The Hood of the Car

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It was a clear summer night. Stars were scattered across the sky. The lack of clouds made it a chilly evening, even though it was summer. We had been invited to a party at friends in the capitol, but it was a total dud. Stuck up artist with avant-garde music, maybe nice to hang out with friends, but we knew no one there but the friends who invited us, the rest of our group didn’t show. We snuck out for a kiss and a cuddle and then decided to leave altogether.

As we drove home my love cuddled up on me some more, being a little cold from our outdoor frolic. Being together in the old car and the mellow music on the crummy car stereo gave us the one on one time so much needed by all young parents.

“My hands are cold.” my wife stated.

“You know what to do then.” I said, as my love put her hands between my thighs as she had done so many cold winters night. She snuggled even closer. We had been driving without speaking for 20 minutes, when I felt love’s fingers caressing my inner thighs.

“What are you up to?” I asked as her finger snaked upwards. The inside of the car lit up every time a car passed us, so I could see her eyes flash naughtily . She wasn’t cold anymore, that’s for sure.

“Shhhh… I won’t do anything dangerous, you know me…” she said, but her voice gave of totally different vibes. Her hands in this hot-spot always awoke my cock from its slumber, and this night was no exception. One hand cupped my sack as she removed the other.

“Whow… It’s hard… to keep the… car straight.” I stuttered as I felt her hand between the waistband of my trousers, her nails scraping my glans.

“…As I said. I won’t endanger us…, just enjoy.” I relaxed in my seat and felt her fingers go further south.

“The gods were upon me when I found this jewel.” I sighed…

“Uhuh, I found you, remember?” she said, and she Ümraniye Escort was right. It was her who took the first step, and look what came from it…

“Auwww…” I exclaimed when she pinched my balls.

“I can feel it when your mind drifts away, you know that. You cock gets softer…”

“You got my attention… You got my attention!” I said as my cock throbbed once more.

Suddenly our hometown was on our horizon, much earlier than we wanted…

“We need to slow down a bit” she said to my disappointment, and my cock followed suit.

“…No, that’s not what I mean, love…” she said as she grabbed my shaft firmly again.

“If we go straight home, the babysitter wouldn’t earn much tonight and you know she needs the dough.” she chuckled. “Can’t we make a little detour or something?” she said as she ‘kneaded my dough’. “It’s been years, but you must know of some lovers lane nearby?”

“Maybe there’s a secluded spot, near the sports park” I said as I steered my car down the exit to a suburb while Mary stroked my cock and massaged my balls.

As the atmosphere in the car heated up further, we reached the Sports park. All the different sport fields were abandoned, light towers dimmed, clubhouses dark. What makes this a good surrounding as a lovers lane, is that this park doesn’t have one huge parking lot, but several small ones, surrounded by trees. That makes it harder for police or security to control illicit behavior, and as we were up to no good we could use the privacy. Surprisingly a lot of the parking spots were filled. Must be the commuters from the nearby quarter. It made it even more private when we finally found a spot, less exposed and the owners of the cars wouldn’t come until next morning. We on the other hand will come sooner. As I finally parked the car conveniently between two MPVs, with İstanbul Escort its nose almost between the trees, Mary shot out of her seat, and out the car.

“Fuck, it’s chilly!” she utters quite loudly.

“Shhh… not so loud… Come over here” I whisper as I walk to the front of the car. “Bend over and rest on the hood.”

“Mmmm, that’s nice and warm.” Mary says as I hike her skirt up over her ass.

“Oh Mark, I’m so fucking horny. I want your cock in me…”

“That just what I intend to do, you had my dick up ‘n throbbing half an hour ago…” I push her lower back down on the car so her back is nicely curved and her ass sticks up into the cold night air. “Relax and spread up.”

“But…my panties…” she mutters, but I just move the crotch aside and bury my cock to the hilt in one go.

“Fuck your hot…” I sigh. Mary yelps, but the sound gets muffled by my hand…

“You don’t want to alarm the neighbors, do you?”

“Shut up, fuck me hard, and put your hand on my mouth as a precaution, for I’m gonna yell, loud. And very soon I’m afraid.”

“My god your soaking wet…” I say as I start sawing in and out. “You little vixen, you must have been dripping from the moment we left…”


“Okay…okay…” With one hand on her mouth, my cock lodged deep inside her, I am almost lying on top of her. I worm my hand underneath her, so I can touch her clit.

“This is… so… hot, Fuck… can you…feel my… cock… bump into your…”


“Oh… you worked… me… up… So hard… Haven’t been…this…” I mumble as my orgasm already starts building… much too soon for my liking…

“Haven’t been this… hard in ages… Oh fuck…Fuck…” I increase the pressure on her clit, concentrating on her hood instead of the tip, the way she likes it… Anadolu Yakası Escort Her vagina starts spasming, signaling her orgasm…

“Fuck… F…F… fuck…” I feel my cock bump into her cervix again. Normally she doesn’t like that, but now it helps to builg her climax. She starts whimpering harder. The spasming of her cunt increases more and more.

It gets harder to concentrate on her as I am about to spill my load myself. Grunting like animals we fuck on, as the moonlight paints my lover silver. The suspension creaks with the movement of our bodies “Oh… love… I… can’t hold… it m… much… longer…” I whisper in her ear.

“Please… a little… longer… longer… I’m…… most there…”

As she mutters the words, I lose all control. My hands grab what I can grab. I have a hold of mouth and clit . So I choke her full force, and I pinch and pull her clit.

“Fmmmmmmm.” She arches her back, turns her head towards the sky and yells a silent cry. “Fuuuuck” I sigh in her ears as her fiercely spasming cunt pushes me over the brink. The heat of my spunk floods her cunt…

We lay on our car hood for some time, until the cold and the surroundings bursts our bubble. I zip up my fly and say “Come, sit with me in the car,” as I put my loves skirt and panties back in order.

“But I’m still dripping… my panties… the car seats…” I only give her a naughty look and she complies.

“Did I hurt you?” I ask her as we sit.

“No silly… I didn’t think I could come that fast, but because you were so harsh with me…” she says squirming shyly in her seat, and then confesses “I really loved the way you took control.”

Softly, hesitantly she says: “… and how… you choked me… and mistreated my clit… I… I… want more… of that…” She looks away blushing. “Do you think I’m dirty… for wanting that?”

I push the waistband of my pants down, showing my cock. It’s hard as a rock again, still glistening from our combined juices.

“Let’s see what happens when the babysitter has left.”

You give me a naughty look and say…

“Or when she stays…!”

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