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Slutwife Loved A Good, Hard DPOur threesome partner and I had been boning that slut wife of mine for a couple of hours. He was sitting with his back against headboard and she was lying there naked between us, her head resting on his stomach. Man juice oozed from my wife’s coochie. I picked up her favorite gel dildo and slowly started to slip it into her moist, cum lubricated love box. My wife started licking the house mate’s cock and when his dick started to perk up, she wrapped her lips around the head and began to suck hard on it.As his cock slid further into her mouth, I pushed her toy deeper into her pussy. I said to the house mate”Geez, isn’t she the most insatiable cocksucker you’ve ever had wrapped around your manhood?”The house mate smiled blissfully and said “Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…”Then he asked a rhetorical question “You certainly can tell she loves having a hard dick in her mouth, can’t ya?”Our gluttonous cock monger responded with an enthusiastic nod in response to both of these crude remarks.. Her head was still resting on his stomach, so he maneuvered his hips and legs so he could feed more of his meat into her ravenous mouth.More and more of his dick disappeared until his entire eight inches was down her throat and she held it there. I did the same with the dildo only about four or so inches of the base were visible. My wife groaned and wiggled her hips, signaling that she wanted to get reamed with the dildo now. I grabbed the end of the red dildo protruding from her cunt lips like a club. Then I began sliding it in and out, harder and deeper with each pass.. Our house mate did the same with his dick. Within a couple of minutes, the house mate asked if she was ready for a real cock. She mumbled an affirmative”Mmyeth!” (Which is how “yes” is pronounced if you have a dick stuck in your throat…)He and I both looked at her beautiful, tanned buns then looked at each other grinning. He said;”You heard our slutty little fuck doll . I think you need to do her in the ass this time, eh?”Without needing to respond, I pulled the big red dildo out of her pussy. I got up on my knees, moved over and sat down on the back of her legs, directly behind her amazing ass. While I got positioned, she moved her hand beneath her and started rubbing her clit. I stoked the shaft of my dick using cum and pussy juice, then slid the head of my dick casino siteleri up against her tight little bung hole and waited to let her get accustomed to the feel. It didn’t take long, when she was ready for more dick, she relaxed her ass and began to wiggle her butt while pushing her ass back against my dick.The house mate could not see what was happening. So he asked her”You like having that cock in your hot little ass don’t ya?”She moaned in respose as I climbed up higher on top of her ass, so I could wedged my dick in deeper into her butt, then I began to move it back and forth slowly, she stopped sucking his cock to answer:”Oh fuck Yeah! That hard dick in my ass feels so good and nasty now… “My wife returned to sucking on his dick as I ploughed deeper into her buns with each stroke. Our house mate sat back, shut his eyes, sighed, and relaxed with this huge grin on his faceThe three of us established a nice comfortable pace for our carnal activities and kept this up for a few minutes until my wife took his cock from her mouth and announced:”So would you guys like to double fuck me on my ‘shroom’ now?!”“What? A DP? Yeah! ” The house mate and I answered simultaneously and identicallyWhat she calls her ‘shroom’ is this huge cable spool that she somehow managed to get home from work one day. She covered the upper side with a thick rubber floor mat and used some brown vinyl upholstery material and wood stain so it looks like a great big huge mushroom about eighteen inches tall and three foot in diameter. She made this thing cuz she didn’t want something that looked as if it came out of some medieval castle dungeon but would not collapse under her like our coffee table did. That was exactly what happen to us while we were having sex in the living room the first year we were married.It seems that my sweet innocent young bride liked being “restrained” during sex because made it her cum harder. ( And the house mate and I both enjoy her being unable to resist the perverted things she wants us to do to her! ) So her decorative “shroom” looks innocenr enough sitting in the corner of the room. That is until she wants to be either tied up on her hands and knees, or tied face down on it (or sometimes she likes lying on her back.) No matter what, it won’t break or let her get free since that spool once had 6000 lbs of “big yellow hose” canlı casino networking cable wrapped around it before my perverse spouse managed to turn yet another innocent everyday object into one of her kinky, bondage toys!So that night the housemate and I decided to tie our very willing victim face down on her padded spool. That way all three of her wondrous fuck holes were accessible for both of us and to whatever toys with which we might wanna abuse her. We knew she was in that kinda mood tonite and like a couple of sick, degenerate boy scouts we like to be prepared. (Hey, if us guys didn’t, she might someday figure out how to tie herself up and given a sufficient number of batteries, he and I could be out of the most fun job two guys could ever hope to do, right?!So once she her arms and legs were lashed securely to the base of the spool, we teased and tortured her with BOB (AKA “battery operated boyfriend”) until she came once.Now her all time favorite way to finish up one of our weekly fuck and suck threesome marathon sessions is having both of us guys squirt into her while she was cumming at the same time. Having a three way simultaneous orgasm is harder than it sounds but since the three of us had lived together for a few years now, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to practice. ( And practice make perfect. The house mate and I both really enjoyed doing this for her, Particularly since my submissive wife lets both of us guys go ahead and just do whatever we wanted with her body and her wholehearted cooperation and enthusiasm!)So with the house mate’s cock well instanced in her mouth, I began to fuck my wife’s ass harder and harder. Gawd, shoving my dick up her ass felt so damn good. After a few minutes, my experienced wife could tell I was ready to explode soon so she clamped her ass down tight around my cock. Knowing that this always made me cum. In response, I shoved my dick up her ass all the way til my balls rubber her labia. Then I pulled my cock all the out of her. Then I slammed my dick back into her ass all the way to the hilt and pulled it all the way out again. And did that again. And again.The house mate kept telling my wife how incredibly nasty and whorish this looked and kept encouraging me to pound her ass harder again and again.. I had hold of her the hair holder her head as he face fucked her as hard kaçak casino as he could at the same time.After about the fifth stroke, my cock unloaded into her buns and the house mate started pumping cum down her throat. It wasn’t difficult to tell my wife was cumming now too. Even with my dick in her bum I could still feel her contractions of her pussy. This double tsunami of man juice was exactly what my wife wanted and she came each time we did.After the grand finale, both of us were surprised to hear my slut wife that she still wanted the house mate to fuck in her ass, too. She cooperated by unclenching her ass and let go of my dick. He and I got up and traded places. Both he and I had cum twice already but all three of us were in a real sexual frenzy that nite, so we were gonna be going at it til dawn. Fortunately, it was a Sunday so my wife didn’t need to be at the store we owned until closing time.Now the house mate’s cock was only inch longer than mine but with his larger circumference he stretched her tight little asshole even after the half hour ass pounding I had delivered. And while the house mate fucked her, I kept her pussy and/or mouth busy.That cum crazed woman told us now she wanted both of us to cum in all three of her fuck holes. Although she normally didn’t mind a little ATM, tonite she gobble down our cocks no matter where ever they previously occupied. That nite she wanted us to DP her in any and every way the house mate and I could imagine. By morning, the house mate and I eventually managed to cum one more time each. (Hey back off. He and I were both in our 40’s. Someday you cocksure 20 year old guys will be humping and huffing, just trying to keep up with one of these incredibly nice looking,older maenadtype women who are hot to trot, too. )Of course, that outrageous, oversexed, over the top, insatiable, nymphomaniac harlot enjoyed so many orgasms that night. I swear I’ve yet to meet another woman that could cum as many times as she could in one night. She once complained to the housemate and I how she tried to keep track of how many orgasms she had during one of our marathon nights but lost count after forty or so! And this around midnight, which was only the halfway point for her!! Its hardly equitable that some women can enjoy dozens of orgasms in single night whereas us guys only get to share maybe a half dozen at most even with two of us. It just ain’t fair!And I’ve encountered only a couple of woman as wicked and naughty and as much fun in the sack as we had with that cum dumpster I was married to for close to twenty five years….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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