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Revenge IMe and my girlfriend have been together about six years. It was really great, just like in romantic movies. We loved each other, took care of each other, had a good sex and we were best friends. Of course, like in any other relationship, we had our good and bad days. There were not much arguments, but when there were, they were fierce and short, so that after a couple of hours the fight ended and we realized again how stupid we were, because we were fighting for any extraneous stuff that is mostly pushed by our ego and malice. The positive thing was that we always found a compromise, and there were no struggles over dominance and authority over each other. In these cases we were always trying in some way to sort this common male-female problem and to communicate within the common reason.The problem arose the next two years, when we finally decided to live together. From the economic point of view there were no obstacles, since my business flourished at that time. It was very difficult to maintain an independence and economic property in today’s Bosnia. But I made it at that period. With the love that drove us in our lives, it was a natural cause to move together. It seemed like the next big step for us and our relationship.walk into a new life together with my loved one. For her, it was a problem. She was 25 years old and 7 years younger than me. Since all her life she was not separated from her parents. The new environment and independence created a sort of a shock for her. Although it appeared to me that this was normal for her and that after a few months she would adjust herslef as time passed on, the situation grew worse and worse…First, she began to feel lonely, because I spent the whole day at work. When I got home from work, then I often worked extra at home and slowly, as time passed again I neglected her and ignored her emotional issues. Although I was aware of that, I was a workaholic and I have always had in mind that you should dedicate more time for the two of us, but it rarely happened.At that time, her father became ill. She became depressed at times. We began to fight frequently over stupid issues, but our relationship became more tense and intense. Even once, she left me after a fight, moved back to her parents house and the next day we reconciled. I tried to understand her and to take more time for her, to balance the situation with good sex, but it wasn’t that efficient as I though of it. It would always cheer her up and alleviate the stress she experienced, but deep inside she was sad and lonely.As I said, sex until then was excellent. We tried all sorts of poses. We were very fiery and passionate in our power play, but she never allowed me to try her anally. She fantasized about it to try sex with one more man, especially with an elder one, but I could not manage with myself to that kind of thing. I was too possessive. Although, I did thought of it and was very excited. I also fantasized that we enter a passionate game with another girl. Since she was bisexual, she already had such an experience before, but was not very aroused by that. Since she loved me a lot, she wanted to give me that gift, but we could not find a girl who would agree to that, so it was just an empty fantasy for me.To come out from the daily routine, after so many years spent together, we practiced sex in the open and we were trying to find new positions that would be of interest to us. All this was interesting for a while, however, her father’s health deteriorated and she began to fantasize frequently about how she would like to have sex with an older man and her feelings toward me cooled. “Oedipus complex”, she said. Since her father was about 50 years older than her, she had the urge to find a man who is also a lot older than her and so she thought it would compensate her strong urges for the love of her sick father. To me, it all seemed a bit unreal or I did not want to understand it fully, so I mostly ignored that feeling of her.In the past year, my business has become unbearable. The money I was getting was lower, but I gained more stress. All around me was tense. she could sense the anxiety in the air, and our arguments were heard all by the neighbors. We avoided each other, because even the smallest criticism or argument turned into a fight. Any bigger argument made no longer any sense, because it would transform itself into a war. Any tension would be ended by silence, so as not to hurt each other with words. We were getting less and less tender to each other. bursa escort Sex was becomming an issue as well. The passion as no more…I was very phlegmatic at some point. I left the old job and was looking for a new one. Everything didn’t mattered to me anymore. She often went out with her frineds, while I stayed home and annoyed myself because I had no one else to annoy. Simply, she avoided me, and I understood that. I wasn’t going to make it anymore worse for her.She was working in the press, so she had to have a lot of acquaintances, friends, men and women, some of whom were mostly business associates. Since by nature she’s a social person and communication was normal for her, there was no need for jealousy on my part, although there were a lot of candidates that were trying to seduce her. After all, there existed a common trust after so many years spent together.After 3 months of my bad influence to our relationship, I finally found a new job. Things began to get better. Also to her. She struggled about some things in her career, and that things started to get better, as well.At that pouint she told me one memorable sentence: “The things are getting better for and this is a new beginning for us!”. That sentence I gladl accepted when I went on a business trip to Zagreb with my new colleagues. Although the trip lasted only three days, I could not wait to get home and start new life in a new life with my beloved. But nothing seemed as it was…When I came back in her arms from my small business trip, I was very excited to start a new life but she wasn’t as enthusiastic at all. I thought it was stress because of her work, but I was hardly trying to cheer her up. On the evening, I drove her to her friend to return a book she borrowed and we should go shopping afterwards. She talked about some small problems with a colleague of hers, how he was behaving like an idiot and she ended the friendship with him. I didn’t meet him in person, bu sh talked sometimes of him. Vlado was 45 years old and had some mutual friends with her before they started hanging out. He was a quite unattractive guy, bald, wrinkled, most of the time he was drunk. He was suffering from PTSD, but he had a lot of experience in journalism business, which he shared with her. Knowing these details, it seemed logical that one time she will terminate communication with him, because he was that kind of person and I wasn’t jealousy of him, because I didn’t felt that he was competitive.That evening, things began to complicate. Since in the center of the town it was quite difficult to find a parking place, I left her it in front of her friends apartment and went to park somewhere nearby. She was supposed to finish as soon as possible and I waited for 5-6 minutes in the car and then I went to check where she is by foot. She was not there, where I left her. I forgot what floor her friend lived, and I tried to call her, bnut she wasn’t answering. I searched the block a couple of times and the parking lot, but couldn’t find her. I called her again and again, but she wasn’t answering the phone. I had a strange feeling. I got back in the car and headed home, I assumed that she had forgotten phones home, because I was supposed to give her a ride with the car. And yes, when I got home I found both phones and I leafed through the directory to find a number of her friend that she went to. I found the number, called her friend and she told me that she was stopping by for two minutes and that she left. I also noticed that she called a person called “Enso” a lot in the past days and saw that she had a lot of rejected calls by him. It looked like it was a synonym for somebody else.Some kind of intuition was forcing me to examine the messages, although I did not had this habit, because I respected her privacy considering that she was communicative and her job forced her to communicate with many people. In the messages, there was nothing significant, but I remembered that she often corresponded with some people through Viber. I started the Viber and was very shocked. ” Enso ” was the profile, “I love you…” “You’re the man who knows how to love…”, “I can’t stop thinking about you …”, “I can’t wait for you to come inside me …”. The more text I scrolled down, the more furious I was. My hands were shaking. I was overcome by the unprecedented anger. My heart was beating very hard. I did not know what to do. I read through all the messages, there weren’t many, then I picked up the other phone and started the Viber. Just when I bursa escort bayan opened the messages, someone rang the doorbell…That was het. I was trembling from the excitement and the shock. I did not know what to do. I threw the phone on the armchair and opened the door. Nothing made sense to me. She looked madly at me and stormed off inside the bathroom, as she was suspected that something bad was going to happen. Still I was not sure what to do. It was the woman I loved and in which I invested eight years of my life. At that point, everything broke in me. I hated her. I felt nauseous. Various feelings hit me with the light-speed. I made myself crazy and at the same time I was sad. “Who is Enso?”, I yelled through the door. She did not answer. “Answer me, who’s Enso?”, I yelled madly. She opened the door and said rudely: “lover”. More shocked, I responded: “What?”. “That’s my lover!” she yelled. I took a deep breathe and entered the living room, where she went. I was walking in circles and became more and more angry and furious. I wanted to hit her, but I couldn’t. “Why …. why did you do that !?”, I asked her sadly. I saw the sadness on her face, too. “Why did you do this to us… I’ve been looking for you for an hour, called you again and again and when I get home I had to see this … You were cheating on me with some asshole. We were supposed to start a new life, and you do this to me …. who is this idiot? Vlado? “. She put her angry face off and said only: “Yes”. At that point I put my hands on my head and looked at the phone. She then realized that she was greatly mistaken and looked at me sadly. She asked what I read. “I’ve read everything.” I replied. “On this phone?”. “Yes,” I replied, though it was a lie and she knew it. She picked up the phone and I tried to her snatch it out of her hand. “You will not read my privacy!”, she yelled back. He pulled her phone out of my hand and we started to fight, while I let her to take her phone. It didn’t matter anymore. I began to yel as crazy: “Fuck your privacy!!! Bitch !!! Slut !!! Have you no shame !!!”. She was scared and started crying: “I’m sorry, I did not want to hurt you … and so it was only once and we just made out, nothing serious happened ….”, she continued to weep. Tears were raining down her cheeks like she was as a little c***d. She realized that she made a big mistake, but that didn’t mean anything to me at this point. I was amazed, confused, excited, mad….I wanted to punch him, to hit him, to kill him. I took some glasses and dishes from the table and began to throw them down and break them. I was smashing everything that was on hand. I screamed and yelled at her. She cried and begged me to stop. I said I would prefer now kill her and him. “Hit me, please, now we can not live anymore…”. “I will not, I can not hit you, if I hit you, I would hit you without mercy on and on and would kil you.”. She wept as never before. “Kill me then, I deserve it…”. Tears flooded her face. I was raging through our apartment. I could not help it, but I tried to control my anger. I broke glasses, bottles, overturned the armchair, but again I felt sad. The agony lasted. The whole room was full of broken glass. I walked in circles, she was walking after me, begging me, apologized, tried to hug me and calm me down. I didn’t knew what to do. I had a terrible urge to get a revenge at her. I wanted her to hate me, as I hated her at that moment.I went to the bathroom and locked the door when I saw her phone on the washing machine, which she tried so hard to keep away from me. “Are you okay?” She asked through the door. I was still in shock and I did not have the strength to speak. I came out of the bathroom and put on my shoes on. She kept asking me where I’m going, what I will do, but I kept silent. She said that she would hurt herself if I do anything to me. I rushed out and only said: “I’ll be back, very soon”. She stood and watched sadly, did not know what to say. I went into my car and drove to a parking lot nearby and pulled out her cell phone, starting to read their romantic messages. There were a lot of them. The whole last 3 months she corresponded with him, until he began to ignore her. She was cheating on me the whole time with that ugly alcoholic and I didn’t noticed that. That made me more distraught. The shock has just become even bigger. With each new read message, I felt a growing sadness and anger. Adrenaline has started to grow even more. I was shaking again…After I read everything, I went home. escort bursa She cried, she wanted to embrace me, to kiss me, but I refused her and pushed her away. I did not have the strength to share affection with her and she was crying more. “Let’s go to bed, please …. please, calm down ….”, she sobbed as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Come on!” I walked into the bedroom and dragged her with me.She laid down on the bed on her stomach, burying her head in the pillow and began to vigorously cry. “Forgive me, please ….” she continued, sobbing. I felt a bit sorry for her, but I hated her, I wanted to give it back to her, somehow . Adrenaline possessed me, like never before, my heart was beating fast. My penis stiffened, it was pulsating strongly. It was huge and hard like a rock. I felt dominant, as she laid down in her pajamas, she was so tender and vulnerable. I took off my pants and underpants. My dick pulsated strong and I felt like an a****l. I jumped on the bed, wildly… raised her pajamas a bit, took her panties with my right hand and started to pull them, trying to rip it down. “Don’t, don’…” she tried to stop me. She knew what was coming. She tried to grab her panties, to defend herself, but I took her hand and pushed it hard her hand to the side and with my other hand I ripped the panties. I felt superhuman strength in me. It felt like I was took by the devil himself. I lifted her pajamas more and my swollen cock was floating over her ass and was anxious to break everything that was in its path. I was horny as never. My heart was beating faster and stronger. I wanted to finally rip her ass, because she always avoided it. I knew it she didn’t liked it, because we tried it a couple of times and it was painful to her. This time I didn’t care. I wanted her to feel the pain, such paint as the pain I felt inside of me, because what she did to me. My left leg was between her legs while she laid helpless and my wooden stick was unsettled, waiting nearby the hole. “Please do not, please do not …” she continued sobbing. I wanted her to hate me and I wanted to take revenge for all I went through. I tried to squeeze him in, but there was not enough moisture. She continued sobbing, begging me not to do it. I took some saliva and smeared my cock. I tried again to shove him in the butt. She bounced and tried to pushed me with her hand, but I put her hand roughly aside and tried to shove my dick in the ass even more, as I pushed my weight onto her, so she felt back onto the bed. She sighed heavily when I was coming inside. “Does it hurt?”, I asked provocatively. “Yes … please do not, get it out …” she cried. “Well I won’t..I will fuck your ass wildly as I can…… This is one night you’ll never forget,” I exclaimed, and began to push even more my dick in the ass until I shoved it deeply inside. She sobbed again and lifted her hips a bit. “More down…”, she said, knowing that I won’t give up that easily. Surprisingly, her ass was pretty relaxed and penetration went smoothly. My penis was pulsating madly, yet I was more horny. I felt strong. As she moaned and said: “no … no … no …”. I penetrated deliberately harder. I pulled over my T-shirt and threw it on the floor: “Now you’ll see ….”. Standing on my knees, I was pushing my dick hard into her ass. With my right hand I leaned onto the bed, and with my left hand I was pulling her hair. Having realized that I will not give in, surrendered, but willingly to receive my power, she moaned intense, as I penetrated more hard and more powerful. I felt a primitive, savage instinct and manifested it as I stretched her asshole. She was moaning even more. I fucked her ass wild and moved more faster . “It hurts … hurts,” she shouted. “Feel some pain, bitch ….”, I answered, “do you think I will stop, well, not yet. I will fuck you even harder and stronger …”. I was provocating her. The orgasm was approaching. Her hole was already stretched, but I still speed up the pace even more and began to penetrate even harder. I felt power. The pleasure felt stronger with my evil revenge. Myself did not exist. It wasn’t me, Hate was the name that ruled over her ass. She sobbed, cried and begged me and the more she begged, the deeper I pushed my dick. “Not so hard, you will crack my ass…”, she said. But there was no escape. “Take that, whore…”, I answered. I sped up. I was stuffing her like a madman. While she twitched her hips, I penetrated strongly. “Here, take it…” I shouted intensely. My dick split her ass in two. It was rubbing hardly against her tight walls. Sperm began to jizz in her ass, all over the place. Each contraction, a new jizz came out and washed her insides. I felt like a winner…. But the night has just begun ……

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