Rachel’s Double Suck

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Cum Covered

The only thing thirty year old Rachel Carter loves more than sucking a big, hard cock is sucking two of them at once. She can’t take two into her mouth at the same time and give and receive maximum pleasure so she has the men sit on her bed while she kneels in front of them and alternates filling her greedy mouth with their stiff cocks until both her partners have shot their cum onto her tongue and she has fully relished the flavor and texture and swallowed every drop.

The hundred or so men who have experienced Rachel’s skill and enthusiasm know all about her favorite sexual activity so they are always happy to get a telephone call inviting them to come over for some fun. She has no real preference for any one man of the many she sucks off, and her choices are made at random from a fairly long list. On Friday night last week, she chose Barry and Leonard to come over and feed her their semen and both men left whatever else they might have been doing. This was partly because it would not be a good idea to turn down her invitation since they might never get another, but mostly because of the fond memories they had of the incredible chamber of pleasure that is her warm, wet mouth.

Besides what she does so well, Rachel is an attractive woman with dark brown hair, a clear complexion and warm brown eyes. Her figure is also quite nice, with large breasts, topped by big pink nipples. She has a rather thick waist and a big, curvy ass, just the kind most men would like to have under them when they fuck but the only kind of sex in which she indulges is sucking off guys and playing with her clit until she reaches her climax, usually about the same time as she gets her mouth flooded with their cum.

Since Barry lived closer, he agreed to pick up Leonard and drive to Rachel’s apartment. She insists both men have to arrive at the same time so she doesn’t have to delay her oral fun while she is waiting for one of them, nor does she have to interrupt her sucking one man’s cock when her other partner arrives. The lady knows what she likes and how and when she wants it and gives so much pleasure nobody has any qualms about doing things her way.

Wearing only panties, she let the two men into her apartment and, while they removed their shoes and socks and jackets, locked the door behind them. After sharing a long hug, the expert cock sucker led her partners into her bedroom, which had already been prepared for the fun time everybody expected to have. Barry sat down closer to Rachel so she unfastened his pants first and started to pull them down. He raised his ass from the bed to help with the divesting and removed his shirt, which he tossed onto the floor. His pants were down past his knees and the eager woman pulled them the rest of the way off and added them to the growing pile of his clothing.

That left Barry wearing only his jockey shorts and they didn’t stay in place for long. Being careful to avoid catching his erect cock in the elastic waistband, Rachel pulled them down and off as she had done with his pants. She smiled up at the naked man, kissed his cock goodbye for the next few minutes gaziantep escort ilanları and moved over to start doing the same for Leonard, who had already removed his shirt. She finished undressing him and, after smiling at him and expressing her affection for his big erection, Rachel peeled off her panties, which were already soaked in the crotch. She likes everybody to be naked so she can rub the men’s cocks with her nipples and play with her clit while her mouth is busy doing what she does so well and so avidly.

She was kneeling in front of Leonard so she got busy with him first. They had plenty of time and she started by licking his balls, starting at the base of his scrotum and advancing slowly upward. When she felt a testicle, Rachel nestled the egg shape between her lips while caressing it with her tongue. She derives immense pleasure from sucking cocks and the best part for her, besides getting her mouth filed with cum, is taking one of them between her lips and all the way down her throat but she also likes the preliminaries such as she was doing for Leonard then.

The first ball felt so good she did the same for its mate before rising up to lean her forearms on Leonard’s thighs and cosset the head of his cock between her lips. While licking the slit at the end, Rachel started slowly lowering her face to engulf the entire organ, licking the shaft all the way until her lips were being tickled by his pubic hair. She stayed in that position, her tongue curling all over and around his stiff shaft until she slowly raised her head, taking the cock out of her mouth and holding it gently in her fingers while smiling at Leonard around the head.

It was Barry’s turn again so Rachel sidled over to him and positioned herself the same way as she had for the first man. After licking his balls, she slowly and steadily engulfed his cock in her mouth, licking the shaft as she lowered her face until the entire organ had been enveloped. With his curly black hair brushing against her nose and lips, she raised her eyes to see his responses as her tongue remained active on the hard mouthful.

Rachel really loved everything about what she was doing. Either of the two hard cocks she was sucking was a perfect size to spread her lips and fill her mouth without any painful stretching. Her tongue was having a great time too, caressing the smooth skin that covered the hard cylinders she was taking into her cavern of joy. It was so much pleasure, she felt her pussy start to lubricate so she reached between her thighs to dip her fingers into the juices and began stroking her clit.

Her mouth was busier than her hands because she was slowly bobbing her head up and down over Barry’s cock, taking every inch into her mouth and down her throat. She kept her face turned toward him, partly because she knows men like to watch their rigid shafts sliding in and out of her pretty face but mostly so she could watch the expressions of pleasure flickering across their visages. Rachel loves sucking cocks and she has the most fun of all when she is giving the men a good time while she gets one from them.

It was time to suck Leonard’s cock again and the eager woman returned to him and resumed where she had left off. Slowly, her mouth enveloped every inch of his hard shaft, taking it in until her lips surrounded the base. Even then, she didn’t stop and flicked out her tongue to fondle his ball sack. The return trip of her lips was equally slow and Rachel’s agile tongue caressed every inch of the smooth skin. As she raised her head, she watched Leonard’s face and body, delighting in the way he was squirming in joy above her and the grimaces of bliss that came and went across his face.

Both men were well on their way to coming and gushing their delicious semen into Rachel’s mouth and she was getting closer to her climax too. Using the fingers and thumb of one hand, she was gently squeezing her clit between two folds of her inner lips and stroking at the same tempo as her lips stroked the men’s cocks. Slowly moving her mouth up and down, she sucked his dick for almost ten minutes before returning to the other man. By that time, Leonard was moaning in exquisite pleasure.

With no preliminaries, she took Barry’s cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat and started sucking. However, after only a few deep strokes between her lips, she removed his cock, held it in her fingers and smiled up at him. “Move a little closer to the edge of the bed,” she instructed him.

He knew what she had in mind and was quick to comply. When he was where she wanted him, Rachel held one of her luscious breasts in one hand and his cock in the other. Leaning forward, she started massaging the very sensitive head with her erect nipple while his body writhed in front of her. After a minute of caressing him with one nipple, she switched over to the other for the same length of time before taking his cock back into her mouth for s few strokes in order to cover it with her saliva. This time, after removing the hard organ from her mouth, she wrapped her breasts around it and started to move them up and down, fucking herself between her big, soft breasts.

Rachel did not forget about her mouth, though, and bent her face down so she could fondle the head of his cock every time it came near. Sometimes she licked it and sometimes she kissed it. Other times she did nothing but let the hard shaft slide against the soft skin of her face. She relished any kind of erotic contact with his cock and so did Barry. However, the problem with giving him a titfuck was it required both hands, meaning she was unable to play with her clit so she took his cock back into her mouth for a few dozen more long strokes before returning to Leonard.

She treated his cock the same way, except she spent almost fifteen minutes pleasuring him with her mouth and breasts. When Rachel left, Barry had been close to coming. She knew Leonard still had quite a while before his climax and she wanted both men to come fairly close together so her fingers would be able to bring herself to her own orgasm after swallowing the second load of semen.

While keeping Barry at that high level of arousal by fondling his cock with her hand, Rachel took Leonard’s shaft into her mouth and deeply down her throat until her face was pressed against his pubes. With her lips making soft kissing movements and her tongue caressing his shaft, she raised her mouth until just the head of his cock was between her lips. Rachel didn’t pause more than half a second before lowering her face again and this stroke was a duplicate of the previous one. Over and over, Rachel sucked Leonard’s cock into her mouth and out again while watching the reactions of his face and body.

He also made his state of excitement known by verbal means. “My god, Rachel!” he blurted. “That’s fabulous!” You’re gonna make me come like crazy.”

That was her intention and she continued stroking his cock between her lips and pumping at her clit in the same tempo. Rachel could feel her own climax steadily mounting but she wanted Leonard to come first so she could savor the big load of semen he had for her. Faster and faster she sucked until she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth, meaning his climax was just seconds away. She tightened her lips so nothing would leak out and be wasted and stopped giving deep throat. Rachel wanted to make certain his spew of cum landed where she wanted it, which was directly on her tongue.

“I’m coming!” he cried joyfully and let loose of a big gob of his semen, which landed exactly where she wanted it.

After savoring the delicious taste for a few seconds, Rachel resumed sucking because she knew there would be more for her to enjoy. Another burst followed the first one and, as she continued sucking, a third joined them. She carefully took the cock out of her mouth, holding it upright so none of the cum dripped out from the inside, and swirled the semen in her mouth, fully relishing the texture and slightly salty taste. After letting it all slide down her throat, she licked everything off Leonard’s cock and enjoyed this smaller amount in the same way.

While the first man lay down on the bed to rest and recover, Rachel scooted over to Barry and immediately took his cock into her mouth. She knew he was on the verge of coming so she started rapidly sucking it in and out of her mouth, but not deep-throating him, while stroking her clit at the same speed. She knew her orgasm was about to explode but Barry beat her to a climax by a very small margin. His cock jerked inside her mouth and, seconds later, he grunted as a big gusher of cum spewed onto her tongue.

She kept sucking while he pumped another load of semen into her mouth, simultaneously with her own orgasm starting to erupt. Rachel cried out joyfully and fell onto her side with her legs kicking but she kept pumping at her clit until her muscles clenched as she finally reached her orgasm.

After both men had come into her mouth and she had swallowed their juices, Rachel and the men lay down on the bed with her in the middle. She was not tired but they would need a while to become prepared to be sucked off again. Her partners of the day licked and fondled her breasts while she gently held one cock in either hand. When they were almost ready to be sucked off again, she would know it and would get back on her knees beside the bed so their fun would start over again.

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