My New Personal Assistant

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Another outing for characters featured in The Generation Game series.


My boss, who is also a good friend of mine, confirmed my promotion less than a month after I let him fuck my wife at the office Christmas party. Call me a cynic, but I suspect the two events were not entirely unrelated.

Along with the new title and a spacious office came a PA, thirty-one year old Rachel Prior. She turned out to be an even greater blessing than the extra income: phenomenally efficient and organised, she made professional life a well-oiled pleasure. I couldn’t fault her work and she would do anything to secure a contract for me.

Best of all, she was a nymphomaniac.

She asked for a private discussion on our first day working together. Once the coffee was brewed, the phones switched to voicemail and the office door locked (this last alerted me to the fact that this was unlikely to be a run of the mill boss/PA getting-to-know-you session) she laid it all out for me. Actually, she laid herself out for me, on one of the two leather couches facing each other across a huge coffee table, at right angles to the floor-to-ceiling window.

“My job,” she said, removing her suit jacket and unbuttoning her crisp white blouse, “is to anticipate and service all your needs. I understand from Mr Matthews that you have a higher than average sex drive. That suits me perfectly.”

She was not wearing a bra. She shook out her chestnut brown hair and dropped her skirt. She was not wearing knickers either and my eyes travelled down her body from her puffy brown nipples to the neatly-trimmed square patch of dark hair between her legs.

She lay back, hooking one stockinged leg over the back of the couch so I had a clear view of her pussy. It glistened with her juices.

“Will you come over here and fuck me?” she said.

Her cunt was warm, tight, wet. My thick cock stretched its cushiony, elastic walls. As I pounded into her I realised where I had seen her before.

“You were at the Christmas party,” I said. “Giving out lap dances.”

“That’s right,” she said, arching one eyebrow. “It was after that that Mr Matthews confirmed my appointment. He said the directors had all been most impressed with my performance.”

“I’ll bet,” I replied. There was a sudden bright flash that lit up the room and I realised that a camera on a tripod was set up on the coffee table. “You’re taking photos?”

“Just a few for the album,” Rachel said, wrapping her legs around my waist and arching her back. “I saw you at the party, too. You and Dan were half-carrying a pretty redhead through the foyer.”

“My wife, Claire,” I said. I was getting close and conversation was becoming difficult. I sank my teeth into the soft white skin of Rachel’s shoulder. Whatever she had been about to say in response was lost as she cried out in orgasm, her hips bucking beneath me. Unsure of her contraceptive arrangements I hastily withdrew from her and held my cock in my hand like a fire hose, spraying semen over her belly and breasts as the camera flashed again.

Rachel looked down at the gooey puddles on her torso and smiled. She had a beautiful smile that stretched her full, slightly sulky, red-painted lips and lit up her face. Her expertly made-up eyes danced. She slid onto her knees and sucked my softening cock into her mouth, cleaning it with her tongue.

Another flash.

Later, we sat side by side on the couch, sipping our almost-forgotten coffee, she in her shoes and stockings, I naked.

“That was lovely,” she said, smiling at me again. “We’re going to have some fun. I’ll want to have you first thing in the morning, at lunchtime and before we leave for the night. I don’t work on Fridays but I live alone so I’m thinking you could spend the afternoons at my flat. Not much goes on at the office and we can say you’re working from home.”

My mind, clouded post-orgasm, was struggling to process what she was saying, but my cock had no such difficulty. It was already rising again between my thighs. Rachel took my coffee cup and swung a leg over me. My face was at the same level as her cleavage and I would have closed my teeth on a nipple but was conscious that it was still coated with my dried spunk. “Oh!” she exclaimed and leaned backwards, my cock still embedded in her, to retrieve a pack of baby wipes from the shelf beneath the coffee table (did I mention this girl was super-organised and ready for anything?). Carefully she wiped her breasts clean and I cupped the left in my hand and took the peak between my lips, sucking hard so that she cried out and buried her fingers in my hair, pulling me closer. She rode me hard and fast, telling me how good my cock felt in her pussy, the dirty talk exciting us both. sivas escort She ground her hips against mine and cried,”Oh God, Graham, I’m cumming.” I held her still in my lap as the aftershocks coursed through her, the pulsing of her pussy around my erection sucking the semen from my balls and up my shaft.

“Rachel,” I gasped, “is it safe to cum inside you?”

“Yes,” she whispered, and I shot my load deep into her this time.

She buried her hot face in my shoulder, still quivering. When, after a couple of minutes, she lifted her head, strands of sweaty hair clung to her forehead and I smoothed them from her face, stroking her cheeks. She glanced up at the clock above the oak desk.

“You’ve got a one-to-one with Dan in half an hour. We’d better get cleaned up.”

She took my hand and led me to a door on the opposite side of the room from the one that led to her anteroom office. I had assumed it was a storage cupboard but it contained a wet room. My boss was the best. We stepped beneath a steaming shower and my PA soaped, rinsed and dried me. Dressed again, but with damp hair, she repaired her make-up at the basin and then handed me an agenda before sending me on my way.

. . .

When I returned over an hour later, a bulging folder of work in my hands, my perfect PA had opened, stamped and sorted my correspondence, bought me a salad for lunch and was printing out the photographs from earlier on glossy paper and arranging them in a leather-bound album, which she placed next to a number of other identical but still shrink-wrapped albums on a bookcase beside one of the couches in my office.

She knelt in front of me, unbuckled my trousers and took my dick in her manicured fingers. It wasn’t long before I was pumping jizz down her throat as she gulped rapidly to avoid choking on my huge load.

As I ate my salad, she sat perched on the opposite couch, running through a series of queries prompted by the contents of my inbox and my schedule for the week.

“OK, that’s all I need for now. Papers for your contract meeting tomorrow,” she said, handing me a fat file and a yellow highlighter pen and leaving the room to let me read. It was going to be a tricky negotiation and it took me most of the afternoon and a couple of phone calls to Dan to finalise my negotiation strategy. Rachel brought me drinks and stationery on request, unobtrusive and composed.

At five thirty the light was fading and I was thinking about going home. Right on cue, Rachel came in to the room and gathered coffee mugs.

“I’m thinking of making a move,” I said.

“I’ll be right back,” she promised.

She returned without her suit, her shirt unbuttoned and hanging loose. In her hand was a large bottle of lubricant. “Do you like anal sex?” she asked.

Silly question. As I peeled off my clothes, she carefully locked the door again and made sure the camera was ready. I bent her over the couch and anointed my throbbing dick and her tight, puckered anus with the lube. I pushed at her sphincter and she pushed back, so it magically stretched to allow my cockhead in and closed vicelike around my shaft. I held her hair in one hand, clutching her shoulder with the other and slammed into her and she urged me on: “Harder, Graham; fuck me harder.” I granted like a tennis ace as I pounded her arsehole, my balls slapping against her loudly.

She looked back at me over her shoulder, her lips parted, her pupils hugely dilated, almost obscuring her grey irises completely. “Pull out and sit on the couch,” she told me.

I wasn’t sure how much of her imperious manner I would tolerate long term but right now I was caught up in the moment. I did as she asked and, facing away from me, she lowered herself onto my rock hard cock – an easier matter now her anus was agape – and spread her legs wide, the soles of her shoes braced on the arms of the couch. I held onto her waist with my left hand and with the other I spread her pussy lips wide and rubbed her swollen clit. Rachel smiled straight into the camera lens as it flashed, her cunt splayed open, my dick clearly deep in her rectum. She threw back her head so her breasts jutted out obscenely for the next shot. After that she had had enough of posing and just rode me determinedly until we both came again and she slumped in my lap as we both panted in utter exhaustion. Eventually she levered herself up and used the desk phone to call my wife.

“Mrs Swann? Hi, it’s Rachel, your husband’s new PA . . . Oh, thank you: Claire . . . Yes, it’s been a busy first day for us both. I just wanted to let you know he’s just leaving the office now . . . Not a problem. You have a lovely night.”

As I kissed her neck on my way out, Rachel was busily printing off more photos and unwrapping two more albums. I wondered idly what she was planning to do with them but decided I didn’t much care.

. . .

Dan and I were in my office rehearsing our best and worse case scenarios for the negotiation with Welch’s when Rachel came in, carrying a tray and wearing a cerise satin camisole with black lace trim, crotchless knickers and high open-toed pink pumps. She closed the door with her hip and said, “Ready, you two? I’ve been so frustrated out there on my own.” She had set up both the usual camera and a camcorder today and she checked them as we shed our clothes.

Minutes later she was on her hands and knees on the carpet, Dan’s cock ploughing her pretty pussy, still sloppy with the load I’d dumped in her on arrival that morning, mine plugging her mouth and ramming against the back of her throat as Dan’s thrusts propelled her forward. She moaned and gyrated her hips, her breasts swinging wildly below her. She came first, giving a muffled cry, the vibrations of which triggered my own orgasm. Unprepared for the flood of spunk that shot down her throat, she gagged and choked which was enough to set Dan off and he held on to her hips as he pumped semen into her. He slapped her arse and said, “Fuck, Rachel, that was hot.” She was still spluttering and her mascara was running down her face, but she smiled gamely and staggered to her feet, bearing off the camera and yet another photo album.

When she returned to slip the album onto the shelf with the others, a sober dark grey pencil dress now concealing her lingerie and her face clean, I noticed that they were neatly labelled: VAGINAL, ANAL, ORAL, GROUP. She saw me looking and explained.

“Get matey with Mr Welch, Graham. Ask if he likes porn and what his preferences are and let him flick through the albums. Then, if he gets cagey about signing a contract or is difficult about the price, bring me in and I’ll try to help.”

. . .

Vince Welch *was* cagey. He was in his late fifties, an experienced negotiator. His hair was still thick but he was a little paunchy and he wasn’t exactly handsome. Both Dan and I had struggled to get him to shift on price and in a coffee break had taken a brief time-out, saying we needed to pee, to discuss our BATNA. Rachel returned from delivering Welch’s drink and listened to our conversation.

“You know what to do. It’s time to get matey, Graham,” she said.

Dan shrugged. “It can’t hurt,” he said. “He’s been looking at her tits every time she comes into the room. Great idea not wearing a bra, Rach. You’ve got a lovely jiggle.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Are you sure, sweetheart?” I asked Rachel. “He’s no oil-painting.”

She laughed. “Perfectly sure. I want a fair cut of any commission, though!” and she winked. I adored her.

. . .

It was Dan who deftly turned the conversation and got Welch to admit to a preference for anal, which he did not get from his straitlaced wife. I retrieved the ANAL album from the shelf and invited him to browse. He turned the pages, grinning, and then reached yesterday’s photo of Rachel smiling straight into his eyes, my dick buried in her bowels. He stared and stammered, “Fuck, isn’t that . .?”

“. . . my secretary?” I finished. “Yes, it is. Pretty, isn’t she? Loves it up the arse.”

The album twitched in his hands and his trousers were tenting.

“She’s very pretty indeed,” he got out. Dan was grinning at his transparent discomfiture.

“Shall I get her in here?”

He tried to speak but nothing came out. I lifted my phone. “Rachel, would you come in here, please? No, no – no need to bring anything. Just yourself.”

When Rachel came into the room, her dark grey dress was gone and she was back in the pink lingerie. She made her way, unhurriedly, over to stand in front of Mr Welch and tossed her dark hair.

“How are the negotiations going?” she asked.

“At an impasse. We’re finding it hard to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement,” said Daniel.

“Oh dear,” said Rachel. “That’s a great shame. I was hoping we might see you here more often, Mr Welch. Is there anything I can do to influence your decision?” She was magnificent.

He made a small incoherent noise in his throat.

She moved a step closer and in one fluid motion pulled the satin cami over her head. Her naked breasts bounced and Welch moaned. She looked at his groin. A dark stain marred his suit trousers where they strained over his bulge. Rachel dropped to her knees. She put a hand on each of his thighs, moving them gently apart, and shuffled forward between them.

“How disappointing. Don’t you think I’m pretty, Mr Welch?” she asked huskily, sounding like a young Lauren Bacall asking Bogie if he knew how to whistle. It was all as corny as fuck but I was turned on and the client was lapping it up. “Wouldn’t you like to see more of me? What have you offered?”

He croaked out his best offer and she frowned, unzipping his trousers. “Well, you know, Mr Welch, I would have to call that derisory.” She reached inside his boxers and pulled out his swollen dick, shiny with pre-cum. She held it in one hand and blew softly onto the tip.

He said, quietly, “I could go up by twenty thousand.”

“That still seems on the low side to me,” purred my PA. She flicked her tongue over the tip of his engorged penis and probed at his pisshole. “Another ten thousand and I’ll give you a blow job, now and at every formal review.”

She sucked his cock into her hot, wet mouth and lowered her face slowly until her nose was buried in his wiry, grey pubic hair. Just as slowly, she drew back with a wet, slurping sound. Her lips parted and we could see the tip of his cock resting on her tongue for a moment before she released it. She glanced to his left and saw the open ANAL album resting on the leather couch cushion beside him. The corner of her mouth quirked. “And for ten thousand more I’ll let you fuck me up the arse once I’ve got your cock good and wet.”

He shuddered convulsively. I thought for a second she had gone too far, that he would blow his load all over her face right there and the whole deal would be blown too, but he brought himself back under control and said, “Yes, yes, all of it.”

A wide grin had spread across my boss’s face. Rachel had successfully got him to agree to our best case scenario.

She looked directly into his eyes and said, “Thank you, Mr Welch,” and her mouth engulfed his prick again. She was careful not to overstimulate him, doing just enough to ensure he was as hard enough to cut glass and wet enough to slide easily into her tight rectum. Then she led him round to the back of the couch, bent over it and spread her legs in invitation.

Sweat beading on his brow, the client took his cock in his hand and pressed the head into her little hole. She pushed back and her sphincter began to give, but then stopped and said, sharply, “Wait.”

“What?” he cried in consternation.

“You must sign the contract, Mr Welch,” she said. Dan grabbed the sheaf of papers and laid them on her naked back, signalling to me to pass him a pen.

With a shaking hand, Vince Welch scribbled a figure and added his signature. As Dan whipped the signed contract away, Rachel honoured her side of the agreement, pushing back to admit his questing cock, giving a little shriek (of shock? pain?) as he bottomed out inside her.

Dan and I crept from the office, high fiving each other in Rachel’s office. He let himself out to get his own PA to make copies of the signed contract. I groped in Rachel’s desk drawer for her camera. Returning to my own office I took photographs from various angles of Vince Welch sodomising my pretty PA – full body shots and close ups of his distorted face as he pistoned into her. I watched with increasing disgust (and, I admit, a large dose of jealousy) as his nasty, gnarly cock violated her little arsehole. When I had plenty of incriminating evidence, Rachel beckoned me over to the couch, unbuttoned my trousers and guided my erect penis into her mouth.

Welch was red in the face and sweating profusely by now and he roared as he came, pumping my poor secretary’s arse full of his sperm. He held her hips so tight they were bruised afterwards, shooting rope after rope of goo into her bowels.

As he withdrew from her, she let out the breath that she’d been holding and looked up into my eyes. Her eyes were watering and despite myself I was so turned on from watching her service that man that I came myself. She gulped down my deposit.

Welch spun her around and kissed her sloppily. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back with convincing enthusiasm. He looked at his watch, blanched and said he needed to go. He said he’d collect a copy of the contract from Dan’s secretary on his way out and looked forward to the first contract review. He leered at Rachel as he said this and she smiled gamely back at him.

Once he’d left, I put my arms around her and pulled her onto my lap, while she opened the photos on the digital camera and scrolled through the, squinting critically at the screen. I kissed her flushed face and apologised over and over.

She pulled back and looked at me in confusion. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

She began to laugh. “You’re sorry? But, Graham, I loved it. I came so hard when he rammed his dick up my arse. It was so dirty, so wrong. Just perfect.”

I stared at her in astonished silence for a few seconds and then started to laugh myself.

“Rachel, you really are amazing.”

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