Tenant Surprise

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Tenant SurpriseSo I went to the weirdo’s apt and knocked on the door. He opened up.”Do you need me to come down there and cum on her with you again?””Something like that, but not quite.” I started walking in and undoing my belt buckle.”Whoa, man. I’m not gay. I just got caught up in the moment. I didn’t plan to be sucking you off on a regular.””I know you didn’t plan to, but this is your life now. See this phone? If I upload the video of you eating our cum and sucking my dick, how do you think your friends, co-workers, and the dudes around the building are gonna feel about that?””You wouldn’t?””You must not know me very well?”Actually, there was no video on the phone, I was bluffing. But I knew he wouldn’t be able to take the chance.All he could do was ask, “Do you wanna stand, sit, or lay?””Stand for now, right here in the doorway with the door wide open””Come on man, please””Better hurry up and make me cum before someone comes.”He looked down the hall in both directions, and then got on his knees. I wasn’t hard so it was easy to fit my whole cock in his mouth with ease. But as I grew to my full 10 inches, I saw that I was still able fuck his mouth until his lips were lost in my black pubic hair. This was no ordinary cock sucker. he had experience. I began to slowly fuck his mouth in rhythm to his bobbing. he didn’t use hands. he placed them on my thighs and pulled me deeper. I could feel my cock hitting his throat, and then feel it open so I could go deeper.He was not sucking like someone being blackmailed. I heard him moaning and felt the vibrations on my balls. He was enjoying it. Enjoying the sounds of my dick and the slob in his throat.Then tunceli rus escort I heard someone coming down the hall. It was the older lady who lives across the hall. I didn’t care. As she got closer you could see on her face as she recognized the echoed noises she was hearing. When she got to her door, she just paused and looked over. I thought she would be disgusted but then I saw her smile. So I stepped to the side and leaned against the side wall. Now she had a perfect view of him deepthroating my cock. Her eyes got big. I guess she assumed it was some woman giving me the blowjob of my life, not her neighbor who she always thought was straight.She placed her purse on the floor and leaned against her door. She began to squeeze her tit with her left hand and started rubbing her pussy with her right hand.I couldn’t take it anymore and began to cum. He held my cock in the back of his throat and he licked my milking balls. It was the most intense thing I ever felt. I didn’t realize but when I looked over the old lady was beginning to cum as she thrashed her head side to side and lifted up on her tip toes. He looked over, shocked. This was the first time he even realized we were being watched.As I slowly pulled my cock from his throat, he bucked his hips in orgasm.”Where did you learn to give head like that?””I grew up in a foster home. My 2 older foster brothers made me suck their dicks every morngin before school and every night after lights out. The they started renting me out at school making me suck boys cocks in the bathrooms and behind the school and at the parks. My foster father tunceli rus escort bayan caught me sucking a boys cock in the bathroom at a soccer game. He yanked me out me of their by the collar, tool me to the car and fucked my mouth in the front seat before taking me home and making me lick his as for the rest of the night. My foster brothers told him they had been renting me out and he made them stop and said they could only make me suck their cocks but nobody else’s. I was relieved until I found out he wanted my money making cum sucking lips for himself. First it was his boss at work to get him a promotion and a raise. He even hired me after school in the evenings to work as an intern, which just meant to suck him and his boss whenever they wanted it. But then it was his friends, co workers, or anyone just for his amusement.I learned early on to suck as hard and as nasty as I could and most times its over quicker.I’m so fucking embarrassed.””No Sweetie. you don’t got time to be embarrassed. If you don’t want me telling none of those girls you bring by that you really want a good dick for dinner, you better get in here and finish me off before my husband comes home. Now get in here!”She picked up her purse and opened the door and walked in, leaving the door open. he just crawled over.I waited about 5 minutes and then let myself in. I figured she wouldn’t mind. There she was on the couch sitting on his face. He was struggling to breathe and she just said “Shut the fuck up and suck that pussy you bitch boi”This sweet little junior high math teacher was now a dominating mistress.”Who told you, rus escort tunceli you were needed?””I thought you could use a hand. I am kind of handy””Why don’t u bring me that big old black dick to suck on while I cum on this bitches face”I didn’t need to be told twice. I stood up on the couch in front of her. She made me hard by lick all over my dick head. She kept scooting back off his face and as soon as he could catch a breath she would be letting her drool drop down into face. After she did that a few times she just started literally looking down and spitting in his face. Every time calling him a faggot bitch and then stifling him again with her hairy gray pussy.”Now I hear u making them girls scream across the hall. Now I want u to do that to me.” She reached back and pulled down his zipper. His cock was rock hard, but u could see the huge wet spot where he came while getting mouth fucked. She pulled in out and slid back and stuffed it into her sloppy wet pussy. Now you suck him again and this time I wanna feel your cum shoot into me”.So I lowered my dick back to that hungry mouth of his but this time I was able to lay across the couch and fuck his face with all my might. All u heard was “UNGA UNGA UNGA UNGA”.This time I pulled my dick out and jacked my huge load all over his face. he responded by moaning and cumming.”I can feel it deep in me” she howled as she began to cum all over his dick.Once she calmed down, she moved her pussy to above his mouth and let all of his cum run out onto his face. Then she rubbed both of our cum all over his face and pushed the big puddles into his mouth to swallow.She looked at me and said “you better not say a word! and maybe I will let you get some of this old pussy” then looked down at him and said “and you Bitch. Be here every fucking Thursday night at 6:00 when my husband works nights. I got some friends that would love to borrow a mouth and cock for the evening – male AND female. You gonna make mama some extra money!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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