ill and lose the charm of the evening.

A long silence passes over the group and in it, an understanding apparently has been reached. Now that all agree what the evening will bring, the mood becomes more relaxed. It seems everyone wants to take some time to get to know each other a little.

“Relax,” Ron says, breaking through the stillness. “It’s early, and we have all night.” He pulls the cork and fills April’s glass. After her glass is filled, he takes two more glasses from the shelves and fills them for himself and Heather. He ducks out to the kitchen and quickly returns with a nice tray of top-shelf munchies. “Food of the gods,” he says. “Well, almost,” he pauses. “But we can get to that later.”

Ron and Heather sit to either side of their new lover, moving in close, letting their bodies touch.

Heather leans in and touches April’s breasts again. “You are going to learn some things tonight, I think, April. Do you think so?”

April hesitates a moment. “I don’t know.” She says softly, demurely. “Let’s see where it goes … okay?”

“Okay,” Heather responds, “But I expect you to eat my pussy, at the very least. Are you up for that?”

April is briefly overcome, but before she can respond Heather continues “…. and my ass too. But don’t worry if it is your first time, hon. Ron will teach you. He is a good teacher, and thorough.”

April becomes slightly withdrawn, looking inquisitively back and forth between her new friends.

“It IS my first time, Heather,” she looks over at Ron, “Ron. My first time … like this.” She pauses again. “I want to try. I want to try everything. I really do. And I trust you guys. But please be patient with me. Okay?”

Heather leans in close to her and whispers in her ear, “I will not hurt you, sweet April. I promise you, I will not hurt you.” Heather nibbles her ear softly and adorns her delicate neck with soft airy kisses.

“Fair enough,” Ron says, changing the mood. “I think we should start with a blindfold,” He says to no one in particular. “April,” he continues, now more directly, letting his eyes meet hers directly, “I want you to come into the bedroom with us. You are going to let me blindfold you. You will let us undress you. And you will give yourself completely to us, so we can experience the pleasures of your body as we see fit.” Allowing her no time to respond, he takes both of her hands and begins to stand, lifting her from the couch. Leading April with both hands, Ron steps backwards into the bedroom. Heather follows, walking behind her, fondling her breasts, exposing them again as her hands reach under her partly undone dress.

Ron folds a black silk scarf into a narrow band, which he wraps around April’s head, completely covering her eyes. Satisfied, he hands April to Heather who guides her to a standing position at one side of the single bed. When he has completely undressed, he takes April’s hands and helps her remain balanced while Heather undresses.

Ron can’t resist the sight of Heather’s ample body in the soft light of the room. The sight of her huge breasts, her pink nipples, her soft, generous thighs send a wave of white-hot excitement to the core of his soul. He whispers softly in her ear: “I want you so badly Heather … I need you.”

Heather smiles softly, kisses her finger and brings it to Ron’s lips. She will see to it that Ron works hard this evening before he earns his lover’s sweet pleasures and awakens in her loving arms.

Ron and Heather stand at either side of April and begin to unfasten her dress, letting it fall to her feet. Heather reaches down and lifts one sandal over her dress, releasing the strap and leaving her foot bare. She does the same with the other side.

She is delicious. The lovers agree as hands explore her, feeling her wetness Kartal Genç Escort through the delicate lace of her tiny black panties. Ron comes to his knees in front of her and nuzzles her pussy through those sexy panties. At the same time, Heather gently rolls her back, positioning her across the bed with her ass on one edge and her head hanging over the other. She lifts April’s feet and places them on the mattress, close to her ass. “Open your mouth wide,” Heather instructs, making sure April understands that she is to be spread out and completely accessible to her lovers. “Wider,” she orders, “I want that mouth opened wide.” Heather commands forcefully. Letting April know that she is now under her control.

Heather comes around the bed and takes April’s head into her hands. She fondles her, stroking her hair, pinching her nipples gently, but firmly, speaking softly and lovingly to her, kissing her lightly on the lips, feeding fingers to April’s hungry, gaping mouth. April begins to moan and sigh softly as Ron’s experienced tongue glides over her panties, licking her, nibbling her engorged lips, tasting her strong, feminine wetness. “Keep that mouth open,” Heather orders shoving several fingers over her bottom teeth and pulling down firmly. “That’s my girl,” Heather commends.

Completely immersed in the gulf between sensuality and submission, April surrenders to her needs, yielding to Heather’s firm control. Her mind unfocused, she is unaware that Heather has left her and is slowly moving to Ron at the foot of the bed.

Heather is ready for her now. Ron gently pulls her flimsy panties away, lifting each foot to take them completely off. He backs away and lets his lover take over his position kneeling between April’s legs.

Heather and Ron kiss softly before her tongue comes to April to deliver her first flesh-to-flesh oral contact.

She shudders deeply with the first caress of Heather’s wet tongue and soft lips. Writhing a little, April spreads her legs wider, adjusting her position to yield better access to that incredible tongue that is licking her dripping pussy.

Meanwhile, Ron has come to her, stroking her hair, and her breasts, he kisses her, letting her taste her juices on his lips.

The feel of his beard on her cheek startles her.

“That’s right, love,” he says softly, “it is Heather’s sweet tongue that is up your pussy now.” And you know you love it. Girl tongue is so much softer, so much sweeter than a man. Let her take you, April. Say her name, ” he instructs. “Tell her to eat you,” He speaks softly, continuously, instructing her as he kisses her and nibbles her, “Go ahead, tell her what you need.” He kisses her more, but she still is hesitant. “Tell her how!” He demands.

April’s lips begin to move, mouthing words in silence. Ron takes her hands and pulls them over her head, letting her feel her body spread out and stretched … making her know that she is giving herself completely.

“Eat me,” her lips seem to say. But still no sound emerges.

“Tell her, tell her.” He insists. “Tell her NOW.”

April’s head tosses softly side to side as her lips continue to move speechlessly. Heather backs away from Aprils soaked pussy and adds her voice to Ron’s instructions. “Tell me, baby,” she demands, “tell me what you want … tell me what you need Heather to do.”

Heather begins to spank April’s spread pussy lips rhythmically as she speaks.

April attempts to close her legs, but Ron’s hands move quickly to her knees, firmly spreading them wide and holding her in position for Heather to administer the gentle discipline. April’s head rolls side to side in a slow and exaggerated “no” gesture. Her arms attempt weakly to push Ron’s away. But her feeble struggle against the experienced couple is brief and ineffective. Letting her arms fall, she submits. She spreads her legs to accept her punishment.

The spanking continues. Each measured stroke is firm and loud, but not so hard to cause pain. To her surprise, April finds the treatment intoxicatingly erotic. She quivers with approaching orgasm. “Tell Heather what you want her to do to your cunt, baby,” she says, continuing to spank her lover in time with the cadence of her words. “Tell Heather what you need.”

“Please,” April utters. “Please, Heather … Please eat me more,” she struggles “Heather,” she practically screams this time, “Please eat my pussy, please … please” she trails off in a cracking voice.

“Good, good. Good girl.” Heather says returning her sensual mouth to April’s cunt once again. She pushes several fingers deep into April’s inviting pussy licking and sucking her all the way through her first intense, quaking orgasm.

Ron now returns to take Heather’s place, this time pressing his cock to her and holding it there, just between her lips, letting her feel its throbbing heat touching her turgid flesh.

“Tell him, now” Heather instructs her. “Tell him what you need, April. Speak to Ron’s hard cock and tell it what you want.” As Heather speaks, Ron spreads April’s pussy lips with his fingers and cock-spanks her glistening cunt with his hard cock, flicking the head of his cock repeatedly into her firm clit.

“Fuck me!” April screams, her hands reaching for Ron to pull him in. “Fuck me hard with that hot cock.”

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