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Subject: The Challenge I’ve been writing dirty stories on my Tumblr � a4f101.tumblr � for a while now, and I’m sharing them here with you too. There’s more on my Tumblr � more stories, from me and my likeminded buds � so come check it out. You can see this story, and the pic that inspired it, here: http://a4f101.tumblr/post/111202031844/ This story is an original work of fiction, copyright me 2015. I own it, and all legal rights to it. If you’re not of legal age in your jurisdiction to be reading it, do us both a favor and come back to it when you are. This is strictly a work of fantasy. Love to hear from you guys. hoo. And hey � Nifty is an incredible, free resource. Changed my life, and probably did the same for you. If you can, please support them with a donation � even just a few bucks. Nobody pays for porn anymore, sure, and that’s why we keep losing resources like Handjobs Magazine. Don’t let the Nifty Archive be another. Somewhere out there, a kid is just discovering this site. Having his world rocked, and his dick raised. You and me, we were kids like that, once. Let’s keep it going, for them and for fty/donate.html ***** The first time I saw that cock of his, really saw it, all big and hard and thick and already pearling with precum, I thought to myself, there’s no fuckin’ way that’s gonna fit inside me. I wasn’t a virgin when it came to getting fucked, but I also wasn’t exactly a veteran either, and this big piece of man dick was far and away the biggest I’d encountered yet. Yeah, I was game for a challenge, and I really wanted to do this with him, for him, for us, but I could feel my assring clench super-tight in nervous anticipation, especially as I slowly stroked its girthy, powerful shape. Felt him leak even more for me. “Trust me, buddy,” he’d murmured against my lips as we made out this morning in bed, long and slow and sweet, one hand stroking my face tenderly, the other up and down and all over the smooth mounds of my tight bubble butt. “Yeah, it’s not gonna be easy at first, but I’m gonna make you feel so damn good, baby boy. You know I’d never hurt you.” He was true to his word, at first at least, taking a good solid ten to fifteen minutes to deeply, lovingly, skilfully eat gaziantep escort me out, his big wet tongue lovingly lapping, licking, probing away at my tight, smooth bud, working me slowly open and making me moan and leak. He was a master at this, loved to eat my ass out, could make me come buckets with his tongue alone. But we both knew what he really wanted, and we’d reached the point where I couldn’t resist it any more. I had to be a big boy, to man up and take on the challenge. I could taste myself on his big wet tongue as he kissed me, his tongue inside my hole replaced with first one, then two, then eventually three thick, insistent, skilled fingers, probing and rotating and stroking their way up inside me. He kissed me the whole time, nuzzling my lips, murmuring heated, horny, loving words to me as he had me melting into the bedspread. My cock had never been so hard, felt like, and I was leaking just as much as he was. We both knew it. It was time to take the next step. At first, he just teased my hole with the big, blunt mushroom head of his cock, licking and kissing my neck, ears, shoulders, whispering more hot, sweet, intense words in my young ear. Probing my hole lightly, testing it, smearing his sticky, thick juices all over it. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, distracting me with yet another skilful kiss as he finally breached my hole, made me moan into his throat as it popped inside. I was surprised at how easily I’d taken it, and the slow, careful way he began to edge his thick, veiny shaft inside me after giving me time to adjust, made me throb with lust for him. Trust him. There was a twinge or two deep inside me as he slowly introduced himself to me in the most intimate way possible. It wasn’t painful, exactly, but not that comfortable, either. I remembered how it had felt the first time I’d taken a cock, that weird sensation of pressure, and fullness, how it gave way to a slow burn of new pleasure radiating out from inside me. And sure enough, by the time all seven thick, throbbing inches of his dick were inside me, buried in me, as we moaned and clutched each other, I could feel the pressure subside a little, and that tingle of deep internal pleasure start to suriyeli escort cut through the haze. Damn, he felt good, and just acknowledging that helped me relax even more into him, around him. “That’s my boy,” he murmured huskily, suckling on my ear. “My big boy, got me all the way up inside you now, buddy.” I moaned back at him, and felt him begin to inch his way back, then forward. Taking his time, letting me adapt to his size and motion. “Never gonna hurt you, kid,” he murmured again. “Love ya too fucking much, baby. Wanted you so long, gonna make it worth the wait, Son.” I know he tried, but when he started to really fuck me a short time later, giving me the business, fuck, it hurt. Can’t deny it. I took it stoically, the best I could, riding it out, searching for that pleasure buzz again, hoping it would come back and make this amazing for us both. And eventually, as the slap of his hips began to echo around the room, as he hungrily licked, sucked, gently bit my neck, my shoulder, my ears, murmuring huskily between low manly growls, I felt the vibe again. Felt myself dip into the groove with him, two men finding that groove, a father and his son getting into perfect, intimate sync with each other. Just thinking that got me roaring hard again, reminding myself that this wasn’t just any big-dicked stud fucking my teenage ass – it was my own Dad, my man, the man who had created me with the huge cock he was now fucking me with. Created me 19 years ago just for this, it felt like. I started to work with him, not just taking it, but seeking it. Arching my back, his cock finding a whole new angle inside me that made my toes curl and my cock spurt a streak of precum onto his bedspread. Fucking myself back onto him, as he growled his lusty approval, giving my muscular, rounded ass a playful smack. “Attaboy,” he growled proudly. “Taking your Daddy like a fucking champ. My little fuckin’ champ, baby boy.” He craned my head back to meet his in another superheated, wet, probing kiss that had us both moaning into each other as he fucked me harder now, like men fuck, deep and strong. Suddenly, my balls were tight, churning with come, loaded up and ready to fire. rus escort “Awww Dad,” I panted, “I’m gonna fuckin’ come…” “Yeah son?” he growled. “Gonna let Daddy fuck the cum out of your young balls, huh champ? Fuck yeah baby boy… come for Daddy… show me how hot you are for this.” He reached under me, found my own big, hard, drooling dick, and began a skilful stroke, timed with his thrusts in and out. It felt like he was fucking my prostate, grinding that big, wet mushroom cap against it over and over, zeroed in on it, pleasuring me inside and out like the master he was at this. “Wanna come in you so bad, baby,” he murmured in my ear, husky and crooning, tender and horny at the same time. “Breed you with my big Dad dick, like I did to your mom the night I made you. Flood you with my boys. You ready to get bred, baby boy?” “Holy FUCK, Dad!” I hollered, and blasted off. Rope after rope of hot, thick young cum, my second load of the day and it wasn’t even close to noon yet, spurting in thick streams across his rumpled, sweaty bedspread. The way my ring contracted, clenching around his girth, made him bite my shoulder again, and this time he left a mark as he pistoned his hips against me, riding out my orgasm and getting ready to reach his own. I felt his whole body clench up, arm tightening around me, as he sank his teeth into my skin and thrust hard, deep, once, twice, three times… and then his incredible lusty growl as he fired off, flooding my insides with his hot, thick Dad cum. Breeding me but good. He stayed hard after he came, almost as hard as he’d been when he fucked me, and I was content to let him stay inside me, marinate in his own thick, potent juices. Plus, honestly, I was afraid to let him slip out. Afraid it might not fit again, which was stupid, because now that he’d opened me up this way, there’d be no stopping us next time. And the next, and the one after that, and on and on through the years to come, I hoped. He was back to the mellow lover again in the afterglow, big body wrapped around me as the sweat cooled on us, kissing slow and deep and long. Laughing. Grinning. Loving. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it, big guy?” he said with a grin. I gave him a big smile back, knowing that now I’d gotten through the worst of it, the best was still to come. Gave his half-hard cock a squeeze with my battered, tender ring, saw his eyes widen and his grin spread in response. “Not bad at all, dad,” I grinned. “But next time, I’m on top of you, OK?”

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