Silly things I have done in my teens

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Silly things I have done in my teensMy dad is a very keen gardener, as is our neighbour and his and so on, in fact every summer we all compete against each other for the best in show garden.It’s a competition my dad would love to win, but he never does, that honer goes every year to the same man, our neighbour, he just appears to be ahead of everyone, and every year he walks away with it, my dad just goes ballistic. Last year was something of an obsession in our house, as dad plotted and schemed to do his utmost to usurp the old man, his sworn mortal enemy.One day I came home from school to find the street with police all over the place, someone had snuck in next door and did some serious damage to his prize blooms and lawn, made an absolute mess of everything, and I immediately thought of dad.I asked mum and she too had her doubts, as dad had become both moody and obsessive. Then two days later the old man said he knew who was behind the sabotage, his CCTV had caught the culprit on cam, the only sticking point, was he had never advertised the fact he was filming, and thus it was i*****l.However not to be outdone, he threatened to upload it to the internet, and thus there was an outcry with the public demanding to know who it was and the law threatening serious action, but the old man next door was not to be put off.Then one night I heard mum and dad having a go at each other, and when mum accused dad of being the guilty party, he just shouted he was, mum ran from the house and I followed, that was my big mistake.I got as far as the end of the drive, fear in my heart about the repercussions, once the neighbours knew it was dad, and the embarrassment we would all suffer.I marched up to his door and knocked on it, I was on a mission to avert a potentially embarrassing situation.The door opened and he stood looking me up and down, something I knew he did a lot off from afar, and now I was here, armed with the knowledge I had a bargaining chip, ‘Hello Mariel’, he said with genuine surprise, as this was my first encounter with him.’We need to talk’, I whispered, he stood back and I walked in, turned and watched as he closed his door, inviting me further into his house.I took my shoes off and walked barefoot yenimahalle escort on his thick pile carpet, I was shaking and nervous, and why should I not be, what I was about to offer him, was in the eyes of the law i*****l.’Are you going to disclose who did it to the people’?He looked me up and down, his brain was working overtime, ‘Yes Mariel, I am’, he replied with an air confidence, then sat silent and waited for me to continue, which I did, swallowing hard.’I don’t want you too’, I blurted out, letting my emotions get the better of me momentarily, I guess I was hoping he would take pity on me, and melt, giving into my pleas.He continued to stare at me, even colder and harder, and why shouldn’t he, daddy had done a stupid thing, now I really needed to soften him, by offering myself to him as a bargaining chip, I think he knew that already, I mean the tape, why else would I come to his?’Are you sure you really want to do this Mariel’, he was toying with me?My lips were dry, so I licked them before answering, shaking my head as the word ‘Yes’, escaped my lips.Now it was his turn to lick his lips, I mean I was not really an immature virgin, I have been sexually active, but never with a man in his sixties, but beside, he would not last too long in this one off situation.’Are you wearing panties’?I was taken aback momentarily, he was testing my resolve, so in an act of defiance I took hold of my skirt and hiked it high, to expose my thong-like undies, a small triangular patch of nothingness, barely covering my modesty, but I did not care, he was going to see everything shortly.He held up his arm and twirled his finger, I got his meaning and turned around to show my perfect derrière, totally nude, with a thin cord emerging from the top of my bum and connect with the cord around my waist.His staring at me was beginning to have a strange effect on me. I was showing sexy undies to man old enough to be my grandfather, and it looked like it was having an effect.’If you don’t show the tape, and destroy it, you can have this, and I looked down at my crotch, as I said it, feeling my knees wobble unsteadily, a wave of lust swept over me, ‘Fucking hell’, I thought, ‘I’m turning tunalı escort myself on’, that’s when I smiled, then laughed, it nervous excitement, I let my skirt drop down, and listened to my heart beating loudly in my chest.’Are you wearing a brassiere my dear’, he was toying with me?’No’, I replied a little sternly, he just started at my chest. ‘Oh for fuck’s sake’, I blurted out, and tore my top off and stood bare chested, my tits heaving heavily, my nipples buzzing with excitement.A huge smile broke across his wizened face, and suddenly I became self conscious, and covered both breasts with one hand shielding each, from his piercing gaze.I could feel the rubbery-ness of my nipples protruding into my palms, they were so sensitive, just touching them started my lubricating, ‘What the fuck are you doing to me’, I finally gasped, I had never felt as hot as this with sex with my boyfriend, this weird situation I had gotten myself into, was giving me a buzz, I felt like a whore, an innocent schoolgirl, helpless and horny as hell, all in one go.’You’re just a horny girl, Mariel’, he paused while his comment sunk in, ‘you always were’, he continued, then he dropped a bombshell, ‘just like your mother is’.’Is’, I repeated, ‘what do you mean’, I contested?’And what do you mean always were’, I was confused, and angry, I had lost the plot and I stood with my fists clenched at my sides, my breasts and nipples pointing angrily at him, somehow there was satisfaction being nude like this, my brain swirling around, my mother, me, horny, WTF was he on about.’Take a deep breath Mariel, don’t ruin it, you’re doing great’, he continued. I relaxed and he explained that nine years back at my sixth birthday party, we had met, and I somehow finished on his lap, my mother having put me there, but as he continued a could feel a cold sweat come over me, I suddenly remembered, and the blood both drained then returned, ‘You remember now’, he urged me, I shook my head, ‘You had an erection where I sat’, now it was his turn to nod and smile.’I came in my pants’, he said, ‘you made me cum Mariel’, my whole body shook, ‘But I was just six’, I said, in my defence, but he countered, ‘I know you were Mariel’, tandoğan escort he smiled as he recalled, ‘Your mother placed you onto my erection and whispered for you to do your pole dance routing for me, do your uncle’, she said, ‘you were not any wearing panties, and that’s why I came’.The deep rooted memory was there, even though his face did not fit or the actual memory was in full, but I did always think about sitting on men’s laps, ‘A very forward thinking little girl’, daddy used to say, I hope I never did it to him.’So you and my mother were lovers’, I asked him, he just nodded in the affirmative.This was turning out to be something completely different, certainly not what I had initially planned, now I now knew of my mother’s infidelity, her p**o mentality, and high sex drive, no wonder daddy hated him.’Enough talking Mariel, take off your skirt’, and as he ordered me, he started to undress himself, it was going to happen, and as my skirt feel down my long legs, that little patch covering my cunt, was all that stood between me and total nudity, not that I gave it a second thought, his cock was standing straight out in front of him, Turn and touch your toes, he ordered, I did as he bade, and felt him enter me, one, two, three, four, I counted his thrusts, then he stopped at ten, withdrew, and he pushed into my anus.One, two, three, four, five, and like before, he stopped at ten and went into my mouth, with the same rhythm, the same number of thrusts, and my body twisted and turned, bent and heaved as he fucked me for almost an hour, finally cumming in my mouth for me to hold and gargle before swallowing, after that I could go home.I sat down when dad came in, followed by mother, they were sharing some joke or so, as they appeared to have made up on their disagreement.’Why are you guys happy again’, I asked, feeling the man’s cock as if he was still violating my three holes, ‘They caught the guy who damaged next door’s garden’, mother said.For the second time I could feel the blood drain from my face, ‘But dad’, I said helplessly, ‘I thought you said it was you’?’I just said it to shut your mother up, surely you did not believe me’?I could only nod in agreement with him, too ashamed to admit to my foolishment, then I laughed. quietly at first, then louder and uncontrollably, if only they knew, and him, the old fucker next door, I still hurt and went to the window, there he was, and he waved to me, WTF, I thought, as I waved back, it was all my own fault.

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