Taking Dick-tation

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Big Tits

“Mr ‘G’ will see you now.”

Here I was, a girl from Dartford, sitting on the other side of the world waiting to be interviewed for a job I knew I had no chance of getting, PA to the Chief Financial Officer of ‘Tennessee Steel’. If I knew nothing about being a PA I knew even less about steel manufacture. The biggest export where I came from was chalk, hardly the same thing. Still, I needed a job and this seemed a far more exciting prospect than flipping burgers at the local McDonalds.

I wanted to impress and I knew my lack of knowledge about what would be required of me wasn’t going to cut it, which left me with one approach, The First Impression. I had decided on wearing my two piece, dark blue pin stripped business suit. The skirt was probably a little too short and the jacket was definitely too tight but when done up it did help push my tits together to produce a very satisfying cleavage. I had pulled my hair back in a pony tail and it swung in a long black procession that I thought looked both sophisticated and playful. I wore thigh-high stockings, my skirt only just covering the band at the top and black heels. I had downplayed the makeup, only wearing the slightest touch of mascara and lipstick. I had even gone so far as to borrow a pair of glasses from a friend. They didn’t have any lenses, just glass but I thought they added to the image of what might be expected of a PA.

“Excuse me,” came a voice again “Mr ‘G’ is ready for you now.”

The doors to an office were opened and I was ushered in, the doors promptly closed behind me. The room was large and clean with a solid mahogany desk at the far end. There was a large comfortable leather chair behind the desk and not so comfortable looking one in front of it. At the back wall there was a glass fronted dresser and I could make out a bottle of single malt scotch whiskey locked within. “Good taste.” I thought.

There were several photos on the wall as well of men fishing, the largest one of a very proud looking bloke holding up a giant fish. There were also several trophies on a shelf, awarded to John ‘G’ according to their engraved plaques. A couple were for fly fishing tournaments and there was one for golf. A set of pristine clubs rested in one corner.

As I was approaching the ‘man holding fish’ photo for a closer look I heard the doors to the office open behind me and spun around on my heel to see my first glimpse of Mr ‘G’. I was briefly lost for words. The man who was walking in was mid to late forties and well groomed. Well maintained too by the look of his lean, fit build. His suit looked expensive and his smile radiated genuine affection from a face that was ruggedly handsome. He almost looked as though he could be in a Gillette razor blade commercial, the ones with the older successful looking guys happily living their dreams.

As he approached me the room filled with his presence. He was one of those people that walked into a room and immediately commanded everyone’s attention without uttering a word, a trait that would have made him a shark in the boardroom I was sure.

“Hi Portia, it’s nice to meet you. I’m John.” He said. His voice was thick with Southern Charm, an accent I’d always found to have a soothing effect on me and also to be extremely sexy, especially compared to the London accents I was used to back home.

“Thank you for seeing me sir” I said, flashing a wide smile I hoped would make up for not knowing what the hell I was doing.

“Cute accent,” replied John “this place could use some of that British charm.” I blushed and thanked him again. Boy, was this guy a charmer or what?

“Right,” John continued “why don’t you take a seat?”

John sat down behind his etiler escort desk and I took the uncomfortable chair in front.

“So, tell me about yourself.” asked John.

“Well,” I started “I’m 21 years old, I’m from Dartford, Kent in England. I’m into art and music and I decided that when I finished school I would move to the US to got to college. That didn’t work out so well so I decided to see some more of the country. I’ve always loved the Southern States so here I am.”

“Cool,” said John “Look I can see you are a bit nervous but just so you know this job isn’t so hard. Basically I just need a girl who can type, answer the phone and do some basic office duties, nothing too complex.”

I was nervous but John voice had already calmed me. It was like his gorgeous syrupy accent was hypnotizing me.

“I can handle that.” I said keenly.

“Of course should the moment present itself I would need you to be a little more hands on in some respects. I’d be happy to guide you through it if it comes up. My job can get kinda stressful at times and occasionally I might just need you to help me unwind.”

“No problem John, you mean like a massage or something?” I asked naively.

“Something like that.” said John. “Ahhhh, so what school did you go to?”

“Dartford Girls Grammar sir” I answered.

“All girls eh? Bet you got up to some mischief there.”

I smiled back politely, not knowing how to correctly respond to the innuendo. The last thing I needed right now was my potential employer getting the wrong idea about me, especially as ‘the wrong idea’ was most probably ‘the right idea’ in this case and if he knew what I got up to in my spare time I’d probably be fired before even getting the job.

John smiled back and continued. “Do you take dictation?”

My mind scanned the question for further innuendo. Did he mean ‘take dick-tation?’

Was this a genuine question or more flirting? Quick, better answer.

“I take perfect dictation sir.” I replied.

“Really? And how do you like taking it?”

Shit how to respond? ‘Better to play it safe’ I thought.

“Ummm,” I bit my lip “with a pen?” I sheepishly replied.

John burst into laughter and felt my face flush.

“I meant what method do you use? Shorthand? Longhand..?”

“Oh, I can do shorthand sir”

“Good,” came the reply “how fast can you take it?”

Before I even had time to think about my next answer it came blurting out.

“As fast as you can give it sir.”

I quickly starred down at my feet, I had blown it. My reply seemed to hang in the air, I was scared to look up, worrying John was going to wig out at me for being so unacceptably forward.

But nothing happened.

I looked up. John was starring right at me, one eyebrow slightly raised in amusement.

“Good answer,” he said “perhaps we should see what other skills you possess young lady. Do you know how to file?”

“Yes sir” I lied.

“Ok, see that file lying over there on the floor by the door? I want you to bring that file to me please.”

I stood up quickly, eager to show John I was up to the task.

“Whoa, what’s the rush?” he said “Take your time.”

I suddenly realized how this was going to work. I stood up straight and adjusted my skirt, letting my fingers brush my leg gently, then spun around on a heel and slowly started walking towards the mislaid file. I could feel John looking at me, his eyes boring into me from behind. I knew he was starring at my ass and loving the view. I reached the file and teetering on one foot slowly bent over to retrieve the document, letting my skirt ride up to reveal the welt of halkalı escort my thigh-high stockings and the supporter fastening that held them in place. I made sure John got just a teasing glance at the edge of my white lace panties and the curve of my ass. I straightened myself, turned back around and started walking back towards John keeping my eyes on his the whole time. When I reached his desk I leaned forward and placed the file in front of him. The tightness of my jacket pushed my breasts out towards him and I saw his vision flinch as his eyes couldn’t help but take a quick glance.

“That was perfect.” said John “I just want to test you on one more thing. How ’bout a little practical demonstration of your dick taking skills?”

“What?” I gasped, shocked.

“I said your dictation skills, is that Ok?”

“I thought you said….doesn’t matter. Ok, just a sec.” I fumbled in my bag for a pen and pad. “Ok shoot.”

“Right,” started John “Take a letter Miss Willis. ‘Dear Portia…'”

I wrote what he said.

‘I am quite pleased with how this interview has gone so far. You have all the necessary skills required to perform in this position as well as possessing what I can only describe as ‘a perfect ass.’

My heart jumped and I had written what he had said before even realizing it. I looked up at him.

“Continue please.” he said. I put pen back to paper and began writing as he talked.

‘There is only one aspect that I am still unsure about and this will undoubtedly be the clinching factor in whether you get this job or not. That factor is ‘Blow-job Technique.’

Stunned, I looked at the words I had just written. I looked up again at John questioningly.

“Oh c’mon,” he said “my job requires me to be able to read people, their faces, mannerisms, the way they speak and how they present themselves. Being able to read people this way gives me the advantage in a meeting and in life. The second I saw you I knew you wanted dick even more than you wanted this job. You can’t deny it.”

And I couldn’t. For the entire duration of the interview I had been listening to John’s gorgeous accent and daydreaming about what his cock would be like. How big was it? What would it taste like? What would it feel like sliding into my pussy or plowing into my ass? It had been driving me crazy and it had obviously been written all over my face.

John stood up from behind his desk and walked around, sitting back down on the edge of the desk right in front of me. “Portia, I want you to listen to me very carefully and do exactly as I tell you Ok? I need a PA that’s going to be able to do any task I ask of her and without questioning me, is that understood?”

I felt my panties moisten at the sudden forcefulness in his voice, quietly in control but so commanding. I nodded to him in acceptance.

“Good.” He said. “Now, I want you to take your lipstick out of your bag and apply some. I reached down into my handbag and did as he commanded. My lips were now red and full and slightly parted as little short breathes escaped me.

“Stand up Portia and push your chair away.” I did as I was told.

“Now I want you to kneel down in front of me and undo my pants.”

I got down on my knees and looked up at him. My hands were shaking as I loosened his belt, then unbuckled and unzipped his pants. I could make out the bulge of his cock through his boxer shorts, it looked big and was only inches from my face. I drew his pants down to his ankles then drew my gaze back to his cock.

“Do you see my cock Portia?” John asked me “You answer to it. Anytime of the day or night that it calls you come running. innovia escort If I want to put it in your mouth you open wide. If I want to stick it in your pussy you’ll be willing. If I want to fuck your ass you will bite down on something and take it, understand?”

“Yes sir” I stammered, completely under his spell.

“Today I want you to suck that cock Ok? Now take it out.”

My hands reached to the elastic of his boxer shorts and gently pulled them over the bulge underneath. His cock sprang out fully erect. It was a monster, nine inches at least and nearly as thick as my wrist. His balls hung low and large beneath it. It was so inviting I wanted to jump on it immediately but I held my composure and brought my face slowly towards his manhood. I gently flicked my tongue over the head, and teased the underside of the crown with my tongue and lower lip. I slid further down, running my tongue along the underneath of John’s dick as I made my way to his balls. I gently licked the left one, teasing his sack with my lips. I opened my mouth wide and took his whole left nut into my mouth. I swirled it around my mouth and gently sucked it as I massaged it with my tongue. Then the right one got the same treatment. With his testy in my mouth I pulled my head back, the skin of his sack stretching out until the ball was pulled from my mouth with a pop. I giggled and went back to licking the spot between his balls where they met the base of his cock.

John seemed to be enjoying the attention to his nuts but it was time for the main course. I rose slightly on my knees and let the head of John’s dick become level with my lips. I brought them up against the purple head and kissed it then slowly let it push against my lips but not past my teeth. This was obviously too much for John to bear.

“Open your mouth now. I want those ruby red lips wrapped around my cock. ” he commanded.

I parted my lips and felt the head of his cock slide into my mouth. I had to stretch my mouth wide to get around it. I bobbed up and down on the first couple of inches for several minutes before submitting and letting about half of John’s dick into my mouth. He was already hitting my tonsils and still had another three or four inches to go. I moved my head up and down, his hot tool completely filling my mouth.

“Of fuck Portia, that’s it. Oh good girl, you’ve still got a few more inches to go though. I want your lips around the base of my dick.” John moaned.

I tried to relax my jaw and flatten my tongue, sticking it out of my mouth slightly. Johns cock seized the moment and pushed down into my throat. Just one more inch to go. I tilted my head back slightly and my lips came into contact with his pubic hair as all nine inches of his cock throbbed in my mouth and throat. I began to deep throat him and it felt like his cock was still growing in my mouth.

“I want you to look up at me Portia. I want to look into those beautiful green eyes while I fuck your mouth.”

I did my best to look up at him while continuing to suck his cock. I fluttered my best bedroom eyes at him and moaned as his dick surged in my mouth. I felt his hands come up and take the sides of my head, gripping me by the hair. He held my head still and began thrusting his cock into my mouth. My hands reached up and grabbed the edge of his desk, my knuckles white as he frantically fucked my face. I gagged slightly as his dick sawed in and out of my mouth but John didn’t stop. My lips were tingling from the friction of his cock.

All of a sudden with a mighty push he thrust his entire length into my throat and blew his first wad straight into my stomach. Instantly my head shot back releasing his cock from my lips as his second shot blasted out, creaming my face. A third smaller load didn’t quite make the distance and splashed across my tits. I lay on the floor covered in his spunk not knowing what to do or say.

“So did I get the job?” I asked

“Yeah and I think it’s time I promoted you.” replied John “But I’m sure there will be plenty more time for that.”

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