Teasing Lena

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Lena pushed against the silk ribbon with her tongue. It was not that she wanted it out of her mouth, no. It was the feel of it, and the fact that she was able to do it. Her hands and legs were bound so tightly that she could barely move at all, and the ribbon that was pulled tightly between her lips was long and tied to the back of the chair so she could do little to turn her head.

Her tongue ran across the silk again and it sent a soft shudder through her body. Her saliva made the material wet and cool and the combustion of ecstasy in her system was just beginning. She had taken the little blue pills almost an hour ago and just now, the tingle of their awakening began to trickle through her. Despite not being able to move, she began giggling. It couldn’t be helped.

She heard him move across the room, but could not see him. She had been deprived of her sight as well as her motion. Then came the soft and feverishly ticklish touch she had been waiting on. His fingers traced from her belly button up, slowly, softly, barely there. Lena squirmed in her bindings as his touched vanished. Whimpering, she twisted her arms but gasped at the pain that seared through them. Her lip trembled, but as it did, the silk ribbon turned treacherous. Every time she shifted her mouth, pain jolted through her, threatening to split open her lips. The dark was getting darker and her sad noises became more pathetic before she felt him untying her hands. She reached up to remove the Casibom blindfold but was caught by a quick swat to knuckles. It would stay, as would her bound ankles.

As she opened her mouth to protest, his lips crashed down on her chest, stealing her train of thought completely as he orally massaged one nipple, then the other. A deep purr struck her from the core up as she moved her fingers into his hair and caressed his scalp. Even as he paused in his attention to her breasts, Lena continued to pulse her fingertips in small circles. The patterned started at his temples and moved behind his ear and through his hair and back. She grazed the gel-spiked tips with only the pads of her fingers and shivered with excitement as he pressed his head against her chest, pushing her backwards on the bed.

“Does that feel good?” he asked, nearly humming, as Lena stayed captivated and rubbing her hands through his hair.

“It feels… amazing,” she said, searching for the word. Moving her hands down his face, she brushed her palms against the stubble of his five o’clock shadow and left a soft moan fall from her lips. She knew it was barely there, but the sensation the two little pills brought into her hands was incredible, “You feel amazing.” Lena giggled before guiding his face to hers.

He took her bottom lip between his and began to suck on it gently, pulling her up and toward him. With every gentle tug, her body arched and Lena couldn’t help but moan wantingly Casibom Giriş as she pushed her bare body up against his chest. The design on his shirt was shredded slightly, she picture was softly jagged and she began distracted rocking her body against his; again not noticing as he surrendered her lip. The etched patterned brushed roughly against her nipples and as he slid his knee between her legs, Lena’s breathe caught. Wrapping one leg tighter, she arched her body up, letting the material of his jean catch just outside her lips. Her hands tightly gripped the sheets on either side of her as she heard him chuckle.

“Babe, you’re getting my pants wet,” he whispered into her ear, laying over her so his weight pinned her to the bed. Still Lena pushed up, trying to bring the friction back but the restraints on her ankles gave little and his weight had her anchored.

“Please”, she pouted, running her nose against his neck before lightly nipping at him, “Please untie me. I want to touch you.”

“You can touch me.”

“I want to see you.”

“You can feel me.”

Pushing her head to the side, he bit down on the side of her neck and pulled at the skin, knowing it drove her crazy normally. The result with her added awareness was instant as she vocally cooed, her body jerking forward against him and her fingers running the length of his side. Grabbing the edge of his shirt, she pulled it up over his head before he resumed his handy work, tongue tracing her collarbone and teeth grazing her breasts. The fan in the room cooled the trail against her hot body that he slid down.

Stopping just below her naval, she pushed her hips forward, a soft cry of need and frustration leaving her. He led her to and from the edge, but all she wanted was that final push he kept denying her. He deviated then from his soft, teasing touches, running his hands up her thighs, following the curve of her body. Cupping her chest, he abandoned his gentle stroking for a rough style that brought her withering beneath him. Settling between her legs, he pushed them open with his knees, leaving her exposed. Lena gasped as she felt a light flick against her moist button, her legs to trembling. Without warning, he ran his tongue up her waiting slit, bringing an excited, surprised squeal from Lena as her internal mechanisms chimed. Just as quick as he entered and tasted, he withdrew and opened that smile with his fingers. Blowing softly, it sent erotic chills through her and she pulsed in anticipation.

Lena felt him getting up, felt him leaving the bed and before she knew it, the ribbon pushed into her mouth once more. He bound her hands above her head and retied her feet and legs, spread apart. Once again, he dipped down, parting her hollowed center. This time he allowed himself, them both, more time with his tongue prodding and playing inside her lush flavors until she started shaking completely. His hands anchored her hips so she could not lift herself to meet his pleasing, and he withdrew, biting down on the insides of her thighs as he slid off the end of the bed and left the room.

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