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Sweet Loretta ModernHost: “Good evening. If you’re just joining us, we’re talking tonight with Loretta Modern, star of the new… (clears throat)… adult film ‘Lady Lust’.Loretta: “Good evening.”Host: “So, tell us, Loretta, do you really enjoy your work, or are you just fake fucking for the camera?”Loretta: “I can assure you, Tom, there’s nothing fake about it. And, yes, I really do like it. I’ve done other types of work in my life and this is the most… fun I’ve ever had working (laughs).”Host: “Caller, you have a question for Loretta?”Caller: “Hello, Loretta. I’m Jim”Loretta: “Hello, Jim.”Caller: “I’ve seen all of your films, including your most recent. You do look like you enjoy your work. But which do you enjoy more, the men or the women?”Loretta: “Well, Jim, each scene and each person I work with have their own dynamics, and I haven’t yet worked with some one who isn’t professional about our line of work…”Host: “Loretta… Jim wants to know… I want to know… We all want to know… D’ya like fucking guys or girls better?”Loretta: “Well, Tom, I am completely bi-sexual. I love it with both men and women. To be honest, I’d much rather have a threesome with a man and a woman than any other kind of sex. That way, I get everything I want and we all have fun.”Host: “You heard it here first, folks! She likes fucking both men and women! Caller?”Caller: “Hi, Loretta. I’m Sheila.”Loretta: “Hi, Sheila.”Caller: “I’ve seen your films, too, and I think you’re so very sexy.”Loretta: “Thanks.”Caller: “How did you get into adult films?”Loretta: “It’s a funny story, really. My Mum saw an advert and suggested I have a go.”Host: “Your own mother pimped you out to a porn producer?”Loretta: “No, no, no! Nothing like that! The advert was for a film producer, but it said nothing about adult films. I mean, I’m just a girl from down the street in Sheffield. The producer liked me, took some photos, and asked me how far I’d go in a film… did I have any problem with, or would I mind being naked or would I have trouble if there was a sex scene. I thought he was taking a piss… y’know? Making fun. I was honest, though… all I could be, really.”Host: “And you told him you like to fuck both men and women!”Loretta: “Not in so many words, Tom. I told him that I’m very comfortable gümüşhane escort bayan with my body and who I am sexually. If it was part of the film, I’d do it. That’s when he asked me to take my clothes off. I did, he took some photos, smiled, told me to get dressed and he’d call me. I didn’t hear back for over a month. I started thinking he was just some perv who wanted to get some snaps of girls naked. I didn’t mind.”Host: “Do you parents know what you do?”Loretta: “Sure! We’re all honest with each other. I mean, I’d rather tell them face to face than have some geezer from the pub telling them. I told Mum as soon as I got home from the interview what’d happened. She asked me if I was alright with it. I told her I was and that was pretty much it. When I was finally called and asked to do ‘Lolipop Girls 2’, I let her see the outline.”Host: “You mean, you let your mother read the script?!?”Loretta: “It’s a fucking porn film, Tom. There isn’t really a script. We just go by an outline of what type of sex we’ll be having… what positions… Most of the lines are ad-lib… but back to my point… I let Mum read the outline and all she could say after reading it was ‘They’re paying you for this, right?’ (laughs)”Host: “Wow! Caller Bob, you’re on with Sweet Loretta Modern.”Caller: “Hi Loretta.”Loretta: “Hi, Bob. You sound nervous… are you ok?”Caller: “A little nervous, I guess. You’re just so hot and sexy. I never get to talk with girls like you. And your accent is so lovely…”Loretta: “Aww… cheers, Bob. D’ya have a question for me?”Caller: “Well… What’s the biggest cock you’ve ever done and was the size really all that?”Loretta: “(laughs) To answer the second part first… to me, size really isn’t all that important. I personally like an average sized penis… say about seven to nine inches. That way it fits very nicely in my fanny… and down my throat. The biggest… was thirteen inches. I’ll admit, I was quite sore after that monster. I couldn’t work, or even masturbate for a week.”Host: “Loretta likes average cocks! Sue, Sue, Sue! It’s now time for you!”Loretta: “Hello Sue.”Caller: “Hi Loretta. When did you know you liked women?”Loretta: “Well… I’d always had a fascination, y’know? Sport class… the showers… Women are so escort gümüşhane much… ‘different’ is too obvious a word, but the only one I can think of… Women are so different from men in almost everything. We’re soft and tender while men are hard and verile…”Host: “But when did you know you liked sucking pussy?”Loretta: “(laughs) My first sexual encounter with another girl was when I was sixteen. In truth, it was my very first sexual encounter with any one else other than my own self. I didn’t have sex with a boy until I was eighteen.”Host: “She’s a lezzie at heart! Mark, you’re on with Loretta!”Caller: “Hi, Loretta. Just a quick one…Loretta: “(laughs) Quickies can be fun…”Caller: “Spit or swallow?”Loretta: “On camera, it depends on the situation and what the scene calls for. My personal life, I prefer to swallow.”Host: “Loretta likes cum! Danielle, what’s your question for Loretta?”Caller: “Hi Loretta.”Loretta: “Hello.”Caller: “I’ve never seen you do an anal scene.”Loretta: “You are correct.”Caller: “Why?”Loretta: “I tried it once and all it did was hurt. Some time later, I thought I’d done it wrong, thought I was in love… tried it again, but this time with extra lube. It still hurt worse than anything. So, I haven’t tried it since. There are plenty of women out there who do like it… that’s all well and good with me… if you like it, go ahead and do it! I’ve even worked with girls who enjoy it. It’s just not for me. And neither is putting anything in my mouth after it’s been up some one else’s arse…”Host: “Loretta won’t do anal! Simon?”Caller: “Hello, Loretta.”Loretta: “Good evening, Simon.”Caller: “When it comes to the cum shot, do you really like it when the guy shoots all over your tits? Or are you just smiling like that because you’re on camera?”Loretta: “(laughs) You sound like a very dear girlfriend of mine… Barbara, if you’re listening, I love you… Yes, I do really like it. There’s something so fucking sexy about it, y’know? And it feels incredible… especially when another woman licks it up and shares it with me… I mean, you like cumming on your…”Caller: “Wife… yes I do. I guess she likes it, too…”Host: “What’s the most amount of men who’ve cum on you?”Loretta: “In a scene? In a day?”Host: “Yeah.”Loretta: gümüşhane escort bayan “s*******n in one scene. (laughs) I was covered! It was the very first time I’d done a scene with multiple men and it felt so fucking sexy and cool… I didn’t wash it off for almost three hours!”Host: “It’s official! Loretta likes cum! Larry, what have you got for Loretta?”Caller: “Hi Loretta.”Loretta: “Hello, Larry.”Caller: “That was a very intense strap-on scene you had with Chelsea.”Loretta: “Yes, it was! We went a lot longer than anticipated…”Caller: “Do you like to use a lot of toys like strap-ons?”Loretta: “Sometimes. Fucking with a strap-on is a whole different thing than being fucked by a guy. It can last so very much longer, as that scene with Chelsea can attest. I don’t use toys too much, though, mostly because I enjoy a real penis better. But, there are times when a couple of girls want to play, and…”Host: “Paula! Get your strap-on ready, you’re on with Loretta!”Caller: “Hello, Love.”Loretta: “Hello, Paula. Are you enjoying the show?”Caller: “(laughs) Yes, I am.”Host: “Do you have a question for Loretta?”Caller: “Do you like the scripted… or outlined, as you said earlier, sex you have on camera, or would you rather just let it go where it goes?”Loretta: “I like that! She’s been paying attention! Thanks, Paula! The scene Larry mentioned was a ‘let it go where it goes’ scene. I loved it! For the most part, the camera, crew, even the lights all went away and it was just Chelsea and I. I’m glad Larry mentioned it, because it is one of the few scenes like that that I’ve ever done. Most directors have some sort of vision that they’re trying to capture…”Caller: “I can see that in some of the art-fuck films, but…”Loretta: “Yes, even in porn we have our Cecil B. DeMilles and our Federico Fellinis… (laughs) Thinking on it, the ‘let it go where it goes’ scenes I’ve had have all been with women… and directed by women. A much better viewpoint, if you ask me…”Host: “Manny, oh, Manny! You get to talk with a real, live pornstar!”Caller: “How much longer do you plan on doing porn?”Loretta: “(laughs) As long as they’ll continue to have me in a film… (laughs) Honestly, a few more years, I suppose. I may get a break and have a go at being behind the camera. I may even try my hand at serious film. I wouldn’t be the first to make that leap. I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?”Host: “We’ve been talking tonight with Loretta Modern, star of the new adult film ‘Lady Lust’. Next week… ‘Next Big Star’ rejects Billy and Jodie…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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