secret room.

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secret room.Fiction,just my thoughts on experiencing a bondage table.Upon arriving home I am greeted at the door spun around a blindfolded.Remember this is my home I never new this room existed.I am being guided through the house we are heading in the direction of the library the doors open guided across the room we stop I hear a sliding noise asking what the noise is I am told to stay quiet unless being spoken to.Again try to ask I am swatted hard on the bum quiet do as your told ,gasping at the sting and the excitement it gave me I nod my head in compliance better.Taking my arm guiding me into another room ,listening to see if I hear any familiar sounds other then the door sliding closed is all I hear.I am told to ones I down until I am told otherwise I do as I am told ,kneeling I listen I hear him moving things around trying to hear if I hear anything familiar nothing ,music is now being played I am told to stop fidgeting as I am swatted on my bum once again remain still.Soon I am told to stand and undress dropping my clothes slowly to the floor .As I am sliding my panties down slowly over my bum he swats it then caresses itswats it again as I continue to lower my panties to the floor he continues this until I have stepped out of them .Gripping my arm leads me further into the room he turns me to face him grabs my waist lifting me setting me down on what canlı bahis şirketleri feels like a massage tableordering me to lake back and slide up and back until he tells me to stop ,then telling me to lift and bend my legs as he grabs them one at a timePlacing them in what feels like stirrups then I feel the straps around mycalves then my ankles I hear a buzzing I soon notice that my legs are being spread wide. My arms one at a time are taking and strapped down slightly above and out strapped down at the bicep and wrist .He then asks are you comfy is any of the straps to tight ,you may answer me.letting him know as I wiggle around getting in a comfy spot I am fine .Ok let’s start your fantasy…..Telling me he will start with scents then the taste.I am to identify each smell then taste.He waves something in front of my nose slowly catching a sweet smell he waves it againasking what it is telling him it is a strawberry ,he then tells me to part my lips open my mouth and suck then bite what a wonderful taste he feeds me the strawberry.Now the second scent he waves it under my nose a couple of times a sweet chocolate smellpart your lips as I do he slides his finger in telling me to suck it is a delicious chocolate like I never tasted .then the third is waved another sweet but floral scent he passes this under my nose a few times again telling canlı poker oyna me to part my lips this time sip the aroma the taste it isa fine red wine taking the glass away I hear him sip then feel his lips upon my lipsas I taste the wine he just sipped it is intoxicating .He then tells me now we will work on touch.Soon I feel I light feathery touch sliding down the outside of my body from my fingersto my toes then up my inner thigh then down and up the other side ,across my breast then my nipples down my stomach between my thighs teasing my smooth clean shaving Pussy then back up my stomach my breast circling my nipples causing me to gasp,quivermy body cover in goose flesh ,my nipples are now erect my breath hard and fast ,I feel his breath on my face as he leans into kiss me he bites my lip and pulls .He whisper I am going to make you cum with out Fucking you I am going to make you beg for my cock but you will not have it.Soon I feel a warm drizzle across my breast then my nipples as it runs down my nipplesmy breast my sides he takes his fingers massages my nipples with the warm liquidmy nipples are so hard they hurt he continues in a circular motion teasing my nipplesI soon feel his tongue then his lips he sucks one nipple in as he caresses the otherMy body quivering at his touch as I now pulling at the restraints I want to touch him run my perabet güvenilir mi hands over his body I am whimpering begging him to let me touch him.He removes his lips from me I soon feel cold droplets he drips ice cold droplets over my nipples then my stomach followed with warm kisses down my body up the inside of my thighs I am moaning with pleasure ,stopping between my thighs rubs the ice across my pussy then letting the droplets drip between my Pussy lips driving me wild with desire he then rubs ice up and down my pussy my moans louder as my hips move with his movement.Soon I feel his breath upon my swelling dripping Pussy as he is blowing on my pussy my moanslouder as he continues he stops I hear a noise a soft buzzing he spanks my Pussy Then he plays with my clit with the vibrator my hips lifting as much as they canI want him to Fuck me with it but he continues to stroke my Pussy up and down circling my clit then tapping it with the vibrator then circling it again,he continues this as he brings me to a orgasm that sends me through the roof panting out of breath I scream when a second orgasm rips through me he spanks my Pussy as I am cumming Causing me to squirt I am gasping begging to be fucked he thrusts the vibrator into Hard and deep as I collapse into the table as tears roll down my eyes my body beingTaking to it’s limit as I cum yet again quivering and shaking gasping for air as yet another orgasm rolls through my body…please Fuck me now .He never takes me he releases me from the table picking me up carries me to bed laying me down giving me a sip of water,covers me now sleep ….Hope you enjoy my story ….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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