Sharing my girlfriend with an old man

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Sharing my girlfriend with an old manSarah and I had been dating for five years at the time. We were 23, and she was about 5’3″, had beautiful, natural, perky DD breasts with tiny pink nipples and a plump ass that bubbles out. She has beautiful long black hair with bright blue eyes and is a bit pale but she looks good. She’s a curvy girl but by no means fat. And a well-kept bush that is thick and gorgeous. She’s very submissive in the bedroom and likes being ordered around which was all knew for me but I love it. Sarah and I had been together for a couple of years when I started having these fantasies of sharing her with another man. Our sex life is superb and frequent but I just needed to see it. I introduced the idea to her during intercourse and it soon became a frequent fantasy topic during sex, but we had decided that a fantasy was how it would stay. At least that’s what we said. It happened a couple of months ago when we were in the city for a concert and staying at a hotel. It was a pretty nice hotel and we’re from a very small town so we decided to stay a couple of extra days and just relax and enjoy the city. It was a Thursday and we had been out sight seeing and shopping all day and decided to head back to the hotel and relax. There was a bar connected to the lobby of our hotel and I saw the game on in there and talked Sarah into having a drink and watching for a bit. It was a Thursday so there weren’t many people there but we sat at the bar a couple of seats away from an older gentlemen. We had a couple of drinks and before long the older gentleman and I were talking in depth about the finer points of football as we watched. Sarah was beginning to feel a bit tipsy and she her feet were sore from long day of sight seeing, and wanted to head up to the room. I told her that I wanted to finish the game so she decided to head back up to the room and take a bath and wait for me. She always got very horny when she drank and as she left she gave me long intimate kiss, timidly begging me to hurry up to her. After Sara was gone the older gentleman came over and sat next to me and introduced himself as Jim. He was tall like me and a bit tad overweight but a good looking guy. He had short grey hair and a well-trimmed grey beard. He was wearing a black dress shirt with black slacks. He complimented me on how beautiful my girlfriend was and I thanked him and admitted that I was a lucky man. He bought me a drink and we small-talked for a bit. I was starting to get a bit tipsy when Sara texted me asking me to hurry. I told her I would be up soon but she was adana escort extremely horny and a bit drunk. I set my phone on the bar and continued talking to Jim. The game on the television was keeping my attention so that I didn’t even notice my phone vibrate. When I turned back towards Jim to say something I noticed him staring at my phone. I looked and saw that Sara had sent me a picture of herself completely naked sprawled out on our bed waiting for me. At first I was angry and I grabbed the phone quickly. This old man that I barely knew had just seen my girlfriend completely naked. It embarrassed me, infuriated me, and extremely turned me on. As I wrestled with my emotions, Jim apologized and told me that it just lit up and he couldn’t help but look because of how gorgeous she was. Fair enough. I mean it’s just some old man who seems nice enough, he’s clean and professional and I’ll never see him again anyway. I told him it was alright and in my inebriated state, I was beginning to give in to my carnal urge. I opened my phone back up and discovered she had sent a couple more nude pictures. Close ups of her big bare breasts, cute plump ass and her furry, wet vagina. I asked Jim if he wanted to see more and he quickly said yes, so I showed him the newly received images. He was in awe and more than a bit arroused by the images based on the bulge beginning to show through the crotch of his slacks. And it was a quite a big bulge. He was packing some serious heat. Watching him stare hungrily at the nude images of my girlfriend was taking me to knew heights of arousal. My carnal urges consumed me and i boldly invited him up to the room. He asked me if I was serious and when I said yes, he quickly agreed. I texted Sarah and told her I was on my way and that she should be ready on the bed for me. On our assent to my room, I laid down some ground rules and informed Jim that what I say goes. He agreed and when we reached my room I slowly entered with Jim following me. No turning back now. Suddenly I was extremely nervous. Was this a horrible mistake? Those drinks had me feeling good. I didn’t care if it was a mistake. I entered the room and was greeted by the heavenly sight of my girlfriend sprawled out on our bed completely naked, sipping on some sort of alcoholic beverage from the room’s fridge. She had a devious, sexual look on her face until she saw Jim. A sudden look of horror, mixed with confusion and embarrassment consumed her face. She quickly tried to cover her exposed body with the bed sheet and timidly asked me what was aliağa escort going on. I quickly walked over and sat on the edge of the bed next to her and told her it was okay. She stared at me with an innocent, confused, beautiful face. I asked her if she trusted me and she slowly nodded her head yes. I then stood up and motioned for Jim to come over. Again I told her it was okay and to just relax. She nodded again and Jim sat next to her where I had just sat.I could see his huge bulge threatening to burst from his pants. Sarah stared at Jim shyly. He gently grabbed the edge of the sheet she had so desperately attempted to cover herself with and began to remove it, slowly revealing her naked body once again. Sarah eyes kept alternating between the stranger exposing her and mine. The tension was more than I could bare. Before I knew it my clothes were off and I was in the chair with my cock in my hand. The sheet was completely removed and Sarah was laying there completely exposed to this old stranger. He eyed her up and down and slowly and gently reached his hand out and caressed her large breast. She slightly quivered at his touch as she watched intently, his hand touch her naked breast. As he fondled her breast with one hand, the other hand felt down her stomach towards her moist, furry clam. He ran his hands through her thick black pubic hair as Sara’s eyes alternated between his hands, his face, and me. He moved his hand down and began massaging her clit. She let out a soft shy moan. Then after a bit he gently inserted two fingers into her dripping hole which caused her to gasp. He was massaging her light pink nipples and gently finger fucking her. She stared into his eyes as he stared at her naked exposed body as he touched her. He was softly, almost silently moaning.He then bent over and passionately kissed her on the lips which she returned. Their tongues intertwined and she let out little gasps and moans from beneath. He then moved his mouth towards her breast and began suckling on her now perky little pink nipples. All throughout he kept his fingers up inside of her and she was beginning to moan louder. After a while he released his grips on her and stood up and looked over at me. I nodded and he began to undress. Saras eyes lit up huge and she again got that fearful look on her adorable face when his massive cock sprung from his briefs. She looked at me inquisitively and I nodded my reassurance. He then brought the tip of his massive cock to her lips. She brought her tiny, soft hand up to the base of ceyhan escort his shaft and slowly encased her mouth around his head. He began kneading her large breasts as she stroked and suck his big cock. After a while of that he pulled her head from his massive tool, gripped her legs and quickly rearranged her so that her dripping hairy pussy was right at the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off. It was an almost violent move and her whole body jiggled from the force. He then lined him self up with her, gripped her legs and then lined the huge head of his massive cock up with her tiny wet hole. He looked back at me and by that time I was so furiously aroused that I nodded even though he was wearing protection. Although she was on the pill. He gently felt Sara’s dripping pussy causing her to let out a little moan and then he savagely thrust his massive cock into her tiny hole. She screamed in both pain and pleasure. He grunted and began thrusting in and out at a surprislying fast pace for a man of his age. She was moaning so loudly that I’m sure the people in the neighboring rooms could hear. Her breast were jiggling uncontrollably as their groins collided again and again. It sounded and smelled of furious, passionate, carnal, love making. He leaned over her and began making out with her as he continued to thrust in and out of my beautiful curvy girlfriend. Her arms were around his old hairy back and I could see her nails digging into his wrinkled flesh as his large balls slapped against her ass. This went on for what seemed like forever or a moment. She began to moan and scream so loudly and she told the old man that he was making her cum. A new determination overtook him and he began to pound my plump little girlfriend even harder. Then the old man began grunting and moaning and announced that he was going to cum. Sara begging him to cum deep inside of her. He complied. With a few final savage thrusts and a long kiss he let out a long grunt and came deep inside of my girlfriend. It was too much and I came all over myself.They laid there for a moment, his massive cock still deep inside the now cum filled innards of my girlfriend. Her large breasts smoothed underneath his hairy body and her hairy crotch smothered by his large sack. He slowly stood up, redressed, thanked me and then left. I walked back to the bed and stared at my beautiful girlfriend still lying where the old man had left her with his cum seeping from her pussy. She was breathing deep, her large breasts rising and falling. Her hair was a beautiful mess. My cock was already back at attention from the recent images in my mind. I got on top of her and we stared into each other’s eyes as I kissed her. I then entered her soaking pussy and felt the seed the old man had left in her. We made love all night and the next day. It’s one of the best memories of my life.

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