Summer Lust – The Virgin Rhapsody Pt. 02

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They arrived at the hotel only two hours late.

Alfredo opened the boot for the porter to gather her luggage. He came back to the taxi to help her out. Jasmine whispered to him. “I don’t think I can walk.”

He smiled at her. “You can do anything. I know you can. Just go and check-in. Leave your carry-on in the hack and I will bring it to you.”

Jasmine swung her legs out of the taxi, stood up, and started up the white brick and granite walkway. Lord, lord…I have a pole between my legs.

Natural stone retaining walls, sporting red and white flowers, led to the massive front door and toward the front desk.

The lobby opulence shone in white etched marble and gold figurines. The old wood, polished to a shine, reflected the light through the windows that extended from the vaulted ceiling. White Azalea bushes grew in ceramic pots and perfumed the room.

“Good evening, I’m Miss Jasmine Alexander. You have a reservation for me.”

“Yes, Miss. Good evening. We are holding your room. Room 428. May I see your passport? Please sign the book. And, you have a message. ” The deskman, dignified in blue suit with gold braid along his sleeve, bowed as he addressed her.

Jasmine signed. She opened the message.


Have you arrived safely? Call me. Love, Mother

“Here is your room key, Miss.” The deskman bowed again and signaled for the porter.

Alfredo approached her with her carry-on luggage. “You left this in the taxi, Miss.”

“Thank you,” she said and picked up her key. “Will you take it up to room 428, please?”

She handed the key to Alfredo and turned to the Bellman. “Please help get the luggage to the room. Mr. Bellman I will put your tip on the room. Mr. Alfredo, please wait upstairs while I arrange this call. “

She turned to the desk manager and wrote out her mother’s number. “Please put this call through to my room when it is connected.” Jasmine smiled. “Thank you.” He handed back her passport.

She walked to the elevator and pushed the button and the door opened. The door closed behind her and she groaned. Lord, I hurt.

She exited the elevator and ambled to her room. The door still open, Alfredo and the Bellman waited. She opened her purse, took out her money, and handed the bellman a pound note instead of adding it to the room bill.

“Thank you again.” She walked to the door, directed the bellman out, and closed the door.

The room, more of a suite, featured a sitting area plus the bedroom and bath. Like a guest room in Buckingham Palace rather than a hotel room, it highlighted the queen-sized bed covered in white cotton sheets, topped with a duvet of silver, a small couch, a love seat, and wing chairs in silver brocade. The walls papered in a silver brocade design matched the chairs.

She walked back to Alfredo and put her arms around his neck.

“I did it,” she said. “I have never hurt down there like this.” Jasmine laughed.

She went to her purse and took out fifty pounds. She offered it to Alfredo.

“No, Little One. You do not owe me anything. I already received my fare.” Alfredo smiled and winked at her. Jasmine laughed.

“Do you have to leave?” She did not want this day to be over.

“No, I have about four more hours before the end of my shift. I usually work ten or twelve hours.”

“Let’s take a shower.” Jasmine wanted to be fresh for Alfredo.

“You need to soak in a hot tub.” Alfredo sauntered into the bathroom and turned the water on in the bath tub.

“I’ve never known a man like you.”

“You have never had a lover before.”

Jasmine smiled. “I’m a woman,” she said. “A full grown woman.”

“Was there ever any doubt?”

“You didn’t believe I’m an adult.” Jasmine laughed.

“I was just checking. You are so delicate. So very beautiful and fragile. I was afraid I might hurt you.”

The phone range. She picked it up and spoke. She reassured her mother. “I’m having a great time already, Mother. I went to Sherwood Forest and to Liverpool. I spent the afternoon exploring in the countryside, at a lake. It was an unbelievable experience.”

Alfredo smile. Jasmine ended the conversation with a ‘call you tomorrow.’


Chapter Seven

The running water steamed the mirrors and walls in the bathroom. Alfredo escorted Jasmine inside and removed her clothes. The nipples on her breast engorged at his touch. He helped her into the bathtub, then he stripped, and climbed in behind her. Jasmine laid her head back against his chest. She sighed.

He reached for the bath cloth, rubbed it with the fragrant soap and bathed her using lingering stokes. He avoided her crotch, but handed the cloth to her.

“Be careful down there.” Jasmine liked his smile and the way he winked at her.

She washed her groin and soaped between her legs. “You are definitely right. I am more than a bit sore.”

Jasmine scooted forward. She turned around and faced Alfredo. She soaped his sancaktepe escort chest and his flat stomach. She moved her hand down, hesitated, and then picked up his penis. Her lover’s penis. I’m not sure how to do this. She soaped it, and made circles with the cloth, like he had done on her breast. Alfredo moaned. “Nice, Little One.”

Jasmine rinsed Alfredo’s penis with the washcloth. She got on her knees and braced her feet behind her. She kissed it. She stared as it enlarged. She touched and rubbed it. She leaned further forward, opened her mouth, and guided it between her lips. Alfredo, with his eyes half-closed, lay motionless. His back against the tub, his arms rested on each side of the porcelain rim.

She licked the shaft. She took out his penis and spit.

“Soap,” she said.

Alfredo laughed and helped her stand up. He opened the drain and turned on the shower.

He held her as they rinsed. She kissed him. He picked up her left leg and rubbed his penis along her inner thigh. His penis grew in length and width and Jasmine moaned at the feel. He released her leg and kissed her.

Jasmine steadied herself and went down on her knees. The warm water fell on her back like a gentle summer rain. She took his penis and placed it at her lips again. Her mouth opened and she put his penis inside. She made a slurping sound as she sucked.

Alfredo placed his hands on her shoulder. He started a slow hump in her mouth. She gaged, but continued to suck. To steady herself more, she placed her hand around his shaft and held it in place. She squeezed it at the base and sucked. Alfredo continued his gentle in and out motion. His moans came more frequent.

He pushed her away. He reached down and helped her up.

Jasmine blushed. “Did I do it wrong?”

“No. You did it too right. Let’s go to the bed. I don’t want to come yet.”

Jasmine wrapped a towel around her hair. She picked up another towel and wiped Alfredo’s back. “What does the serpent tattoo on your back mean?

“I got that when I was in the military. I was in the Spanish army.”

Jasmine traced the outline of the serpent with her finger. She used what she learned from Alfredo’s playbook and followed the serpent to the small of his back. She caressed his back and smoothed her hands across his butt. She kissed his back, put her hands between his legs and stroked his balls.

“Get on the bed,” he said.

Jasmine crawled to the center of the queen size bed.

Alfredo lay next to her. “Get on your knees and straddle me with your face near my penis. You will not gag as much.”

Jasmine climbed on him. She took his penis again. She licked and sucked. Alfredo restarted his hump. He ran his hand down her buttock. She moaned. She found herself sucking harder and rocking with him. Her mouth and sucks timed to his thrusts.

“Ah, Little One…so good,” he said. His speed increase. Alfredo squeezed her cheeks. His penis tickled the back of her throat. She breathed through her nose and sucked harder. The sounds from him belied the control he demonstrated during their first outing. Pleased that he showed such abandon, Jasmine rocked forward, put both hands at the base of his shalt, squeezed and then stroked. She tried to take all of him into her mouth. She sucked at the same time, and increased the pressure on his staff.

Alfredo grabbed her head. He held it in place. His groaned, a crescendo of pleasure crashed into the air as his ejaculation filled her mouth and throat. He released her head and his hands rested on her shoulders. She maintained the tension on his swollen penis.

Alfredo sighed. “Thank you, Little One. That was wonderful. I loved it.”

Jasmine beamed. She slid off the bed and went into the bathroom. She spit out the remains of the sperm and rinsed out her mouth. She grabbed a towel and washcloth.

She returned to the bed and cleaned his penis, his balls, and down his legs, as he had cleaned her.

“Alfredo,” she said. “I had planned to sleep with more than one man on this trip, but now I don’t want to.”

“Little One, I do not have a hold on you. I’m married. You can be with any man you want. But, if anyone hurts you, I will take care of it.”

Jasmine studied Alfredo’s face. She believed his words.

Alfredo gathered her toward him. He kissed her. She reached up and put her arms around his neck. He threw back the covers and moved her to the center of the bed and covered her up.

“Get some rest,” he said. “I will be back later.”


Chapter Eight

Jasmine opened her eyes to a room washed in shadow play. The setting sun casted amber and gold light. She slid from the bed, grabbed her carry-on, and sauntered into the bathroom. She had missed all her scheduled tours, but she did not care. She checked her watch and subtracted five hours. Two P.M…too late to call mother who would have left by now for the hospital.

She ümraniye escort stepped under the water and washed her hair in her coconut shampoo. She added a few more drops to her hand and shampooed the growth between her legs. She wanted Alfredo to smell coconut everywhere. She rinsed and paid attention to her mons and vulva, used her fingers to spread open the outer lips, and rinsed again.

She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. She scurried into the other room and opened her suitcase with her nightclothes and underwear. At the bottom she found the bag with her new purchase. Her first douche bag. She read the directions, grabbed a hanger for the bag, and in the bathroom filled it with the preparation. She eased herself back into the bathtub, flopped her legs open and inserted the nozzle. Her vagina closed around the thin instrument. She moaned.

The reaction of her vagina to the nozzle surprised her. She tried again. Her nipples hardened. She released the stream and moaned once more. Damn, she wanted to come again. She wanted Alfredo. She wanted… The contraction started in her breast, moved to her abdomen and then across her vagina and clitoris. She groaned as the wave hit her. She lay in the tub and tried to recover. What in the world is going on with my body?

Jasmine crawled out of the tub and scanned herself in the mirror. Her tousled hair framed her face, but her features remained the same. Her green eyes stared back at her and she inspected herself for any outward signs of lost virginity. She left the bathroom to dress.

She selected black slacks, a cream-colored keyhole blouse with matching cardigan for her trip to the hotel bar. She grabbed a black handbag and searched for her hotel key. She found it by the television and dropped it in her purse.

She sauntered down to the hotel desk. “I’m Miss Alexander. Rome 428. I’ll be in the bar if anyone is looking for me.” She headed toward the door, spied a carousal of postcards, stopped and bought a few. She giggled. What should I write? Having a wonderful time. Just had my first fuck. Glad you’re not here.

Jasmine entered the bar and found a table facing the door. She ordered a King’s Ginger and it pleased her that no one asked for her passport. She concentrated on writing decent postcards. A dark shadow hovered over her table. Her stomach clinched. She lifted her eyes in expectation of Alfredo’s return. A blonde-haired guy loomed over her. “Want to dance, doll?”

She squashed her first inclination to decline and accepted, instead. “I’m Duke.” Jasmine hated to socialize with most young men. “Hey doll, you look so sexy in that outfit. Where have you been all my life?”

Jasmine rolled her eyes and refused to comment. His objectification pissed her off. She plastered a vapid smile on her face. The music ended. “Thank you for the dance,” she said.

“Where you going, doll?” The young blonde grabbed her wrist. She attempted to pull away.

He held her tight. “Let’s talk awhile.”

Duke’s fingers came loose from her wrist. “Hey, what’s up, man?”

Jasmine turned around. Alfredo held on to one of the young man’s fingers and bent it backward. “The lady said ‘Thank you for the dance.'”

Alfredo fixed his glare at Duke. He squinted and his eyes changed from hazel to green and back again. He released Duke’s finger and folded his arms. The nape on the back of Jasmine’s neck tingled. She swore an arch of energy moved from Alfredo to Duke and created an arc of light.

“Hey man, it’s cool,” said Duke. He backed away.

Alfredo maintained eye contact. He put his arm around Jasmine’s waist and led her into a dance.

“Thank you, Alfredo,” she said. “I’m glad you’re back.”

“Sorry I was gone so long, Little One. I had some things to do.” Alfredo, dressed in all black reminded Jasmine of Zorro without his mask. She loved Zorro in all his incarnations.

“Have you eaten dinner yet?” Alfredo asked.

“I’m not hungry,” she said. “Can we talk?” Jasmine pointed to her table.

Alfredo took her elbow and guided her to the table. They sat and Jasmine reached for her drink.

“Don’t drink that,” said Alfredo. “I’ll get you a fresh one. Never finish a drink you leave unattended. Haven’t you heard of the date rape drug, Little One?”

Alfredo gestured for a waiter and order two fresh King’s Gingers. He scanned the room, leaned back and crossed his legs. “What’s wrong, Little One?”

Jasmine leaned forward and whispered. “Something weird happened when I took my shower…”

Alfredo interrupted her. “You had sexual feelings..?”

“How did you know?” She lowered her eyes. “I had a climax.”

Alfredo put his arm around her and rubbed her back. “Your sexuality is awakened. The more you have sex, the more you will want it. Besides, you didn’t climax the second time.”

“What do I do about it?”

“What do you want to do about it?”

“Make tuzla escort love to you.”

Alfredo took Jasmine’s hand. He threw a ten pound note on the table. He moved to the waiter and picked up their drinks. Alfredo put his arm around her waist and led her out of the bar.


Jasmine dropped her post cards in the mailbox on the way to the elevator. A tingling sensation grew between her legs as soon as the door of the elevation closed. She turned to Alfredo and reached for him. He put his hands between her legs. He inserted a finger between the elastic of her underpants and stroked her labia. She sighed and reached up for his kiss. Her nipples hard, she ran her fingers over his bulge. The elevator door opened and they exited down the hall. She opened the door to her room, closed it behind them, and lifted her top over her head. She slipped out of her clothes and stood naked before him.

Alfredo smiled. “You are horny, Little One.”

The smile faded from Alfredo’s face. “And so am I.”

He pulled off his clothes and grabbed Jasmine. They kissed and walked to the bedroom, their tongues explored the recesses of each other’s mouth. She focused on his body. Her gaze took in his form, the dark hair around his penis, and his smooth balls.

Jasmine started toward the bed. Alfredo stopped her and led her to the small couch. He kissed her and put his hands between her legs. “Little One, you are almost ready. I think you might like this position.”

Alfredo smiled and bent her over the arm of the couch. He stared at her butt and kissed her cheeks. Jasmine sighed and opened her legs. He put three fingers from his left hand in her vagina and fingered her. She squirmed and pushed down on his fingers. She moaned and moved up and down and side to side. With his right hand he jerked and massaged his penis. The penis head pulsed and glistened. He rubbed his penis up and down between her legs.

“Oh please, do it,” said Jasmine.

Alfredo withdrew his fingers and spread her legs even wider. “Hold on, Little One. I don’t know how sore you still are. I need to go slow.”

His left hand on her shoulder, he rubbed his penis up and slid it inside her vagina. A loud groan escaped his lips. He placed both hands on her shoulders and thrusts up and around in a slow and careful motion. Jasmine gasped. She pushed her butt farther up into the air.

“Harder,” she said. “I love this.”

“Are you sore, Little One?”

“Yes, but it is okay. It feels so good.”

Her breast hung free over the couch arm. She rubbed her nipples with her available hand. She sought to balance, and then reached behind her and stroked Alfredo’s balls. Alfredo slammed into her vagina. His climax started. “Oh damn.” He groaned.

Alfredo took a few minutes to recover. He ground his hips into Jasmine. His breathing returned to normal. He lifted her and took her to the side of the bed. He grabbed a towel and wiped between her legs. He put her legs on his shoulder and put his four fingers in her still oozing vagina. He teased back on the hood that covered her delicate flower, nipped and sucked. Jasmine arched her back. She moaned. Her hands went to her nipples again. “Oh my lord.” She squirmed. “I can’t take it.”

Alfredo followed her movements. He increased his pressure on her clit. He sped up his fingering. He moved his hand and held her legs wide. His penis recovered, he inserted it in her. The pressure from her vagina increased the engorgement. He pushed her legs even further apart. The base of his penis hitting her clit. He pulled back her hood, again, to increase direct contact. He changed his stroke to circles. Each stroke assaulted her clit.

Jasmine grabbed the sheets. Her back arched as she screamed. “OH MY LORD.” She covered her mouth.

Alfredo smiled. He slowed his thrusts but increased their strength. One, two, three, four more thrusts and Alfredo grunted and started another orgasm. He fell on top of her. He took a few minutes and then lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his waist. “I don’t want it to come out.”

He sat on the side of the bed and held her. He kissed her and she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue. She sighed and placed her head on his chest.

“Little One,” Alfredo said. “You are going to kill me.”



Day 2

Jasmine awoke and found herself alone in bed. She scanned the room, but none of Alfredo’s clothes remained. She suppressed a desire to cry. Overwhelmed with an emptiness, she jumped up and headed for the bathroom. Alfredo has no responsibility toward me.

A gnawing in her stomach reminded her that she’d had nothing in her mouth since she arrived in England. At least, I haven’t swallowed any food. Jasmine laughed out loud at her double entendre. She finished her shower and her other ablutions and exited the bathroom to select her clothes for the day.

She chose a royal purple chemise-type blouse with a grey silk-blend pants suit. She searched her luggage for her grey low-healed walking pumps. She wore no bra and her breast strained against the fabric of the blouse. She sought a grey purse and found it in the bottom of the third suitcase she examined.

She twisted her hair up in a double bun and checked herself in the mirror. Her image, more exotic than usual, confirmed her desired result.

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