Serendipity Part One

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Serendipity Part OneYears ago I was out of town on a business trip to the east coast. It was a two week trip which was highly unusual for me as I was usually home on the weekends. It was basketball season and my college team was playing in the semi finals. I was sitting in the bar of a nice hotel in downtown DC and the game was set to start in a while. I was chatting it up with a nice gentleman at the bar talking sports, basketball, business and girlfriends. I found out that he too was on an extended business trip. The bar was crowding up and I really wanted to watch my team and went to excuse myself to watch the game in my room. As Tom seamed as interested in college ball as myself, I asked if he wanted to join me. He said sure, downed his drink and we left the bar together.Back story: I have always been a very sexual man and love sex. Being on the road for two weeks without sex with my girlfriend had me horny as hell. I never left on a road trip without picking up some reading material at the airport. Back in the day, that would have been Penthouse Forum. I loved reading the stories and they never failed to excite me to the point where I would have to jack off. I fucking loved jacking kaçak iddaa off and still do to this day. Of course you know that as I am on Xhamster, Skype and Kik all the time. Yes, even at my age, I fucking love sex, jacking off, watching and being watched. So here I was out of town, horny as usual but straight as an arrow at the time. Well pretty straight as I had sucked cock way back in the day.Tom and I got to the room and I went straight to the mini bar and offered Tom a drink and took one for myself. We both laid on the bed to watch the game. Just a note, It was Indiana basketball. It was an exciting game and we continued to chat while watching. Tom noticed one of my Forum magazines at the bedside and picked it up and started reading it. He asked if I always chose that publication and what I liked best about it as he too picked them up once and a while. I told him I was very sexual of liked the magazine and really liked the stories involving three ways and MFM sex. He said he liked those stories as well and had participated in MFM sex in the past. I told him I had as well and had thoroughly enjoyed it but that I felt some guilt afterwards. In my mind, I remembered really liking kaçak bahis watching my friends cock fucking the girl we were with and how I loved sliding my cock into her sloppy hole and remembering how I wanted to go down on her but didn’t for fear of being judged. Tom relayed a story about he and his best friend had sex with a girl a few years back. He said she was a real vixen and loved cock sucking and fucking. She was naked in no time and started dancing around the room while they laid back and stroked their cocks. She had told them it really turned her on to see them masturbating and would love for them to fuck her at the same time provided they start off by sucking each other. By this time, they were so horny, they did as she requested and got into a 69 position and starting sucking each others cock while she encouraged them. Tom said he really kind of liked it and would have continued had the girl not broken them up and fucked them both. Tom said she really loved the double penetration but insisted one of them lick her ass hole and get it well lubed before she would take it up the ass. She sat on his friends cock while Tom got the pleasure of rimming her ass while his buddy fucked illegal bahis her pussy. Tom said her had never been more turned on in his life, eating ass, watching his buddy fuck and wanting to suck more dick. She was bucking like crazy and demanded Tom take her ass. Unfortunately for Tom he was so turned on, he came in no time. Tom laid back and watched his buddy and the girl fuck while he watched. He said what he really wanted to do was lay beneath them and watch and lick them both but didn’t. Tom’s story really struck a chord with me as we both had a common urge to explore other avenues of our sexual desires. I can remember watching porn movies and loved watching a stiff cock being sucked or watching it slide in and out of a nice juicy cunt but not cumming myself until that stiff cock blasted its cum. A friend of mine told me the reason I like porn was that I really liked cock more than anything else and that I may have a gay side to my personality. I denied that at the time, but in reality I have always loved watching cocks spew cum. I kind of forgot all about the game and fantasized about spewing cocks and cum filled cunts. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and precum was oozing out of my cock staining my slacks. I was wondering if Tom had noticed and excused myself and went to the bathroom to make adjustments and possibly relieve myself.TOO BE CONTINUED………………….

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