Sarah Sneaks In

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Sarah Sneaks InYep, I’m making another one of these! Next one is already planned, but I’m not sure if the next piece I’ll upload is that one, or another one I’ve had on my mind for a while. Hint hint: I’m not sure how well video game rule 34 will be appreciated here. :PSame as usual! Hit CTRL+F or scroll down to “SEX STARTS HERE” if that’s what you’re here for!NOTE- PLEASE love a comment! Good, bad, ugly, any are good! I need reviews if I want to improve!________________________________________________________________________________The sky was pitch black and the moon was high in the sky. I sat alone in my dark room, the monitor being the only light source. It was about 12 A.M., and I was doing what I had spent a good chunk of my brief summer vacation doing at this hour: jerking it to porn, of course! I silently beat it, occasionally running my thumb over the slick head of my cock. Although porn was always nice for a quick session, I’d always find my mind wandering to something a little closer to home. I’d fantasize about close friends of mine suddenly having an interest in me, or even having an interest in each other. I must have thought up thousands of combinations in my pervy mind between this woman having a threesome with me and this woman, or that woman having lesbian sex with that one… the possibilities were endless!Much more often than I would admit, I’d even masturbate to friend’s facebook photos of them in bikinis or something equally skimpy. Or maybe something with a lot of cleavage…I’d feel guilty that I’m making a perv out of myself when they were being perfectly innocent, but what could I say? It was such a rush to see a friend upload such photos of herself for the first time. But alas, chances are that none of my fantasies would come true anytime soon. With a final grunt and moan, I blew my load into my hand. I washed it off in the bathroom, dressed for bed, shut down the computer, and plopped right down. It was only a few more days until classes started, so I had that weighing on my mind as I fell asleep…Tap, tap! What was that? I heard a little rattle on the window wake me up. I glanced over at the clock…only 12:30. It must have been traffic outside. I closed my eyes again, but the light tapping came once more. I rubbed my eyes and lumbered over to the window. I opened it up, looked down, and saw nothing in the darkness.“Hey, Danny! Is that you?” a familiar voice called from below. It startled me so much that I felt my heart leap! I squinted again, and saw the outline of a person. Was that…?“…Sarah?” I muttered, still half-asleep.“Yeah! Here, help me in!” she tried to keep her voice low. What the hell? What was she doing here, especially so late? I figured that it had to be important, so I reached my arm bayraklı escort out. Her warm hand clenched my own, and I helped her climb up and inside. “Phew! Thanks!” she quietly laughed. I made my way over to the light and flicked it on. Sarah was a friend I had met more recently. She was short in stature, a few inches taller than I was. Her hair was somewhat curly and a light blonde, reaching down to a bit below her shoulders. Her build was a tiny bit chubby (although I preferred “curvy”, which was odd, considering how skinny I was). Lastly, her face was a bit c***dish considering that she was a teen, and she had light blue eyes. “So…what brings you here so late? Or at all, for that matter?” I groggily asked.“Well…” she bit her lip, a bit like she was thinking. “Well, first off, I didn’t think you were already asleep. I thought you stayed up late. Second of all, I just…wanted someone to hang out with?” she responded, sounding a bit regretful. “Oh, no, it’s fine! Don’t worry about it.” I tried my best to be polite. It didn’t hurt that she was quite busty, too. I recall being quite impressed at seeing her massive assets when I saw her in a bikini when we were in the pool one time. We happened to get out of the pool at the same time, and I was behind her. I casually strolled, making sure she didn’t notice me checking her ass out. Adjusted her bikini bottom as she was walking, pulling it to further define her ass cheeks. An innocent move, or was she teasing me?“Why’s your face so red? Is it hot in here?” she casually asked. I snapped out of it. “Well, why’d you choose me? I’m certainly not your most social friend…” I stuck my tongue out.She frowned a bit.“It’s just that…I’m sick of being the third wheel! Go on, look at any of my photos. I’m always in the back when I’m with my friends. All that shows up is my head, that’s it.”She was right, too. It even ruined most shots of her in a skimpy bikini! (God, no wonder I had so few friends, I was such a perv…)“I just thought I might want to hang out with someone, y’know, who’d pay more attention to me.” She continued .I simply nodded.“So…now what? What do you wanna do?” I asked, trying to hide that I was a little bit excited to be hanging out with her. “Oh, I dunno. TV or something?” she shrugged. I shrugged as well, turned on the TV, and jumped right back onto my bed. She jumped in beside me. With each passing moment, it seemed like she scooted herself a bit closer. She even laid her head on my shoulder! I didn’t budge, now that I was quite comfortable. I was even beginning to fall asleep again, when…“It’s a little early for morning wood, isn’t it?”“Wait, WHAT?” I was shocked.She pointed to my boner. “It’s like, 1 in the morning. Not exactly morning yet.” She teased, blushing escort bayraklı and giggling. It seemed more like an awkward joke. I was speechless!“Oh, don’t worry about it. You know I’m k**ding.” She laughed. “And I thought I was a perv…” I rolled my eyes, also laughing. This seemed to catch her off guard.“Huh? YOU, a perv?” she asked with wide eyes. I suppose it was understandable; I was usually shy and quiet around others.“Well, I was just joking.” I lied.“But seriously. It’s pretty big.” She lightly placed her hand on top of it, padding my cock underneath the fabric. I let out a low moan, not daring to say another word. My heart must have been beating a thousand times per minute. “Mmm…you should let me suck it.” She naughtily grinned. I blushed even more intensely now.“W-well, go ahead…I had no idea you liked me…” I sighed.SEX STARTS HERE:“Hmm…girls have needs too…” Sarah moaned. Her blonde hair fell as she leaned down. She used one hand to hold it back, and the other to pull down my sweat pants. My cock stood at attention for her, and she nervously sighed, looked at me one last time, and slowly began to suck on the head.She was a true amateur. She wasn’t too skilled yet, but she did her very best. She ran her tongue over the head of my cock a few times before trying to go deeper, her lips acting as a seal the entire time. She bobbed her head slowly, making sure to get used to it. I had my hand on her back; she was to my side, giving me a blowjob! I couldn’t believe it!She wasn’t able to down the entire thing, but she was able to keep a good portion of it in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, eyes closed. “Mmm…Sarah, hold on a sec…” I panted, using every fiber of my will power to say that.“Huh?” she panted, pulling off of my cock with a loud pop. “How far do you want to take this?” I asked, so low she could barely hear it.“Well…” she licked her lips, placed both of her hands on my shoulders and shifted over. She ground her hips into me, pushing her crotch against mine. She was still wearing her skinny jeans, so the feeling was rough against my cock, but still completely worth it. “Reverse or regular?” she smiled, her blue eyes staring into my own with a wild excitement.“Ohh…um, reverse…” I moaned. “Ooh, I love feeling sexy…” she grinned. Without another word, she sat up, turned herself, and pulled her shirt off. She cast it to the side, and wasted no time in unclipping her bra (I mentally cursed myself for putting myself in a position where I couldn’t see her lovely tits). When she bent over to slide her jeans and panties down, I took that curse back. She had a glorious, huge ass! She wiggled her wide hips out of her clothes, and they were finally in a heap on the floor. As she guided herself down bayraklı escort bayan onto my cock, she had her hand around it, using her long fingers to keep a good grip. My own hand was over hers. It was actually kind of cute, or sweet! However, any semblance of that turned to pure lust the second she dropped all of her weight onto my cock. “Oohh, fuck, Sarah…” I moaned. “Yeah, fuck Sarah…” she moaned as she began to bounce on my cock, full of energy. I placed my hands on her hips eagerly to help her. Now I could get a true, good look at her body! She was curvy in all the right places, though she had a bit of meat on her bones. I ran my hands up and down her sides, running my hands over her curves, her hips, her thighs…and especially her big ass! I grabbed it firmly, eliciting a low moan from her as she continued to bounce up and down. I reached down to rub her clit, and she inhaled deeply as my finger touched that sweet spot. Now she rode my cock harder than ever, even stopping momentarily to gyrate her body counterclockwise on my cock. I eyed her ass one more, and got a wicked idea. I raised my hand high, and brought it down on her ass cheek with force.“OOF! Not so rough, be gentle with me!” she nearly hissed as she rubbed her sore ass. “Ah, alright. Sorry, baby.” I responded. She crawled off of my dick, and for a moment, I was scared that she was finished. Right before I was about to ask her, she got on all fours and waved her rump around, her pussy lips glistening with wetness. “Come get me. Prove you’re sorry; make it up to me.” As she looked back at me, she patted her ass. “No problem Sarah, no problem…” I moaned as I leaned over her, guiding my cock in. She sighed with pleasure as my entire length slid into her effortlessly and I took control. I began with short, gentle thrusts, but the way she pushed her ass into me seemed to be asking for more. I sped up immediately, thrusting into her soaking cunt. Her large boobs swung with each hard thrust. “Just a little more…” she moaned lowly. “Me too…” I panted, almost at the brink. I used every ounce of strength I had to pump as hard and as fast as I possibly could!“OhGodohGodohGodohGod!” She panted; I thought I could even see her tongue lolling out of her mouth. “Where…” I panted, just about to hit the point of no return. “You are DEAD if you cum in me!” Sarah gasped. At that moment, I pulled right out, shooting my load of cum all over her back. As I came, I leaned over to vigorously rub her clit, also sending her over the edge as I felt her love juices splatter onto my balls and thighs with a grunt and moan.“Ohh…Danny…” she sighed, her eyes half-closed.“Damn, Sarah…” I also panted, lying down next to her. We sat there together, tired from our orgasms, bare skin still touching. I teasingly wrapped an arm around her, but she simply shyly looked down and accepted it with a smile.Sarah was no slut, but just a sweet girl who needed a little physical attention. And that I was willing to give her!“So…good summer, then?”

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