The Chair Man Lays the “Board”…..

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The Chair Man Lays the “Board”……….. I Sit in an Ordinary Arm-less Wooden Chair.. Music Playing Softly in the Dim Lit Room.. My Eyes are Enraptured by the Sway of Your Hips as You Dance for Me.. The Sheer Material You Wear Over Your Lingerie Hugging Your Magnificent Curves as You Teasingly Draw Closer & Closer… Slowly You Begin to Strip, the Flow of Your Body to the Rhythm Transporting My Awareness.. My Arousal.. to Whole New Heights.. Your Timing Immaculate.. the Last Chords of the Song Coinciding With the Moment You Stop Directly in Front of Me.. Wearing Nothing but the Sheer Top Now I Can See Your Nipples Aroused & Perky, Pushing at the Material.. You Sway Forward Slightly & My Eager Lips Quest Forth In Search of Those Tasty Tidbits.. Barely Can My Lips Make Contact.. Before You Pull Playfully Away..I Instinctively Reach Out for You.. Grabbing My Outstretched Hand You Urge Me to My Feet.. You Begin to Relieve Me of My Garments.. Our Eyes Locked in A Subtle, Sultry Dance..Tossing My Shirt to the Floor, You Let Your Small Warm Hands Begin to Roam Over the Chiseled Expanse of My Torso.. Causing Me to Moan Deep in My Chest With Anticipation as You UnbuckleMy Belt.. As You Let My Pants Fall to the Floor, You Hook My Boxers, So that as I Step Quickly Out of Them I Stand Before Completely Bared.. The Hard Throbbing Arc of My Member Stiff at Attention.. Manicured Fingertips Tracing My Lower Abs, You Urge Me Back Until I Am Again Sitting..Kneeling Before Me.. You Slowly Take Me In One Hand & Begin to Stroke Me.. Tracing the Veins Along the Taut Skin kaçak iddaa of My Length.. Almost as if Measuring Me.. As You Reach the Base of Me.. I Feel Your Other Hand Come Up to Cradle My Nuts.. Massaging Them Gently.. Eyes Still Locked With Mine.. Ever So Slowly, You Lean Forward & Wrap Your Beautiful Lips Around the Head.. Enclosing Me in the Sensation of Wetness & Heat.. I Can Feel Your Tongue Circling Around Me Even As You Begin to Move Your Head Up & Down.. Taking More of Me Between Those Lovely Lips Each Time.. The Sensation is SO Intense, Involuntarily I Feel My Hips begin to Gently Thrust Forward to Meet You.. Making Love to Your Mouth as I Fight to Hold in My Groans of Pleasure.. I See Your Saliva Begin to Coat Me.. Making My Flesh Shine as It Slowly Slides In & Out Between Your Soft Lips.. Pausing You Withdraw Me & Flick the Tip of Your Tongue Around the Crown of My Meat.. I Feel Drops of Pre-CumBeading.. I Watch As Slowly You Take as Much of Me Into Your Mouth as You Can.. Purring at Me While I’m Still Deep Inside Your Mouth, Finally You Invoke A Groan From Deep Within My Chest As Unable to Stop Myself I Grip a Handful of Your Hair.. Holding You in Place as the Sensations Continue to Cascade Through My Slender Athletic Frame.. Removing Me, You Begin to Stroke me Again, Even as Your Tongue Continues to Snake Out, Tantalizing & Teasing Me.. I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!!!Gripping Your Face Between My Large Hands I Encourage You Up.. I Feel the Heated Flesh of Your Body Everywhere We Contact as You Slide Your Frame Up Mine Until You Are Straddling bets10 Me.. Darting My Head Forward I Nibble Across the Soft Flesh at the Top of Your Breast.. My Hands Holding You in Place as I Knead Your Lower Back.. Fingers Grazing the Top of Your Ass.. I Begin to Flicker My tongue Around Your Breast.. Tracing the Outline.. Delving Down to Explore the Valley that Lies Between Them.. Savoring the Slightly Salty Flavor of Your Body.. As I Draw One of Your Nipples Into My Eager Mouth, I Grip Your Ass.. Pulling You Firmly Against Me.. The Hardened Length of My Dick Nestled Firmly Between Your Pussy Lips.. Pressing Against Your Engorged Clit.. I Rock My Hips.. Causing My Dick to Slide Against Your Clit Even as My Width Continues to Press Your Soft Mound Around Me.. Reaching Down You Clasp Me With One Hand & Guide Me Inside of You.. As the Crown of MyHead Slides Into your Moist Treasure, I Renew My Enjoyable Attentions to Your Breast.. Lavishing Them in Kisses as you Begin to Slide Up & Down My Pole.. Deeper & Deeper With Each Bounce.. Feeling It You Begin to Increase Your Pace.. Your Bouncing Breast Becoming More & More Difficult to Keep Within My Lustful Lips.. Pursing My Lips Over My Teeth, I Gently Clamp Down on One Nipple.. Outlining It With My Tongue as Suckle Deeply.. I Start to Match Your Rhythm with an Upstroke of My Own.. The Curved Arc of My Erection Causing Exquisite Friction Against the Upper Walls of Your Moist Tightness.. Moaning Deeply You Clasp Tightly at the Muscles of My Shoulders.. Shuddering Uncontrollably as Your Orgasm bets10 güvenilir mi Cums Closer by the Moment.. Taking as Much of Your breast into My Mouth as I Can, I Let My Hands Massage Their Way Up Your Back.. Gripping Your Ass.. Kneading the Circle of Tightness Right Above the Cheeks.. Tip-Toeing Along the Ridge of Your Spine.. UntilMy Palms Rest Against Your Shoulder Blades.. Swooping My Head Down, I Plant Kisses Up the Front of Your Body Even as My Nimble Fingers Make Their Way Up.. Still Buried Within You, I Kiss Across the Top of Your Stomach As I Lean your Weight Back Onto My Outstretched Palms.. My Tongue Trace Along Your Ribs As I Stroke Straight Into Your Depths.. Waves of Pleasure Crash Over Your Body Like Electricity.. Making You Rise Up Until You Are Bearing Down On My Dick Again.. Breath Heavily Inter-Mixed.. Gazes Steady Locked.. Our Pace Becomes Frantic as I Thrust Up Enough to Slightly Raise Us Both with Each Stroke.. My Hands Atop Your Beautiful Booty.. Pulling You Down.. Causing Penetration to Become THAT Much deeper.. As I Begin to Touch Those Inner Secret Spots.. I Know Because By Now Your Pleasure Is Loud & Vocal.. Lost In the Moment.. The Divine Feel of You Driving Me Almost Insane.. I Grit My Teeth as I Strain to Hold Out.. Just When All is Become a Blur ofPassion I Feel You Pussy Spasm.. Gripping Me.. Squeezing Me.. I Can No Longer Maintain My Composure.. The Lure of Your Appeal Over Comes My Senses.. Unril ALL I Can Understand Is the Desire to Be Ever Deeper Encased in You.. As I Feel It Mounting.. The Sensation Growing I Clasp You To Me.. There, Buried Within You to the Limit I Explode.. My Mind a Grenade of Sensation.. I Can Feel Your Juices Soaking the Top of My Sac, Which Lay Almost Against the Lips of Your Sex So Deep Am I Inside You.. …

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