Nellie’s Sketchpad Ch. 02

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Here’s a drawback to braces: no fellatio.

She’s tried. She likes sucking cock as much or more than I like her doing it, so believe me, she’s tried.

On Sunday afternoons when we lounge on the bed naked, she assumes the yoga ‘child’s pose’ between my outstretched legs and drapes herself over me, her legs tucked under herself, her arms up on my chest so her hands can toy with my nipples, her face down on my groin with my cock in her mouth. But she can’t last a minute.

“Sorry, Peetie,” she says, holding her jaw. “Just can’t.” I get up and get her a glass of ice water, my cock swaying like a bandleader’s baton.

I return from the kitchen to find her sitting on our bed, her legs under herself and leaning with one hand on the mattress. Her small breasts with pink nipples fall in slightly different directions. One hand is on her jaw.

She takes a few sips of the water and lies face down on the bed, frustrated. The tail feathers of the bird tattooed on her side are just visible under her arm. These days, even the facial grimacing of having an orgasm hurts her. She’s miserable.

“It’s okay, baby,” I say.

She rolls over and nestles into my side. Her hand is on my chest. I wonder if she knows how stud-like that makes me feel.

“Play with your cock,” she murmurs into my ear. “I want to see you stroke yourself.”

“Tell me a fantasy. Tell me what you like to see,” I say, though I already know.

“Let’s see…” her finger traces up and down my chest. “…imagine that we’re at a party right now, and we’ve gone upstairs to a bedroom…a bedroom, say, a lot like this one.”

She wets a finger and rubs a small circle on the underside of my cock. It twitches into hardness again. There’s a small drop of precum at the tip, and she puts her finger to it. It pulls away in a strand, and she puts it to my lips, slick and salty. I pull her finger into my mouth. My tongue flicks and circles the pad of her index finger. She closes her eyes and exhales a moan. Her wet finger pulls down my lower lip and then circles my nipple. Then I exhale a moan.

“So we’re upstairs in this bed at this house at a party…” I prompt her.

“Yes,” she picks up the cue. “You’re on the bed, this very bed in fact, by yourself, and I’m watching you, standing with my clothes on…a short skirt and see-through blouse, no bra…you know…the one you like so much? I’m standing on the side of the bed, and I’m playing with my nipples absently, through my blouse. You’re playing with your cock, like you’re doing now, completely naked, like now, putting on a show for me.”

I’m slowly stroking myself, imagining her standing and watching me.

“What else? What happens then?” I breathe.

“Well…suddenly there are others with canlı bahis şirketleri me. People from downstairs at the party have come up to the bedroom. They’re standing with me watching you play with yourself, completely naked on this very bed.”

I slow my pace on myself as she reaches over to stroke my nipples in small circles, one and then the other. I don’t want to cum yet, but I’m aching, and it could happen so easily. I want to hear the rest of the story. I know what happens next, but I want to hear her say it.

“They’re holding drinks with cocktail napkins and little straws and taking sips as if they were in an art gallery or attending a recital. But after a while they set them down, one by one, and start rubbing themselves through their clothes.”

“Are they men and women?” I ask breathlessly.

“Yes,” she hisses into my ear. “They’re all getting turned on by you stroking yourself. They’ve put down their drinks, and some of the men have let their cocks out of their trousers, and they’re stroking themselves. The women have skirts pulled up and their hands in their knickers, the ones who are wearing knickers. Some of the girls are wearing blue jeans, and they unbutton them and slip their hands down in them. Can you see their fingers move in their pretty little knickers?”

I gulp and nod as I slowly stroke myself.

Nellie is whispering her fantasy right in my ear, so close I can feel her hot breath and the squeak of the rubber bands in her mouth. My cock has drooled quite a clear little puddle. She scoops it. It takes two of her fingers, and she feeds it to me. I clean her fingers with my tongue.

“And so…”

“So…” she says. “The people are taking off their clothes. There are ten or twenty, all sorts of people. Cocks are all up, getting stroked. Trousers and jeans and underwear are down on the floor around ankles and shoes. Some of the women have put one foot on the edge of the bed. Their pussy lips are gaping and swollen, dark pink. Can you see them, Peetie?”

“Yes,” I whisper raggedly, pulling on myself slowly and trying to resist the urge to speed up and finish. “What else?”

“The men and women lean over the bed and kiss you, each taking a turn, deep passionate kisses with swirling tongues as they stroke their cocks and pussies.”

Nellie is stroking my chest and nipples with her fingers as if she’s moving them across the surface of the water of the Serpentine on a lazy Sunday afternoon boat ride. Her fingers dally back and forth across my skin. Her other hand is wedged between her thighs, and I know that she’s stroking herself.

“So what do they do next?” I gulp. My chest is beginning to rise and fall like the ocean. Precum is leaking clear, down onto my hand and the canlı kaçak iddaa smooth mound at the base of my cock.

“One of the women takes off her wrap skirt, a short little linen number, pale yellow. She gives it to her husband with her thong panties and her blouse and bra, and she settles over your face, naked head to toe except for her heels. She has a neat black landing strip of hair on her trim little pussy. The lips are swollen, and they drape firmly over your mouth, and your tongue explores her folds, taut, rigid from her excitement.”

“You don’t mind?” I ask in a whisper, though I know the answer.

“Of course not, love. You know it turns me on to watch you. The woman is pretty, middle aged, shoulder length dark hair, fair skin-very attractive. She starts shaking her hips in small movements as she rides your face, your lips, your tongue. Her tits are jiggling, long sloping tits with upturned nipples. She pulls on them with her thumbs and forefingers, pinching them and making them long. The bed frame is shaking, knocking against the wall. Her clit bumps your nose with each forward stroke. People are throwing their heads back and closing their eyes, and then opening them again to watch the two of you. Their hands are working themselves.”

Nellie drags a finger through her slit and then puts it to my lips. I lick her finger. She gets more slick, sticky wetness from her pussy and circles my hard little nipples with her fingers. They’re shining, my nipples and her fingers, and then she licks her wet arousal from them. I have to stop stroking. One more stroke would make me erupt.

She resumes her story, stopping and starting as she tries to keep her composure through her excitement. Her legs are open now, and she’s rubbing her pussy with two fingers. Her other hand continues pinching and stroking my nipples.

“Her rutting hips go in smaller, more insistent movements. You feel her clit jerk against your tongue, twitching as she cums on your face and soaks your nose and cheeks and mouth and chin and tongue and…oh…”

Nellie has to take a deep breath before she can continue.

“You have one hand on her firm, pale arse, pushing her down into your face, one hand on your cock. She only stops when her clit’s spasms slow, and her pussy lips stop contracting around your tongue, and then she dismounts your shining face.”

My orgasm has backed off, and I can grasp my cock again.

“What are doing when she cums?”

“I’m still playing with my pussy, watching you please her. I’ve already cum once by this time. My blouse is open, and a man and a woman are tonguing my nipples.”

“Mmm…” I murmur approval. “What next?”

“Her husband drops his wife’s pale yellow skirt and comes up to you. He canlı kaçak bahis puts his cock to your mouth and a clear strand of precum dangles down onto your lips. Your tongue reaches up to take it. He drags the undersurface of his cock against your lips and the tip of your tongue that’s poking out between them.

“Someone in the room exclaims as they cum at the sight, a couple of the women. And me, too. I cum watching the two of you. You feel the head of his cock enter your mouth, the ridge of it on your tongue, in your mouth, leaking sweet, salty, musky fluid, warm, thick like syrup. You lift your head from the pillow to work him feverishly, still pulling on your cock. You feel him tense, and you open your eyes, and he closes his as he erupts in your mouth, heaving, twitching, a rhythmic bumping. You swallow, there’s no other choice but to swallow, until he’s limp and swollen.”

Nellie rolls onto her side so that we’re stretched out side by side next to each other. Her fingers are waggling over her pussy. I can see down her trim torso and navel and over her bare mound where her pussy lips are stretching, oscillating as she presses against herself.

“Then?” My breathing makes it hard to even say one word.

“I’m playing with myself, just like now, watching you put on a show for all the people in the room. They’re all in a tight circle now, crowded around you, men pulling on themselves, women rubbing themselves. One by one, they cum on your face and your chest, the men do. Some of the women are lying on the bed next to you; the rest are on their knees, their legs wide apart, fingers on and in their pussies. I’m in a chair at the foot of the bed with my legs wide open, feet on the armrests, my eyes locked on what you’re doing to yourself and to them.”

“Ohh,” I exclaim hoarsely, “I can’t hold off much longer…”

“They can’t either,” Nellie whispers, “neither can I…they… throw their heads forward…their hips grind against their fingers…that grind against their pussies…and then…and then…”

We both cum. Pearly white jets of cum leap onto my stomach and chest and chin. She buries her face into my neck as her legs straighten all the way down to her feet, and her fingers press into her clit. She exclaims a coarse cry like something stretching, right under my chin and into my neck as her whole body contracts.

And then we’re side by side, heaving out breath. Her palm is on her forehead, and her fingers are in her hair as she pants. Platinum blonde sprigs shoot out from between her fingers. She kisses my neck and then my jaw just above it. It’s a different kiss, one with braces, almost a middle school sort of kiss.

My front is soaked with myself, turning clear now. She lifts a finger of cum from my chest and puts it to my mouth, and then another. There’s certainly a lot of it.

She takes a little for herself, and grimaces when she tries to suck it off her finger.

I hand her the glass of ice water. It’s still cold, but the ice is melted.

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