My step-sister – part 1

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My step-sister – part 1When I was a teen my parents divorced. A few years later when I was a senior in high school my mom married to Ned. We moved into Ned’s house. It was a modern house with the common rooms, living room, kitchen, and dining room, in the center and two wings on either side. One side was the master suit where mom and Ned had a bed and bath and the other side had two bedrooms and a bathroom. I shared the wing with Ned’s daughter Chrissy. I was old for my grade and had just turned 18 early in my senior year. Chrissy was almost a year older than me but because she and Ned had spent a year in France, she repeated her Freshman year so was still in high school even though she was almost 19. One thing I had brought with me from our old life was my dad’s collection of Playboy and Penthouse magazines that I had pinched when my parents broke up. I had been masturbating daily with the magazines for a couple of years and thought about girls constantly. I liked the Playboy magazines because the Bunnies usually had big tits and blond hair. The Penthouse Pets showed more pussy and the bahis firmaları Penthouse Forum was more explicit than the Playboy Advisor. One day I had read Penthouse forum and was masturbating and looking at the photos. Suddenly the door opened and Chrissy walked into the room. Before Mom and I moved in this had been her sewing, ironing room and she stored some clothes there. I think she just forgot that I lived there now. Chrissy walked half way across the room before she realized I was there. I had frozen not knowing what to do. When Chrissy looked at me and saw my dick in my hand, she squealed “Oh my!” and put her hand to her mouth. I grabbed a pillow and swept it over my dick in embarrassment. Chrissy’s eyes light up and she smiled. “You were MASTURBATING!” she said enthusiastically. I was mortified. “Um, well, I…I…was just…” I stumbled. Chrissy lunged at me and grabbed the pillow away. “Don’t stop!” she gushed. “I want to watch.” I was embarrassed and dumbfounded. However, I had just read a story of sucking and fucking. And, I was looking at photos of big tits and hairy kaçak iddaa pussies. Plus, there was a cute 18 year old girl in a tee shirt and short shorts standing in front of me; and she was not horrified as I expected; in fact, she was turned on. I slowly resumed stroking my dick. Chrissy was entranced. “It’s so BIG.” she said. I am not porn star huge but I had jerked off with a few buddies over the years and none of them where any near as large as me. Anyway, I looked at the photos and continued jacking off. Chrissy grabbed one of the other magazines and quickly scanned the photos. “Are you going to ejaculate?” Chrissy asked. Girls. What is the point of masturbating other than to climax? I just laughed and kept stroking my dick. I briefly stopped stroking my penis. “I want to see your tits.” I insistedMuch to my joy, Chrissy pulled up her shirt with no hesitation. She was wearing a shear bra and I could see her nipples through the translucent material. “No bra.” I insisted. Fulfilling my fantasy, Chrissy reached back and unhooked her bra and then pulled her bra and shirt right over her kaçak bahis head. This was too good. I stared at her tits (nice C-cup and standing proud) and kept stroking my dick. Chrissy started to caress her breasts then pinch her nipples. In short order I reached climax and started spurting over the bed spread and my leg. Chrissy’s eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. “WOW!” she exclaimed. “That was AMAZING.” She reached out and dipped her fingers in some cum on my leg. She rubbed the slippery semen between her fingers then sucked the tips of her fingers into her mouth. “Mmmm, salty. Not bad.” was Chrissy’s evaluation of my spunk. I was so excited. I had no idea that girls were interested in boys sexuality. I thought it was only boys thinking about girls. This was a total game changer for me. “Chrissyyy.” Fuck. That was my mother’s voice. Chrissy grabbed her shirt and threw it on then ran out the door to head Mom off in the hallway. I ran and locked my bedroom door. Coming back to my bed, I say Chrissy’s bra. I grabbed it. Smelled it then, with her bra on my face, started masturbating again. In less than a minute I was ready to cum again and put the bra cup over my dick and spewed into one of the cups while I thought about her tits. This was just the beginning of my adventures with Chrissy.

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