The Dream

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I close my eyes every night and dream of the same thing always. I’m having a business appointment in your hometown and as I wait in a deserted alley of the industry plant, a stranger in a military uniform approaches. He comes near me. I don’t get scared because I trust men in uniform. He comes even closer without saying a word. I get worried. With a sharp move he grabs both my hands and turns me around facing the rails. He starts kissing the back of my neck. I protest. “Please don’t do this to me.” He says that he likes busty women and he knows that all of us get horny with a man in a uniform. He slips his hand inside my trousers and touches my vulva. He says he likes it trimmed and wet. It will feel nice around his huge member. I sob and ask him to stop. I don’t want this with a stranger. He says I will enjoy it even more. I say that my appointment will come in a minute and we will be seen. He says he doesn’t care and he’ s trained to take care of a man. I feel his member hard between my but cheeks. I sob and tell him I have the aids. He draws back and runs to leave.

I sit down on the street and dial 911 telling where I am and that I was attacked. I also call my husband crying and tell him what happened. I tell him that I will call him as soon as I know at which police station I go. He says that he will call you to come and be with me, since you’re in the military.

The police come and pick me up. They take me to the police station, offer me a cup of coffee and I ask to have a smoke to try and calm down. You come, with a worried look on your face and sit beside me. I lean in your arms and start to sob. You’re trying to calm me down and I curse my luck that I could be in your arms and not enjoy it, since I’ve longed so much for it. The officer comes and tells me to come and testify. I ask you to be with me. I don’t want to be left alone.

They ask me on the looks of the rapist. I answer them. You ask me for a complete description of his uniform. I tell you. You go out and make some calls from your cell phone. The policeman asks you and you say you’re in the military. He asks me of a complete detail of what happened. I describe all the conversation. He asks me of every detail, where he touched me. I say everything. You are uncomfortable. The policeman tries to comfort me that it was a wise thing to say about aids. I say that I need a rest. He asks you if you can get me to a hospital and I say that I don’t need a hospital, I just need to have a bath because I feel dirty. You say that you will take care of me. I thank the officer when he tells me that he will be in touch with me.

In a trance, I tell you that I have to be ready to leave at 4 by ship. You tell me that there is no chance you let me leave in such a state. You phone my husband telling him that you’re getting me to a hotel to put me to sleep. In the car I’m silent. You’re trying to comfort me by touching my hand from time to time. You give me worried looks. I just smoke and look out in the window. You check in a central hotel and lead me in the elevator. In there, I realize that my shirt has three buttons less and that my bra shows.

The groom shows us in the room and you fix me a strong drink and tell me to sit down while you prepare a hot bath for me. I sit by the window sipping my whisky. You come behind me and start rubbing my neck. I tell you not to touch me now because I’m dirty and I’ll make you dirty too. You say not to worry and get inside and have a bath. I take some underwear and an athletic body with matching pyjama bottoms with me and I head to the bath. I hear you calling some people telling them to look for the guy who attacked me and tell them that it has gotten personal.

You call your wife, out of town, explaining the situation and she tells you that you shouldn’t leave me alone. You call my husband telling him that I’m still in a shock and that you’ll try and put me to sleep. You assure him that you’re not going to let me travel alone and that if I don’t relax you’ll get me to a hospital. He asks you for details and you assure him that the attacker didn’t try intercourse because of what I told him. You say that you are proud of me. He tells you to check up on me in the bathroom so that I don’t drift to sleep in the tub. You hang up.

I have already sunk in the hot tub and I try to rub my skin. I see your head through the door, asking me if I’m ok. I say yes. I ask you to wait for me. I don’t want to be left alone. You smile. “I wasn’t going to leave, even if you asked me to”. I thanked you. I wash my hair thoroughly and emerge from the bath. I dry myself with the towels, and comb my hair. I gather them up in a ponytail. I put on the body braless, cause I want to feel comfortable and then the pyjama bottom.

I start cleaning the bathroom, you hear the noise and you come and take me by the hand saying that it’s something the maid will take care of. I tell you that I want to throw away my clothes. You tell me that you’ll do it and that I should lye down and finish my drink. I sit in the sofa with my legs bent sipping my whisky. Drops of water illegal bahis from my hair run down on my exposed back. You come and sit beside me drinking your whisky and giving me account on every call you made. You tell me that you will see that this bastard gets caught and punished by you. I take your hand and thank you. You kiss it.

You tell me that while I was in the bathroom my business associate called on my cell phone and asked why I weren’t in our appointment and you cursed him because if he were on time, I wouldn’t go through the morning events. I asked you if I can lean on your shoulder and you raised your hand to hold me. I try to relax in your arms and you caress my back. My nipples get hard just by feeling the warmth of your body next to mine.

I start sobbing, you ask me why but I can’t tell you. From one hand I feel used, and from the other I have longed so much for you that I feel sorry that it had to be like that. I would want you to get advantage of me but I know that you’re too much of a gentleman to do that. I doze off and you ask me if I want to go to bed. I do. You put me to bed, wrap me with the blanket. I ask you not to leave me alone. You lye beside me on top of the blankets and I cuddle and rest my head on your chest. I fall asleep with the soft sound of your voice telling me that everything is all right and you are here for me and you won’t leave me alone.

In my sleep I must have been crying, because you wake me up, fondling my forehead telling me that I should get out of my troubled dreams. I hold you close to me and try to stop sobbing. I ask you to hold me tight. You do and you plant soft kisses on my hair. I drift to sleep again. In an hour or so I wake up and realize that I have my hand on the base of your neck touching you. You fondle my spine and my exposed back. I look up in your eyes. You have taken your glasses off and I get lost in your blue eyes. I’m in a trance. You think it’s still from the shock and tell me to fall back to sleep. I nod and close my eyes.

I feel you leaving me and go to the bathroom to have a shower. With semi closed eyes I see you wrapped in a towel, come out and check up on me. I’m drifting again and you call my husband telling him that I’m asleep and that he will see to it that I don’t leave. You put your clothes on again and come and lye beside me again.

I wake up and look at you. You have fallen to sleep. You’re so calm. I get up and go to the bathroom. I have a quick shower and put my “cashmere mist” body lotion to feel better. I get out and see that you’re still sleeping. I lie next to you again and savor the feeling of your body next to mine. You open your eyes and you sniff. “That’s nice,» you say. I cuddle even nearer you. You kiss my hair and I look up deep into your eyes. I ask you to kiss me. You do, and it’s the first time I sense your soft lips. You stop and with my eyes closed, I part my lips showing you I want more. You ask me if I’m sure about that and I nod yes. You kiss me harder this time and your tongue starts traveling and looking for mine.

When our tongues touch you sigh and I arch my back. I feel lost in your kiss. Your hand travels on the front of my body to my protruding nipples and you fondle them with your fingers. I put my hand inside your shirt and look to feel your bare skin. You’re warm and soft. You take your shirt off and you lye beside me. I fondle your chest and start kissing it. You moan softly. You turn me on my back and pull my bodice down to expose my breasts. You lick your way down from the base of my neck to under my breasts. You hold them in your palms and you knead them. I tangle my fingers in your hair and try to lift you up. You place your weight on me and I feel you chest crushing my breasts. You kiss me deep.

I unfasten your belt, and tell you to stand up. I get on my knees. I unzip your trousers and slide them down together with your boxers. Your hard member bounces in front of my face. I put my hand around it and pull the foreskin down. I lick the tip and then put the purple head inside my mouth. You moan and free my hair. I suck on you slowly and with my other hand I knead your balls. You say that you’re close I suck all your length in my throat. I feel your member stiffen, you grunt and I feel your loads of sperm hit the back of my throat. I swallow it all not wanting to waste it and I lick your hardness clean. You shiver as you lift me off my knees, kissing me hard in the mouth and tasting yourself.

Your hands go down to my butt and you push me to lie on my back on the bed. You slide my trousers down together with the bodice. I feel embarrassed. You say that from the first time you saw me you imagined having me in front of you like that. You part my legs slightly and kneel between them planting soft kisses on my inner thighs. I’m wet beyond control. You reach my outer lips and part them with your tongue. I moan loudly. I become even louder when you suck them and lick along my slit. You lap my juices and you tell me I’m delicious.

I urge you to take me. You say not so soon. I beg you to be inside illegal bahis siteleri me when I come. You take a condom from your pocket, wear it around your pole and I feel it’s tip at the entrance of my pussy. I open my eyes and I tell you to look at me as you enter me. I stare at your blue eyes as you start to fill me and I call your name. You push all your length in me and I’m in heaven. You pull out a bit and start your slow strokes. I’m in the verge of my orgasm and tell you to come and kiss me. You say no. You say that you want to look at my face when I cum and tell me that I’m the most erotic woman you have ever seen. I tell you to push in harder and you pound me almost lifting my heavy weight off the bed. I start calling your name. You pound harder and tell me to cream your cock. The moment you hit the back of my cunt I come so hard that everything else seems to black out. I scream your name and you call me “sweet doll”. I sense you stiffen and come inside me with a loud grunt. You fall on top of me as we both breathe heavily. You kiss me breathless.

I start crying out of happiness and you hold me tight. You place soft kisses on my tears calling “sweet doll”. You pull the blanket on us because I shiver from my orgasm. You ask me if I’m sure of what happened, or if it was from the morning shock. I look you in the eye and tell you that I’ve been longing for that for a long time now. But even more, after the morning harassment, I wanted to give my body to someone I wanted, not a stranger. I tell you that I had come here with you in my mind. You answer me the same thing. You hold me close and both of us are silent.

You light me a cigarette and another one for you. You watch me smoking and you smile. I ask you why, and you tell me that I look like love should look like. I smile and drawn in your blue eyes. I get up to have a shower. You tell me that you’re ordering for something for us to eat.

While I’m in the shower, I hear my cell phone ringing and I hear you talking to my husband. You tell him that I’m in the shower and that I’ll talk to him when I get out. A second ring was from the police to say that they think that they have the guy and that I should go and recognize him before the military police (no offence) takes him. You tell him that you will bring me to the mil. Police headquarters to try to resolve this by yourself. You tell me the news and I tell you that I’ll be ready in a minute. I come out of the shower and tell you to move into it.

Room service has arrived but I decide to skip lunch until after the visit to the police. You come out of the shower as I apply my make up in front of the mirror. You come behind me and watch me make myself up. I look at you with a questioned look and you tell me that you love watching me. I finish and start combing my hair. You help me with that. You tell me to let them loose. I call my husband to tell him that I’m all right and of the events that are to follow. He tells me to stay with you and not leave until I’m perfectly calm, that is, if I need to spend a day or two away, I should. I say maybe and hang up the phone.

We get in the car to go to the headquarters and you tell me that I don’t have to do anything, other than recognize the man and keep calm. As soon as we enter I see the magnitude of your authority in there. Wherever we passed by everyone was saluting you. You held me by the arm softly and lead me through the corridors. We reach a room with a large window. You explain me that I can see through here to the next room but the others can’t see me. By phone you order that they bring the suspects inside.

Four men enter and immediately I recognize the one who tried to attack me. I start to tremble and you hold my waist tenderly and tell me not to be afraid. I tell you who the man is and you leave me alone. You go to the next room and ask to be left alone with him. You smack him in the head and ask him why. He starts talking about how juicy I looked standing alone in the street, formal but feminine. That as soon as he saw me he wanted to take me. He thought that I would want it too. You smack him again and tell him that this was for not respecting a woman like me. He swears that he hasn’t attacked a woman before but when he did something like that all the women where horny enough to receive it. You yelled at him that now he would be taught manners towards a lady and that he would loose his rank for that. He asks to be given a second chance, and to be psychologically treated and tells you to ask me to pardon him.

You come inside the room and whisper me if I want to press charges against him. I ask you if he has a history for rape and you say he doesn’t. I tell you then that I want him to be punished but not put to jail and you ask me why. I whisper in your ear that he gave us our chance together, and since he stopped he didn’t do me so much harm. You smile and brush your lips in my hair and leave. You go to the next room together with three soldiers and order them to take him to his unit and that his punishment will be given by his general. He asks if I really canlı bahis siteleri have the aids and you tell him that I don’t. He asks if I’m here. You tell him no. He asks you to tell me that he’s sorry. He meant no harm. You answer that you will give me the message.

Until you come back I phone my husband and tell him of my decision. He doesn’t agree but says that it’s my choice. I tell him that I need to go and rest and tells me that he won’t call me until I call him. You come in a few minutes and tell me that you have called my husband too. You ask me what I want to do. I tell you that I need to breathe some fresh air.

We leave the headquarters and get in the car. We’re both silent until we reach a beach. We both get out of the car and take our shoes off. As we stroll by the waves holding hands, you turn me around and you kiss me deeply. I respond. I’m all wet again. I tell you and you place my hand on the bulge forming in your trousers. You tell me that I have that effect on you. I laugh and tell you to go back to the hotel. Back in the car you tell me that you feel guilty because of your friend, that is my husband. I tell you that I don’t. I love him, and I always will but I longed for these moments with you. I don’t regret, either what we’ve done or what we’re about to do. You ask me if I have anything in particular in mind. I sense that you’re joking and say that in rough lines I do. You ask me to be more explicit about the event. I place my hand on your lap and tell you that I need to feel you in me. The light goes red and you kiss me deeply in the mouth. We reach the hotel and head to the elevator. You pull me close and kiss me on the neck.

As soon as we enter the room, you push me on the wall and kiss me. I tell you that I want you to rape me. You give me a puzzled look but then you smile. You sit on the sofa and order me to take my clothes off, leaving my panties. I follow your orders, seemingly reluctant, and then you tell me to touch myself. I say no. You stand up, grab my hands behind me and tell me that I have to do as I’m being told or you’ll hurt me. I say again no, and try to escape. You hold me firmly and then throw me to bed. You unfasten your belt and let go of your shirt. You push my legs open and I try to hold back. All the while I’m tremendously wet. Your erection is imposing. You seem to get angry.

You get off the bed, lead me again to the sofa and push me to bend over its’ back. I cry no and you shove your manhood in my cunt. I come right then and there. You don’t stop and for the first time in my life I experience simultaneous orgasms. Your cock, well lubricated, falls off my vagina and you guide the tip to my asshole. I yell yes, and you tell me you want me. You push slowly. It hurts at first but then it feels wonderful. Having all your length in me I urge you to fuck me harder. You do crying out loud that you’re going to come. I scream your name and we come simultaneously. Your member falls out of my ass, and as soon as I sit on the sofa, I black out.

You get scared. You slap my face trying to bring me around. I open my eyes and tell you that I haven’t’ had any more that one orgasms in my life so I lost it. You kiss me deeply. You say that you’re relieved. I get up and head to the bathroom. I let the water in the hot tub running and ask you to come in.

We lay in the tub together as I softly soap your chest with the sponge. You have your eyes closed and we talk about this and that. You ask me if I had ever cheated on my husband before. I say no. You thought that I would ask you the same question but I tell you that I know you have cheated on your wife many times. You ask me how do I know, and say “instinct”. You tell me it’s true. I say that I don’t want to ask why because I know the reason. You ask me to tell you. I say that you always want to think of yourself as a “rolling stone”. You laugh. I tell you it’s not a joke. You are the most untrustworthy type of lover. And I assume you get involved with women much younger that you. You laugh again. “You seem to know me too well”. I tell you that that’s what I’ve fallen for. Your energy.

You turn around. You say that you need to confess. When we were at the police station and I described the attack, you wished it were you. You imagined how it would feel touching my pussy and you got a hard- on. You slide on my body and I feel your cock entering my pussy. I close my eyes and savor the feeling of you inside me. You kiss me and stroke slowly in and out. You say that you can’t get enough of my cunt wrapping around your arousal. I tell you to stop and let me feel you in there. You kiss me deeply and I feel you swell inside me.

You start stroking in and out of me slowly again. So slowly that it seems natural of you to be inside me. I sigh. You look at me in the eyes and tell me that you’ll come in me. I don’t care what happens. I just want to feel your fluids in me. Your lovemaking is breathtaking. So slow, yet so intense. My own orgasm builds up. Your strokes become deeper and the water splashes around us. You tell me that you’re close. Me too. I feel you swell up, and with a sigh I sense your sperm hitting the back of my womb. I start spasming immediately and lose my breath. You lye on top of me, trying to catch your breath, still inside me. Your soft skin on mine is exquisite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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