Surprisingly Surprise Sex Part 2

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The room was large with a king-size bed as Lori had requested. Jacob was elated that he’d get “lucky” with two groupies. His cock throbbed in anticipation.As soon as the door clicked shut, Lori wrapped her arms and gave Jacob a deep kiss. “Would you like to please us both?”Jacob smiled so widely, his cheeks hurt. “I’d love to.””Let me tell you how this goes,” Lori announced, looking Jacob straight into his eyes. “Susie and I have a bet that she can tell a blatant lie and I won’t catch her. If I catch her, Susie pays for the night.””I’m fine with that.” Jacob’s mind was reeling and his cock was throbbing. ‘These girls are drunk!” he thought.Susie squeezed between Lori and Jacob. “Since I won, Lori’s going to watch us fuck and she’ll footing the bill!” She laughed loudly while sticking her tongue out at Lori.”Bitch! OK, I’ll watch you two. But don’t forget, I still get my request.”Susie rubbed her boobs against Jacob and laughed. “That’s ok, I can take whatever you dream up!”Before Jacob could respond Susie had him in a deep kiss. Jacob wrapped his arms around her and returned the most passionate kiss he could muster.”Bitch!”Jacob and Susie both ignored Lori’s comment but Jacob couldn’t help laughing. “You two girls are fun!”With that, Lori started going through Susie’s purse. “Yes!, I’ve got my request! I know what I want you to do, Jacob!””What?” Jacob looked at both Susie’s blank face and Lori’s devilish grin.”Since Lori is paying for this, she gets to make one request of you. And I can’t object,” Lefkoşa Escort Susie stated remorsefully.Jacob smiled. “What did you have in mind?”Lori’s grin was beaming. “Here’s my request. Jacob, I want you to fuck Susie in her ass without her taking any of her clothes off. Nothing, not even your shoes!””What?” Susie looked at Lori.”What?” Jacob asked.”Yeah, that’s my request. I know Susie keeps lube for her ‘special occasions’ in case her ass needs it. Susie, you need the lube!”Lori sat down, laughing, banging her arms on the chair. “And I get to watch!” she stated while continuing to laugh.Jacob’s cock was ready for anything.”I’ll remember this!” Susie stated.”I’m sure you will!” Lori continued laughing.With another passionate kiss, Susie began unbuckling Jacob’s pants. A tight deep kiss and Jacob’s pants were down.Susi slowly moved down to her knees and kissed Jacob’s cock. “Mmmmm…”Susi looked up at Jacob and their eyes met as she took the head of his cock in her mouth. “Oh, yes, Susie.””Here!” Lori tapped Susie’s shoulder. Neither Susie or Jacob had noticed Lori was standing there.”Here’s the lube. Jacob’s ready for you now.”Susie took the tube and began rubbing the lube on Jacob’s throbbing cock. She gave his balls a lick and a kiss before standing up again to give Jacob a big, deep kiss.”Are you ready?” Susie asked, looking directly into Jacob’s eyes.”Yes! I’m so ready for you!””Good.” With that, Susie turned around, bent over and pulled Girne Escort her panties down over her cheeks before grabbing her ankles.”Just her ass, Jacob. Just her ass.”Jacob pushed his well-lubricated cock head against Susie’s butthole. With steady pressure, he popped it in.Lori had moved her chair for a better view.”Oh… Jacob!” Susie groaned.Jacob paused to let Susie get used to his cock in her ass but Lori was right there.”All the way! Stick your big cock in her ass all the way!” She commanded.Jacob was quite willing to oblige with Susie grunting as he pushed deeper until his hips were pressed tightly against Susie’s ass. He could see his note he had written on her back but not his name. His cock throbbed again.”You said earlier you’d remember this. I’m CONVINCED you will!” Lori laughed uproariously.Jacob started fucking Susie in long and deep strokes. “Susie, you’ve got a great ass! Yes, you are great!”Lori watched Jacob for a couple of minutes. “How you doing, Susie? Jacob’s doing great!” She jeered.Jacob’s brain was in fantasyland overload over these two girls. He kept changing his strokes from slow and shallow to fast and deep, stopping to grind his hips against Susie’s ass while still embedded. Susie grunted and moaned and let Jacob do whatever he wanted.He could only keep it up a few minutes before his body took charge and began rapidly fucking Susie quick and deep, banging his hips with every thrust to get as deep as possible. Over and Magosa Escort over, Jacob plunged his cock into Susie’s ass while the pressure to cum kept building and building until he jammed his cock far up Susie’s ass and spurted out his cum. Again and again, his cock spurt cum in Susie’s ass until he was drained. Jacob still had Susie’s hips gripped and he started moving Susie back and forth on his cock until he became limp.  Jacob pulled out and noticed his cum dribbling out her ass.Susie straightened up, adjusted her panties behind her. “You’re really something, Jacob.” With that, Susie gave Jacob a deep kiss. She then moved to where she could talk in Jacob’s ear while looking straight at Lori. “You can fuck MY ass again!” Susie giggled.”Well, Jacob, I can think of something I can do for you. Are you up for some serious sex?””Sure! What did you have in mind?””How about… hmmm… whatever I want. Whatever I want. How’s that?””Yep! I’m good for that!””Careful, Jacob. Lori can get pretty kinky.” Susi smiled.”I’m not into pain but I’m OK with anything else,” Jacob called out from the bathroom. He wanted his cock clean and ready for whatever these two crazy women could come up with.”How open are you?” Lori asked.Jacob walked out of the bathroom naked. If this was a dare, he was up for it.”I’m pretty open. I’ve done a few things.””Ever been in a threesome before?””Yes, twice.””With men and women?” Lori continued.”Yeah. I’m pretty open-minded.””Did you have sex with the guy?” Susi asked.Jacob looked at the two girls. These girls were crazy but fun, fun, fun. ‘They’re’e daring me to do something kinky with them.’ He thought. ‘What can I lose?’ His cock wasn’t ready for whatever was going to happen so he talked. “Yeah, I ate his wife’s pussy while he fucked me. Is that open-minded enough?”

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