Son of Mine

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Karen Miller was putting away folded laundry when she made the first of several startling discoveries that would change her life.

She had had an unusually busy week, so the laundry had gotten backed up quite a bit, and she had an extra big stack of her son’s underwear. As she was trying to make room in his drawer for the clean, folded boxers, she came across something she was not supposed to find buried in the bottom of the drawer.

It was a pair of women’s panties that had been wadded up and stuffed in the drawer. Karen was so surprised to find them that it took her a few seconds to absorb some critical information about them.

For one, they weren’t just any panties, but a pair of black satin bikinis. For another, they weren’t just any woman’s panties, they were hers, a pair that had gone missing several months ago. And finally, she noticed that the panties were stiff and crusty, completely covered with what she knew was dried semen.

Karen felt her knees go weak and she had to grab the dresser for support as the impact of her discovery hit home. It meant that her son, her shy, sweet, sensitive baby, was masturbating, and using her underwear as a prop.

Suddenly, from nowhere, she got a hot flash and she felt herself get wet between her legs at the mental image of Ray stroking himself and shooting his hot cream on her panties. The very thought shocked her, and she buried her face in a hand as she struggled to compose herself. For Ray was also sexy, as some of her friends had often noted. Indeed, it was a fact that she had noticed as well. But this was different. Now she had proof that her son had a deep carnal nature that was struggling to come into the open.

It all added up to one thing, Karen thought ruefully. It could only mean that Ray was just like her: shy and sweet on the outside, but hot and nasty on the inside.

Unsure of what to do, she quickly replaced the panties in the drawer, and with trembling hands shut it and walked swiftly out of her son’s room. I must be going crazy, she thought. I can’t be thinking about … that. She sat at the kitchen table in their small house, poured herself a glass of juice and sat to think.

As she did, her mind wandered back to how she and Ray had arrived at this juncture.

Karen had grown up the youngest – and only daughter – of three children. Her father was a claims adjuster for a major insurance company and her mother was a housewife. Being responsible for a fairly large territory, her father had spent much of his time on the road, giving him ample opportunity to sample the wares of women in a number of towns. Her dad had a highly sexual nature and an easy, garrulous way with people. Her mom, on the other hand, was quiet and somewhat frigid. As long as he kept his affairs in other towns, she tolerated her father’s running around, but when he took up with a barmaid in their small town, her mother left her father and took Karen with her to another town, where she got a low-income job as a secretary. Karen had been 13 when this happened, and it had been fairly traumatic.

It became quickly apparent that Karen inherited the most dominant features from each of her parents. Form her mother, she inherited her size, a high intellegence, strong survival instincts and a quiet, introspective personality. From her father, she inherited her looks and a bottomless sexual hunger. It was a difficult combination to have. She was just slightly over five feet tall and slim, with a perfectly-proportioned butt and small, tea-cup sized breasts. And she was drop-dead gorgeous, with a pretty, open face, raven black hair, fair skin and dazzling blue eyes the color of a clear sky on a mountain morning.

It didn’t take the boys at her new high school long to notice the pretty brunette, but for a long time, she held them off, hiding behind her shy nature. Eventually, she loosened up, and gave up her virginity early in her junior year. For the next year or so, she dated pretty regularly, and most of her boyfriends got what they wanted from her. She had always had an active imagination, and once she got started, she was game for most anything when it came to sex.

Because her mother was a staunch Catholic, the idea of Karen using contraceptives was out of the question. For awhile, Karen was able to play Catholic Roulette, timing her cycle so that she avoided sex when she was fertile. Or rather, she avoided letting her boyfriends in her pussy at those times. She quickly learned how to give head and wasn’t averse to letting a guy have her succulent butt if a blowjob wasn’t enough.

But when she started going with Donnie Miller during her senior year of high school, that changed. Donnie was a sophomore at the local college, and he was considered quite a catch. His father was on the town council, and was rumored to have higher political aspirations, and his mother came from one of the town’s wealthiest families.

Donnie hadn’t wanted to play Catholic Roulette when Karen mofos porno was fertile, and he paid the price, for a couple of weeks before her high school graduation, Karen came up pregnant. The Millers wanted Karen to quietly have an abortion, but neither she nor her mother would hear of it. Moreover, Karen’s angry mother insisted that Donnie marry her daughter, or else she would create a tremendousscandal. Her mom may have been quiet, but there were depths to her that no one in that town had seen up to that point.

Nevertheless, it was a doomed marriage. Karen resented that her college dreams had been shattered, and Donnie’s parents made no attempt to hide their disdain for her, considering her a low-life tramp from the other side of the tracks who had trapped their precious son into marriage. And that disdain extended to her son as well. Karen’s mother – and her father – gave him all the love they could, but the Millers were indifferent to the boy.

After Ray came along, Karen went to work at Wal-Mart while Donnie finished his banking degree. Even then, she suspected he was cheating on her, but could never prove it. After he graduated from college and started with a local bank, Karen found a job as a secretary for a local lawyer.

For seven years, she stayed married to Donnie, and the whole time, she knew he was cheating, but he was too clever to be caught. Yet when she finally succumbed to the persistent advances of her boss, it took less than a month for Donnie to find out. Karen always suspected that it was a set-up, but she found it impossible to fight the money and influence that the Millers had aligned against her.

Defeated, Karen made a deal with her husband. She would waive any alimony claims in return for full custody of Ray and minimal child support. Donnie had never wanted the child to begin with, and had done his best to make the boy’s life miserable. He had never physically abused his son, or her, but his verbal abuse had been a constant drain on their self-esteem.

As it happened, child support was grudging at best, and after six years of constantly fighting about it, Karen simply wearied of the battle. By that time, she had moved to the nearest large city, the better to fade into the crowd. She had found work as a secretary for a medium-sized corporation, a job she had been recommended for by her former employer, who was perhaps feeling guilty about his role in her downfall. She had bought a small house in a quiet neighborhod, and had settled down with her son.

Feeling betrayed by her body, which had finally yielded to her instincts, Karen initially swore off sex, but after a year or so, she found she missed it, badly. Sometimes, she would accept dates, but refused to get involved in anything serious. And when she went a fairly long period without sex, she sometimes went out looking for it. That ended abruptly, though, when Ray was about 11, when she brought home a guy she’d met at a bar. They were into it hot and heavy on the couch when Ray stumbled out of his bedroom to get a glass of water. Karen would never forget the hurt look on her son’s face when he saw what was going on.

After that, Karen swore off alcohol and sex, and dedicated herself to her son. He was a quiet, studious boy whose only passion was long-distance running. That was a pursuit that Karen encouraged, to the point where they took their runs together. As Ray matured into a young man, they became a familiar sight in their neighborhood almost every morning, running quite briskly.

Ray had graduated from high school with honors and had decided to attend a college nearby, so he could live at home and save on the cost of a dorm. He was 19 now, heading into his sophomore year, and was working at a bookstore in a nearby mall. He had grown to be a slender young man of average height, with looks that favored Karen’s mother, complete with her curly, sandy blond hair. However, he had inherited Karen’s eyes, deep soulful blue eyes that hinted at unfathomable depths. He had had a few girlfriends, but none that were serious, and Karen had a suspicion that her son was still a virgin.

As she sat at the table contemplating what she had found, that thought gave her a strange thrill, and she had to shake her head vigorously to rid it of the haunting, delicious images that were swirling around in there. She had gone over eight years without sex, at least sex with another person, and maybe it was starting to get to her. Although she was now celibate, she still had the same deep sexual nature she’d always had, and she made liberal use of her imagination, and the few toys she’d managed to acquire to help her when she masturbated.

Ray sensed something different about his mom when he came home for dinner that night after work. She seemed distracted, and seemed to look away whenever he spoke. This puzzled him, because usually Karen liked to hang on his every word. When she had made the commitment to do everything she could for naughty america porno her son, that had included paying rapt attention to what he was saying. They often had deep philosophical conversations about wildly divergent topics, ranging from baseball to politics. So for Karen to lose focus on Ray was disconcerting to say the least.

However, he shrugged it off, and went out to see a movie with a friend. Karen watched a ball game on TV for while then went to bed early.

The next day was a Sunday, and they slept in, as they did most Sundays. It promised to be a hot day, and Karen wasn’t enthusiastic about getting outside. Ray had to work that afternoon, and after he left, Karen decided to play poker on her computer.

Karen played for awhile, but something kept nagging at the back of her mind, so finally she cashed in and decided to rummage around on the computer to see what she could find.

As a mother of a teenage son, Karen had always kept a close watch on what Ray did on the computer, but since he’d started college, she’d slacked off, figuring that he was old enough to use the computer without her birddogging him. But for some reason, today, she felt an urge to catch up with what her son was up to on-line. What she found astounded her.

Looking at the History file, she was startled to see that Ray had apparently been poking around in a website that featured erotic fiction. This by itself wasn’t necessarily something bad. She had used that very site herself at times. But what took her breath away was the nature of the stories Ray had downloaded. In all, there were over a dozen stories in the file, and every single one featured incest between mothers and sons.

Karen trembled from top to bottom as she started looking at some of the stories, and she felt herself flush. Most of the stories were well-written, and all of them were extremely graphic. She could feel the moisture building between her legs as she read each story, and the more she read, the hotter and wetter she got. She tried several times to shake herself out of the near-trancelike state she’d fallen into, but she could not pull herself away from the stories. Several times she caught herself rubbing her crotch through her shorts, and one time even clutched her breasts and rolled her stiffening nipples, before she realized what she was doing.

God help me, she thought, as she read. This was SO wrong! But there was no denying it any more. She was getting turned on by the erotic fantasy of mothers making love with their sons, and in particular, the idea of making love with her son. She was almost in tears as the implications began to settle in her psyche. But there was more in store.

After finishing reading every story that had been downloaded, Karen fearfully began to search for some other evidence that Ray was fantasizing about her. I didn’t take long for her to find it.

She uncovered a folder simply titled “Ray’s stuff,” and when she tried to open it, she found it password-protected. Her suspicions aroused, she started trying a number of different passwords in an effort to get in and see what her son was up to. Her hands shook as she typed each failed password. She tried obvious words like Ray, sex, incest, before thinking of word combinations. She tried momlove, lovemom, ilovemom, then typed in raylovesmom and suddenly the folder opened. Karen’s eys bugged out as she realized that she had stumbled upon the deepest, darkest recesses of her son’s fertile mind.

There were photos of every sort. Some were seemingly-innocent pictures of her that Ray had scanned in, but also some where he had superimposed her face onto a picture of a naked woman that was built somewhat like her. There were also pictures of women, all of whom resembled her, having all kinds of sex. Besides photos, there were more stories, lots more stories, from several websites, and poetry, all featuring sex between mothers and sons.

Karen read through a few of them, and she felt her arousal spike with each lurid fantasy that she read. After closing out of one story, she came across a poem Ray had written, and it basically described the thoughts he had when they ran together, how he liked to watch her hips move and her legs churn. That was bad enough, she thought, as it confirmed that Ray did indeed have a specific attraction to her.

But then she came to a story that Ray had obviously written, and her heart almost stopped. It was titled, “What I Want,” and it described in exquisite detail exactly what Ray wanted to do to her. It was nasty, but also romantic. Simply put, Ray wanted to make love to her, slowly and sensually. He described the touch of her breasts, the smell of her hair, the curve of her butt. As she read it, Karen let out an audible groan and slid her fingers down the front of her shorts, into her panties, where she found her hot, wet pussy and throbbing clit.

And as she read, Karen formed a picture of Ray – public agent porno her son, her baby – naked, and with her equally naked on her bed having sex. Her heart raced as the forbidden, incestuous fantasy built, while her middle finger rolled her swelling clit around and around.

Suddenly, she looked at the clock on the screen and realized that Ray would be home any time now. Frantically, she closed the folder and shut the computer down. She strode briskly to her bedroom, closed and locked the door. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, unhooked and discarded her bra, then slid her shorts down her legs, with her panties coming off with them. She stood naked in front of the mirror as a shaft of late-afternoon sunlight shone through the window. Yes, she told herself, she was still the same sexy creature she’d been all those years ago, still sexy enough to turn on a handsome, virile young man, never mind that the man was her own son.

She ran her hands down her sides, and up her chest, cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples. As she continued to caress a breast, with her right hand, her left hand snaked down her stomach, down her abdomen and between her legs. She slid the flat of three fingers through the lush black curls of her pubic bush, over her throbbing-hot mound, wormed a finger around her opening then back up to her clit.

Karen could feel the moist heat building in her crotch as she rolled her clit. She moved her other hand down between her legs and thrust two fingers as far as they could go in her burning snatch. She stared at herself in the mirror, at her lust-lidded eyes and the hands that were caressing her sex, imagining that they were Ray’s hands working on her.

She needed more, so she squatted down, not missing a beat as she finger-fucked herself. She opened her bottom dresser drawer and reached under the sweatshirts to where she kept her toys. She felt around until she found one that she felt was pretty close to what she imagined Ray’s hard cock would look like.

She pulled it out and stared at it for several seconds, then ran her tongue over the rubber dong. She got it good and wet with her saliva then slid it into her mouth and sucked it like a cock. She slid it in as far as she could, inhaling nearly two-thirds of its length, feeling the head hit the back of her throat. God, she missed having a cock do that, as the erotic feelings welled up inside her. Unlike some women, she had always loved to suck a hard cock, especially when she could get one all the way in. She liked the taste and texture of a man’s erection. Sucking a rubber dong approximated the texture of a real cock, but the taste, of course, was nowhere near the same.

When Karen felt like she’d given herself enough of a mental image of sucking Ray’s cock, she pulled the dildo out of her mouth, moved it between her legs and pushed it right up her sizzling slit. She humped up and down on the fake cock slowly, sinuously, her eyes closed imagining it was Ray’s cock that she was riding. A long, loud groan escaped her lips as she slowly fucked herself nearly to oblivion.

The noise caught the attention of Ray, who was in his bedroom changing into some comfortable clothes after coming home from work. Karen had been so into her sex play that she hadn’t heard him come in, and at that point, she probably wouldn’t have cared if she had. Ray perked up when he heard what was going on in the next bedroom. He had discovered sometime in his early teens that the way the air conditioner vents were placed between the two bedrooms made it easy for him to hear whatever was happening next door. If he sat in his closet, it was almost like he was in the same room with his mom, and he had spent many a night on his stool, stroking his cock while listening to Karen masturbate. He knew she had a high sex drive and that she had sworn off other men for him. It was one of the many things he loved about his mom.

Usually, though, Karen masturbated at night, before she went to sleep, so it was highly unusual – a real treat – for her to be fucking herself here when it was still light outside. Ray could feel his cock swell as he listened to the gasps and moans his mother made as she worked herself over. He slid his boxer shorts off and stood naked by his closet, softly stroking his stiff cock. Continuing to jack himself lightly, he went to his drawer, reached in and pulled out his trusty pair of panties. He got a tremendous thrill out of using his mom’s panties for this purpose, not to mention the feeling of the satiny cloth on his cock. Reaching into the drawer of his night stand, he pulled out a little baby oil and poured some on the base of his cock and began working it up and down the shaft, simulating the feeling of Karen’s juices around his cock. Then he moved his stool into the closet, laid a towel on the floor in front of him, sat down and began to stroke himself with purpose.

Karen’s calves had started to ache from being in the squatting position for so long, so she stood up, keeping the dildo firmly embedded in her pussy, and lay back on the bed. Now she began to fuck herself in earnest as her climax began to quicken.

“Oh baby, baby, baby,” she moaned. “Mmmmmmmmm. Fuck me with your beautiful cock. I want to feel you fill me. Ummm, ahhhh, yeeaaaahh!”

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