Pai-chan’s long walk home

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Pai-chan’s long walk homeSchool-gurl Pai-chan took the short-cut home from school, through the Sakura sweet smelling woods one Friday after class. The trail went past an old hut and as she approached it, a masked man jumped out from behind her, grabbed her by the arms and slipping a ball-gag into her mouth, d**g the sexy gurl into the hut.There was a dirty, stained mat in the hut and her a*****or threw Pai-chan onto it. He lit a cigarette, his eyes glinting through the mask as he watched her struggle uselessly against the bonds. “No need to struggle slut,” he said softly. “And not one can hear you. I’ve watched you wiggle that sexy, slutty ass beneath your too-short school gurl skirt so I know this is what you want. This is what you need.”Stepping up to her gagged mouth, he unzipped his trousers and his 24 cm cut cock sprang forth, the pre-cum dripping from its hole as Pai-chan’s eyes opened wide with both terror and lust. He pulled the gag from her mouth and as she filled her lungs to scream for help, he jammed the cock between her cherry-colored lips.He grabbed her raven-black hair with one hand and continued smoking with the other as Pai-chan’s throat struggled to take in the monster dong. It was slick and salty with yummy pre-cum and she began to visibly relax in her bonds, eagerly accepting the cock now opening up her throat as he drove his soft-haired pubis into her nostrils.He drew a deep drag on his cigarette and inhaled deeply. He dropped the smoldering butt to the ground and grabbing Pai-chan’s head with his other hand, ground out the cigarette with his toe while keeping his cock rammed down her throat.Her noted her willingness and loosened her rope bonds so that she could use her hands to worship her new phallic god. Pai-chan responded by placing his huge balls in her hands sivas rus escort and gently kneading and playing with them as he plunged in and out of her mouth.“Ack…arg….ummmmm,” Pai-chan gurgled as the cock began to ream her mouth. She could feel her nipples harden, pushing against the sheer material of her bra, becoming hard, sensitive pencil-erasers jutting through her transparent white blouse.He opened her blouse and roughly pulled the bra down, fondling and teasing her b-cup titties, that were sensitive from the enlargement treatments. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved his head down to her chest, sucking and biting her nipples as Pai-chan moaned and writhed in ecstasy.He placed two fingers in her mouth which she sucked and then he found her boi-pussy and forced them through the tight pink hole as he sucked and teased her tits.Pai-chan’s little clitty strained at the tape which tucked it and her small balls deep into her body cavity. She moved her hips in rhythm with his thick fingers, savoring the feeling of the penetration and moaning through the gag.The man pulled his fingers out of her opened pussy and rolled her to her stomach, Grabbing her hip, he pulled Pai-chan to her knees, her ass and exposed, gaping pussy high in the air. Pai-chan was facing an open laptop on the mattress and the man placed headphones over her ears and hit play.A hypnotic sissy video began to play and as the gurls on the screen were penetrated, Pai-chan felt his monster cock’s head at her little pussy hole. He forced it in slowly, the mushroom head pushing open her pussy walls. She gasped and moaned through the gag as the cock slowly filled her.The man began slowly, then increased his pace as Pai-chan, her eyes and ears filled with hypno images and sivas rus escort bayan suggestions, began to respond to his thrusts, milking the cock as it banged into her, his heavy cum-filled balls smacking against her tucked clitty. It felt so good to be filled with thick, long hard cock. Pai-chan began to writhe upon the harpoon of her impaler, coaxing him to pound his hips harder into her in an effort to get him deeper inside of her.The gurls on the video were cumming while being fucked. The voices in her head said that she would cum while being fucked.Pai-chan couldn’t take it any longer and she squealed as she felt her clitty jerk and cum, the sticky goo neutralizing the tape that held it inside her allowing the tiny cockette to spring forth, her little shaved clitty a fountian spewing out weak, white sissy-cum.The clitty rocked back and forth between her legs as he fucked her, squirting sissy cum all over her legs, girlish belly and the stained mattress, adding to the dank smell of the hut.The man became turned-on by her cumming and he excitedly began to plough deeper into her, grunting with effort as he thrust. He grabbed her tender titties and used them as handles to get deeper penetration into Pai-chan’s ravaged fem-boi pussy.She felt the shaft harden and she increased the gyrations on the cock impaled deep within her.Pai-chan squealed as she was filled with his warm cum. The man groaned loudly and held her hips tight to his, as he bred her with his seed.He pulled the long cock out with a pop and Pai-chan fell forward, still watching and listening to the hypno-vid, but feeling empty. She savored the feel his cum running out of her pussy and down her smooth-shaven legs. Legs still spread and her hips gyrating, Pai-chan rolled over rus sivas escort on her back to look up at her abuser.The man pulled of his mask and Pai-chan realized that he was her physics instructor from school. He smiled at the sated gurl.“I think you just passed the final exam,” he said, “But barely. Here is some extra credit work you can do.”With two quick steps he was in front of her, the still erect dick splattering seman on her face and lips. Pai-chan eagerly accepting the phallus and began to clean it, worshiping the cock.She placed the very tip in her mouth and gently squeezed his balls, getting every drop of cum out of them while sucking the giant mushroom head into the vacuum of her throat. Pai-chan moaned as the seed oozed into her tummy.“Very good slut,” said the man, zipping up the now shrinking coc tha Pai-chan floowed hungrily with her sluutish blue shadowed eyes.“I will expect you here every Friday afternoon after school for private tutoring. Until the end of the semester, Understood?”A cum-covered and panting Pai-chan meekly lowered her eyes and said yes.“You can get out of those bonds,” he said as he strode out of the doorway.Pai-chan fell back upon the stained mat, legs still spread and used her hand to push her cockette back into place and wipe the cum off her pubis. She sucked the seed off her fingers.Pai-chan drank in the fragrance of Sakura, smiling to herself as she wiggled out of her bondage. She used her finger to clean his cum off her face and then licked it clean and smiled gain, a big grin on her face as all her hard work the past semester had come to blossom. She was pleased.All the semester’s ass-wiggling, skirt-hiking and panty-flashing had not been wasted. She wondered what had taken him so long to be seduced as she lowered her skirt for the walk home.Pai-chan dug into her bookbag and got another piece of tape and clean white thong. Tucking her clitty back into place, she put on the silky panty and began the walk home, his seed sloshing in her tummy. His sperm was still running out her boi-pussy, then down her soft, sensitive legs as she walked.Pai-chan loved it.

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