Red Nixy (Take your daughter to work day)

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3D Hentai

Red Nixy (Take your daughter to work day)It’s take your daughter to work day and I am so excited. I have always wanted to see where my Daddy works and this will give us a chance to have some time together. I wondered what I should wear to Daddy’s work place. I couldn’t wear jeans, but I didn’t want to wear slacks. I wanted to wear something that I knew my Daddy would like. Something that would allow him to touch me whenever he pleased. I pulled out an old skirt that I had worn in family pictures a year or two ago. It was tight on me, but I could wear it. I picked out my outfit and got in the shower. I lifted my leg up and put it on the shower ledge then rubbed my pussy and thought about my Daddy and how much fun we would have today. I didn’t mind that Daddy wasn’t watching me this time because Daddy would have the whole day to watch his princess. Daddy wasn’t about to sneak and watch me this morning because Mommy was on him. As Daddy was getting dressed Mommy went on and on about how Daddy only spends his time with me and how he shows me too much personal attention. Ever since I was little I have always sat on Daddy’s lap, kissed him on the mouth, and give him long hugs. Daddy has always tickled me, held me tight in his arms and kissed my boo boos, no matter where they were. Mommy did not like the way Daddy and I were together. Daddy doesn’t know, but Mommy came to me one day and asked me if Daddy was touching me. I told her no. She asked me why I want to spend so much time with my Daddy and that a young teenager like me should be arguing with her father, not joking around and having secret “ice cream trips” together. Daddy loves our ice cream trips together. Daddy and I take the big family truck and find a quiet place that we can…….spend time together. To keep up appearances Daddy had to take my brother and sister on their own special short trips. But Daddy did it just so he could have his “ice cream trip” with his baby girl.Daddy liked to tell me how pretty and sexy I was. He loves to kiss on my neck and softly bite on my lips. He always told me that it was important for us to have our private time together because I was his everything. Mommy was Daddy’s love, but baby girl was his obsession. On our trips we would find somewhere that we could do something quick. Maybe an empty parking lot or a dark neighborhood. This was one of my favorite times with Daddy. I love to give my Daddy head in the car and let him play with my pussy. Dirty girl also fucks her Daddy while he is driving. Daddy and I usually only have a half hour but we enjoy every moment of it. Daddy assured Mommy that he would spend more time with my brother and sister and he would encourage me to go out with friends and to give Daddy his space. But Daddy didn’t really want his space from his baby girl, he needed more time with her. Mommy doesn’t understand that Daddy and I had a special relationship and that he has the overwhelming instinctual need to take care of me in every way possible. No one could understand the way Daddy felt about his little girl. Daddy continues to get ready and thinks about how excited his daughter will be when he shows her around his job. Daddy kisses brother, sister, and Mommy and hands her coffee on their way out of the door in efforts to get them out quicker. Daddy was hoping him and I could talk over a small breakfast before we headed off to work.Daddy knocks on my door then walks in and catches me pulling up my skirt. Daddy watches me button up my blouse and put on my heels. Daddy sit’s next to me on my bed and puts my hand on his dick. I pulled my hands off and told Daddy to wait. This made Daddy’s dick hard. Daddy wanted to be inside of his girl whenever he could be. We went into the kitchen and made a plate of eggs to share. I sat my ass directly between Daddy’s legs and put both of my hands on the table in front of me. Daddy needed this. His baby girl is so sexy that he couldn’t keep his hands off of her and he had to take advantage of this moment. Daddy lets his big cock poke his girl in the ass. Daddy reaches down between his baby girl’s legs and tries to touch me but again was rejected by his little girl.Daddy was very upset now. He would deal with me later. He had told me not to tease him like that but I loved to make my Daddy’s dick hard. I walked to the car were Daddy was waiting for me. When I got in the car my Daddy was very quiet and didn’t seem to be too happy with me. Daddy gets like this sometimes because he halkalı escort needs me so much. Daddy doesn’t like it when I tease him because it is not often that he can have me. I let him have his space, Daddy would get over it as soon as he got under me. ;-DWhen we got there I was surprised by how big Daddy’s work building was. Daddy takes me around his office floor and introduces me to his coworkers. After that we went into Daddy’s office where Daddy sat down at his desk. He discussed the morning routine with me and went on and on about some papers and things. I wasn’t interested in all of that though. I walked over to my Daddy wearing my heels and short skirt. I sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck and began to kiss on his cheek and face softly. I just wanted to be close to him. Daddy’s dick had been so hard lately that it hurt. Daddy didn’t want to do too much at work because his coworkers were nosy and he didn’t want to take the risk.But even though Daddy’s concerns were rational, when Daddy was around the scent of his little girl, all bets were off. It was the way baby girl walked, talked, looked, smelled, smiled, cried, laughed, everything! No matter how hard Daddy tried he couldn’t let go of his baby girl, no matter what the consequence. Daddy went and locked his door to his office and closed the blinds. I moved Daddy’s keyboard on his desk and sat in its place with my legs crossed. Daddy smiles and then tells me to let him get some work done. I guess this was payback for this morning. “Whatever Daddy,” is my response as I sashay out of his office with an attitude that Daddy has dreamed about fucking out of me.I was going to explore the building while Daddy worked since that is all he came to do today . What a waste of time, I knew Daddy couldn’t walk the walk. As I look around Daddy’s building I come across a library. I enter the library to find no one there, not even the librarian. I wondered if there would be anything there that I would like, something spicy, exotic, and more mature than I should be reading. It wasn’t that type of library though. But even greater than the vast amount of books was the plentiful selection of secret coves and hide a ways within the library.As I check out all of the wonders of this large library I began to think about what my Daddy must be doing. Was he thinking about me? As a matter of fact he was! At that moment Daddy had pulled out pictures that he kept of me locked up at work. Some sweet and innocent pictures with my mommy and siblings, but most were nasty, sexy pictures of his dirty girl. Daddy loves to be able to stare at the pink between my legs. Daddy had multiple pictures of his little girls pussy, breast, ass, thighs, everything. Every once in a while Daddy could sneak away from his work and masturbate to thoughts of his little girl doing things she is not supposed to do to, for, and with Daddy. While Daddy was stroking his dick looking at my pussy he thought about the time he had me watch porn with him. Actually it wasn’t really porn, it was mommy and Daddy. Years ago they made this video tape of the two of them in the bed. It started with mommy climbing onto the bed naked on top of Daddy. She began to suck his dick. It was hard for me to watch this. I did not like to see someone else pleasing my Daddy like this. Daddy looked happy and satisfied. I figured that what I had to do to win Daddy for good was to learn from what mommy had done, and do it better. As we watch this homemade video together I begin to imitate everything that my mommy does. While she is sucking dick, so am I. While she dances for Daddy, I dance for Daddy. Daddy loves his girls need to please him. Baby girl is so wet for her Daddy. I knew that everything mommy was doing I could do better. Daddy plays with his dirty girl’s body while she watches the movie and sees all types of positions that she wanted to try with her Daddy.Daddy masturbated and came all over some of his pictures of me. Daddy came so hard when he thought about his little girl. His dick keeps pumping and pumping for more cum to spit out. Daddy never wants to stop cumming. Daddy cleans up and wonders where his little princess could be. Daddy couldn’t call her cell phone because cell phones were not allowed in the building. Daddy finds his jacket, checks his pocket for his wallet, feels something different and pulls it out. Daddy unraveled taksim escort a little pair of sweet Nixy’s thong panties. Daddy smells them and moans at the way the scent of his dirty girl makes him feel. These were not here even an hour ago when he put his keys in his pocket. Baby girl had just put these panties here. Damn she was so naughty.Daddy didn’t understand everything that went on in his daughters mind, but he liked it. As Daddy continues to enjoy my panties, he thinks about all of the men in the building that must be looking to try something with me. It wasn’t just because baby girl was pretty, it was because she was a flirt and a tease. I pushed the envelope and that’s what Daddy loves and hates about me. Daddy wondered if another man touched me, what would his baby girl do? Would I let him? The thoughts of this happening enraged Daddy and he took off looking for me. Though he often thought about me being gang banged by him and others; that would be something under his control. Daddy didn’t want any of these men here to try and take advantage of his girl. The jealousy of his little girl being with another man combined with Daddy’s desire to taste what gave my panties that enticing scent led to a speedy search for me throughout the building.I had found a nook in the library all the way in a back corner next to a grand window. The area obviously was used for research and had not been used for years. It was the perfect place for me to relax and dream. I thought about Daddy only having eyes for me and never sleeping with Mommy again. I wondered how it would be if Daddy and I could be together like him and mommy were. I wasn’t ready to be a wife though. Plus Daddy says when you start doing domestic things you lose it in the bedroom. I wouldn’t want that to happen because the bedroom is my favorite place to be with Daddy. Plus, I didn’t want to do all of the things mommy did, I just wanted to be with my Daddy. But how could I have all of Daddy if I was not his wife?I heard someone coming towards me. As I peak down the aisle I see Daddy heading my way, he spots me and tells me to come to him. Still upset with my Daddy for turning me down earlier I turned to walk away and decided to play a friendly game of cat and mouse with my Daddy. Running down the aisles laughing with Daddy chasing me around in the empty quiet secluded library was fun. The most fun I had had in a while with Daddy because lately everything had been revolving around his work. Daddy catches me and tells me how excited he was to find my soiled panties in his jacket pocket. I told Daddy that I knew they would bring him to me, and they did.Daddy asked me nicely to get down on my knees, so I do. He pulls his big hard dick out and sit’s it on my face. Baby girl opens her mouth to let Daddy’s dick fall into her wet warm mouth. I took Daddy’s dick all the way down my throat, I was able to leave my lipstick from my mouth on his body. I love to deep throat my Daddy’s cock. Daddy shivered as I slowly tugged his clean shaved balls and sucked on them like a sucker. Daddy’s girl was so nasty. Nixy is too bad for Daddy. This is what Daddy obsessed over for years. There was no other feeling in the world like Daddy’s baby girl sucking him slowly and deeply down her pretty little young virgin throat. Daddy loves the way his daughter looks up at him and had such a satisfaction in her eyes from pleasing her nasty Daddy. Daddy had to cum inside of his baby girl so he had to pull his baby’s head off of his dick. I kiss Daddy’s head on his penis a little longer while Daddy decides what to do with this naive slut he had all to himself. Her curiosity for what made Daddy feel good was overwhelming to him. Daddy constantly thought of new things to do to his little girl. Daddy wants his baby on the book shelf. Daddy picks his girl up and she wraps her soft thighs around Daddy’s strong body. Daddy slams me into the book case and shoves his dick inside of his tease of a daughter. Daddy had taken it slow every other time until now. Daddy wants to fuck his dirty girl. Hard! I wrap my arms around Daddy’s neck and kiss him deeply to try and compensate for the painful pleasure that I was experiencing.I had never felt this good before. I was so wet. My Daddy’s body is covered with his little girl’s juice. It felt so good. Daddy couldn’t stop. Baby’s pussy is just too tight, young, soft, and pink. She knows how to make her pussy suck Daddy şişli escort into her. Daddy’s girl is so naughty and deviant. How could she seduce her father like this over and over again? This was a feeling that brought a chill to my Daddy’s body right before he exploded inside of me. Daddy shoves me as far as I can go down on his giant cock, grabs the back of my head and kisses me deeply as he shoots his seed deep into his daughter and calls my name over and over “Nixy”. I know at this point that Daddy is mine.Lunch at Cheesecake Factory was fun. Daddy and I shared a piece of cake and Daddy whispered to me how he would love to eat it from between my legs. Daddy is so nasty and silly. Though we loved our private booth, we had to go back to finish up our father daughter work day. When we got back to Daddy’s office I went through his drawers to find a pen for Daddy when I notice pictures of me with Daddy’s cum on them. I turned to Daddy and when he saw that I had the picture I licked the cum off of it and asked him why he didn’t save it for my mouth. Daddy rushes to me and sit’s me on his desk. Daddy sits in his chair, throws my legs over his shoulders and proceeds to slowly lick his sexy girl. Her legs were split open for Daddy to have complete access to his daughter’s fresh privates.I moaned for my Daddy not to stop licking his sweet girl. Daddy kisses and licks me until I came all over his face. Daddy loves to rub his whole face in his little sluts’ pussy. This is the smell Daddy had been fiending for all day. His girl pussy smelled so soft and sweet. Like flowers and candy to Daddy. Daddy’s girl had trapped him and Daddy couldn’t do anything about it. He was obsessed with having a love c***d with his baby girl. Daddy needs me to be with him. Daddy loves his girl so much. After his baby cums Daddy lays her on his desk, kisses her softly then grabs her neck with his hand and softly squeezes while he slips his dick into his dirty baby’s ass hole. Daddy’s dick has never felt like this before. Daddy was way too big for his young girl’s ass hole but I had to take it. Daddy loves it so much I had to please him with it. Daddy loves to stretch out Nixy’s ass hole. But no matter what he does to it, it stays virgin tight for Daddy.Daddy’s hand gets tighter and tighter around my neck as he forces his dick into me. I had never seen Daddy so pleased and excited. I love it when Daddy grabs my neck and fucks me! Daddy starts going faster and faster inside of my tiny ass hole. Daddy moans for me to call his name, “Daddy”. Daddy can’t help but nut all over his slutty girls ass.Daddy and his baby race home early from work to beat mommy and everyone else there. Daddy and his girl wanted a couple hours to ourselves especially since next week I am going to cheer practice. When we got home I went to get in the shower in Daddy’s room. Daddy had a big waterfall shower that gave us plenty of room. I was so horny today because I was ovulating. My pussy soaked up my Daddy’s dick. I needed it so badly. I wait for my Daddy in the shower and touch my breasts, stomach, and hips. I call for my Daddy and he tells me to hold on. A few minutes later Daddy arrives with something in his hand. Daddy gets in the shower and tells me that he got me something. Daddy handed me a long silicon toy in the shape of a penis.Daddy twists the bottom and it begins to vibrate. Daddy turns me facing away from him and bends me over placing my hands on the glass walls. Daddy could see my reflection in the mirror as he pushed his dick into my pussy from behind. Daddy handed the toy to me and I placed it on my clit. Daddy always made sure I felt good. As the vibrator touches me my pussy began to throb very fast. Daddy spread my ass cheeks and stuck his finger in my ass hole while he fucks his pretty girl from behind. Daddy thinks my ass is magnificent. It’s color, shape, size, firmness, and softness was unmatched by any other woman’s. Daddy loves squeezing and smacking his baby’s ass as her pussy clinches over and over again on his big dick while he smashes into his innocent girl’s pussy.I can’t take this toy on my clit Daddy it’s too much. My white cum drips down Daddy’s body and I beg him to stop. Daddy grabs the toy from me and puts it in my dripping ass hole. Daddy makes me cum from my ass and it drips with wetness all over the toy. I can barely stand this anymore. Daddy has worn me out. Daddy pushes my head against the shower wall and takes the rest of his baby’s pussy hard! Daddy takes it like a father is supposed to take it from his naughty daughter. Nixy had seduced him and now she would see what happens when you tease your Daddy. Daddy spit’s his manhood deep into his princess making her scream his name once more. Baby girl is so tired. Daddy puts her to bed early and dreams of their secret day together.

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