Summer Camp

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This is my entry into the 2021 On The Job story event. I wanted to get away from the usual office setting so I thought it would be fun and different to take the job outside. Please excuse a little time travel. I set this two months from now during the summer of 2021. Happily, it will be timely in just a few weeks.

Thank you to Eva_Adams and Red Haired Wonder Woman for their sterling editing and proofing. Two wonderful women with brilliant editor’s minds and eyes.

Everybody is 18 or older. I hope you enjoy my story and thank you for reading it.


She would ride the palomino bareback naked in the middle of the night, starting in the corral and then gallop out into the meadows and the fields.

The quarter horse’s buttercream, golden body with the silver-flaxen mane and tail shimmered and glistened in the moonlight like a freshly minted gold coin. Her blonde hair would do the same, also shimmering and glistening in the moonlight.

Sometimes as the horse made a sharp turn so the angle was right, her hair would sparkle like the small diamonds in her ears in a scintillation of white light and a rainbow of spectral-colors, then back to long and blonde and flowing behind her in the wind.

And the tantalizing, pert cheeks and the top of the crack of her alluring firm ass spread deliciously by her horse’s wide back, framed by the tramp stamp of a chain of horseshoes across the dimple of the small of her back would tease as they loped along.

When she turned Callie, her horse’s name was Callie, when she turned Callie and was loping towards the moon her natural C-cup breasts would bounce gently with the three-beat rhythm of her horses smooth stride, her nipples reflecting in the moonlight so one could catch a flicker of the gold bars piercing her nipples in a flash, here and there.

But I’ll confess that the sexiest, most lascivious and arousing of all was when she turned to head back towards the corral. Callie’s regal head and gleaming body reflecting the three shades of freshly minted gold now galloping her way home, and those beautiful breasts, sized and shaped perfectly for her 5′-6″ 115lb body rocking in sync with Callie’s gait, backlit by the moon, along with her flying hair, occasionally seeing a hint of blonde curls where she sat, left me breathless and hard.

When her ride was done, she would walk Callie around the corral for a while parading in her magnificent nudity. She’d finally stop, and lead her over to the fence for a brushing and leg and shoe inspection, and stand on her toes for a big hug and kiss of Callie’s head and face so the lucky horse would be caressed by those perfect breasts before heading back to the barn.

Then Zoe, the camp owner’s 18 year old daughter, corral manager, and Head Wrangler would slide on a short robe, and flip-flops, and walk to the women’s showers for a late night rinse.

Chapter One

For the last eleven years my summers have been all about Mountain Home Junior Ranch Summer Camp for Kids. Mountain Home Jr. Ranch, as it was known on its stationary, high in the hills of Calistoga, California.

The first six years as a camper. The next two as a CIT, counselor-in-training, and then after my freshman year in college, a full blown counselor with my own campers, and three tents of energetic 9 and 10 year old boys to corral, keep safe, and guide through a summer of fun including swimming, canoeing, hiking, archery and everything in between. All of the traditional summer camp activities. And since Mountain Home was a working ranch, horse back riding of all kinds.

I loved the owner, Sylvia. She had always been very kind to me, and like most of the guys I had the hots for her daughter, Zoe, who Sylvia was grooming to eventually take over the camp, and ultimately the business. But Zoe felt untouchable. At least, for someone like me who was situated very firmly in the “friend zone.”

Anyway, Mountain Home Jr. Ranch had been my summer home since I was 10. I couldn’t wait for school to end knowing that in a couple of weeks my folks would be driving me up, and after I got my license, driving up there myself in my old clunker.

I had close friends amongst the other counselors both male and female. Pals that I grew up with each summer and looked forward to seeing every year including a cute girl counselor or two.

Like most summer camps it was up early for breakfast and then a full schedule of activities for all of the campers that ranged from 6 to 15 years old. Activities were mostly broken into mornings and after lunch, afternoons.

Sometimes a counselor would track with their campers throughout the day, so you had to know many skills from sports, to archery, to horseshoes, and of course swimming, canoeing and water safety.

Sometimes you were assigned to one station for the day. I always had a thing for horses so I was frequently assigned to the corral all day, and Zoe and I had a nice, camp friendship. We worked üsküdar escort well together. It was mostly based on appreciation of each other’s skills and knowledge with horses and in the ring, and some of it was built upon knowing each other since I was 10 and she was seven.

The camp was not only my summer love, it was my summer job.

I counted on my earnings from the job when I went back to school in the fall. I had tuition covered. My summer earnings from Mountain Home kept me housed and fed. Well, except for last year. COVID kept the camp closed. My tent of campers, and my summer job were not to be.

I started to hustle for work the best that I could. I put myself at risk being an essential worker for DoorDash, but they didn’t pay shit. I scrubbed test tubes for an hourly in a college’s lab thanks to a Ph.D friend, tutored a few kids getting ready for high school calculus and trig for cash. I even sold a little weed out of a dispensary. Hell, why not? It’s legal and sold retail nowadays.

The school year started and by our house taking in one more roommate, and with a little belt tightening, made it through. And then in March the COVID vaccine started to become more readily available.

I volunteer to work hours at student health providing my extensive camp EMT training, and that put me in the queue for the vaccine, and I was fully vaccinated and good to go by the end of March.

And suddenly so was everybody else. Schools were opening back, after Spring Break, to on-campus learning, and I got a letter from Sylvia at Mountain Home announcing the camp was going to be open again this summer under strict COVID protocols including full vaccines for all 16 and over. I was to report the second week of June.

I brought out the bottle of Maker’s Mark I kept hidden for special occasions and started a private celebration reveling my happy memories of summers past.

Our adventures over nearly 11 years are too numerous to recount here, but they did include losing my cherry to Counselor Judy two years ago, inside the barn one moonless night.

Short, with large blue eyes, and dark raven hair that she kept in a long ponytail, Judy and I had grown up through our teen years together at Mountain Home. I had watched her bloom and become a young woman with an over-ripe, come-hither body, and she had watched me grow to just under 6′-0″ tall, long wavy hair, with a 38″ chest, and finally having to shave.

We had made out like two lovesick puppies for several summers, but saved “the deed” until the summer we were both finally 18.

We were able control ourselves for a few weeks then met late one night after the campers were finally quieted down and asleep. I was in my hiking shorts without a shirt in the warm, humid night. Judy had wrapped her ripe, young body in a tank top and bikini bottoms We kissed hungrily trying to absorb each other in kiss after kiss, and let hands roam everywhere before laying down upon the hay.

The hay tickled and Judy laughed in nervous anticipation.

“We won’t be the first to have a first time on a haystack,” I said.

And she threw her arms around me pulling me in close to her and excitedly said, “Bobby, I have been waiting all year for this,” and she kissed me, her tongue darting into my mouth, meeting mine and we slowed down to tenderly explore each others mouths and tongues. We occasionally leaned back to nibble lips, softly kiss and start again.

As I said, we had made out over the years and had gotten good at it. I was already turned on and regretting the choice of hiking shorts as my hard cock began to make its rigid presence known by peeking over the top. Judy noticed immediately and sat up and took off her top.

She had the breasts that a young woman can only have when she is 18. Voluptuous D-cups eagerly bursting out. Proud and pert nipples sitting high on her considerable boobs still looking up at the skies. Her larger, youthful pink areolas were excited and tightened up along with her erect nips.

She leaned forward and gave the peeking head of my hard cock a quick lick and kiss, her pendulous breasts brushing against my thighs, then laid back down bringing me with her, kissing me while her hands dove down to the button and zipper of my shorts fumbling around with them until the zipper was down and since I wasn’t wearing any underwear, my shorts let go of their prisoner and my cock sprung forward into the barn’s night.

She grabbed it with both hands and whispered, “I love your cock! It’s been hard” — and she laughed at her unintentional joke — “not to look at the pics in class,” and moved down to take me into her mouth.

I’m no pornstar, and at 18 I hadn’t reached the full length and girth I have now at 21, but I had more than enough to get the job done, and Judy didn’t seem to care as she started working the head with her tongue.

I guess the girl had been practicing at home, maybe with şerfali escort a dildo, because my cock was completely in her mouth and her head was bobbing up and down with serious intent swirling her tongue around the head and then flattening it out as she took me in all the way as deep as my cock could go as her mouth thrust up and down on me.

I put my hands on her head to stop her saying, “Judy, stop. I’m going to cum. Really, stop. I’m going to cum,” but she kept shaking her brunette ponytail no and kept at it pistoning my shaft with her hand now harder and faster.

I felt my head swell, and my engorged balls were starting to climb against my pelvis squeezing so hard they were starting to hurt. I knew I was about to pop and tried to warn Judy again.

“I’m going to cum!!!!” and I did. Shot after shot in the copious amounts that you only do as an 18-19 year old. The force of the shots knocking Judy back and she lost grip of my dick with her mouth, but kept pumping with her hand as I shot over everything including her face, chest and the hay.

When I was done and we’d both caught our breath, the laughter started and we couldn’t stop it. Both of us were laughing over the gigantic mess I had made, and I suppose out of the youthful exuberance of what happened and how the fuck were we going to clean it up?

“Good!” Judy said. “I read in ‘Teen Vogue’ that with the first time it was important to make the boy cum beforehand so you can slow down, take your time, and last when we finally do it.”

“Teen Vogue?!”

“Yeah, it’s great! I’ll show it to you later,” and she leaned down to my cock, balls, and stomach and started to lick and swallow me clean. She then wiped the cum off of her face, boobs and body and started licking that clean too.

She wiped up a huge glob from her tit and brought it up to my lips. “Taste yourself, and then kiss me.”

I didn’t know about that, but she kept pressing her finger against my lips.

“Come on. I just let you cum in my mouth and swallowed some of it.” So I opened my mouth to the salty, bitter yet sweet, slightly metallic taste of my cum.

“Close you mouth and suck it,” Judy said. I did and she pulled her finger out, grabbed the back of my head, pulled me forward and said, “I’m so happy you did that!” and shoved her tongue into my mouth to mingle our juices of salvia and sperm. She sucked it all back into her mouth, looked me in the eye, and swallowed it all.


Judy’s hand was back to stroking my cock and little Bobby was already hard again.

“You’d better take those bottoms off if you don’t want me to rip them off,” and she shimmed out of them proudly putting her 18 year old pussy on full display for me.

Pink, soaking, and shaved totally bare. I guess a full wax before she left for camp. I was looking at the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my life.

It was a beautiful, delicate flower. Not too fleshy, slight lips, the left one a bit larger. Her opening was also delicate but red and aroused. Low in her pelvis glistening from the moisture leaking out of it. Her clit was long, but also slight and delicate. It was enlarged and obviously as hot as I was.

Sure, I’d seen a lot of pussy in magazines and porn. And, I’ll admit sometimes Omegle, but Judy’s was my first real live pussy. I was popping a number of cherries including my eyes’ pussy cherry knowing that the true cherry was going to be next.

She leaned back in the hay, her ample breasts flowing over the sides of her chest, with the moon starting to peak through the barn window towards our side casting her shadow against the wall. I looked at it all, ponytail, boobs and legs and Judy said is soft almost plaintive voice, “Bobby, will you lick my pussy and make me cum like I made you?”

And I leaned down to inhale my first pussy. Pungent, repulsive, a scent that went straight through my nose into my brain, and I wanted to smell more, and then even more.

I laid down and started to lick her pussy around the slit while my fingers played with it, learning exploring, then slowly inside her soft wetness rolling my tongue for a while. It was warm, sticky, yet slick at the same time. Meanwhile Judy had brought her fingers down to the length of her clit and was playing with herself with a practiced hand.

I moved up there and started doing the same with my tongue. Following her fingers until I got it and her fingers went away.

I kept exploring, licking, sucking, learning about her clit, and what she really liked. I flatten my tongue out as much as it would go, and starting licking upwards pressing into her bud hard and in a few moments Judy panted, “I’m coming. Put your fingers inside me.”

I put two in as Judy exploded holding her mouth as she shouted for Jesus over and over trying not to wake the entire camp. Her pussy was spasming around my fingers and her clit was jerking up and down like it was a cock trying to ejaculate over and over and over.

Finally, she took her hands and pushed me from her clit with, “Enough, enough,” and I leaned back watching her. Judy’s face was flushed, her head was pulled back bringing her heaving breasts forward with a rippling stomach and her juices were leaking out soaking my fingers and the hay.

I decided, “Now is the time.” Moved my hard cock up to the opening of her pussy, and said, “Judy are you ready?” She nodded yes, and I moved the head of my cock along her slit to get it wet then started to slowly push into a pussy for the first time.

She grasped. I knew from all of the horseback riding there was no hymen, but I could feel her tightness grabbing me as I worked my way in slowly until I hit rock bottom. I reached around, grabbed her ass and we laid there for a moment.

Judy had gone on the pill, as we’d discussed prior to camp, and I started to move freely. Slowly at first to a chorus of “Yes, oh yes,” and as her groans sped up and became more forceful I did the same until her pussy suddenly relaxed, and I thought I could try to take it at my own pace.

I started to fuck Judy. I mean really fuck her. Our first fuck. I was plunging in and out balls deep pumping her ass in rhythm with me. It didn’t take long for us to find our natural synchronization and Judy was right. My coming prior helped me last, but it wasn’t going to be much longer.

“Judy, I’m going to cum!” Her fingers had been dancing all over her clit and she said, “Cum in me Bobby. Cum in me. I want to feel what it’s like!” and I did. Rope after rope of my hot seed shooting deep inside her as she brought herself off for her second of the night.

I collapsed upon her as we sloppily kissed each other over and over.

“We are no longer virgins,” I said.

“No kidding!”

And we laid there for a while on the hay in the moonlight.

Judy and I continued our fun and sexual education together the rest of the summer exploring most of the possibilities of human sexuality between two consenting adults.

Chapter Two

That was two years ago, and today, I was happily back as a Mountain Home counselor.

It was “Trailblazer Day,” when we took the best riders in the camp out for an all day ride up and down the Calistoga hills, across meadows and fields, along creeks, through forests, down a very steep hill, and even forging a shallow river. One of my favorite days of the year.

Everyone met at the corral after breakfast. Eight campers, Zoe and me. We all saddled our favorite horse.

Zoe and I went from horse to horse checking the saddles. Was the position right? If the saddle blanket was flat, and if the saddle was cinched up properly. And then a wardrobe check including their canteen, proper cowboy or cowgirls boots, clothes, bandanas, riding gloves if they chose, and then the backpacks for everything from lunches, allergy medicines, to sunblock.

We carried the morning and afternoon snacks along with our lunches, extra water, and the first aid supplies. I had a couple of splints, one for arms, one for legs strapped to my horse’s saddle.

It was 9:00 am and time to move out.

Zoe was of course on Callie. I was on my favorite, Blaze, a sorrel chestnut mare. Like the rest in the Mountain Home stables, she was a quarter horse around 15 hands high, medium-boned, finely chiseled head, a good back, and slightly lighter colored mane and tail that danced in the wind.

Zoe looked at everyone and shouted, “Saddle up!” We all did settling in and grabbing our reins.

“Move out cowboys!” and we started on our grand adventure as the rest of the camp clapped and shouted encouragement as we trotted up the dirt road two by two waving our hats.

Zoe took the lead since she had plotted out the route and the day, and I took the rear of the line mostly in charge of safety and making sure our riders kept their hands on the reins and to themselves.

Riding in the back paid off as I watched Zoe’s blue jeaned hips rock gently in her saddle highlighted by her pink leather belt, and when we turned it was difficult not to notice her hard nipples straining against the ivory T-shirt in the cool morning air.

It was a fun morning of riding up and down the West Calistoga Hills. We cut across a few fields to start the trail winding up a hill to the Old Oat Mine horse trail.

It starts gently and then about a mile and a half later becomes a steep 15% grade perfect for challenging our best riders.

We made it about halfway up the grade before Zoe turned, kicked Callie a few times, and yelled to all of us, “Giddy Up!” and started to gallop down the hill with the campers hooting and hollerin’ as their horses kicked it into gear at full gallop.

By the time we made it down we were all hot and dusty welcoming the cooling peace of a gentle trot across Shepherd’s Meadow. Zoe slowed down to fall behind and ride with me.

“This is one of my favorite days,” she said.

“One of mine too. I looked forward to it all summer” and I looked over at her sitting high in the saddle, her proud breasts bouncing to Callie’s rolling gait, her white hat hanging on her back as her lush, blonde hair flowed behind her like when she was riding nude in the night

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