Taking Dad’s Place Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: The Morning After

I awoke to the warm sensation of lips slowly licking and sucking on my hard dick. Smiling, I reached down and felt mom’s soft hair. “Mmmm! I see someone woke up in a good mood. Good morning. I hope you slept well.”

Mom lifted her head up and looked up at me. “Oh James! I can’t remember sleeping that good in ages.” She gave a little giggle. “In fact, I can’t remember going to sleep. The last thing I remember was screaming. It felt like I was erupting and that I was pissing all over myself. I didn’t pee your bed did I?”

I laughed. “No mom, you didn’t pee the bed. You came! You came so hard you squirted all over my dick. Then you passed out. I don’t know if it was from exhaustion or the drinks you had.”

Mom smiled. “I wasn’t exhausted, nor did I have too much to drink. My wonderful son gave me the orgasm of my life. After that I couldn’t help but fall into a coma of happiness.”

Mom bent her head and captured my dick again. Her lips were soft and her tongue was amazing as she slowly worked the head of my dick. It didn’t take long before I was slowly working her head up and down my shaft. After a few minutes, she stopped and lifted her head up.

“You’re big enough to make my jaw ache if I do this too much longer. Do you ever cum? I have been at it since before you woke up.”

I pulled mom up so that she was lying next to me. The kiss this time was slow and sensual. I could feel her tongue probing my mouth as my tongue explored hers. When she broke the kiss, her hand slipped down to massage my dick.

“I want you to fuck me now James.”

My dick was hard and throbbing. “I have to pee. And we need to talk. I told you that we would talk before we took this any further. I meant what I said mom.” She looked a bit crestfallen. I kissed her again to take some of the hurt from my words. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you that I don’t want you. In fact, if you said that you didn’t want it to go any further; I would probably rape you just to be able to satisfy my own lust for you. But we really need to talk. “

I slapped her lightly on her small ass cheek. “Go make the coffee woman. Then come join me in the shower. After last night we both are clammy and sweaty. And I like my woman clean.” I think that calling her ‘my woman’, was what brought the big smile to her lips.

“Whatever my man commands, I obey!” Laughing, she scooted from the bed and ran naked into the kitchen. I had adjusted the water to as hot as I could stand it. Mom came into the bathroom and stepped into the shower with me.

I picked up the soap and started to wash her body. I had to bend down to get below her waist. Mom had her hands soapy and was rubbing the soap across my body. When she got to my dick, I was semi-hard. Mom started stroking her hand back and forth.

“You’re so much bigger than your dad is. Maybe you were the gift of fairies.”

I eased her hands from my dick and knelt down. Mom opened her thighs and I gently washed her legs and then between them. Mom moaned, when I let my finger slowly slip up inside her. She wasn’t as tight as I was afraid she would be. I eased my finger in and out a few times then stopped. Mom was holding onto my shoulders.

“James. You’re teasing a frustrated woman. I won’t be responsible for my actions if you keep me on edge like this.”

I laughed, reaching for the shower wand and spraying it all over her soapy body, I especially liked when I let it splash up into her cunt. She boldly reached down and spread her lips open. We dried each other off, laughing like kids.

We were sitting in our robes, out on the balcony with our coffee. Mom kept looking at me smiling. I admit that I was doing the same thing. Then I grew serious.

“Mom. What happened last night was not an accident. I have loved you and fantasized about you since before I was 18. I had thought up a million scenarios to try and get you into bed. I always thought that I could make you much happier than dad ever did. I wanted you. But not just as a lover. I really wanted you to be my wife.

I know that it sounds sick, that a man is in love with his mother. But that’s the way I feel. Last night it took all my control not to make love to you. But I knew that if I let myself go, I wouldn’t be making love to you, I would be fucking you. And I want more than that.”

Mom sipped her coffee and looked at me. Then she placed her cup down and bursa escort her hand rested on my knee. “James. It’s been very hard for me living with your father. I loved him with everything that I was. I wanted to give him all of me. But he let his work and then other things take more of his time than he wanted to give me. You were the only thing that really kept me sane. I was never the type of woman that would consider going out and having an affair. Not even if he was doing it.

I began to see you as my fantasy lover. I knew it was wrong when I started, but you were the only man that paid attention to me. The only man that made me feel loved and special. After awhile, it was always you who would come to my bed and make me feel like a whole woman. And I admit, some of my fantasies became very intense. I would allow you liberties that I would never dream of letting your dad have.

I came here determined not to return home. Last night was one of the most wonderful nights of my life. The only thing that has ever been better, was the day you were born. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t move at first. I was afraid that it was just another dream and I would wake up alone in my bed. But I turned and you were there. I lifted up the covers and saw your dick lying against your thighs. I knew it was real.

I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to please you the way you had pleased me last night. If you hadn’t woke up when you did, I would have climbed on top of you and fucked you in your sleep. I don’t want this to be a mercy relationship. I don’t want you to fuck me just to help me get over the hurt your dad gave me. I want to be yours. Totally! Completely! I want to be the wife you looked for in all those other women. Does that make sense?”

I leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Mom, that makes perfect sense. I don’t intend to be some knight that will just make you feel good because your husband made you feel bad. I really want you for my wife. No one needs to know about our relationship. To the world outside, you are going thru a messy divorce and you are staying with me while you recover. Everyone that knows about you knows that I am very close to you. And most of my friends wish that they had the same relationship with their own parents that we have.

I am not with any one woman steady right now, so it won’t be strange that I am not going out living the night life with anyone.” I stopped to take a sip from my cup while I looked at her. Mom was looking at me with a smile on her face.

“If I am to be your husband, I will expect you to be my wife in all things. I will make the decisions for us, but I will talk it over with you. We will not mention him in our house unless it is absolutely necessary. I won’t ever cheat on you like he did. I will expect you to be the loving, caring and obedient wife inside this house. Outside, you will be my mother and act it for everyone to see.”

Mom’s hand slipped beneath my robe. I was wearing boxers and I felt her hand slip inside the slit to fondle my semi-hard dick. “Loving! Caring! Obedient! Does that mean that there will be times when you are demanding of me? Will you make me obey you when you want something? Will you force me to do things that you wish me to do sexually with you James?”

I could feel my dick growing hard as she softly fondled it. “Would you like that mom? Me, coming in and forcefully taking you when I felt horny and needed to quickly satisfy myself? Me ordering you to assume a position so that I could take you how I wished? Or even my calling you names as I took my pleasure from you?”

Mom’s eyes were shining as she looked up at me. “Yes James. That is how I would fantasize about you at times. You would come into my room and tell me that he wasn’t man enough to give me what I needed. I would struggle as you ripped my clothes off and took me. You would order me to do whatever you wished and I would obey.”

Mom closed her eyes and looked at the ground. “James. I have even had a fantasy that he caught us. He walked in when you were taking me and you told him that he wasn’t man enough to hold onto me, that you were taking his place. You ordered me to kneel in front of you and suck your dick while he watched. You told him that he had ignored me enough to make it easy for you to take his place. Then you kicked him out to sleep in your old room, making him listened to my cries and screams of pleasure.”

My balcony was walled in with just bursa escort bayan the front overlooking the big empty bay. There were no boats out to see us and I knew that with the noonday heat, it would be awhile before boat traffic started up. I tossed one of the cushions on the ground between my legs.

“Get on your knees and suck my dick. Do it slow and don’t try to make me cum. I just want to feel your soft lips loving me again.” My voice let her know that I wasn’t requesting her to do it; I was ordering her to do it. Mom looked up at me and smiled. She didn’t utter a word, as she held my knees to ease herself to a kneeling position. She opened the folds of my robe and caressing my dick, began to rub it against her face.

I grabbed her by her hair. “I said to suck it!” Mom’s eyes slightly closed and I swear I saw her shiver. “Yes James. Whatever you tell me to do.” Her lips closed over the head of my now hard dick. Slowly she worked her head up and down as I felt her softly sucking me. “That’s it! Take it until you gag. I want to see just how much I will have to force down your throat before you can deep throat me the way I like.”

Mom was looking up at me while her mouth slowly slid further down my throbbing shaft. When she had me about three fourths in, she gagged. I was still holding her by her hair. I slid my other hand down and ringed my shaft with my fingers. I lifted her up to look. I had about another inch and a half of thick meat left.

“That’s how much you will have to learn to take. And don’t think that your mouth and cunt will be the only holes I will enjoy mom. You will be mine totally. Every inch of you; every hole; even the air you breath will be mine. I will love you totally as you will love me.”

I could feel mom’s hand as she cradled my balls. Then I felt her finger slowly pushing against my asshole. I tensed then relaxed, waiting to see just what she would do. Mom looked up at me and smiled.

“I will be yours James. Every inch of my body; every hole I have; even the air I breath will be yours.” I felt her slowly pushing her finger into my ass and I groaned. She was not the first woman that I had ever let finger my ass. “But you will belong to me also. Every inch of your lovely dick will be mine to enjoy.” She pushed her finger in deeper.

“I will have this hole to love and enjoy just as you have mine. That is also one of my fantasies. And each breath you take will be another second of life you will share with me.”

Mom looked up at me as she worked her finger in and out of my ass. Then she bent her head and as she took me almost all the way into her mouth, she shoved her finger in deeper. I couldn’t hold back. I grabbed her hair hard and pulled.

“Suck it slut! Drink every fuckin’ drop! Save the last bit for us to share.” I felt my balls erupt in the mother of all orgasms. Mom was swallowing fast and I could see her neck muscles work as she drank me. Mom had shoved her other hand down between her thighs. While she was sucking and swallowing, she was working her clit hard and fast.

After my spurts had seemed to die down, she lifted her head up. Climbing up to me, she kissed me hard. We shared the contents back and forth; our tongues working it from her mouth to mine then back to hers again. Suddenly, I felt her Cumming. Mom’s body shook from head to toe, as she held me tight.

When mom stopped shuddering, she collapsed with her head on my Shoulder. “I can see that being your wife is going to be fun. But I really don’t think that I will be able to satisfy all of your needs. I have never had a man fuck my ass before. Your father never tried, and the one man I had that tried it before I met your father hurt me so bad I never went out with him again.”

I held her tight. “Don’t worry. I will make sure that I am slow and gentle. And I will do a lot to prepare you before I ever do it. Let’s get dressed. If you’re going to be my wife, I will have to dress you properly. No more of those old fashions clothes. You will look the part of a mature, sexy, desirable woman.”

Mom looked at me disappointedly. “I thought you would take me in the house and claim me.”

I reached down and lifted her head up to look at me. “I have every intention of claiming you. But you have just drained me and I want to be full for you. I promise you a night that you will remember for the rest of our lives. Right now, let’s go shopping, like we used to do when I would escort bursa go with you. I have to approve of everything you get.”

Mom brightened immediately. We used to go shopping when I was living at home. Mom seemed to enjoy the clothes I picked out for her. Some she would say that my father would not approve of and I would make her get them anyway just to spite him. This time, she would be dressing to please me not him.

We got dressed with a lot of touching and laughing. The first stop for us was something to eat. We had a small breakfast and left laughing and hugging like two lovers. I just knew that everyone thought this young man had scored with an older woman. Seeing the look of envy, on the faces of the men and women we passed made it perfect.

The first shop we stopped at was a lingerie shop. I picked out stockings; garter belts; an assortment of sexy panties, some with a slit in the crotch, and the type of bras that pushed her tits up. A few even had her nipple exposed above the bra.

Mom blushed like a new bride as we walked to the counter. The sales woman was about mom’s age and she looked at us with a slight smile on her face. I looked at her looking at mom’s hand. That was the first time I noticed that she didn’t have on her wedding ring. She was wearing her engagement ring instead. She beamed at the woman. “My fiancé! He threw all my old woman’s undies out and told me that I had to dress sexy for him from now on.”

The woman smiled. “You’re so lucky! I wish my old man would care what type of undies I wore. All he cares about is watching the sports on TV. I could dance in front of the TV naked and the only thing he would say is that I’m blocking his view.” Mom laughed. “I wish he would leave me alone long enough to watch TV. Sometimes, I wish I had someone to share him with. He totally wears me out.”

I had never heard my mother joking openly like this. She was turning into a completely new woman and I liked the change. She leaned over and whispered something into the woman’s ear. I had been looking at the woman and have to admit, I liked what I saw. She didn’t compare with mom but for a mature woman she still had what it took.

The woman looked at me and smiled. Then she laughed and scribbled something down on a piece of paper and handed it to mom. She was still staring after us as we walked out the store. “Come back again and I will give you a 20% discount.”

Mom stopped and smiled at her. “Oh, we’ll be back. I like your store and I like you too.” When we got outside, I asked her what that was all about. Mom smiled at me. “Don’t worry James. It’s just part of another fantasy I have always had.”

I laughed. “Woman, you are going to have to share some of those fantasies with me when I get you home.”

Mom looked up at me, hooking her arm in mine. “Oh I intend to. And I have had a lot of time to have lots of fantasies. Tell me James, did you think she looked pretty?”

That was a double edged sword kind of question. If I said yes, she would think that I was already looking at other women. If I said no, she would know I was lying. “She looked ok for a mature woman. But she couldn’t hold a candle to you. If you’re asking if I would fuck her, I would have to say yes. If I was not your husband and she let me know she was available, I would fuck her. But I told you I would never cheat on you so the question is moot.”

Mom just smiled and hugged my arm tighter. “Good answer! What’s next?”

The next shop was dresses. Once again, I picked out those things that I saw would make her sexy and appealing. Some of the husbands would smile as she would come out the dressing room to model for me. I would reject some and applaud others. By the time we were through, mom must have had about 5 hundred dollars worth of clothes. Since I was doing well, I wasn’t worried about the cost. Mom insisted on paying for them, saying that he could afford to pay for her happiness.

We ate a light dinner as it was getting late. We had been shopping most of the day. We had even walked into a jewelry store and picked out matching wedding rings. The saleswoman asked us when the big day was. Mom chimed in, “Oh, we’re already married. We just didn’t have time to pick out rings that we liked yet. I like this pair so now we can get them.”

We laughed as she slipped the ring on my finger. I looked into her eyes. “I do! Forever!” I slipped her ring on. Mom gushed like a school girl getting her boyfriends High School ring. “I do completely.” We left with all the sales people smiling and clapping after us. Mom turned to me. “Enough James! Take me home and claim me as your wife. I can’t wait any longer.”

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