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Subject: Chapter 34 Robbie True Love 34. In the morning, after a great night’s sleep for both hunky men, they slowly awoke in each other’s arms. The night before had been beyond words for both of them. Bradley woke first and lay there looking at the total hunk that had fucked him so thoroughly the night before. Bradley didn’t really get into what happened last night, but yet, it all felt so right for both of them to let off built-up tension. Cliff saw Bradley staring at him while leaning on one elbow. He had opened one eye and saw Bradley there with him with a look of satisfaction on his face. “Good morning, sexy beast!!” With huge smile, Cliff leaned up and kissed Bradley. “I think I need to pee badly and brush my teeth.” “I’m right with you and I want to pick up where we left off last night. I think you said you wanted to get totally used and fucked thoroughly with my huge cock??” As Cliff got out of bed and started for the bathroom, Bradley said you want to start off with a little more kink?? I have to piss too so let’s do it together in the shower, if you’re into that once in a while??” With a huge evil grin, “So, get your hot cock, fabulous ass, and full bladder into the bathroom and let’s get started. Bradley leaped out of bed and both men headed for the bathroom, with very full bladders and stepped into the shower. They stopped and rinsed out their mouths with mouthwash and then hopped into the shower. The shower looked like a rock grotto. They stood close to each other, kissing deeply, and the men started to piss all over each other with torrents of hot piss. They stepped back and got each other soaked with piss from their chests to their groins and cocks. God, it felt so good to just let go and both men were really turned on. The torrents slowed down and Cliff got down on his knees and drank the last little bit out of Bradley`s still dripping cock. He sucked Bradley’s cock for a while and then Bradley pulled his cock out and said I need a taste too, both front and back. He kneeled down and licked the piss that lingered on Bradley’s rock-hard cock and savored the taste. He sucked up and down which was driving Cliff crazy, and Cliff had to pull out or he was a goner. Bradley turned Cliff around and grabbed his hairy cheeks, pulled then apart, and dove in with his tongue. It still tasted of sweat that he had worked up from last night and tasted great. He savored it totally! Cliff was moaning and begged for more and Bradley obliged by shoving his tongue deeper inside.. He stood up and the men kissed passionately. Bradley reached over and turned on the waterfall shower and the men bathed each other with lots of cock and ball play. Bradley reached down behind Cliff and started to play with his hairy, very hungry hole. “GOD, beast that feels so good! I need it bad and like you, I want to be a total bottom slut pig for you in bed. Fill my man cunt with load after load of your hot cum.” He turned around as they rinsed off and then stopped the shower and they dried each other off with big fluffy towels. They kissed again and went into the bedroom where Cliff laid down on the bed, pulled his hairy legs up, totally exposing his hairy man cunt. “Come on STUD, make me your bitch cunt bottom pig, and use me. FUCK ME hard and deep. Give me a hit of poppers and give it to me NOW!!!” Bradley handed him the poppers, got behind Cliff, and started to lick and tongue fuck that hairy hole once again. Bradley was in total pig heaven as well. Bradley loved to get really nasty once in a while and this was total pig heaven for both men. He licked, probed, and shoved his tongue as deep as it would go. He shoved two fingers covered in lube deep inside. Cliff was beside himself in total ecstasy. Bradley pulled the fingers out and placed the head of his steel hard cock at the ass lips of Cliff’s hole. He shoved it into the root. Cliff gasped and begged for more. He loved Bradley rock-hard, 8″ bareback cock deep inside him. “Come on beast, FUCK ME!!! make me your total pig whore!!!” Bradley did just that and after another hit of poppers, he was fucking Cliff like a mad man. Cliff’s eyes rolled back in his head. This was in pure heaven. “You like that huge cock fucking your nasty cunt Pig?? Beg for it, slut! Cliff could barely speak, but still begged for it harder and deeper which Bradley obliged. He was close and told the pig so. “GOD yes, FUCK me and fill me with cum. I am close! AAAAHHHHH, FUCK ME.” And with one tug on his cock, he shot five loads of cum everywhere, all over them both. That set Bradley off and with one huge push, he also came inside Cliff’s now totally ravaged hole. He collapsed on top of Cliff and they men kissed furiously until both were out of breath. Bradley’s cock slipped out and a flood of cum flowed out as well. Bradley laid down net to Cliff and they held each other. Cliff exclaimed, “WOW, that was beyond words. I haven’t had such a hot, nasty session like that in such a long time. It was fabulous! Thanks. We both seemed to have wanted it. I am glad we met and were able to please each other. I think if we were closer, it could be the start of a great friendship and possibly more.” He leaned over, and the men kissed tenderly once more. Bradley was touched by what was said and really liked Cliff. He would love to see him again , but most likely that would be impossible. The sex was fabulous and what both men needed badly. “Let’s get up and shower and then we can go have breakfast together but then, my sexy friend, we both have obligations to complete. You have your `nieces’ wedding and I have my new job. I would love to get together again sometime. Can we exchange numbers and see what happens? That had to have been some of the best sex I have ever had. I am normally much more subdued and do like it versatile, as you found out, I am really into rimming as well. You and I both are totally into pig sex. I hope I didn’t disappoint??” “Not in the least! For me too, it was a fabulous total pig session. I love water sports once in a while and this fit the bill. Now, let’s shower and I hope you have worked up an appetite for breakfast. I have and need coffee badly. I would like to treat you to breakfast and before we leave, I need one more hot kiss and maybe a quick blow job in the shower. So, let’s get moving. They showered and each gave the other a hot blow job and filled each other’s mouths with cum. Then they shared cum as they kissed. They dressed and went to the little café in the hotel for breakfast. They ate well and talked more about themselves. Both said it was great that they had met and how fantastic the hot, nasty, sex was! Cliff paid the check and they walked to the lobby and separated to go to their rooms to pack and get on the road. Bradley walked into his cave room and sighed. Cliff had that been just great and he had loved every second of it. But now, onto other things, his new job awaited. He paid the bill and went to his car, stowing his bag in the back seat. He decided he needed another coffee for the drive, and he went back in to get one. There was Cliff doing the same with his bag at his side. The men smiled at each other and walked out to their cars. Cliff put his bag in the car and walked over to Bradley, came close, enveloped Bradley in his arms and they kissed once more. “Keep in touch stud!” They separated and got in their cars and drove away in opposite directions, each with a huge smile on his face. In San Francisco, Bradley was arriving in the middle of the afternoon and would be welcomed with open arms. Elsa had Bradley’s rooms ready, and they had moved Daryl’s things into a storage area. Elsa had carefully packed for him and had told Daryl so when they chatted on the phone recently. He thanked Elsa with great appreciation. He and Sam would be up in about two days to collect his things and spend some time with his Gramma and Gamma Elsa, both of whom he loved greatly. At the Union Square restaurant things were progressing speedily and they would be ready to open in four days!!! Invitations had been sent out to all their customers, and most had accepted for the re-opening party and were looking forward to it. Of course, good friends and all the family had been asked to come as well. It would be Black Tie and would be more cocktails and substantial Hors`d oeuvres, starting at about 6:00 pm and going to about 11:00. The re-model had cost Robbie a lot of money, close to $400,000. With the Crystal Chandeliers, sconces, the painting , wall papers, new glassware, and china. It was not like they couldn’t afford it since the restaurant chain was always in the black. It was really starting to come together and both men were really excited as were both sets of parents. Daniel had come down to see the progress and was very pleased. He loved the color scheme and when it was finished, the lighting done, the flowers and tables glowing with candlelight, it would be fantastic. Daniel was so proud of his boys, especially Robbie for his wonderful vision for the restaurants he had entrusted to his son. At the Ranch, Daryl continued to learn under Gerald’s tutelage. He thought Daryl would do very well and had a knack for learning and was catching on at a rapid rate. He was pleased and knew he was leaving the house and family in excellent hands. Sam was pleased as well, seeing how Daryl had fit into the whole scheme of things and the fact that he had met the love of his life. Both men were so in love with each other. Daryl had accepted his marriage invitation. They would set a date later in the year and they would be married at the ranch. Perhaps a cruise for a honeymoon. But they had to wait and see how things were working out and if they could afford it. Sam had another set of horses coming in that day in about an hour and was excited. He also had set this afternoon for a breeding two of his mares. This would bring in more money for the ranch and keep Sam ahead of the game. He was well liked and got on with everyone ensest seks hikayeleri very well. He was a great boss and all the stable hands admired him. He knew the facts and ins and outs of the horse trade which put him in good stead with the Blackford family Both men were busy that day and didn’t even have lunch together, but they were able to have a great morning session in bed and nice breakfast too. They loved each other so much and it made them so happy. Work continued at the ranch as it did in the restaurant in San Francisco. All concerned were very happy with the progress. Bradley, drove leisurely and only stopped once to a pee break in a rest area to stretch a bit. He thought about Cliff and what a great time they had had and the hot nasty bareback sex they had shared. It had been hot and very wonderful to let off steam like that. He was normally not that verbal and the water sports had been fun, but certainly not something he practiced all the time. Maybe if the situation availed itself again and time permitted, he and Cliff could meet again for another wild romp. It really had been fantastic, but time would only tell. It was nearing 1:00 and Bradley knew he had to stop for a bite of lunch. He was well enough along to arrive by the appointed time in San Francisco. He pulled off the road and found a Denny’s, went inside, and got a cheeseburger, fries, and diet coke. It hit the spot. He continued to read his story on Nifty while he ate his lunch. He finished, went to pay his bill, and then stopped to pee before hitting the road again. He got back in his car and proceeded North about another 60 miles or so. He loved the Bay Area, and it was green and lush. He had gone over to Interstate 280 North to continue his scenic drive to the City by the Bay. He marveled at the rolling hill and finally could see the towering buildings of Downtown and the Sales Force tower on the skyline. It was magnificent and took his breath away. He had directions set on his GPS and drove into the city and towards the ocean to Sea Cliff where the house was located. Downtown sparkled in the afternoon light like diamonds off the tall buildings. He had been to San Francisco many times and the grandeur of it all never disappointed him. He made it across town in a short time and had called the house to say he would be there in about 1/2 hour. Elsa would be there to greet him and get him settled in his rooms. He pulled up to the gate and Elsa buzzed him in. He pulled up in front of the garage by the front door and it was opened by Elsa with a huge smile on her face. “Welcome Bradley. I’m glad you made it safe and sound and you’re here in one piece. Bradley smile and replied it was good to be here. He grabbed his two bags and trudged them into the house and Elsa took him up to his rooms. There was bedroom, bath, and small sitting room. It was tastefully done in neutral colors and looked quite comfortable. It had a queen size bed and a nice bathroom and had fluffy towels. He set his bags down and asked for a tour of the house, since he had never been there before. Elsa started with the upstairs. He was shown the three guest rooms and bathes. Then taken into the Master Suite of Robbie and Tommy. It was quite large and spacious. The colors were tans, cream, and a light brown. There were his and his dressing rooms with a huge master bath in between, all done in dark cream marble with four shower heads and was large enough for at least four people. There was a huge California King bed and a writing desk, a sofa, and chairs in the sitting room. It looked very comfortable and as expected, both men showed great taste, subtle gracefulness, and subdued elegance. The appearance was perfect, and he was glad he would be working for them and helping Elsa take care of his new friends. He was being paid very well and had a fabulous place to live! So far, things were good. The tour continued downstairs, the living room, dining room, butler’s pantry, kitchen, and the breakfast room. Elsa explained more about Robbie and Tommy’s relationship and their professions. “Robbie and his family own Blackford Corp. and operate 12 restaurants in California, mostly here in town and surrounding counties. They own one in Beverly Hills and one in Palm Desert. They are very successful. The family is very, very wealthy, but all work hard for their keep. Tommy, on the other hand, is a partner in his father’s law firm: Gilman and Son. They are also very successful and have offices all over the US. The Gilman’s are worth a great deal of money as well. Thom Sr. and the law firm handle all the legal business for the Blackford Corp. I am sure you have heard of them. It is worth many, many, billions of dollars. As you know they are very down to earth people and never treat people badly…EVER!!” “I worked for Robbie for many years before he met Tommy and I love them both like family. Hell, they are family. Daryl, who was working here for some time, is like my adopted grandson. His real Gram, Alma, is my best friend and we raised him together. When he came out to his parents they threw him out of the house and refused to even know him or care if he is alive. What a waste, but then that is their bed, and they must lie in it.” They then went into the study and family room. “I will show you more where everything is later once you get settled. We are having dinner in tonight. Just Robbie, Tommy, you, and me will most likely will eat here in the breakfast room. We often do this and most times you will be offered an invitation to eat with the family. Sometimes we will eat separately. We really don’t wear uniforms other than dark suit and tie, or a tux when entertaining, and Daryl normally wears khakis and a button-down polo shirt with comfortable shoes.” Bradley nodded and said that was fine. Your duties will be to help me take care of this house, cleaning, doing the heavy lifting, and help with the laundry, and dry cleaning. The men are both easy to look after, but we do entertain frequently, and both sets of parents dine here often.” Bradley went up stair to unpack and get settled in his rooms. That was shortly handled, and he went back down to the kitchen where Elsa was preparing dinner. It smelled delicious. It was Veal Scaloppini with pasta and sauteed mixed veggies. She had already made the beginnings of a salad, and she asked Bradley to finish it later, and asked if he would make a nice dressing to go on the salad. The decided she would make a Caesar Salad instead. She also pulled some sourdough bread out to make fresh garlic bread. Elsa showed him where the placemats/napkins were and the everyday silver. She would go into the more formal stuff later. Bradley set the table for four and asked about flowers and candles. We have a nice garden with roses and flowers. Use your imagination and do them if you would like. Look in the laundry/storage area for a container you might like. They are in the cabinets which are labeled. Bradley set out to do his tasks and soon, after finding all the supplies, did a fine job and everything looked great. Elsa was pleased. She loved Daryl to pieces, but Bradley had considerably, more fine training. It would work out well for the future. It was just about time for dinner and the men should be home shortly. The table was set and looked really good. Elsa was impressed so far. They sat down with a cup of coffee and Elsa said, “Tell me about yourself and how you got into this business?” “Well, there’s not much to tell. I have always been interested in this kind of work. I started in restaurants and soon outgrew that. I wanted more, so I applied at a small boutique hotel in town. It no longer exists because was torn down some years ago for an apartment building. I learned a lot there and before I left, the owners really tried to make it nice for the guests staying in the suites. There were three of them. I was the butler for three suites and things were going well. Then we all got word that they had sold the hotel and were making a lot of money, so they were going to retire to Florida and travel. I had a great reference and was hired by another larger hotel in Beverley Hills and was there for about two years. Then I got hired away by the Blackford Arms and have been there for six years. I loved it there and the Blackford’s always treated me very well when I was taking care of them!!” “Then the event happened! I was working for Mr. Robbie and Tommy at the time, in their suite. When they left to come home, I worked for another couple who were extremely rude to me.. I just worked for them for just a couple of hours. When I was slapped and had hot coffee thrown at me, that was it!! I quit right then and there, walked out, and turned in my resignation the next day. Robbie had already offered me the job here if and when I needed it? I called him right away and told him what happened. Mr. Owen, the manager, was very kind and is suing the couple for damages and pain and suffering for me. I have been very careful with my money over the years and have a bit invested and I could have lived quite well for about a year without working. But this job was available now and I am very happy so far!! I love the house and Tommy and Robbie are two of the finest men I have ever met!!! Oh, and just for the record, I am gay, single for now, and hope to meet a nice man and settle down with a loving partner. But that remains to be seen. I need to get settled first. Elsa just sat and smiled. She reached over, took Bradley’s hand, and said, “Welcome to the family!!” Just then the garage door opened and in walked two striking men. They greeted Elsa with a kiss and hug as always. They turned to Bradley and welcomed him with a huge hug as well. “Glad you made it safely. We are glad to have you in our little household! Did Elsa get you settled in your suite? Daryl will be here in a few days to collect his things since he is moving down to the family ranch with his fiancé in Santa Barbara. He will be doing your job as houseman and butler at the ranch house. I am sure we will do just fine, once you learn the house rules, so to speak. We like the way you carry yourself and you know how to do your job and do it very well, from what we have seen at the hotel. Now we are headed upstairs to clean up and change clothes and then we will be down for dinner with you two. We are pretty casual around here and what you are wearing today is perfect. They went upstairs to clean up and change for dinner. They had a quick shower with a little minor cock play but decided to save it for later. Robbie said to Tommy, “I think Bradley will fit in well here. He is a very good worker and so good looking!” So, they finished in the bath and dressed in sweatpants, t-shirts, and slippers and went down- stairs, where they were greeted by Bradley with a tray holding two glasses of Chardonnay. They sat down in the living room and asked Bradley to join them and to get himself something to drink. He left and came back with a glass of wine and sat down with his new bosses. Robbie then asked, “How as your trip North? We hope it was good!!” “Well, I left day before yesterday and drove up as far as San Louis Obispo and stayed for the night at the Madonna Inn. It was fun and I have always wanted to see the place. I thought I deserved it bit of fun. I stayed in what they call the Cave Room and looks like a furnished Cave. They have a water fall shower in the rock bathroom. It is really over the top. The restaurant is excellent and had a delightful meal there. Then I drove the rest of the way this morning and arrived about 2:00 or so, got sort of settled in my suite, and then helped Miss Elsa with preparation for dinner this evening. I really love the house and I think, no I know I will love working here for you. You have been so kind to me, and I will repay it.” Both men smiled and said they were very happy that Bradley had arrived and loved being at the house… “I think the rest of my things the movers are bringing should arrive tomorrow. And it will not take long to unpack.. I have my clothes, cases of my books and some pictures and few personal items, nick-nacks etc…. I also am bringing my favorite recliner, that I just couldn’t part with, I hope that is ok?? I gave all of the furniture and kitchen stuff to the men’s shelter as I figured I would not need them here. I like to help those less fortunate than myself.. ” Robbie answered with… We often donate to the shelters here in town as well. It’s a good thing… Now how about some dinner and we will fill you in on what’s going on here. They walked into the breakfast room and both men were pleased at what they saw.. The flowers and the candles… “Did you do this?? It has you written all over it and if, so you did a great job.. Bradley blushed and nodded yes!! Now let’s eat… I, for one, are starving.. Everyone sat down and Elsa brought in the first course, which was a delightful looking Caesar Salad, with fresh croutons… There was fresh grated Parmesan Reggiano Cheese in a bowl… Everyone dug in and Bradley raved about the salad, as did Robbie and Tommy…. “She does make the best Caesar, and we use her recipe in the restaurants… It is always a huge hit.. The secret is a good dash of Tabasco…. The men finished the salads and Bradley cleared while Elsa dished up the main course. Veal Scallopini, with pasta and sautéed mixed veggies. It looked and smelled fabulous!! Everyone sat and Robbie said…. ” We want to welcome you, Bradley to our household and hope you will be very happy here with us, working with us to make this, an ever-changing home for the better.” He raised a glass and they all toasted… Everyone tucked in and enjoyed the meal with relish.. It was really delicious… They all but licked their plates clean… Again, Bradley got up and cleared the table and then poured more wine.. He then asked if everyone would like coffee with dessert. All nodded yes and Bradley set about to make the espressos, for everyone… Elsa came in the kitchen and got out 4 glasses of fabulous looking Grande Marnier mousse. And Bradley plated them and brought them in to the breakfast room and placed them down at each place, then went back and brought out the tray with the coffees. Everyone enjoyed the mousse and the coffee hot the spot.. “Bradley.. if you need anything or want anything, just ask… We really hope you will like it here… BTW…Sam and Daryl are coming up in a day or 2 to get Daryl’s things and then move totally to the ranch completely.. They are engaged and very happy together… Daryl was engaged to what and who we thought was a nice young man… and we were all away for some time, and while we were away, Steven, decided he wanted more and was not getting enough from Daryl, since he traveled with us so much and was just not here…. he just upped and left, after meeting another guy, and snuck off into the night and moved away. Leaving Daryl broken hearted with just a note hastily written and asked him not to find him and goodbye… He met Sam at the ranch, a while later and it was love at first sight… You will meet them when they get here. Everyone finished their espresso and both Elsa and Bradley cleared the table and Bradley set things right , for breakfast the next morning… He then helped Elsa with the dishes and then excused himself, went into the study where Robbie and Tommy were. Sitting going over work they had brought home.. The restaurant was set of open the first of next week with a soft opening on Tues evening, with dinner and drinks and then the big grand re-opening the following Sat evening, Black Tie and seated dinner and cocktails… It was going to be very festive and the comments they had received about the change were all very positive.. Everyone was excited about it… The restaurant was looking really great, and the new chandeliers were being installed today along with the sconces for the walls. Bradley came in and said he was headed off to bed and asked what would be required as far as work for tomorrow… ” Just check with Elsa and she will let you know… You did a really great job helping Elsa with dinner tonight and the table looked great, and we thank you, and love having you here!!” “Well, if there is nothing else I am going to go and do some un-packing and then get some sleep.. I am a bit tired from the drive, and my head is swimming a bit with starting, to learn the household.. It will come slowly, and I am sure I will get everything right in time… Good night and thanks again for everything. Both Robbie and Tommy smiled and knew they had made the right choice.. They soon finished their work and Robbie said..” Baby.. Let’s go to bed and fuck each other blind.. Does that work for you….All of a sudden I am as horny as hell and need to eat out your hot hairy hole and then fuck it deep and hard… !!” Tommy just smiled, grabbed Robbie’s hand and they ran upstairs together almost panting, not from running, but for the hot nasty sex that was presented!!! They reached their bedroom, closed and locked the door and quickly stripped and Tommy fell on the bed, on his back and raised his legs and looked lustfully at his husband and said with a gleam in his eye… Come and get it lover!! And Robbie just slid onto the bed and got between Tommy’s raised legs and shoved his mouth and tongue into Tommy’s hairy hole… God it tasted so good, and Tommy was moaning loudly and begged for more… “Tongue fuck me lover and then fuck me blind and fill me with your hot load.. baby!!! Robbie rose up and placed his cock right at the entrance of the hole he wanted so badly… He had the grabbed lube and generously coated his cock and was ready to fuck his husband deeply with passion and major lust. He then shoved his 9” cock deep inside and bottomed out and Tommy took a deep ragged breath and exhaled.. “FUCK ME LOVER!!! and Robbie started to piston fuck Tommy’s wanting hole and all the while, with ragged breath.. Tommy begging for more and to fill his hole with shot after shot of cum… He started to jack his 10” cock and Robbie slapped his hand away… Sorry Mr. Man.. That belongs to me, and you can’t play with it.. Hands OFF!! As he continued to totally fuck his husband with speed and full-on force… Tommy loved it and soon with bated breath… Robbie announced he was close and with one final push deep inside Tommy’s thoroughly fuck hole he shot 6 loads of cum deep inside… With a major grunt he stopped while the last of the cum came out of his cock deep inside… He then leaned down and kissed Tommy with great passion.. “God…. Lover… I love you, so fucking much, and that was one for the books.. Tommy slowly lowered his legs and Robbie’s spent cock slipped out of Tommy’s totally fucked hole. The men were still kissing.. Robbie rolled over on his side….. Now it is your turn to totally fuck me and fill my manhole full of your cummm!!! ” “Give me minute to rest, and then that hole of yours is totally mine to use and fuck like you just did, to me…. Why don’t you come up here and sit on my face so I can lick and tongue fuck that, I am sure is sweaty, and let me use it, fuck it and then fill it full! Robbie turned around and sat his hole on Tommy’s mouth., God he was in total heaven, but then he always was… He ate that hole, then fucked it deep and they kidded and fucked and finally both came, and Robbie was full and loved every drop of his husband deep inside his ravaged ass. They nestled together and fell into a blissful sleep in each other’s arms and said a sleepy… “I love you!!” Sam and Daryl were busy at the ranch and the new horses had arrived and they were gorgeous. They were walked around the paddock to stretch and have a drink from the trough… several of the stable hands curried them and they seemed content as they were let to their stalls, and each given a treat.. Each got an apple and a carrot and fresh oats… Daryl had been having more lessons about the house, service and more detailed duties. Daryl was a fast learner and never failed to ask the right questions.. Gerald was pleased and knew he could retire with ease and not have to worry about anything.. When he got better, he was planning a trip to see his brother and his husband, who lived in Florida, near Orlando… Their names were Ted and Clay and had been together for over 30 yrs. and married for about 8 and were still very much in love and totally monogamous . They had an antique business and did very well. They had a huge house and also owned a gay guest house with about 6 rooms and more like a B&B… They were very upset with Gerald’s heart attack and offered to fly out, but were told not to come at the present… They of course were happy with his recovery and were both looking forward to his visit to their home in Orlando. He could stay as long as he wanted. Gerald was also looking forward to the trip and as soon as he got an ok from his Dr. he was gone.. maybe a month or 2, but that had to wait to be cleared by his Dr. Both Sam and Daryl were packing a few things for their quick trip north to collect his things from his Gramma’s house and also from Robbie and Tommy’s home. It would be like a mini vacation for them. It would be good to get away for a few days. Robbie and Tommy were looking forward for the pair to come up as well. Sam had never been to their home, and they were sure it would be a great visit. Elsa was excited to see the boys and missed her adopted Grandson. She and Alma really doted on him and loved him deeply. They talked about the boys often and would meet a couple of times a week for a gab fest at either lunch for dinner. They were best friends and been close for many years. The re-opening of the restaurant loomed before them, and the last touches were coming along. Robbie was very pleased with the new décor, and it really did look fantastic. The new menu was close to the one in Palm Desert, but Robbie had added a few new things and from the feedback from customers, it would be a huge hit. The new uniforms for the staff looked sophisticated and Robbie was pleased with the new black and white, thin stripped, aprons. The new chandeliers, and sconces sparkled. All in all, it was fabulous. Tommy had been busy at his office and was seeing two new clients. Everything was running smoothly, and he and Thom were please. Thom was headed out to New York that day for a meeting and the Board there and had been in touch with them. Nothing major, just going over Trust Dept. issues with new clients to the firm. He would be back in a day or two, and of course would be home in time and attend the opening with Daniella. They were both so proud of their son’s. Sam and Daryl met for a quick lunch and a kiss. They were having simple lunch together in the breakfast room of soup and sandwiches. It would be delicious, as it always was. Miss Ellie took good care of the staff and they all adored her. The men walked up to the big house as Daryl had gone down to the stable to see Sam and the new horses. They were really quite beautiful. They were going to make a great addition to the ranch and Sam had plans for them for breeding and studding. They kissed when they met, and Daryl had brought treats for the new horses. They loved their apples and carrots and whinnied to say thanks. Sam asked what time they wanted to leave in the morning. It would be a good, 6-hour drive, and Sam said he wanted to get an early start. They would about 8:00 so they could be there about between 2:00 and 3:00. “Sounds good and maybe stop for a quick lunch on the way?” “That sounds wonderful as long as we are together, no matter what we do, it is always great. I do love you so damn much. By the way, last night’s love making was one for the books. You never cease to amaze me that we are so compatible and make love like that! I love it when we are flip fucking each other like last night! I could barely contain myself, as you were so deep inside me, filling me up with your hard cock and firing shot after shot of your cum. Then you turned around and just raised up and sat on my cock and fucked yourself until I came deep inside you!!! I love you beyond words and can’t wait to get married and live forever together.!” Sam said… Baby, I feel the same way and can’t imagine my life without you in it… You have brought me and my old existence to a whole new level and I am now a total complete person, as you are now my other half of my life!! Oh, and I can’t wait to marry you either, my love!!!” They snuggled up and went to sleep and were both looking forward to the future and being together forever. In the early morning Robbie got a call from the restaurant down near the wharf and said there was a problem with the back door. It seems that they were broken into. The door was hanging by one hinge. The Chef, Carl, had called the police right away and they were on their way, and he was told by the police not to enter the building until they arrived. Robbie jumped out of bed, waking Tommy, and told him what had happened. He also got up, they rushed to brush their teeth, put on jeans and sweatshirts, Toms and rushed out the door. Tommy got out his big Mercedes and drove them down to the wharf and the restaurant. There were three police cars and the area was taped off. A few spectators stood around and the police were asking questions as was Chef Carl. Before they left, Robbie wrote a quick note to Elsa and to Bradley as to what had happened, and they would call with details when they got them. On the way, Robbie called Daniel to apprize him of what was going on. He asked if Robbie wanted him there and he said not at this time. He would be in touch. The police had done a thorough search and found no one inside. The place looked like it had been looted and there was some damage. Tables and chairs were thrown about and the kitchen was a total mess. Pots and pans were tossed around, and it seemed knives were missing too. The office was also ransacked. The computer was gone and papers were thrown about. The safe had been messed with, but not broken into and was to big heavy and large to carry away. Not that there was much money in it. From the damage done, they possibly could open for dinner service but not for lunch. It would all work out. Forensic people were called to collect evidence and fingerprints. It was a mess, but the staff and police would handle everything. The staff arrived to set up for lunch and saw what had happened and were questioned by the police. The police asked if any of the staff was upset and if anyone knew who could have done this? The manager arrived shortly after the mess was discovered and was also questioned about employees. He was standing near Robbie when questioned and said that he had let a server go yesterday for what he deemed bad service and attitude. Customers had complained about it. He was also thought to have been stealing tips from other servers. Bruce was going to call Robbie that morning to let him know what was going on and why he had fired the server. His name is Scott Brown and he had to look up his address for the police. They were given his description: About 5’10” and about 175, had mousy brown hair and a close-trimmed beard. The police were going to look him up right away. He lived in a rooming house SOMA in a questionable neighborhood. Bruce went into the office and found the employee files and gave the police the information they requested. The staff started to put things right in the dining room, straightening chairs and tables after the police had done their investigation. They were advised not to open for dinner that evening, as they were still collecting data and it was still a crime scene. Robbie got on the phone and called his Dad, as did Tommy, calling his father as he was head legal counsel for the Corp. Both Daniel and Thom were headed down to the restaurant. Daniel was going to pick Thom up and ride together. They arrived and walked into the restaurant. They were introduced to the police captain and were told what had happened. The police were headed to see about picking up the suspect for questioning. Robbie had answered all questions pertaining to the business. Here was yet another disaster he would have to deal with plus the re-opening of the Union Square Le Belle d` Paris in just 2 days. Tommy reached over and hugged Robbie close and kissed his forehead and said everything would be fine and they will deal with it all. Robbie smiled and kissed Tommy on the cheek. He then said… “Thanks for always being there for me and us!!! I love you so damn much!!” Thom and Daniel had left to go back to their offices as they had seen everything and knew Tommy and Robbie could handle it all. The Captain said they were free to go and Chef Carl and the Manager, Bruce would handle things and keep them informed throughout the day. Robbie and Tommy walked to their car and drove home. God, what a morning it had been so far. Daryl and Sam left about 8:00 am to drive north and had coffee and pastry with them that Miss Ellie had made. They drove along for about two hours chatting about their lives and decided to pull off the road at a rest stop to stretch and have a pee. They had just pulled onto the freeway again when a crazy speeding driver decided to change lanes and plowed into the back end of Sam’s pickup and spun them around, and then the truck turned over upside down and stopped in a small ditch at the side of the road. OMG, another disaster to have happen. What will become of the young lovers?? much more intrigue to come! Would they be okay? The break-in at the restaurant? I hope everyone is enjoying the twists and turns. As always, any and all suggestions will be answered, and considered. Any comments are welcome!! I hope and wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween. Wear your MASKS, Halloween or not and not TOOOO Much candy!!! LOL. Thanks, as always to my Dear Allen for his editing and getting the story out to you. Best Wishes and please donate to Nifty!! Thanks… Your Sexy Chef

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